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Okay first let's talk about 450 cause OHMIGOD. Can you say cliffhanger? How does this even happen Trollshima?! Tell me your secrets! Tell me how this happened! The miserable immortals find love and then one of them just dies ugghgghghghghg. ZEREF YOU POOR BABY AHHHH

He's just misunderstood. And casually builds empires for fun.

mavis and zeref 4evrrr

And I will literally get on a plane and meet Mashima in person and bitch slap him so hard if he does a 'repeat' of Zeref and Mavis with Natsu and Lucy. Lucy and Natsu must not die because they have to live happily ever after got that? Good.

Now on to the finishing chapter!

Okay so actually I got this idea from a review! Well sort of. I can't give credit because it was a guest... But it was a good idea and I liked it so much I decided to use it. They suggested that Juvia spills the potion on Natsu and the reverse happens, but I changed that idea up a little. I only partially took some of this idea. You'll see! Still not totally my own idea! So thanks stranger!

Hope you like it! I kind of hate it but I kind of love it so I don't know what to do with myself. Enjoy!


"Alright I've got it!" Levy shouted. Erza nodded, making her way over quickly to the small script mage.

"Tell me Levy. What do we need?" Erza ordered.

Levy smirked. "Well there's two ways to break the spell. The first way is the easiest, but it won't happen with those dolts."

Erza frowned. "What is it?"

Levy giggled behind her hand. "The easiest way to break it is for Lucy's desire to be fulfilled!"

Erza flushed brightly. "O-oh. Well... what's the other way?"

Levy sighed, "Oh some boring mixture of random herbs, obviously. Isn't the first way more fun?"

"Levy." Erza growled. "We cannot betray our comrade!"

Levy waved her hand and rolled her eyes. "Yeah yeah. It's already wearing off a little because she's become more lax in her attacks. We could just leave her be. As if Lu-chan would be that upset in acquiring a boyfriend..."

Both looked over to the floor where Lucy was currently leaving hickeys on Natsu's neck and chest. Natsu laid there defeated, yet groaning in appreciation.

"She's still not in her right mind. Natsu won't last much longer. Even he is a man after all." Erza shrugged.

Levy sighed. "Alright. I'll start the antidote."




"She won't drink it!" The guild had finished the antidote easily enough, but the hard part was getting Lucy to actually take it. They had been fruitlessly trying for about an hour. No tactics worked on her.

Lucy again easily avoided the drink that was pressed to her lips, turning her attention back to her object of affection. She was straddling Natsu again, sitting on his lap while facing him. She was currently stroking the muscles in his arms and shoulders.

He looked at her with desperate eyes. "Lucy, will you please drink this for me?"

Lucy smiled at him. "Sure, Natsu!"

The guild groaned. That was all it took?!

"But you have to do something for me first." She smirked coyly.

Natsu huffed, he didn't like conditions. "Okay, what is it?"

She leaned in to his ear, licking it before whispering, "Eat me out."

Natsu's face became a very bright shade of red.

Lucy continued, "Come on, I know you want to. And I want you to. What's the problem?" She began sucking on his neck again, now rolling her hips into him.

Natsu groaned at the friction and the sensations she gave to him. His aching penis still stood erect after all this time. Not diminishing because Lucy teased him every so often, yet also not becoming so urgent that he would have to cum. It just ached.

At her dirty pleading words, it gave a twitch in his pants. She felt it against her and grinned. While she was burning with insatiable desire, it was also fun to mess around with him.

"L-Lucy... I can't do that..."

Lucy grinded into his hard length, causing him to moan and flop his head on her shoulder.

"Why not?"

"Y-You'll be mad at me later..." He groaned, unable to keep his hips from bucking up into her inviting warmth.

Lucy gasped at the pressure, her arms entwining around Natsu's head to keep him poised at her chest. "I won't. Promise. Now please..." She breathed.

Natsu panted. "If I do this you'll drink that potion?"

"Mhm." She murmured, absentmindedly kissing and licking his lips.

He spoke against her lips, brushing their mouths together intimately, "Okay. Just... give me a minute alright?"

Lucy's eyes lit up. "Really? You'll do it?"

Natsu gently pushed her off of him. "Wait in the lounge for me."

Lucy beamed, excited to finally have him fulfill her desire. He had to have been dying from the temptation, and her patience had finally broke him. She quickly scampered off to the lounge. Finding the comfiest couch, she immediately discarded all of her clothes and posed along the cushions.

After a good five or ten minutes, she was beginning to think that he had ditched her, making up this lie so he could escape. But before she could don her clothes back on and go searching for him, the door opened.

Natsu stood there, his breath caught at the sight of her nudity. She grinned, settling back on the couch and spreading her legs- an open invitation.

His eyes traveled down her naked body. Her full heavy breasts hung loose, and her smooth stomach was taunt and unblemished. And there, the destination of her slopping thighs as they met in the middle.. Her honey curls were neatly trimmed, and her parted lips were soaking wet.

His face was red hot as he walked towards her, not saying a word. His eyes travelled along her body greedily, and Lucy could feel her heart soaring. His gaze made her hotter than she already was. She quivered in anticipation. This is what she had been waiting for all along...

His hands trailed up her smooth legs, latching onto her hips. Lucy could feel his heat practically branding her skin. God, she wanted him. She whimpered, "Natsu..."

He leaned over her, eyes focused on her lips. Lucy gladly tilted forward to meet him in a hot passionate kiss. His lips were warm like the rest of him.

She was so caught up in it, in fact, that she didn't notice the liquid drizzling into her mouth. The sweet mixture slid down her throat and she gasped, wrenching away from him. He had just gave her the antidote. Her eyes filled with betrayed tears.

He didn't want her. He lied.

"Y-you tricked me..."

Natsu caressed her face, his own face twisted in anguish at breaking her trust. "I'm so sorry Luce... You'll thank me later..."

And then her world went black.




A fully clothed Lucy awoke by herself in the lounge. She held her groggy head, cursing at the heaviness the potions had left her with. It was like she had a bad cold. The memories of what happened flooded back to her, and she was glad she was alone. It took her several long moments to calm her red face and her racing heart.

This was by far the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to her.

She had attacked her best friend and sexually assaulted him in public, plus the whole guild- including Natsu- knew of her feelings now. God, she even pleasured herself in front of everyone! She presented herself like a platter to him and he didn't take the chance. Rejection shot through her for a fleeting moment. But then she was thankful. He was so trustworthy. Even when she threw herself at him he refused to take advantage of her.

It just made her love him even more.

But things would never be the same... Would Natsu even talk to her now? How would he treat her now that he knew how she felt towards him?

Surely he would at least want to be friends, he had gone so far as to keep her from doing something she'd regret. Although in her opinion, she wouldn't have regretted it all that much. But it would have been unfair to Natsu had he let her have her way. Their feelings weren't mutual, and he didn't deserve that to be forced upon him.

Well, no need to needlessly cry and mope about it. She would just let the pieces fall where they may. Lucy took a deep breath and exited the lounge, walking with her head high into the main hall.




"Gray you complete ass!" Lucy screeched unexpectedly. Nobody had seen her come in.

And even more unexpectedly, she throat-chopped him again.

"F-fuck Lu-cy!" He choked, grabbing his injured neck.

"That's what you get, jackass! 'Go ahead and take advantage of her because she won't remember'? That's not right! Fuck you Gray!" Lucy continued, "And fuck everyone except for Erza and Natsu because you weren't going to even stop me! You guys seriously suck! How bout I give you this potion and not do a thing to help? You're all asshats!"


Her anger evaporated immediately. Lucy froze up at the sound of her name being called. Or rather, because of who was calling her.

Natsu collided into her, crushing her in a hug. "God I'm so glad you're back to normal! I'm sorry for everything I did! How are you feeling? Are you okay? Are you mad?"

Lucy's tense shoulders softened. Natsu would never make things awkward, their friendship was too precious to him. "Natsu... Don't be sorry. Really this is all my fault. I should be the one apologizing. Attacking you and making you do those things... I'm sorry for putting you through that."

Natsu pulled away from her, holding her shoulders still. "So you aren't mad at me for what I did in the lounge?"

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Of course not dummy. Thanks for that actually. It was a very clever trick on your part."

Natsu beamed at her. "Read it in one of your novels actually, so credit is all yours."

Lucy's eye twitched. "You read my novel?"

"No? Anyways! I'm glad you're not mad. I really hated making you cry..." Natsu trailed off, a frown pulling his mouth downwards.

Lucy chuckled, lifting his chin up. "You did what was necessary. I wasn't thinking straight. Let's just be glad this is over!"

Natsu cheered, throwing his arm around her and leading her to the bar. Lucy smiled gently. She leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek. He looked down at her in surprise. "Thank you for not betraying my trust Natsu. You're the best best friend ever."

Natsu blushed, smiling stupidly. He coughed awkwardly, "Yeah... friends. Say Lucy... So um... Do you really.. ya know... feel... er- I mean- What Gramps said... Was any of that true?"

Lucy giggled at his embarrassment, his anxiety somehow giving her courage. "Yes, Natsu. I liiiike you."

Natsu smiled idiotically again, now scratching the back of his neck in nervousness. "Well that's good. Because um... you know.. I didn't mind all the stuff you did to me. It was awesome actually. I mean! What I'm trying to say is... I kinda err- liiiike you too."

Lucy grinned brightly at him, grabbing his hand and squeezing tightly. He coughed again, eyes flickering away before gazing back at her face. "So um... c-can I kiss you?"

Lucy laughed hard, losing all oxygen and barely able to string a sentence together. "D-Do you even- have to ask?!" She wheezed. Catching her breath she said, "Honestly, with the amount of times I've forcibly kissed you today I think you're allowed to kiss me back every once in a while without asking permission."

Natsu laughed along with her. "Yeah you have a point."

And then he swept down and planted a long sweet kiss on her lips.

The end.






Just kidding.

Natsu grinned cheekily, throwing back another refill of his fire whiskey while keeping his eyes trained on Lucy's bright smile. The night had gone on in celebration of the new couple, and by now everyone was either slightly tipsy or full-on drunk.

He licked his lips. "Eh?"

He looked down at his mug, wide-eyed, sniffing tentatively. Damn, he had been too drunk to notice. He then looked up and locked eyes with Mira, who was smiling so cruelly and yet so sweetly at him...

Natsu put a hand on Lucy's soft bare thigh, sliding his palm up and down. Lucy flushed, looking at her new boyfriend in slight confusion. His eyes looked hazy and half-lidded.


Lucy tilted her head. This felt oddly familiar to her for some reason. "Natsu? Is something wrong?"

Next thing everyone knew, Natsu was sucking face with Lucy, and she wasn't exactly pushing him away. Lucy gasped as Natsu dragged her from her stool, sitting her on his lap to straddle him. She flushed at the fact that everyone was giving them a knowing look, and she desperately wanted to get away from their gazes.

He blatantly grasped her butt cheeks in his large rough hands- the act almost making Lucy swoon in want. Lucy could already feel something foreign protruding against her thigh. She felt a flash of now-familiar heat crawl along her skin, and she couldn't quite get enough of it. Soon enough, their touches and pets became bolder and they left to find a privater place- the same lounge as this morning. Finally out of sight...

Lucy's screams could still be heard over the music and chatter though.

Their guild mates shook their heads, smirking slightly and continuing the party.

One mage in particular was very pleased with herself as she locked the lounge door and then headed back to the storage closet.

"Dieting potion? Please. A+ acting skills Mirajane Strauss, A+. Damn, I still got it." Mira corked the love potion and stored it with the many others she had. She'd have more fun with it another day in the future.


What a plot twist eh? It was all Mira's meddling. I love this ending. 10/10 if I'm judging myself. So good. So good.

But who cares what I think, what did you guys think?!

And before everyone asks, yes it is possible that eventually someday I may or may not continue this with a different couple. I did leave the ending open so that I could add on, but the story is also complete as is. So we will just have to see! Perhaps it depends on how popular the story gets. ;)