Welcome to the last chapter of the story, this focuses on Jon, although there's a flashback discussion with Max. Here, Jon's back home safe and sound. Or is he? Read on to find out what happens.

Jacques the Robotic Bird was sitting peacefully in Jon's Home. For once, he didn't need to deal with Jon's constant rambling and consistent yelling and horrendous singing ringing through the household. The best part was that Jacques was alone for three days, with only himself and his female companion, Cinnamon to keep him company. However, that was soon going to come to a end as suddenly, Jon burst through the door.

"Jacques, you won't believe what happened a few days in New Jersey! Jim Belushi came into the bar and James McCaffery blew him up then we fought Arnold Schwarzenegger on top of a water tower with Abobo backing up Conan! And, and, and."

"Jon, have been taking crack?"

"No Jacques, what's wrong with you?" Jon replied, snorting a line immediately after he said this, "Anyways, I fought some mafia tuffs but thank god they can't come here!" He added, laughing before noticing a newspaper on his table, "What's this?"

Picking it up, Jon saw that the main picture was Anthony DeMarco standing in front of his home with a bunch of goons with him while the main headline read, "Anthony DeMarco Declares War!" while the subtitle read, "He's heading to JonTron's home right now!"

"Oh shit, Max Payne you lying piece of shit!" Jon yelled, only to be silenced by the banging of his door.

Backing up, Jon knew he was going to be faced with several angry goons with guns. The first thing he thought of doing when they came through the door was to fight back. However, Jon left his guns with Passos because he believed he'd be safe from harm. Looking around the room, he noticed his two robotic birds sitting stoically, which gave him an idea. Grabbing them, he put one of them on each of his index fingers.

"Alright Jacques, when those guys come through the door, you and Cinnamon will shoot your lazers and we'll take out DeMarco."

"Won't you get killed by the bullets?" Jacques questioned.

Thinking about what Jacques said, Jon remembered a conversation that he had with Max a few days ago.

A Few Days Ago

After finally escaping from the Hoboken cemetery, Max, Jon, and Passos were residing in a safe house in Queens at the moment as they waited for the heat to die down. While Passos talked with his friends, Jon approached Max, who was sitting down on a couch.

"What do you want Jon?"

"I just wanted to know how you that trick of yours?"

"What trick?"

"The one where you could shoot a grenade out of the air just as it was just fired."

Sighing, Max began to explain.

"Time is relative to the observer. When you're looking down the barrel of a gun, time slows down. Your whole life flashes by, heartbreaks and scars. Stay with it and you can live a lifetime in that split second."

"Kinda like adrenaline?"

"You could say that."

With this new knowledge, Jon walked away, leaving Max to mope some more.

Present Day

"Don't worry Jacques, I got this."

Just as he said this, four mobsters with automatic weapons burst into Jon's home and pointed them at him. Just like Max told him, time slowed down with Jon thinking about all the horrible events that occurred in his lifetime as he lept into the air and fired lazers at the goons. As he landed on the ground, Jon noticed the goons dead.

"Jon, what was that?" Jacques asked.

"I lived a lifetime Jacques, that was happened right there." Jon replied, heading out of his door.

Meanwhile, DeMarco was standing outside Jon's home waiting patiently for the guys he sent in to come back. Although Max Payne and Raul Passos were long gone, DeMarco figured that somebody should pay for his son's death, that somebody being Jon, although he heard reports that Jon was a unwilling participant in Max's activities.

"What's taking them so fucking long?" He asked a goon.

"Don't know boss, they'd say they be back already."

"Well someone has to pay for Tony's death." DeMarco replied, "And if it can't be that Max Payne or that fucking spic, it has to be that guy."

Walking to the entrance of his apartment complex, Jon hid behind a wall and saw DeMarco talking with a goon.

"Alright. Jacques and Cinnamon, are you ready?"

"Yes." Jacques replied simply, while Cinnamon simply chewed Jon's finger.

"Alright let's go!" Jon exclaimed, opening the door, "Hey DeMarco!"

Hearing the voice of Jon, DeMarco saw him standing on the doorstep with two birds on each finger. Before he could give the order to fire, Jon lept from the doorstep with the birds shooting lazers from their eyes. The last thing DeMarco saw was the demented look on Jon's face as the birds tilted their heads and shot two lazers at him.

2 Months Later on the Panamanian Canal

Two months after escaping from New Jersey with Passos, Max began to do bodyguard work with him. Currently he was supposed to be protecting a woman named Daphne Bernstein. The why he was supposed to is that he woke up from a bad hangover and immediately had to fight Panamanian pirates while being overall confused on how there was no one else on board besides himself and the people who wanted to kill him. Currently, he was walking through a lounge and noticed a newspaper.

"DeMarco Dead." Max read, looking at the headline, "Jon Jafari and his two birds take down the crime family in 20 minutes."

"When I told Jon he'd be safe from DeMarco, I was completely bullshiting him. It would've given me something else to hit myself for the rest of my life but yet, here he is alive and well. If I'd known he had two robotic birds that shot lazers, I would've asked Passos to make a detour and let them melt my brain."

Before Max could say anything else, he heard the sounds of more pirates up ahead. Dropping the newspaper, he drew his Glock and rushed through a nearby door to engage them. However, the thought of Jon and his victory was soon forgotten, replaced by more questions and more moments of shoot outs.

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