Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean was a complex. Its location was unknown, but by the meantime Danny was within a complex, standing at the other side of a large metal door. An unknown soldier stands at the other side of the door, and together both of them use a key to open it.

Tucker is found in some kind of capsule. It pulls him down and opens, revealing his green skin similar to a ghost.

"This job…" Danny said. "Try to save many people as we can…sometimes it doesn't mean everybody. But you don't give up."

For almost every action taken into account are consequences waiting. This was something Senator Kelly saw in the Avengers and other super powered heroes as they sat at a round chair while he stood before them at a giant screen before them.

"New York…"

The screen showed devastation. People running from their lives as ghost freaks flew rampant on them from above. Seeing such a thing made Danny and Randy to grimace as the view of terror continued.

"Jump City."

Again, the screen showed another scene, but it was somewhat worse. The skies were red as the entire city resembled ruins. As for the people, it was most shocking. All of them seemed to be turned to statues. When Robin saw it, he closed his eyes and looked away.

"New Jersey"

Compared to the other scenes, this was worse. Thousands of robots were viewed fighting a giant blue robot with a car on its head. These robots dangerously attack everywhere with the giant blue robot contributing to the destruction of buildings despite fighting the robots.

The owner of the blue robot, Coop, smiled nervously as a red haired woman glared at him.

" Townsville"

The next scene on the screen viewed the city of Townsville from ground level. But what came next was heart shocking. Mojo stood at a large crowd all kneeling before him with the Powerpuff girls standing as his guards before him.

Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles looked away in shame while Superboy glared at the Senator.


"That's enough." Superman said feeling uneasy.

The Senator breathed softly as he looked at Danny. "Phantom…people are afraid."

"That's why I'm here." Ben said confidently.

Somewhere in a place, few of the Avengers and Dexter were present except Starfire. Ben walked over to them all and said. "We need to be put in check. Whatever form that takes, I'm gamed."

"I'm sorry, Ben." Danny said apologetically looking at his friend. "If I see a situation heading south I can't ignore it."

Ben blinked at him before forming a glaring calm look at him. "Sometimes I want to kick that face of yours."

At a tunnel, Tucker is flying. Squads of governmental cars are after him as he looks back terrified before flying faster. However, the government is not alone. Their new ally, the leader of the Teen Titans was also in pursuit.

Robin leaps from the top of the car and grab Tucker, sending both of them tumbling on the ground.

Danny: I know we're not perfect. But the safest hands are still on our own.

Dexter looks down at right gloved hand and presses a button. It glows green lines as an expressionless look was on his face. He didn't have to know who was coming for him due to his experience with danger. So with what he knew, he swiftly turned back and grabbed an ecto fist punch from Tucker. A small boom came from it, but Dexter only glared at the ghostly angrily.

Bad and for the worse, the fighting has escalated to unexpected heights. Danny is running through a hall while evading explosions hitting the complex from outside. As for Ben, both he and Rook are next seen flying in their repaired time bikes that were currently linked together, making them fly through the air.

It all seemed well until a red blast hits Rook's side of the flying vehicle, sending him plummeting to the ground. The damage also causes Ben's side to uncontrollably fall, but the teen flies out as Jetray and looks down in horror. "ROOOOK!" He shouted.

The sight was horrible. The teen was next seen in a crater of some kind. Rook lies on Ben's knee, wounded badly as some part of his armor were destroyed.

Ben: I was wrong about you…the whole world was wrong about you.

Trucks occupied with Guys in White soldiers begin their attack in a compound. Each one of them open fire as they target on the heroes. Kim was one of the heroes to attack, as she jumped and grabbed one, sending her feet against another guy at the side.

At another location, Dexter looks at Sam. Time had intensified to the extent that everyone was feeling the terribly impact inevitable to avoid.

"They're coming for you." The boy genius said calmly.

Sam glares at the teen and responds with a serious voice. "I'm not the one to watch their back."

Dexter turns from looking at the wide field outside, only to see Sam walking away from him.

Danny: This doesn't have to end in a fight, Ben.

Their current location was unknown. While Danny stood close to the friend he thought he knew, the teen slowly turned his head at him with a glare. It almost seemed like he would agree with Danny, but that was proven wrong when Ben backhanded Danny with a Humongousaur hand despite still being human.

A flash of light came from Ben, who didn't need to touch the Omnitrix to change. When thelight died down, he stood as Rath. The huge alien glared at Danny with full hatred and snarled. "You just started a war!"

Robin is once again seen with Tucker. Both of them fight close to each other, with Tucker dodging and blocking some of Robin's move. The leader of the Teen Titans has two small blades as he almost slashes them on Tucker's skin.

Their fight seemed to happen at the top of a building. Suddenly, a jet comes by and shoots down on both of them. It was a good enough distraction for Tucker to use as he flew once while Robin faced the flying machine.

Somewhere unknown, Sabrina is faced against Samurai Jack. She held her hand at him, with her fingers moving as a pink auras formed as ropes forces the samurai to his knees.

The battle with the other side has begun. Heroes against heroes have commenced as both side fought each other. The Ninja throws several ninja rings at Ben, whom isn't impacted by them due to his current Diamond Head form.

However, one of the rings that bounced off him had a small magical sprite on it. The sprite had Hailey's black hair with purple streaks on them while the rest of her body still remained the same. The only difference at it was her glowing purple aura on her.

She manages to jump on to Diamond Head's hand before running up on it.

Somewhere at a marketplace, a fight was going on. After a long time, Danny and Vlad face off against each other. Their battle was so bad that people were running. Unfortunately, Danny didn't seem to gain the upper hand though, as he was punched through some stands before coming to a stop of the ground. Vlad walks over to him with a smirk on his face.

"Stay down." Ben warns Danny. His current form was Swampfire as he held his open hand at Danny. "Final warning."

Danny panted. From his appearance it was clear that he took quite a beating from Ben. Most people would have stand down, but the halfa got into a stance. "I can do this all day." He said tiredly.

Next thing to happen was unexpected. Though their fight had gone on long, Danny found the strength to fight the alien changer. He punched Ben at different parts of his upper body before delivering a single punch that sent Ben against a wall.

All heroes stood to their respective sides. It was the showdown between the government approved heroes, Ben's team, and the vigilantes, Danny's team. Both charged at each other, going directly at the foe in front of them.

Hailey changed into her dragon form, which was different than her former form. She flew up to the air with Sabrina next to her while the rest of their teammates ran, though Danny chose to fly along with the girls.

Ben quickly slammed on the watch, changing him into Swampfire. His palms immediately shot out fire from his hands, allowing him to fly directly at Danny. Teen Iron Man flies off as well, along with Kim and Dexter flying with own various suits. The rest of the heroes on the ground kept charging on foot.


Everyone currently present seemed to have come to a stop. It didn't seem to mean that the fight was over, but the look on Ben's face seemed to say something.

"Alright, I've run out of patience." The teen said in bored tone. Then he held both his hands almost together at his mouth and shouted. "You can come out now!"

Everyone was momentarily confused, including Ben's teammate. But that all changed when Danny suddenly sensed something and bent down just in time to avoid the tip of a green glowing blade. Everyone and the ghost teen turned to the one reason, as the person did a flip in the air and landed on a metal teen. When their eyes lay on the person, none of them could recognize the person.

From the looks on the person, it was clear the person wasn't human. It was an alien girl, dressed in some kind of revealing clothes. She had orange skin and had possessed something that should be hair, but wasn't due to the bumps at each edge and blue markings. She wore a dark red top that had no straps and revealed her mid-section, while wearing a skirt of the same color with white leggings and dark red boots that reached below her knee.

When she landed on the car, the girl held a strange weapon on her hand. The handle almost resembled a flashlight, though it had some things attached on it giving it a much complex look. As for blade, it was neon green.

The alien stood straightly from where she stood. With some move at her fingers, the blade disappeared as she smirked a bit at everyone. "Hello, everyone." She said.


Author talk: Yes I'm still alive! Hahaha! I know it took a while but memorizing these scenes aren't easy when you got a bunch of other things to do.

Anyway I don't have much to talk about. So if you're wondering who the girl is then I'll just say it since I didn't detail her in the best way possible.

The girl that just came in and was about to chop Danny's head off issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss a Star Wars character. Hahahaha

But seriously, the girl is Ahoska Tano.

Yes, I'm bringing Star Wars in this (somehow). No, the universe I built does not include Star Wars. The details on it will be revealed when I get to that story. As for her, don't presume she'll blindly go into battle. She actually has her own reasons to participate.

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