Chapter 1:
The naming of the seaborne girl

"Oh, yeah, that was the wor-" Sora was cut off. He was walking along the beach with Riku and Kairi when
they noticed a girl on the shore.
They ran up to her.
She had light tan skin and long, black hair.
She was lying down, the waves soaking her clothes.
She was uncouncious.
Sora held her up a little.

"Oh! Is she okay?" Kairi said worridly
"She's uncouncious. We should get her to a bed" Sora said. He tried to lift her, but he couldn't.
"Wow. She's kinda...heavy" Sora said.
"Oh, don't be rude!" Kairi scolded.
"I'll carry her" Riku volunteered. He leaned down and picked her up like a little doll.
They began walking to Sora's house ("Gomen, Kairi, gomen!")~~~~~~~Sora

Her eyes opened.
Where was she?
She sat up and shook her head.
She was in Sora's room. And there were clothes all over the floor.

"Oh, good! You're finally awake!" Kairi said happily.
"ACK! W-where AM I? The girl asked.
"You're on the Destiny Islands!" Sora said with pride.
"Where?" The girl asked again "I've never heard of such a place."
"Well, where do you come from?" Riku asked. He was leaning against the wall.
"I come from..." The girl trailed off.
"Don't you remember?" Kairi asked
"I...I..." A long pause. She shook her head "I don't" Sadness showed in her eyes.
"Do you remember your name?" Sora asked.
She shook her head.
Riku leaned forward, away from the wall and walked closer to her."Then we'll just have to give you one" He said.
The girl looked up. "But what?" She asked.

"Meme!" Sora suggested. The girl shook her head.
"How about Lina?" Kairi asked. The girl shook her head.
"Asuka." Riku said. The girl's eyes widened. And then she smiled.
Riku smiled back.

"That's perfect for you!" Kairi encouraged.
"Yeah. Nice to meet you, Asuka. I'm Sora" He smiled.
"I'm Kairi"
"And I'm Riku"
"Nice to meet you" Asuka said

She tried to stand up. but her legs gave way and she fell forward.
Right into Riku's arms.

"Oh...sorry." Asuka blushed a little.
He just smiled and laughed a little. "Boy, are you a clumsy person!" He teased.
"Hey!" She protested. She pushed off of him to stabelize herself.
She stood up, and this time her legs didn't give out. She stuck her tongue out at him. They all laughed
"It's almost sunset" Kairi began "Let's get to the paopu tree!"
They left Sora's house and ran down to the little island off the shore.

Sora, Riku and Kairi took seats on the warped trunk of the tree and proceeded to watch the sunset.
Asuka came up and walked slowly to a stop behind the tree a few feet.
'They look so cozy' Asuka thought 'I shouldn't intrude' She turned around and began walking.
"Hey, Asuka, come watch the sunset with us" Kairi said invitingly. Sora and Riku looked back at her with welcoming smiles.

She walked back up to the tree and sat down at it's base.

The sun was slowly going down. The sky was purple and blood red.

The sun soon went under the horizion.

"Here. You can sleep on the bed" Kairi suggested. Asuka was going to stay at Kairi's house
until she got a house of her own.

"Oh, no. I couldn't possibly do that! I'll sleep on the floor." Asuka said cheerfully.
"You sure?" Kairi asked worridly.
"Don't worry. I'll be fine" Asuka reassured

Asuka proceeded to lay down some blankets for her to sleep on.
Kairi sat down on her bed.
"So...do you think Sora's...cute?" Kairi asked meekly with a slight blush.
"Oh, he's definetly cute." Asuka agreed. "Why? Do you like him?"
Kairi's blush deepened.
Asuka laughed "I knew it. You're always staring at him."
"Don't tell him, please!" Kairi pleaded
"Don't worry. I won't tell him"
Kairi smiled with gratitude.

They layed down and Kairi shut off the light.
"Good night, Asuka"
"Good night"

Asuka woke with a start and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.
She patted down her hair in an attempt to fix it but it did little good.
She looked around and caught the sight out of Kairi's window.
The sun hadn't even broken the horizion yet! But it was close.
Asuka pushed the covers off of her and stood up.
She folded the blankets neatly and left the room quietly,
making sure not to wake anyone.

She stepped out of the house and closed the door softly behind her.
She took a good look around.
Asuka was like a cat, she needed a high place to calm down and recollect.
Her eyes then caught the big tree that was growing in the wooden tower that held up the platform.
Where Tidus always played.

She ran over to it but found she couldn't get up that way.
After all, she still didn't know her way around yet.
So she followed the walkway to the ladder by the water fall and climbed up.
Asuka walked along the platform with ease. She loved high places.

She sooned reached the platform and walked over the farthern-most tower.
There wasn't a ladder this time, so she used the pieces of wood as her way up.
Asuka soon reached the top and sat facing the ocean.

she closed her eyes and began to sing.
It was a song with no words.
And she was making up every note as she went along, but it was a song nonetheless.
There was sadness in it; sadness about not remembering her home.
But there was happiness, too. Happiness for her new found friends.

Then she paused.
There it was again.
Some one was calling her name!
She opened her eyes. The sun was high above the horizon now.
'Just how long was I up here?' Asuka asked herself.

Asuka jumped down, ignoring the shock in her feet when she struck the platform.
She ran along the walkway and rushed down the ladder furiously, skipping every other bar.
She ran down to the shore where Kairi and her friends were looking for her.

"Asuka! Where are you?" Kairi called.
"I'm here, I'm here!" She called back, running over to them.

"Oh, Asuka, where WERE you?" Kairi asked franticly.
"I'm sorry. I was just looking for a quiet place to think." Asuka said sheepishly

"You had us scared to death!" Sora said breathlessly
"Sorry" She said embarrased
Riku poked her softly on the forehead "You should be sorry" He said, teasing her again.
"Oh, be quiet!" Asuka said defensively
He laughed "Aren't you fiesty?"

"Come on, let's go do something" Sora said.
"Let's go swimming" Kairi suggested.
"But I don't have a suit" Asuka said.
"You can borrow one of mine. Come on. Let's go find you one" Kairi grabbed Asuka's hand, and with Asuka in tow,
ran up to her house.

Riku and Sora walked off to their own houses to get on their bathing suits.

"How does it fit?" Kairi asked
"I like it. And it fits nicely" She had given asuka a pretty blue bikini to wear. "Thanks"
"Don't mention it. Now let's get to the shore" They walked out of her room and down to the shore.

Riku and Sora were already waiting on the dock for them.
Riku had on black trunks that went only slightly past his knees
And Sora had on red ones, with a little crown pattern on it, no less.

"Geez, what took you so long?" Riku asked
"We had to find her a bathing suit, Riku. Now give her a break!" Kairi protested
"Let's go swimming already!" Sora protested.

Kairi and Asuka took off their clothes, revealing the bathing suits underneath.
Kairi had on a cute pink one piece that suited her nicely.
Asuka had on the blue bikini, and that suited her nicely as well.
Sora blushed a little at the sight of Kairi in nothing but a bathing suit.
Riku leaned over and whispered to him.

"Ooooh...oogling Kairi, are we?"
"N-not uh!" Sora shot back.
"Calm down. I was just playing."

By this time Asuka nd Kairi were already splashing down in the clear water.
Sora jumped off the dock, sending a big splash toward the girls.

"ACK! Hey!" Asuka protested.
"Oh, don't like that, do you?" Riku asked evily.
Sora and him glanced at each other and at the same moment, executed a merciless splash attack on the poor girls.
Well, Asuka and Kairi weren't going to give up that easily so the proceeded to splash them back.
Of course it wasn't as strong as Riku and Sora's, but they tried.
And they were all laughing loudly.

"Whoo, that was fun" Sora said
"Sure was" Kairi agreed.
"Man, I'm still tired" Asuka said.
They were all sitting on the dock, just watching the ocean.
It was noon now, and they were relaxing.
Riku whistled "And didn't you girls look good in your bathing suits"
Asuka blushed furiously while Kairi only blushed a little.
"Ooh, you're such a perv!" Asuka told him.
"You're too much." Kairi said angrily. But she was still smiling.

Riku just laughed softly.
"Hey, don't be so crude" Sora warned.
"Yeah, you tell 'em!" The girls cheered
"Oh, yeah? How about we settle this with a-" But Riku never got the chance to finish.
Selphie, Tidus and Wakka walked up nervously.

"We wanted to meet the girl who washed up on the shore" Selphie said shyly.
"Yeah. Everyone's calling you 'the seeborne girl'" Tidus said
"She has a name, y'know" Sora told them.
"Oh, sorry" Tidus quickly said.
"Well, you must be dis mystery girl everyone's talkin' 'bout" Wakka said, directing his words toward Asuka.
He walked over and grabbed her hand, holding it lightly.
He bent down and kissed her it, his gaze never leaving hers.
She blushed and turned to the side, smiling and giggled a bit.
Riku, Sora and Kairi all rolled their eyes at once. Wakka never gave up.

"I'm Wakka. That Selphie and Tidus" Pointing towards the two kids.
"Nice to meet you." She smiled at them "I'm Asuka"
"Oh, what a pretty name" Wakka mused.
"Well, Riku gave me that name" She looked to him. He smiled. She smiled back.
Wakka must've noticed he was losing her attention so he acted quickly

"You did well, ma friend. Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl"
Asuka blushed again, but not so fiercely this time
"Uh, thanks ^__^;;;" She said.
He leaned closer to her face. She leaned back a little, obviously confused as to what he was doing.
"Your welcome."
He leaned back and let go of her hand. 'Finally' She thought 'I can breathe'
Kairi leaned over to her "Forgive him," She whispered "There arent many available girls on this island"
Asuka stifled a laugh.

"We're gonna leave now, I'll see ya around, ya?" Wakka asked flirtasiously
"Um, yeah..sure" Asuka said quickly.
He grabbed Tidus and Selphie and dragged them away despite their protests.

After Wakka had finally walked away, Asuka took a nice deep breath of uninvaded air.
"He's gone, finally" Asuka said happily.
"But he'll be back" Sora warned
"Yeah. He's desperate." Riku agreed.

"Hey, let's go do something" Kairi suggested

"Yeah. Let's go to the other side of the island. We have to show you your way around." Riku said.

they jumped off the dock and started walking to the door that led to the other side of the island.

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