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The Bloody Baron

She ran without looking back. Why hadn't she seen the bull before she'd climbed over the fence? Why had she only seen it, when she already was in the middle of the pasture? Why did it have to be the most vicious bull in the neighbourhood?

Well, at least the fence was slowly getting into her reach. If she managed to climb over it, she was safe. -IF!

Then she'd see the ruins up close. She had seen the ruins in the distance and decided to take a shortcut to it. Then she'd climbed the fence, to walk across the pasture. Unfortunately, she wasn't the only living being there.

The pasture was the home of a bull and he'd been very angry, still WAS angry. Now he chased her towards the ruins.

Suddenly thoughts about all the things she ought to do assaulted her. She ought to go to the grocers, ring up a friend, send postcards to her friends at home, pay some bills. Hesitantly, she slowed down. What was she doing here? She ought to turn and go home.

A snort and the thunder of hooves brought her to her senses. Not to speak of the hot breath the bull was already blowing down her neck. Again, she quickened her pace again, conscious of a faint prickle passing through the whole of her body.

Fleetingly she wondered how she could have been distracted by those thought, but then she had already reached the fence and climbed it as quickly as she could. Exhausted, she fell to the ground and gasped.

Not far from her, a lake had appeared and where, some moments before, a ruin had stood, was now a full-fledged castle. And not some ordinary castle, but a a beautiful castle right out of a fairy tale, with lots of turrets and towers.

Running towards her was a group of very queer people. One of them very small, another one all in black and a third with a pointed hat, all of them wearing flowing robes and waving sticks over their heads. Sparks showered from the sticks and suddenly all four of the sticks were pointed at her.

Instinctively, she ducked. 'What was that for?' She wondered. Then she distinctly heard something buzz passed her left ear and over her head, before something struck her chest. At once she lost consciousness.


She awoke feeling as if a hammer was pounding inside her head and swarms of ants were milling all over her body. She didn't open her eyes at once, not sure if she wanted to know where she was. She remembered at once, how she'd been chased by the bull, how a castle had appeared out of thin air and how she'd been struck by something coming out of a stick.

'It looked as if they were casting some sort of spell, but it must have been some sort of new weapon.' She thought. The rustling of fabrics warned her that she wasn't alone and so she acted the deep sleeper.

"How is she, Poppy?" The voice of an old man asked. "No major injuries, I hope?"

The quetion was answered by brisk woman's voice.

"Just a 'supefy', Headmaster, although I wonder what would have been, if all three of the cast spells had reached their target. She'll come to very soon."

Headmaster? Spells? She'd crumpled down before a castle, not a school. She'd been struck unconscious by a spell? Those -sticks WERE Wands! It was all Liz could do to stay still and not move on the bed she was lying on. The woman called Poppy was still talking:

"As soon as she regains consciousness, I'll check if she is fit to sustain an 'obliviate', which I don't doubt. How could she break through all those strong blocks? Do you have an idea, Headmaster?"

Liz thought she could hear a streak of amusement in the old man's voice as he replied.

"The clear and present fear of death through a raging bull, I presume. We really should have the animal removed, so it doesn't chase any more muggles onto Hogwarts' grounds."

Now Liz definitely began to suffer from information-overload. The place was called Hogwarts. -The place she'd stayed in had no such name, nor did there exist any place in Great Britain with that name to her knowledge.

Liz had broken through strong blocks? -She'd noticed nothing of the sort. Were blocks spells of some sort? She hoped not, that would be too scary. They wanted to keep 'muggles' out? -What were muggles? She was one, so much she understood, but why, and why did the people here want to keep 'muggles' out?

Last but not least, there was this 'obliviate'-thing. She'd have to 'sustain' it. What did that mean? She wasn't keen on finding out, really. She best kept quiet for another while and try to digest all the information she'd got in the last few minutes. She just hoped that the 'Headmaster' and 'Poppy' (what a queer name!) would soon leave.

They might still discover that she was not unconscious, but eavesdropping. That would be very inconvenient.

They hadn't finished talking yet, though.

"I see, but let us discuss outside. The girl needs rest." 'Poppy said firmly.

The man left, chuckling. 'Poppy' followed only a moment later, after drawing curtains, or so the noises she made suggested.

Very, very cautiously, Liz opened her eyes. The bed she lay in was surrounded by curtains. She still had her clothes on (thanks for that!) and her shoes stood on the floor beside the bed. Looking up, she discovered that she lay in a four-poster bed. This gave her an idea.


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