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Harry cooed in his basket as Albus Dumbledore placed him on the steps of Number four Privet Drive with a note attached. "Albus I've been studying these people and they are the worst sort of muggles around. Are you absolutely certain there's no where else he could go? I mean he'll be a celebrity and there won't be a person alive who doesn't know his name!" said Professor McGonagall seriously. "It is for that exact reason Minerva that he must stay here within the wards I'm now placing. These wards will make anyone magical want to leave immediately for his own safety. If he is here and knows less about our world he will be less drawn to evil and dark forces which are out there and would seek to corrupt him. This way he can remain pure and safe! Come now he's asleep lets leave him here and don't worry as he has a warming charm on him. Hagrid don't cry as it's not really goodbye after all we'll see him soon!" said Dumbledore smiling as they all left one after the other.

Eight years later:

Vernon cowered on the floor of his loan sharks office. "Vernon Dursley you have reneged on your loan payments for the last time! I don't care that you don't want your wife to know about your gambling ways that and the fact that you siphon money from the company whenever you feel like it. Did you really think you could diddle the books and no one would ever know about it? It seems you are not at all who I thought you were but then again the same could be said for me couldn't it?" replied Mac flicking his wrist as a wand came into his hands making Vernon shriek out. "Not another freak! Isn't it bad enough we have one of your kind at home! Please don't hurt me I'll do anything sir please don't tell my wife or my boss even if he is your brother!" he shrieked out once again. With this Mac stopped dead in his tracks and placed the wand on the table. "Change of plan Vernon now here's what we're going to do. You are going to tell me the name of the person living with you, I am going to perform a magical health check on you and then you will do exactly what I tell you to as I may wish to give you and your charming wife some luxurious gifts in return for something of my choice" he said surprising Vernon who had not at all expected this outcome.

"Well Mac sir his name is Harry James Potter and his parent's were blown up by a lunatic. This Wizard man calling himself Albus Dumbledore left him in a basket on our doorstep at night with an attached note saying who he was and that the child had been left with us because he had no one else left. He told us that our elderly squib neighbour called Arabella Figg would report to him the safety of Harry etc. She always babysits Harry for us whenever we need her to although I don't know what squib means but then again it could be part of her name or something!" he said frowning as Mac was looking shocked to the core. "Suffice to say you will submit to my medical exam now. I will just be checking the health of your brain and then we will go from there. Don't worry as had I wanted to hurt you I already would have!" said mac raising his wand and calling out legillimens. What he saw horrified him. Harry was there but he was beaten and bruised constantly and he was kept in a cupboard under the stairs where he was barely ever fed. He was underweight and very sick indeed without the aid of muggle medicine or a doctor. Mac frowned at this.

"Your brain is not healthy so I will call one of our magical doctors to fix it for you at some point. Now though I will call a colleague of mine and you will take us home with you otherwise my mouth will open and your wife will know everything. In fact he will take us there via magic now!" he said as another man he had just summoned using his patronus entered the building. "Roderick how are you it's been a while? Did you bring the pensive with you? You need to see what I saw earlier on in this man's mind. He is the uncle of Harry James Potter and yes you did hear me right. Before you say anything this muggle man is all the family Harry has left. When you look at the memories please don't say anything. I need you to bring with me your warding skills as Dumbledore is involved in this and we know he's always up to something fishy! Even if it is for his self proclaimed greater good" he said evilly. The man he had called in Roderick produced a bowl into which a white substance from Mac's head was placed. Roderick then placed his face into the bowl disappearing and emerging looking furious and frightening Vernon who had no idea what was going on. "Give me one moment and I'll get on to Lucius for one of his house elves!" he said kneeling before the fireplace as he called out Malfoy Manor.

Lucius old friend how are you? I am in need of your services.

Roderick this is a surprise. How can I help you?

I need you to accept a payment of your choosing to permanently release a house elf of yours to me for a client who will need one. Essentially you should pick out the one you dislike the most and tell them that you will be releasing them permanently to a new family who are in need of one. Can you do this for me?

Well this is unique and highly unusual but you do not usually ask me for things that are illegal so I will agree. I want fifty thousand galleons now and you can have Dobby.

One moment please. Mac please hand me a briefcase or bag with fifty thousand galleons in it. I'll hand it through now. Lucius here you go. I need the elf right now so have him count it and then send him to me.

Ok Roderick. Dobby! Please come here. Now you must count the money in this bag here.

Yes Master. This bag contains fifty thousand galleons master.

Ok Dobby here is my tie. You are freed now because another family needs you. Please go through the fireplace to the Elms where Roderick is and he'll take you the rest of the way. Goodbye now get out! See you later on Roderick.

He withdrew from the fireplace smiling as Dobby entered the room teary eyed with joy. "Thank you so much for relieving me from the Malfoy family. Who is this family I'll be joining?" he asked bouncing up and down. "Mr Dobby I need a magical vow that you will not tell anyone bar other house elves who can keep their mouths closed about this. The family you'll be serving has but one little child in it. He is eight years old and knows nothing about the wizarding world as he was raised in the muggle world where you will be expected to live with him. We will however be taking him out of the dangerous environment he's in. His name is Harry James Potter. Now we need you to take us all to number four Privet Drive in Surrey and I need you to please tell us what kinds of wards are on the house before we go inside can you do that?" he asked Dobby who looked shocked to the core.

"Harry Potter! This is my life dream come true. Yes I can hold on please and we'll go!" Vernon was shocked to the core but was so frightened that he did as asked without complaining. They arrived outside and Dobby made sure no one saw them arrive. He scanned the premises for a while before speaking. "There are various wards here to prevent against flooding and fires and there is a ward to keep everyone magical and all post for Harry Potter out. Also there are wards preventing Harry from leaving the area so he can't escape this village. They use wards like this in Azkaban I can remove these last two if you like or do whatever you wish me to do!" said Dobby seriously pissed off at this news. "Ok leave the first three wards alone for now. I need you to make it look as though he's always there even if he isn't can you do that?" Roderick asked Dobby who waved his hands as it happened.

"I am going to scan the area myself for tracking charms and such and then I'll get back to you. Remove the ward preventing magical people to enter the premises but limit it solely to medical people and or bank officials ok? Oh and make sure no one will ever be able to tell they call here using a silencer for all aparating, flooing and or portkeying to and from the area" said Roderick walking around the house boundaries. He gasped at all of the tracking and monitoring devices he saw there. He was able to gather all of the tracking charms including those on Harry himself from a distance and place them all on a photo frame momentarily without alerting anyone to anything being out of the ordinary. Dobby did as asked and looked for further instructions. "Roderick call Antonio we need some illegal work done here!" no sooner had he said that then a Jack Russell sped off asking for the man in question who popped in beside them.

"Roderick I was busy and I need to know what is so important you disturbed me?" he asked him seriously. "Antonio I need you to make a wand for a minor of great importance, Harry Potter. He is being abused in this muggle home here and they are his family but he really has no where else to go. I am giving Vernon his uncle an extension to his home with a granny annex in it. I'll be needing it connected to the floo network immediately with the password of Diagon Lily. Also I need to permanently remove any trace on Harry so it may look to anyone who should ever try to reapply them that they are always successful even if they are not. He is to never be charmed without his knowledge again. Did you bring your wand making supplies? Now I'm going to make the granny annex right now. It will take me ten minutes so wait here please for further instructions!" said Roderick taking Mac with him. Withdrawing both of their wands they used untraceable magic to add on a two story annex to the side of the house. Inside the annex they had a living room, dinning room, kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor. Upstairs they had a master bedroom with an en suite and walk in closet. It had it's own separate door for entering and charms were placed upon it to repel any of the Dursleys from wanting to enter it or have anything to do with him at all. Flicking his wand he insured that all charges were sent to Harry's account upon which a Goblin arrived shocked.

"I'm sorry sir but I don't know who you are but you are not allowed to charge to Harry Potter's account without his permission or indeed that of his magical guardian Albus Dumbledore" said the Goblin. "Albus Dumbledore left this youth here where he was abused all of his life up until now knowing nothing of our world and so any choices Albus has made in regards to his account have been illegal and without Harry's consent. If he has received or shown you any signed documents from Harry they have been a forgery and the only reason we know this is that he placed wards here preventing Harry from getting any mail or receiving any and all magical visitors. We've temporarily taken them down to help them out a moment oh yes and here is a list of all the tracking charms and or wards we found here so far!" said mac handing him a list.

The goblin read it gobsmacked. "You have indeed told the truth and I will see to it right away that Dumbledore is no longer his magical guardian. Who will be his magical guardian instead?!" asked the angry goblin. It was mac that spoke up. "Myself and my wife Astoria will be his magical guardians from now on. We've added in a floo network here and the password which only we know is Diagon Lily. Only people who are medical or from the bank can enter his home. Obviously this will now include us as we will become his magical guardians. I hope unlike Vernon here that Dumbledore has not been diddling the books or fooling around in the Potter accounts" said Mac to the awe of the Goblin.

"It's been a while Mr Starling since we've met someone with as much integrity and honesty as you and to be honest it is refreshing. Please give a blood sample to me now and we will sign the papers together here. I am only doing this here because of all that Albus has in fact done to his accounts. Money has been removed and given to various members of the Weasley, Dumbledore and Malfoy family but now all of that has been stopped. As Dumbledore played dirty we too are going to play dirty. I have here with me an exact replica of Harry's parents will and in it I have stated that they made you Harry's magical Guardian but that as they told no one they were doing this it might surprise a few people. I have just now sent a document of this interaction to the ministry archives where it looks to be years old. If anyone needs any proof of this they will find it here. This will state that while in the magical world you will be making any and all under age decisions for him and that Dumbledore has no jurisdiction here. I will also have in the documents that during the summer holidays Harry will be living here in number 4 Privet Drive to please Dumbledore as this is what he wants. Now then let me meet this boy as from your memories I can see how he has been treated" said the Goblin heading towards the house.

The door was opened by Vernon who came in before anyone else. "Petunia come here please and bring the boy. I have some of his kind of people who wish to give us a gift of sorts!" he said calmly. Petunia shrieked. "Boy! Get in here now you good for nothing animal!" she shouted. They all jumped as the cupboard under the stairs opened and a frail young boy came out. "Yes Aunt Petunia!" he said cowering slightly. The Goblin was horrified that a boy of such status would cower to a mere muggle but realised that as he'd been so mistreated here he may know no different. "Good afternoon ma'am. I am Mac Starling of Starling Industries and I have a gift for yourself and your husband which has been left outside. Young Harry here is to live in a granny annex we have provided him so he is no longer in your house. You are to leave him be and ask nothing of him as we'll be watching your every move. Just act as though he is not here at all and don't worry as we'll be covering his living expenses so you're not out of pocket at all. Come on Harry let's go next door!" he said taking the boy into the granny annex next door. Harry burst into tears shocking all of them once again.

"Thank you sir but I can't accept this. I am a freak and I don't deserve this. Please give it to cousin Dudley or he'll beat me again and to be honest I'm sore enough and I don't need it!" said Harry looking frightened. "I am sorry Harry but I should have said your parents left this here for you to have when they died. We knew them and we are all wizards as were your parents and as are you. We know that Vernon has told you magic is not real but that is because he doesn't believe it is. That does not make what he says true. You see Vernon doesn't understand how our world works and so this is why he has said it is not real. Here is a magical book on our world that you are to read. I will cast a spell using my wand to show you what I mean. There do you see how I levitated the chair up!" he said to Harry who was shocked. "As I am a busy man and I don't have all day I will need to use a quick spell making you read these two books very quickly. You will obtain all the information you read about I promise!" said mac waving his wand as five minutes later Harry stopped reading and sighed.

"You were being honest and I am surprised to say I understand it all. It must have been a spell my parents used on me to make me believe and or understand everything about the magical world. I think they must have been scared I would forget everything or that someone would maybe make me forget it all. I know everything from how to travel to how to erect wards to how to behave on the Wizengamot. Good old mum! I have the feeling that I should not trust my new future headmaster Dumbledore and I can't tell why it is here in my head but it's not pleasant and I will know not to drop my guard around him. I will live here and I will love living here. Thank you so much Mr Starling!" said Harry smiling brightly. "Yes your parents wanted you to remember everything I just unlocked it. Now before we leave I need to show you your own personal house elf. He is called Dobby and can liaise with the bank for you getting you anything you need. He will be bonded to you for life and can do anything you ask him to. Now we need you to meet Griphook your bank manager who will be giving you your family ring and vault key. Your parents left you a load of magical money and because they told no one about it I am not surprised you know nothing about it. Now let's go to the bank as we need to give you a health check as well!" he said going to the floo where he explained about Harry's password to him.

They arrived in the bank and were escorted to the magical hospital wing in the bank. Harry was checked and everyone gasped as the president of the bank had insisted on sitting in on his health check. "Mr President sir it's bad! His magical core has been almost totally blocked and he's been magically forced to need glasses, have a permanent trace and tracking charm on him in various forms all by Albus Dumbledore. He has parcel magic in him which is unblocked totally and he has a fragment of Voldermort's soul in his scar on his forehead. We have detected that there are six of them asides from this one and we can use complex widespread magic to eradicate them all. It will cause a minor earthquake sir and two of them are stored in a vault here. We need to do this now sir otherwise he can return here again and destroy everyone if you know what I mean!" said the frightened employee!

"I do know what you mean and I don't care Ripper what problems this causes! Do it and do it now!" he shouted frightening everyone there with them. "Now Harry we will need to use Magic to make you sleep while we repair the damage done to your body. It will take a couple of weeks which we don't have so we'll be placing you in a time chamber which will keep you there for three weeks in the room and just five hours in real time outside the room. I warn you that this may well hurt a lot but it needs to be done!" said the official. "I am afraid of this but I need it out of me whatever it is. Please help me!" said Harry once again crying and shaking.

It was obvious he was deeply disturbed with all these spells on him. He was put to sleep on a bed in the time spelled room and his core was stabilised first. It was a long process but they were all delighted when it was done. Next came the trace and tracking charms which were permanently removed so they could never be placed on him again by anyone. The person casting would always think their spell had worked when in fact it had not nor would it ever work. His blood was tested and it was discovered that via all these spells Albus had used he had inadvertently and unknowingly blocked Harry's natural abilities of untraceable wandless magic, occlumens and legillimency. This fact brightened everyone's day as they realised Dumbledore hadn't even noticed them being there when he'd chosen to simply block everything in one go.

Next they repaired his body and eyesight in such a way that if you looked at him you'd simply assume he was always meant to look like that anyway. Next came the hard part. The basilisk venom mixed with phoenix tears was poured onto his forehead where it seared and burned his flesh as the black substance inside fought hard against the restraints and finally half an hour and many struggles later the substance was gone and Harry had stopped screaming his head off in agony. A whole litre vial of phoenix tears was used to heal his entire body and forehead which had been completely sent out of queue when the horcrux and all the others connecting to it had been removed. He was now taller by two inches and had a fuller shape to his body with slight muscles. The tests on his blood were returned revealing shocking results. "Is this right?" asked Ragnok in awe.

"Yes sir it is. Harry James Potter is heir to the houses of Black and Ambrosius as well. It says here with the black Lordship he gains the abilities to see through any and all disguises out there whether the person is disillusioned or using polyjuice potion or not. And here it says with the Ambrosius Lordship he gains the abilities of being an untraceable Metamorph that cannot be traced via any means out there and he can make someone suffer the effects of their own magic spell should he so choose to. He will be unstoppable!" said the care worker in awe. Harry was left to recuperate for the required time until he woke up later then expected in four weeks time.

When he emerged he was given all of his Lordships and rings which in turn gave him his abilities. He now stood two inches taller with deep blue eyes, long shaggy black hair no glasses and no scar. He could honestly say he'd never felt as alive in his life. He then met Antonio again who brought him into a side office in the bank. "Lord Potter I have here with me various types of wood and various types of core. Please pick two woods and two cores which stand out to you!" he instructed Harry who chose both ash and willow wood for his wand. He next chose a combination of a phoenix feather infused with phoenix tears and a hippogriff tail hair which had been infused with Basilisk venom for his cores. It took an hour but the wand was eventually made. Paying a trip to Ollivanders in disguise Harry asked to be provided with a wand and while Ollivander was searching for one Harry implanted the memory in his mind that would only release in a few years time of him selling Harry a wand. To Ollivander it would appear as though Harry had been a tricky customer and taken ages to choose a wand when the time arose but in reality he'd never have chosen a wand at all. He saw that Ollivander would want to tell Dumbledore of the Holly and Phoenix feather wand as soon as it had sold and so he removed the charm and the compulsion to tell Dumbledore anything from Ollivanders mind. When Ollivander came back the man in question was gone which confused and annoyed him as he felt his time had been wasted.

Going home Harry went into Mrs Figg's house charming her and anyone who would see him to not notice any differences in him. He checked her mind without her knowledge and saw that Dumbledore had charmed her to track Harry's every move with an old wand. He replaced the wand with an identical dud and broke the other wand incinerating it. He read all of the books that had been left there by his new guardians.

Three years later:

"Dobby! I need you to quickly and quietly scan the office of Albus Dumbledore to see if any devices in there track people and who they track. Can you do this from here or do you need to go there?" he asked Dobby who was amazed. "No Master I cannot do it from here but I can do it from Hogsmeade which is where I will go and I will be back soon" he said leaving and soon returning. "Master I am returned to you again. He has a lot of devices tracking you and his staff that work for him. What would you like me to do now?" he said smiling. "Well for one get rid of the tracking devices and remove the knowledge from his mind that he even has devices tracking anyone. Leave everything else in his mind alone!" he said while eating his dinner which had been prepared earlier on. Returning in an hour Dobby said "Yes Master it has been done and he is now very confused as he wants to monitor you but can't remember the spell to do so. Also Dobby is looking in his mind and found that he is hiding a magical stone in his third floor corridor called the Philosopher Stone. He is planning to magically make you go after it and has charmed the sorting hat to place you in Gryffindor like your father. What would you like me to do with this information?" Harry was now eleven years old and extremely impressed as Dobby was more intuitive then he appeared which was valuable as people would take one look at him assuming him stupid which he wasn't. "Tell me what make is the stone and what type are the wards around it?" he asked Dobby.

"The stone is a ruby and the wards are minimal to enable you to get it when he wants you to sir!" Harry smiled as he gently peered into Dobby's head to see what he was now seeing. Going to a jewelry shop in disguise he asked for a stone of the same size, weight and make of the philosopher stone. He warded it as Dumbledore had done with the other stone instructing Dobby to replace one stone with the other. Dobby had no problem doing this and returned with the stone which he then disillusioned and gave the highest form of warding out there hiding it in his Ambrosius Vault but making it look as though Dumbledore himself had placed it there. At Hogwarts Dumbledore checked the status of the stone chuckling as he saw it was still there. It would be an interesting year that's one sure thing.

Harry left his apartment and went to Diagon Alley into the bank where he smiled at the idea that had formed in his head. "Hello may your river always run with the blood of your enemies. I need to legally change my name so that it changes on the Hogwarts list of students as well" he said to the goblin at the desk. "May your vaults always flow with gold. I can do that right now what would you like to be known as? I want to be known as Harry James Black from now on" he said smiling brightly. He signed the documents which had been drawn up and was now legally Harry James Black in the wizarding world. He then went out with his school list in a slight disguise. He went to Madam Malkins where he spotted a spoilt little blonde idiot shoving everyone around as he stormed from the shop hitting Harry on the way out. "Watch out please or you'll injure someone!" shouted Harry in rage as the boy turned scowling and telling Harry to fuck off before leaving. Harry was measured for his school robes and also bought various clothing both wizarding and muggle for every occasion he'd be needing them for. He paid and then left getting a few pairs of various shoes that would always remain good as new and grow with him as he did. He had also requested this function for his new clothes. He bought all of his school books and it was as he was in the book shop that he heard a young ginger boy talking enthusiastically about him without knowing he could hear him of course.

"Yeah well I'm going to be best friends with the boy who lived Harry Potter and you'll see he'll be in Gryffindor like his parents were and then we'll see who's laughing!" he shouted out. "Oh yes because the bloody boy who lived will want to be a friend to Ronald Billius Weasley eh? Oh Ronniekins when will you learn you can't force friendship he'll be your friend if he wants to!" said his older brother scowling slightly at him. Harry had to internally chuckle at this as the older boy had been right. He purchased all of his books before heading to the trunk shop. In here he purchased a six compartment trunk with all of the charms he'd be needing on them. He had ones to protect against stealing and or people charming his things on the trunk and was very impressed with the protection they offered. Once that had been purchased and shrunk he changed his appearance to that of an older man. He went into Nocturne Alley and headed down the lane way looking for a particular shop he figured could help him out. He entered the shop smiling.

"Good day sir I am in need of special rune stones to protect hats and gloves against charming as I believe someone is out to get me. I'm Mr Banks but you don't need to know that I suppose. I've heard yours is the best shop in the alley for this Mr Borgin but note I can go elsewhere if I am not satisfied!" he sneered. "No problems Mr Banks. I am the best and for a reasonable price of two hundred galleons I can give you a set of four!" he responded eagerly. "That is an outrage! Make it a pack of ten and I'll give you two hundred and fifty galleons. If you don't accept I can as I said before go elsewhere!" he shouted. Mr Borgin agreed and sold the items to Harry. On his way to the bank he was stopped by his bank official just inside the door. "Lord Potter Black Ambrosius sir we need you one moment!" he said hastily. Harry went inside smiling. "We have reviewed things here at the bank and have realised it would be unwise to be so specific as to how you would like your new name to appear. Having said that we figured why do that when you can get a different name but in a few weeks and simply take things from there. Does that suit you sir?" asked the slightly nervous Goblin. "I see your point and I'll be going to school at the end of the summer anyway so please just forget the specifics of the name change and I will just deal with whatever it becomes. Please Provide me a list of all the associates that my family had. I'd like to make a best friend with one of their sons and now I'll be going home. Thank you for the list. Diagon Lily!" he said leaving via floo happily.

"Dobby! I need you to place two of these runes inside the sorting hat at school. I need you to make them invisible and untraceable to anyone who might look for them. I also need you to make sure no one sees you do it. Create a distraction and then do it quickly. Off you go now thank you!" Dobby agreed and left immediately with the two runes on his person. He arrived in the hallway invisible and headed up to the headmasters office. He could tell that the headmaster was currently in the dungeons as he popped into the office. He eventually found the hat placing the two runes inside at the apex of the hat. He made it invisible and then returned to Harry once done. They had decided that Dobby would work at the school while Harry was there as most of the students personal house elves did but he would tell no one who he worked for asides from the elves who would know better then to tell anyone else without his permission. Harry examined the list and one such name was the Longbottom family whom he'd agreed to meet up with. He'd seen from his memories that his parents had been best friends with them. He'd had no choice but to charm them both to never tell Dumbledore he'd seen them before school. He didn't yet trust Lady Longbottom to agree to this so he had Dobby place a mild compulsion charm on her making her believe it would be unsafe for anyone to know about it just yet.

What he saw when he met Neville who would be in his year with him was a shy and timid young boy. He nearly screamed when he saw Harry and Harry knew that he would need to take this boy under his wing as in his current condition Neville was serious bully material. He used Dobby to take the wand making things from Antonio to Longbottom Manor where he blindfolded Neville and had Neville pull out two combinations of wood and cores that appealed most to him. As Neville couldn't see he had no idea what was going on. Or indeed what he'd just done. Using a camera he then took a disposable picture of Neville's current wand which was his fathers. "Dobby take this to Antonio and have him make a replica out of these things. Please put Neville to sleep for a moment for me and make no one want to see him for half an hour. I need to get him a real birthday gift!" he said smiling as he'd been out of the room as he said it. Soon enough Neville was out for the count as Harry left. He went to Eeylops Owl Emporium where he picked up two owls. Both of which were black except Harry's owl had green eyes and Neville's owl had brown eyes. The wand was ready as Neville's old wand was destroyed for safety reasons in case some rogue deatheater might try and steal it. Thankfully Antonio asked no questions. He then returned to Longbottom Manor to Neville's bedroom where Dobby was waiting for him. He placed the wand into Neville's hand where it sparked to show it agreed and had bonded to him. Thankfully as it looked exactly as his old one had no one would know any different. Because it had been made illegally it also meant that no spells, traces, tracking or any other charms could be put on Neville no matter what Dumbledore tried to do.

Waking Neville up he appeared in his room surprising him. As Dobby had removed the memory from his mind of ever being blindfolded and picking out anything Neville assumed it was the first time today that he was seeing Harry. "Surprise Neville and Happy Birthday! I got you and me some owls. My one has the green eyes and yours has the brown eyes. I know you wanted to bring a toad to school but I figured that it would only annoy you as they only get lost all the time and besides they're really smelly!" he said laughing as Neville stared at him in awe. They had met at the start of the summer and were becoming firm friends which delighted Harry. "What are you going to call her? I'm calling mine Athena" said Harry smiling. "Oh wow Harry thank you so much for this. Yes she's beautiful I am going to call mine Aries!" he said smiling. "I have a part two to your gift Neville. Would you mind if I asked Dobby to scan your core. I only say that as he scanned mine today earlier on and someone had blocked it making me very weak magically. I had to have an unblocking potion which made my core full once again. I just want to help you should you need it!" he said happily. Just then Madam Longbottom came in with a cake smiling.

"Happy Birthday Neville and thank you Harry for getting him an owl. I've got you both a years supply of sweets and some owl goodies for your owls as you'll need them. What is this I heard you say about blocked cores on my way in?" she asked seriously. "Well I had been feeling magically weak and so I asked Dobby to scan me and he said all of my core had been nearly blocked by someone unknown. I was given a special potion to unblock the core making it so no one could ever block it again. As my best friend is Nev I was worried this might happen to him also so I asked him if he'd permit to have a scan performed on him by Dobby!" said Harry looking worried. Madam Longbottom was astounded by his kindness and care as she wiped tears from her own eyes with a silk hanky. "Yes of course he can. I am sure everything is fine but you never can be too sure with things like this. I am happy he has a best friend like you as it's been so difficult with your parents dying and then his being in a magical coma. Please Mr Dobby proceed!" she said to Dobby who proceeded to scan him.

"Madam Longbottom his core is blocked seventy percent and my scan shows he shouldn't look this way either. I'm not sure what it means to be honest. Would you like me to fix him because I can if you want me to?" asked Dobby seriously. "This is a huge shock although it might explain his confidence issues. Please proceed Dobby and thank you so much!" Neville began to cry as he thought of this as he was frightened no one would recognise him afterwards. First off his appearance was righted and people were shocked as his teeth completely straightened out, his ears shrunk to a normal level, his eyes went from brown to deep green and he increased two inches in height. Next there was a huge blast noise as his core was righted as he drunk the potion to rectify it. "Who did this to him?" she asked now crying herself. "Well Madam his parent's used the glamour charm as they thought it might protect him from the evil one but Albus Dumbledore blocked his core for no real reason only that he could. I have charmed him so that it can't be blocked by anyone ever again and this will mean no one can place tracking charms on him at all. He is perfectly safe now!" he said as they turned to look at Neville.

"Whoa! I feel amazing and so very powerful wow. What should I do though as I feel I need to drain the excess power now before I can move on!?" he asked with such confidence it blew them both away. "Well Neville go into your bathroom over there and cast a lumos spell and simply hold it until you feel ok again sweetheart" said his grandmother lovingly. He did as asked and although the door was closed the light from it nearly blinded everyone in the room as they shielded their eyes. Neville closed his eyes at the intensity of his spell and it took about three minutes before he could cast it normally. He came back into the room where everyone was still waiting for him. He was staying at Harry's tonight and he was very excited about it.

Dobby dropped them off and they watched a movie. Once Harry had explained how everything muggle worked to both of the Longbottom's they were hooked. Well in movies at least. Longbottom manor had been kitted out with a new cinema room which would play movies for them both any time they wanted. They were now watching some action packed James Bond film. Dobby prepared some popcorn and two butterbeers for the boys who were only too happy to accept it. As there was little to no alcohol in this type of butterbeer it didn't matter that they were drinking it. "So Nev what house do you think you'll be in? I think I'll decide my house for myself instead of judging my parents and going into Gryffindor simply because they were both in it. It would be stupid for me to go to Gryffindor just because they were in it you know? I mean I love quidditch obviously and I think Plants could be so interesting. I'm also looking forward to trying charms and transfigurations!" Harry asked Neville who smiled. "I'd love to be a Gryffindor where the brave dwell but I do love plants so I wouldn't be bothered if I ended up in Hufflepuff either. Gran said she'd be fine with whatever house I ended up in at the end of the day so I'm not too bothered about it. I'm so happy to have a best friend like you Harry and I'm amazed your own status doesn't go to your head. I mean you're really just Harry Potter and not the boy who lived at all!" he said smiling but jumped as his floo went off and a goblin came out looking shocked.

"Lord Potter excuse the intrusion at this time but we've only just gotten round to testing Lord Longbottom's blood and we have discovered he is the Lord of two other families also, so we need you both to come to the bank for a moment. Lady Longbottom will meet us there!" he said as they all left together. Neville was in awe as they went to the bank where his grandmother was indeed waiting awestruck. "Neville I have no notion how this passed my family by without us knowing it. Actually now that I think of it no one ever needed to test our blood so that could explain why. However I have always wanted to anyway I just never got round to actually doing it until just recently. When Harry suggested it not knowing I was planning on testing it anyway I said you know what now's as good a time as any to do this and so here we are!" she said kissing Neville's cheek embarrassing him. They followed the goblin to his office where two rings were waiting for him. "Ok you are the last surviving descendant of the Halliwell and Larson lines. With each of these comes a family ring, properties, vaults of money and certain abilities these families had!" said the goblin smiling. "What does all of this mean? I mean I understand what you're telling me but I mean how much money do these families have and what are these abilities?" he asked the goblin seriously.

"Well the Halliwell's have twenty billion galleons in the bank and the Larson's have fifteen billion galleons in the bank. You have three properties with each family. Now sign here please and put your rings on one after the other. There we go. As for abilities the Halliwell family have perfect wandless magic and can tell if anyone is being dishonest and what they are being dishonest about. From now on should someone lie to you, you will know what it's about and you will be able to do perfect wandless magic. The Larson's were very good at untraceable legillimens, warding and occlumency so you will be able to shield anyone from looking into your mind without your permission. You can also look through someone's occlumency shield without them knowing you're doing anything at all!" he replied to Neville who was amazed at all of this new information. "Tell me about the properties they have please. Are there any near Surrey or Norwich?" he asked as his grandmother looked at him with questioning eyes wondering what in the hell he was up to now.

"Well actually Lord Halliwell that family has a small manor in Surrey near Lord Potter's current residence. They have another manor in Norwich and a final home in Hull Island. The Larson's have a property in the Isle of white, Ireland and Spain!" he replied happily. "Ok Please see to it that no matter how much it costs you all properties are under the fidelious charm with myself and Lord Potter here as the secret Keepers. In each property you are to key in Lady Longbottom here so only she and our house elves can visit any of the properties. I want every form of protection ward on all of them as well how long will that take please?" he asked calmly. "It can all be done by tomorrow evening my lord" he responded. "Make my rings into portkeys for all of them and include Lord Potter and Lady Longbottom's rings on the portkey list for all of my homes as well. I am going to move into the home in Surrey with my best friend Lord Potter. It will be my own home but my darling grandmother Lady Longbottom is free to come and go as she wishes and I would request that she decorate it inside if it does not look too good as she has amazing taste. She is quite talented in that area actually!" he said making her blush madly. "Very well Lord Halliwell it is done! You just have to think of your home and it will take you there. Lord Potter the wards on the area will not alert anyone to your absence and Lady Longbottom you are free to visit them at any time you like. Also Lady Longbottom I am in need of your council as I wish to redesign some of my offices here and we could do with someone who has as much taste as you for interior design on our bank." She was very flattered they had asked her to do this and agreed immediately.

She was dumbfounded at the level headed maturity Neville showed in getting all of his houses under the fidelious. This would mean he could safely live there without problems and she would never need to worry about him. This showed he was always thinking about her. This made her feel very warm inside. She really did love both of her boys and she now included Harry in her family. "Thank you Griphook I will do so when you need me to!" she responded enthusiastically. "Very well Lady Longbottom we will be in touch with you. Now then Lord Potter did you require anything before we conclude our business here tonight?" he asked Harry smiling."Actually Griphook now that you ask please put Lord Halliwell and Lady Longbottom's rings on my own portkey list so they may be able to visit each of my fidelioused homes as well. Only include these two people and their house elves as they really are like family to me!" he said smiling as Griphook agreed doing it all before they all left the bank. As they returned back to Harry's and she went home they all went to sleep Harry for once in his life feeling like he was loved, secure and belonged to a family of his own.