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Wildest Dream Sesshoumaru: A Father's Feeling

By: Lafine

          "Sesshoumaru-sama, I thank you for everything."

Sesshoumaru blinked. He, his toad retainer and a sixteen years old girl were sitting inside a room that is suspiciously decorated for a wedding ritual. HUMAN wedding ritual. He was wearing a formal black kimono unlike his usual one. Jaken also wore a formal one as well. However the girl was wearing a white kimono. Her hair was held in a bun that matched the hat. Sesshoumaru recognize that it was a human's wedding kimono for female.

But why is he attending a human's wedding? He asked himself. Even though he care for a human child it doesn't mean he would stoop so low to attend a human's ritual. Nevertheless the girl looked familiar to him.

          "Rin?" For once, uncertainty filled his voice. He didn't understand what's going on around him for the very first time in his long live. "What are you …"

His question was rudely stopped as Jaken burst into tears beside him, making him edged away from the fountain toad.

          "Rin, you're a big girl now. I don't have anything to tell you anymore. Even though I never treat you properly, I hope you're happy with your husband." Jaken wailed.

Sesshoumaru's left eyebrow twitched. 'Husband? What the hell?'

He watched in irritation as the now teenage Rin (How could she grow so fast?) and Jaken traded a tearful conversation. Jaken was successfully making a puddle on the floor from his tears. Rin futilely tried to wipe those tears away.

          "Jaken-sama, I know I wasn't a good girl and always bothered you. Please forgive me for playing those pranks and burn your favorite kimono."

          "You're a good girl, Rin. I forgive you. I'm sorry I always hit you." Jaken wiped his unstoppable tears with his kimono sleeve before he frowned. "You're the one who burned it?"

There was a silence moment before Jaken burst into tears again.

          "Who cares about that? This is too sad for meee~~~~" Jaken stood up and ran away, leaving a dumbfound inu youkai and his adopted daughter (kind of) alone in a swirl of dust. "I hope you're happpyyyyy."

Sesshoumaru sweatdropped at his retainer's antique.


Sesshoumaru's heart jumped when Rin addressed him. He turned to the human girl to see the teary gaze she thrown at him and he froze.

'Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. Don't look at me like that.' He chanted in his head. 'I'm a powerful, heartless, cold-blooded youkai who despise human. That kind of look doesn't work with me … damnit stop it. I can't stand it.'

          "Sesshoumaru-sama. Please forgive Rin for any mistakes she made. Rin won't trouble Sesshoumaru-sama anymore." Rin bowed her head.

From what hell she thought she was giving him trouble?! Sesshoumaru thought. Okay so there was one time when she got kidnapped but it wasn't her fault.

          "From now on, Rin will stand on her own."

You're my pup, you're only allowed to rely on me.

          "Rin." He started but was cut off again.

          "Don't worry, Sesshoumaru-sama. Rin will be happy with him."

He wasn't going to say that.

          "Rin, a human won't make you happy." He stated calmly, trying to knock some sense to her. There is no way he would give his Rin to a lowly human man who won't care properly for her.

          "But he's not a human."

          "Huh?" Question marks appeared on top of Sesshoumaru's head. 'What does she mean by that?'

As if to answer his unsaid question, the sliding door opened with a SLAM and Sesshoumaru swore as his heart stopped for a minute or two when he saw the groom.

Inuyasha walked up proudly to Rin and he picked her up bridal style easily. Sesshoumaru's mind was still in twilight zone. Inuyasha sniggered at his stupefied expression.

          "Don't worry, bro. I will take care of her. Bye, we're going on our honeymoon now." Inuyasha said, lifting Rin to A Un.

Realization registered in Sesshoumaru's mind after they took of. He ran out to stop them but somehow he couldn't manage to reach them.

          "Goodbye, Sesshoumaru-sama." Rin waved. "I'll bring you souvenir."

          "Wait, Rin. Don't go." He yelled. "DON'T GOOOOOOOO!!"


Sesshoumaru's eyes snapped open. He extended his sense to find any danger immediately and was glad when he found none. He sat up and wearily gazed around the camp. He found Jaken snoring beside A Un across the fire, but he couldn't find Rin. Panic welled up inside him until he felt a small hand tugg on his sleeve. He looked down and released a sigh he didn't know he was holding. He was relieved to see her there.

Apparently Rin decided to change her sleeping spot. She curled into his fur accessories (so sue me, I don't know the word) and was sleeping contently there. Sesshoumaru laid down again, mindful not to wake up the sleeping girl beside him. His gaze strayed from the peaceful expression on Rin's face to the starry sky above. He decided on one thing before sleep claimed him again.

'I won't eat those human's candy anymore.'


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