Ever wondered who would win in a battle between Azula and Kuvira? Perhaps a deathmatch between Team Aang and Team Korra? Welcome to Avatar Colosseum - the Deadliest Warrior inspired fanon, where we compare the intelligence, weapons, armour and skills of various Avatar characters and put them head-to-head in a battle to the death.

In every battle, there will be a section for each fighter with the headings of weapons, strengths, armour and weaknesses. There will then be a judge who decides who should win. Finally, there will be someone to write the battle, who shall probably always be me.


In order to keep the battles fair, certain rules are in place:

* Characters' personal feelings for each other will be ignored.

* We compare characters at their peak, and not at their decline.

* Characters are based on how they appear in their main series, so Aang would be 12, even though his older self appeared in LoK.

* Factors such as a full moon and the sun will not be taken into account.

* Benders will perform to the best of their abilities - water at night, fire at day.

* Other things such as Sozin's Comet will only be used for two firebenders that have been seen during Sozin's Comet.

Guest Writers

This series relies on guest writers. I would like the thank the following guest writers for their appearance.


Wan supporter, Avatar Royale

Judge, Toph v. Bumi

Mystery supporter, mystery battle


Mystery supporter, mystery battle


Korra supporter, Avatar Royale

Count Kibbles N Bits

Bumi supporter, Bumi v. Toph

Colossus supporter, UnaVaatu v. Colossus


Kyoshi supporter, Avatar Royale


UnaVaatu supporter, UnaVaatu v. Colossus

Neo Bahamut

Toph supporter, Toph v. Bumi


Mystery supporter, mystery battle


Roku supporter, Avatar Royale


Aang supporter, Avatar Royale


Judge, Avatar Royale

Kyoshi supporter, Avatar Royale




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"Hey Skibbi, you certainly have a knack for putting fight scenes together, and your analysis is very in-depth... Thanks for sharing!"

"I feel like I'm reading an Avatar verse exclusive Deathbattle XD Awesome battle and analyical skills."

"Hmm, neat idea, but would it be more fun, a challenge of all the known Avatars... I'd love to see that (^^)"

"This is just like the Death Battle series on the YouTube channel ScrewAttack! Toph vs Bumi please."

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