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Ever since Edward came back my life sucked. He was even more protective than normal and I didn't like it. He always had to keep a hand on me. If we weren't holding hands he had one on the small of my back or over my shoulders or on my elbow. I had no wiggle room, no room to grow and I think he wanted it that way. Instead of me growing into a woman he wanted me to grow around him.

Fuck that.

The cold touch that had brought me such comfort before now felt like an ice cold chain that kept me a hair's width away from freedom.

Now, don't get me wrong I love Edward. I was ecstatic as we flew back from Italy but that only lasted so long. He expected us to fall back into the pattern we had before he left me to the wolves behind my house. Literally.

That's another thing, the wolves. Edward absolutely refuses to let me see them. I tried to bargain with him and say I would only see Jake but that made it worse. He wouldn't budge claiming that he was, and I quote, 'putting his foot down.'

Yeah, let that sink in.

So, yes, there was some serious trouble in paradise. And, like every teenager going through her rebellious stage, his words not mine, I began to revolt. I felt like I was rioting against NATO or a fly caught in a web. The more you struggled the more restricted you got.

First, it was constant supervision which I didn't mind too much because I had missed him. Then, it was double supervision. Everything I did was now with someone. If I had to take a shower he told me to take Alice, if I had to poop I had to take Alice, if I wanted some alone time I had to take Alice.

I mean, there's only so much a girl could take.

After a while of that I had gotten sick of Alice and Alice had gotten sick of me. So she suggested to Edward that I move into their house.

I tried to protest, I really did but I was too caught in the web to be saved and Charlie was too easily fooled by Alice for him to be of any help. I was caught like fish out of water and thrown into a tank where I could be watched all day every day.

After about a week of that I had far passed my tolerance of all seeing, all knowing vampires. I hadn't gotten off since they got back and before that I was too depressed to do much of that. A girl has needs and Edward wasn't going to put out anytime soon.

I frustrated both sexually and normally. But I adapted. I learned that if you don't make any decisions Alice can't see you in time to stop you.

So I bid my time. I watched and observed and waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape. I made no plans. And one day when Edward went hunting in Canada I made my move. Emmett and Rose were going at it and everyone else took off. Jasper needed help from the lust radiating from upstairs so Alice would be distracted and Esme and Carlisle just didn't want to hear their children fuck.

It was a golden opportunity and I strolled out of there like I owned the place.

I walked in the direction of the reservation. Not really aiming for it but going that way. For the first time in a month I was alone and the first thing on my agenda was to get off. I got excited just thinking about it.

I looked around for a good spot but froze. About twenty yards to my left was Victoria. I couldn't tell from here but I think she was just as surprised to find me as I was her.

I tried to think of something, anything to say but the only thing that would come to mind was what slipped out of my mouth.


It slipped out of me without my minds consent and I instant wished I hadn't said a word.

Within a blink of an eye she was in front of me with the most wicked smirk I had ever seen. It almost beat her mates. Almost.

"Isabella…" she breathed evilly, "do you have any idea what I have planned."

My mind went blank in panic but somehow my dumb human brain decided to speak, "Uh, not really but I can imagine… Is it too late to bargain and/or explain?"

She gave a creepily child-like giggle before picking me up by a fistful of hair, "Are those your last words or do you have anything else to aid?"

Finally I decided on something helpful to say, "Yeah…um-AHHH!"

I screamed as loud as I could and hoped that Alice and Jasper were fucking somewhere nearby. They were my last hope, the light at the end of a really long tunnel. Maybe they would get here in time, maybe they were right around the corner, maybe…

But, alas, I was doomed from the start.

She snarled and cut off my scream in the most effective way possible. She bit into the column my neck and began to suck long, painful drags. Like she was smoking a pipe. I had done that many a times on the reservation with Jake who had claimed it would help me loosen up. Those Indians grow some good shit.

More panic than pain swept through me and I arched my back against her in a useless attempt at escape but I couldn't help it. It was instinctual. She pressed me harder against her stone hard body I tried to scream again. Blood gurgled out of my mouth and dribbled up my face as I was pressed over backwards.

The last thing I saw before everything went black was two blurs speeding toward me. Victoria dropped me like a hot potato and I hit the ground like a ragdoll. A pair of cold arms catching me as a fire ignited in my veins.

I faintly thought that this is it. What I had always wanted. I was changing, hopefully this is the last time I'll have to be bit to get forever.

"Bella, Bella," a lyrical voice sobbed as the ice cold arms tightened around me, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!"

Alice? I tried to voice my thought but couldn't. I physically couldn't talk and, as the pain intensified, I found I didn't want to. I withered and thrashed but refused to open my mouth because I was sure an earsplitting scream would emerge.

"Bella," Alice said again, "you're alive. Right?"

No, duh I'm alive. Can't she hear my heartbeat?

"She's alive," said a new voice confidently, "I can feel her emotions. She's fully changing. I would recognize that amount of pain anywhere."

Jasper. I would recognize that honey-coated voice anywhere.

"Can she hear us?"
"Well, from the amount of exasperation she felt when you asked if she was alive I would say yes."

I heard Alice give a little chuckle before I was picked up, "We better get her to Carlisle."

Jasper chuckled, "I doubt there's much he could do for her now."

Great, even Jasper is making fun of me now. I wonder what he's really like when he's not fighting off bloodlust.

Jasper laughed, "She just got annoyed. I guess she doesn't appreciate my sense of humor yet."

"She'll learn to love it."

Suddenly, the temperature changed and I could no longer feel the sunlight on my skin. I shook my head and tried to wiggle out of their arms with more fervor.

I heard gasps from all around us, "Oh, Jasper what did you do?"

What!? They think Jasper did this? Why do they have so little faith in him. God, what a supportive and optimistic family, the fuckers.

"It's okay, son. I'm sure Edward and Bella will forgive you."

Fuck you, Carlisle. I'll decide who and who not I will forgive. Not that there is anything to forgive.

"Carlisle," Alice shrieked obnoxiously, "Jasper didn't so it! Victoria did!"

Another round of gasps was heard. Jesus, these people are drama queens. Hold all gasps until the end of the show, please.

"Thank you, Bella," I heard Jasper tell me in response to my outrage, "but I'm used to it by now."

"What did she feel," Esme asked sweetly.

"Annoyance, outrage, and frustration. I imagine the frustration was at her inability to talk."

"Well, she finally got what she wanted," I heard Rosalie say spitefully without missing a beat.

"Rosalie," Esme chided.

Suddenly, whoever was holding me started walking up the stairs.

"Has anyone called Edward yet?"

Carlisle, the eternal voice of reason.

"No," Alice said petulantly, "do we have to?"

There was a silence that even I could feel the tension in until Alice sighed, "Fine… I'll go call him right now."

Well, that settled the mystery of who was holding me. I guess it's Jasper.

I was set down on the bed and within a few seconds began to thrash wildly. Without the feeling of a cool body on my flaming one the pain began to overpower me. My mouth opened in a silent scream as I withered violently atop the bed.

"She likes the temperature of our bodies," Carlisle commented brilliantly.

"Maybe we should put her in an ice bath," Esme suggested. "Does she want one, Jasper?"

A whimper broke out of my throat at the thought of an ice bath.


"Ooh," shouted Emmett excitedly, "I wanna carry Bells!"
I scoped up rather roughly and my head flopped back painfully.

"Emmett!" Esme scolded as she gently took me from him, cradling my head softly, "I'll take her and put her in the bath. Rose, would you bring up the ice?"

Once again I was carted away but this time my consciousness began to fade. I could barely hear anything and couldn't feel anything other than the burning pain. Snippets of conversations came through but none of it made sense.

"Edward…not…can't…get here…up."

I faded out again. The burning hell that was the venom festering inside of me consumed almost every thought. I wanted it to end. I hated it with a burning passion, ironically enough. It didn't help that the further along in my change I got the more grating and annoying everyone's voice became.


Jasper's was one of the few voices that still sounded nice. It sounded especially nice when he let some of his accent slip. Emmett's voice still sounded nice and Esme's soothing, motherly tone sounded amazing.

I don't know how long this hell had been inside of me. I had no way of tracking time in this black fiery hell. But I did have a lot of time to think. Once you got semi-used to the fire you could think about your life.

I thought about Jake and Charlie and how much I regret my last few months alive. I realized that once I woke I wouldn't ever get to see Charlie or Mom or Phil again and my relationship with Jake won't ever be the same.

Regrets came flooding in as I thought back over my life. Jake was going to hate me and all because I couldn't pick him. I'm gonna miss that sunny smile, motorcycling, cliff diving, warm sodas in an even warmer garage. The familial feel of pack meetings at Sam and Emily's and her too big muffins that I could never finish.

I wish I had been a better daughter to Charlie. I wish I had visited more and spent more time with him while I was here. The only time we really were alone was the nights before I met Edward and I would make dinner for him.

Who's going to make him dinner now? He'll starve! He can't make toast and burns water. No wonder him and Mom got together.

I'll miss her too. She was flighty but the best friend a girl could ask for. She made me the person I am today. With her spur of the moment trips and clubs and all the responsibilities she dumped on me.

I wish I could have said goodbye. I hope they kill me off in a believable way. One that will give Mom and Charlie some closure.

Suddenly, I realized I could hear in a range far larger than I'm used to. I could hear Esme in the kitchen and Emmett arguing with Rose in the living room. I could even hear my own heart beat. Beating way faster than normal. In fact, it's speed seemed to be increasing by the second.

"Do you hear that heart beat," Jasper whispered, "she's almost done."

He makes me sound like a hot pocket that's almost done in the microwave.

My breathing began to increase as the pain flowed toward my chest like water through a funnel. My heart pounded against the venom hopelessly, it pounded so hard my chest actually began to lift out of the tub. Multiple footsteps speed toward me and I could almost feel Emmett's grin.

"I call first wrestle."

Jasper snorted, "You won't be able to handle a feral newborn. I hope Peter gets here soon. I need someone here who has experience."

Everything was silent and the only sound was my frantically beating heart. The pain all gathered to my chest and I opened my mouth and screamed as loud as I could. I can't handle much more of this.

Please end soon. Please…

"Edward's here," Alice yelled unnecessarily as two pairs of footsteps rushed into the room.

I heard rustling and felt Edward's lips on my forehead, "Love…"

I winced at his high-strung voice and inhaled through my nose. Hoping for the comfort of Edward's sent but was assaulted with the most foul smell I have ever faced. This isn't the Edward I love. This Edward stinks to high heavens and has the voice of a boy going through puberty.

How had I thought either of those were comforting ever?

Another scream burst out of my mouth as my heart gave three last pumps and I sucked in my last necessary breath.

I waited a few beats before opening my eyes. Light blinded me and I seen colors I have never seen before in the florescent lights of the bathroom.

Ohh, pretty!

I stared up at them in awe and slowly stood up, my eyes fixated on the lights. There was a color that looked like a vibrant cross between orange and green and another one that looked like one between yellow and blue.

Someone cleared their throat and my gaze snapped down to the people blocking my escape from the bathroom. I took them all in within seconds.

Jasper stood protectively in front of a vibrating Alice and Carlisle and Esme stood in a similar position. Emmett and Rose stood side by side with totally different expressions and Edward stood closest to me with a hopeful expression.

My eyes lingered on him the longest and the longer I stared the less I was attracted to him. Compared to all the other men he looked like a boy still stuck with a foot in puberty. With my new eyes I noticed flaws I never saw on him before. Instead of flawless skin I was lanky arms and legs, instead of messily perfect hair I saw a boy who hadn't learned what a hairbrush was yet, instead of a perfect face I saw a virgin who hadn't masturbated yet.

He took a step toward me, encouraged by my staring and I flinched back from this familiar stranger. Who was this person in front of me?

Suddenly, Jasper took a step forward, "Bella? Do you remember us?"

I looked at him for a minute to determine if he was kidding before answering, "Of course I do, asshole."

Jasper blinked at me in shock as Edward gasped obnoxiously loud, "Isabella!"

I sent him an annoyed look, "Shut up, pussy boy."

There was a stunned silence as the Cullen's took in my new personality as I scanned the bathroom for a way out. These losers were blocking my way out.

"Wow," Emmett boomed and my gaze snapped to him, "you're awesome, Belly!"

I frowned at the dumb nickname before looking down at myself "Do you have a change of clothes? I can see my tits."

Emmett barked out a laugh and Jasper snorted while Eddy just stood there with his jaw swinging in the breeze. Alice grinned and bounced around Jasper, she grabbed my hand and led my out of the bathroom.

"I have just the thing. And don't you follow us Jasper!"

I grimaced as the wall of Cullen's parted and was hit with more of that god awful smell. They all smelled just like Edward does. It's disgusting.

Alice pulled me into her room as my mind went a mile a minute in about ten different places. I took in every smell, sight, and sound and tired to keep up with everything.

I turned to look at Alice and she squealed, "Don't look! Don't look! I want you to get the full effect of your new self once you're in presentable clothes!"

I looked down at her in annoyance, "Just get me something to wear."
She pouted but obediently bounced off into her closet. After about fifteen minutes of thinking to myself she came out with a simple white dress. It would go to her knees but it would probably reach mid-thigh for me.

She gave me a grin, "What do you think?"

I frowned and quickly undressed, "Why are you asking me? You already saw me wearing it, didn't you?"

She grinned wider, "Actually, I can't see you at all and Jasper can't feel you anymore. Looks like you're a shield after all. I can't wait to see you when you have full control!"

I pulled the dress over my head and smoothed it down. Alice squealed again and ran off. I stood there for a second confused before she speed back with a full body mirror which she promptly set in front of me.

I looked and frowned. Another familiar stranger. It looked like me but not me. I looked even more beautiful than Rosalie. My mahogany hair fell down past my shoulders in soft ringlets down to my voluptuous hips. My breasts were about the same size as they were and now my skin looked down right translucent.

"Wow," I said as I twisted and turned.

I looked amazing but froze when I met my own eyes. They were red but they didn't seem vicious or dangerous like red eyes used to, they seemed warm and comforting.

"I know, right," Alice squeaked, "you're gorgeous. You might even surpass Rosalie."

I frowned at myself for a few more minutes before falling into thought again. There was something in my chest something that felt empty. Like I was missing something. Did I miss Jake? Maybe Charlie?

There was an intense pressure that I knew would only be eased when I found what I was missing. I had a strong urge to just run until I found it but I needed to be shown the ropes first. Besides, Alice will know what I'm looking for.

I turned to her, "Alice, why does there feel like there's something missing in my chest?"

She stopped bouncing and chattering around and I heard something break downstairs. I frowned in the noise's direction before turning back to Alice. She had a look I couldn't quite describe on her face.

She grabbed my hand, that look still firmly planted on her face, "Come on. Let me test something."

She tugged on my arm and I found I could have resisted if I wanted. I marveled at that as she led me down stairs. She pulled me up in front of stinky Eddy and stepped back.

I frowned up at him as he looked down at me hopefully. I took a step back and looked at Alice with a frown.

"Is it gone?" She asked me hopefully.

"The missing piece?" I asked her as my eyes flitted over ever detail in the room. The house looked less impressive now that I could see clearly. My eyes caught on a sparkly wind chime out the window and began to wonder toward it.

"Bella," Jasper said snapping his fingers.

My head snapped in the direction of the sudden noise and I growled at him, "What?"

He stepped in front of Alice and I rolled my eyes as I looked back at the wind chime.

"You didn't answer the question, silly," Alice giggled annoying.

I looked back at her with a frown, "No, why would it disappear if I was in front of Stink-ward?"

Emmett let out a booming laugh as I wandered outside. I gently bushed the chimes and listened to the sound and watched as the light dance off the reflective surface. It's so pretty. I brushed it back and forth between my two hands at a hypnotizing pace.

Suddenly, the scent of dog hit me like a train and I looked around.


I turned around at the shout and saw the pack storming out of the woods with Jacob leading them. That explained the smell.

"Bella!" He yelled again and I took a step toward him into the sunlight.

The pack stopped in their procession and the whole Cullen crew ran out. Pussy-ward in the lead. They both snarled at each other as the pack vibrated on the edge of phasing.

"You changed her," Jacob snarled.

I cocked my head and continued to walk toward them. My Jacob and the pack. Memories flood into my newly sensitive brain as I quickly strode toward them with a smile forming on my face.

"Jake," I said reaching out to him.

He looked pained but eventually took a step back, "Bella, don't come near me. You're a leech now."

My face fell and Edward wrapped and arm around my shoulders, "Come on, love. Let's go inside."

I pushed him away from me with a glare as he hurt I felt from Jakes rejection turned into anger, "Don't touch me, Stink-ward! And I'm not your love!"

Hurt splayed across his face and he stumbled back but I was too new at this and my anger rose, "Do you think I'm stupid? I know we're not mates. The missing piece isn't filled! It's not you, Edward! It never was and never will be!"

He actually looked like he was going to cry, "Love…"

I snarled and crouched down like I was about to pounce, "STOP CALLING ME LOVE! I don't love you! I loved the idea of you, you pathetic idiot!"

There was a silence as both the pack and the Cullen's took in what I had said. It was like time had frozen until I felt something click into place and fill the hole.

"Wow, I see the Cullen's are still as dramatic as ever. I hope this is the newborn and not some bitch."

I turned around and saw the most sexy man I had ever seen, smirking at me.

He had curly brown hair and eyes to match mine. He looked like sex on wheels and the sexual frustration from the past month burst up and I could feel my eyes darken like Edward's do when he gets hungry. Except I was hungry for something other than blood.

I licked my lips and his eyes darkened in return and he smirked again, "Hey, darlin'. My name's Peter and I'm guessing you're Bella?"

I took a step toward him and practically purred, "You guessed right, Peter."

He smirked again and took a step toward me, "You know what we are right?"

I nodded and breathed, "The missing piece."

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