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Harry walked back to his rooms putting his ring inside his sock drawer for use later on. He then headed off to his class with the fifth years. He was excited to make smores with them. He would see what Adrian Pucey and the likes thought of this lesson. "Welcome class to todays' lesson. As you can see your desks have been made into cooking stations for this lesson as we are going to be cooking something we will all then enjoy. You will see on your desks that you have a packet of gram crackers, some chocolate chunks and some marshmallows. Now beside that you will see what we like to call a Bunsen burner. It is lit with a match which we strike like this. I will now light mine to demonstrate" he said doing just that as his class gasped in awe.

He waited for them to follow him which took a while as a student set his own robes on fire due to the long sleeves. Outing it in a moment using magic ensured he wasn't hurt. "Ok now pick up your forks and stab your marshmallow like me. We're going to be holding it and roasting it over the flames like so" he said as everyone followed him.

"But sir mine has gone nasty and brown. I mean it's not beautiful and white anymore. What did I do wrong? I don't understand!" Marcus Flint said in a panic.

"Marcus calm down please. They are supposed to go brown as it shows us that they're done!" he said as Marcus visibly relaxed. Clearly he was overthinking everything. He got them to place their melted marshmallows on the gram crackers with some chocolate pieces and melt those together over the heat source.

"Ok now that they are done place them on the plates in front of you and allow them to cool for a moment so you don't burn your mouth when you sample them. Now I am passing around empty vials to everyone and I want you to please place a small amount of blood in each vial and label them correctly. When your done tap the vial saying the words Expulso and then tap the blank parchment beside it. This will let you and indeed me know if you have any allergies to food. Too many people here don't check this out and die from anaphylactic shock or an extreme allergic reaction" he said as his class looked confused.

This was the problem with Wizards as they never thought about these things and usually got very sick from them. Adrian discovered he was allergic to oats of all things and it was something he ate often. "Sir it says I'm allergic to oats and I eat them all the time. I never vomit but I do get flu like symptoms I guess I should stop eating them and maybe my congestion can for once clear up. Thanks for this sir. Do you think me eating oats causes my illness?" he asked as Harry smiled at him.

"Yes I do think so. I can't eat peppers as they make me sick. I have called Madam Pomfrey here and she will take note of all of your allergies should you have any as this will also tell us what ingredients and or potions you're allergic to if any. Ah Madam Pomfrey welcome to my lesson. I have had the students here perform allergy tests on themselves and I would like you to update they're medical records as such. However first we're eating smores would you like to try one?" he asked her as she smiled.

"Who have you been talking to Professor? Smores are one of my favourites I will of course have one. Good job on the allergy tests. Actually I'm thinking of making them compulsory for all first years as we need to catch these allergies while the kids are young. Reports can then be sent to their parents and so on" she said happily accepting the smore he'd offered her.

"Well we just made them today. I didn't actually know they were one of your favourites however now that I know that I'll be sure to give you some in future. I think your idea is a great one. We can save more people annoying illnesses if we know what they're allergic to and so on. Everyone tuck in please!" he said as they all did so. Some of the students hated it and others loved it. Those who didn't like it chose to merely eat the chocolate and discard the marshmallow.

"Ok you can all take 10 points per house. Well done for participating in that part of todays' lesson. You can write out what you did today for your homework and which part you like the most. One parchment on it should do. For the remainder of the class you are to get out from behind your desks and tuck in your chair. I will put on some modern muggle music which is popular now and we will do some freestyle dancing to it. This means you can dance whatever way you want to. I feel dancing helps us to relieve stress and makes us happy and besides which who doesn't love great music" he said putting on 'You don't know me' by Jax Jones. He was so happy as he watched his class dancing joining in their dancing. He truly thought enough purebloods didn't get down often enough. I mean it was all ballroom dancing and sometimes it was lovely to just let go.

That gave him an idea for his next lesson. They would watch a movie particularly the movie strictly ballroom as that would show them what a society who thinks only one way fairs. It would show them that thinking in such a singular way was never a good thing. People needed to open or broaden their minds and he'd be damned if he didn't help them achieve that goal. With classes over for the day he went back to his rooms to find Susan looking through the drawers looking for an item of clothing. Thankfully he knew where it was and got her out of the room. She was however dressed in only a towel after her shower. He followed her ring now in his pocket to where the rest of her clothes were and she was getting ready for dinner. Coming up behind her he kissed her neck fully peppering it in kisses and feeling her fully relax up against him. Sliding down her body and bringing the towel with him he exposed her nakedness making her shiver all over.

Spreading her legs with both of his hands he leaned in and took a breath. She smelled amazing and it was highly arousing however this wasn't about him as it was all about her. Licking in a line up her lips with his tongue pausing only to circle her clit with the point of his tongue she mewled. He was so talented at it as he licked and sucked her soaking pussy with such skill it was like he did it every day. Reaching up her body he found and rolled both nipples in his fingers making her mewl out loud.

"Oh fuck yes. Oh, Harry please give it to me! I fucking need it. I need you so dman much" she said groaning in frustration.

"Not a chance baby this is all about you right now. But afterwards I promise I'm going to fuck you senseless" he said chuckling deeply sucking slightly harder as he pulled her nipples out once more and she detonated around his lips her juices flowing into his mouth as she became weak at the knees. Sliding back up her body and easing himself from his slacks he leaned her over the sink slightly so she could see his face next to hers in the mirror as he kissed her. He slipped inside her effortlessly as her wet walls coated him and sucked him in. He started off slowly to fully tease her slowly sinking in and out of wet pussy. He pulled alomst all the way out of her and then sunk back in with great force making her shriek. "Ugh fuck me Harry come on!" she called out making him even harder if that were even possible.

"Don't worry I will. Oh baby you're going to see stars when I'm fucking done worshipping you. I love you. Ugh you sexy bitch ride me!" he called out as she began to pump herself up and down on his length loving taking control for her a moment. He was indulging her and she noticed it but just thought he felt like being generous with her. He rode her faster kissing her neck as his free hand found and rolled her nipples making them even harder. She was so sensitive.

"Touch yourself while I fuck you hard!" he ordered in a deep voice making her shudder all over. She loved it when he took control like this.

"Yes sir!" she said making him groan as she had said it in such a sexy way. She slipped her fingers in between her legs and back to squeeze his balls before rubbing in circles on her clit in such a way that she yet again detonated around him bringing him with her as he went hard and exploded within her. As he slipped out of her she turned around to kiss him only to see he was no longer there. Looking down she saw him kneeling there ring box open.

"Susan Marie Bones I love you more than life itself and may I always get to worship you like I just did now. Best friend will you marry me?" he asked her as she burst into tears.

"Oh my goodness me I had not expected this. I thought you were merely being intimate with me in a more special way. Yes, Yes I will!" she cried out kissing him as they both knelt there enjoying their intimate moment together forgetting the outside world for a moment. It was beautiful and it was there moment. They fully intended to make the most of it.