Here it is ladies and gentlemen the final chapter (But not the final chapter of the story) of Not Alone. ~TheUltimateMystic

Chapter 7: Mothers & Fathers

Satan Mansion.

Gohan and Videl stood in front of the doors to the Satan Mansion. Videl was nervous about confronting her father.

Videl held tight onto Gohan's hand "I don't know if I can do this Gohan."

"Yes you can Videl." Gohan replied. "You want answers and this is the only way to get them."

"I know but..." Videl held Gohan's hand tighter

"Come on Videl it's not like you to be nervous." Gohan replied. "You're strong. You can do this."

"Yeah." Videl said taking in a deep breath. "I can do this." Videl still holding onto Gohan's hand opened the front door. Within a few seconds a butler approached them.

"Ah Good morning lady Videl." The butler said in the most posh British accent ever.

"Good morning Gilesverson." Videl replied "Where is my father?"

"He is in his study watching his favorite Soap Opera." Gilverson answered looking at the tail wrapped Videl's waist. "Is that some sort of hip fashion accessory that's all hip and trendy with today's youth?"

"Um yeeeah exactly..." Videl replied. "Come on Gohan let's go."

Videl and Gohan headed to Mr. Satan's study.

"Are you ready Videl?" Gohan asked as the stood in front of the study door.

"Yes. Yes I am." Videl replied confidently as she turned the door knob.

"You're kidding me. James was the killer and he was his own twin sister!?" Mr. Satan shouted at his 70 inch plasma screen tv.

"Dad." Videl said sternly.

"No Samantha look out it's an empty elevator shaft!" Mr. Satan shouted oblivious to his daughters presence.

"Dad." Videl repeated.

"I bet Manuel sabotaged the elevator I'm sure of it." Mr. Satan said to himself still completely absorbed into his Soap Opera.

"DAD!" Videl shouted.

"Huh? Oh hey sweet pea how ya doin?" Hercule asked finally noticing his daughter's presence. He also noticed she was holding hands with a boy. "What is the meaning of this!? I thought I told you that if you got a boyfriend he'd have to be stronger than me, and I doubt this scrawny little twi..." Hercule stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Videl's tail tucked neatly around her waist. "...Oh boy."

You can do this Videl just be straight with it. Videl thought."Dad was mom a Saiyan?"

Hercules eyes grew wide as heard Videl's question. "...Uh what is that some sort of fish or something?" Hercule let out a nervous chuckle.

"Dad, please enough with the lies." Videl replied. "Just tell me the truth."

Hercule closed his eyes and contemplated and after a moment he sighed. "Yes...You're mother was a Saiyan. But how did you find out? How do you even know what a Saiyan is?"

"Dad, This is Gohan. He is my boyfriend and he is a half Saiyan." Videl replied

"Nice to meet you Mr. Satan" Gohan extended his hand.

Mr. Satan shook Gohan's hand. "N...Nice to meet you too."

"Dad, Why didn't you tell me?" Videl asked as a few tears began to fall down her face. "Why didn't you tell what mom was...what I am?"

"Because it was you're mothers last wish." Mr. Satan replied. "Vidalia wanted you to grow up with a normal life. She didn't want you to feel like an outcast."

"But I still deserved to know." Videl replied "I deserved to know about mom. I deserved to know about me! I could have handled it!"

Mr. Satan took a deep breath and sighed. He then proceeded to walk over to a locked glass case with a video tap in it. He took out a key and unlocked it and took out the tape out and walked back over to Gohan and Videl.

"What is that?" Videl asked.

"This is from your mother." Hercule replied. "I was supposed to give this to you on your 18th birthday but I guess I'll have to give to you a littler earlier than expected. It's funny your mother was never good at waiting for things either. Patience was never her strong suit. She'd always want to get things done ahead of schedule." Hercule handed Videl the tape.

"What's on it?" Videl inquired.

"I don't know. Though I do have a feeling of what it might be." Hercule replied. "I thought about watching before but your mother made it for you and you alone. It wouldn't have been right for me to watch it." Hercule walked to the study door. "There's a vcr there that I use to watch my old martial arts tapes." Hercule pointed to a vcr in the entertainment center below his 70 inch plasma screen tv. Hercule opened the the door and exited the room.

"I think I'll go wait outside too." Gohan said as let go of Videl's hand only for her to grab his again.

"No Gohan, please don't go." Videl replied.

"But made the tape for you to watch alone." Gohan replied.

"I know" Videl replied. "But...I need you here...Please don't leave me."

"Okay, I'm right here. I won't go anywhere." Gohan replied holding firmly onto Videl's hand.

Videl and Gohan walked up to the VCR and inserted the tape. They walked over to a nearby couch as the tape began to play.

A beautiful woman greatly appeared on the screen. She was almost identical to Videl with a couple of exceptions. Her was were a deep dark brown and she had short spiky hair. (Think a slightly spikier version of Videl's hair style after she got it cut.)

"Hello dear." Vidalia started off saying in a weak voice evident of hair ailing condition.

"...Mom" Videl's face began to tear up upon hearing her mother's voice.

"I have made this video for you my only daughter." Vidalia continued. "I hope things are going well. I'm sure you've grown up big and strong by now. Videl, There some things I need to tell you. Things that maybe a bit hard to believe. Although since you're my daughter I have a feeling you may have found out some of this information already. But on the offhand that you didn't, I have made this video to tell you some things about me, about you, and about where I come from. I was not born here on Earth. I was born on a distant planet known as Vegeta. The inhabitants of planet Vegeta, a race known as the Saiyans, were not a peaceful race. They were a race of violence and destruction but not all were like that. There were a few here and there who hated the their people acted. Who disagreed with the Saiyan way of life. My parents were among them. My mother worked at meat distribution factory and my father was a warrior although a reluctant one. They sent me to Earth when I was five to escape the destruction thanks to a warning by a lone Saiyan warrior. "

Age 737

An injured Bardock his armor cracked and skin cut limped into a bar filled with his fellow Saiyan warriors and collapsed on the floor before picking himself up. Everyone laughed at him before he began to speak. "Listen everybody, It's Frieza. He's coming for us.

"You mean you right?" A random Saiyan standing in front of Bardock replied.

"No, Us. here. It's true he's scared of us. He wants us all dead. My whole crew is dead thanks to that freaky horned bastard!"

"Bardock gets his tail whooped and it's the end of the world right?" Another random Saiyan interjected.

Everyone in the room began laughing.

"Maybe you dolts should stop pretending to be elites." Another Saiyan mocked.

"No kidding Bardock." The Saiyan standing in front of Bardock laughed. "Welcome to the real world man."

"It hurts don't it." A random Saiyan said laughing along with the others as they continued to mock him.

Bardock stared in disbelief as he was ridiculed. "Fools! You're all dead! ...He's on his way."

"Come on Bardock, You really expect us to believe that?" Another Saiyan asked.

"Fine, Believe what you want to believe but I'm going to try and stop him." Bardock stated as he rushed out of the bar.

A lone Saiyan with long spikey black hair sat at the bar with sipping a drink not joining in on the laughter. He contemplated Bardock's words. He believed them. He believed every last word of them. He believed Frieza was preparing to destroy Planet Vegeta. It was something he had long feared. He had even thought about leaving the planet with his mate and daughter. He even went as far as to find a planet where they could possibly live out a peaceful existence free from war and destruction. But he also feared that wherever they went they would simply be hunted down and killed. He thought about speaking up. He thought about joining Bardock in his stand against Frieza but he realized that even with his help it would be futile. Frieza was to powerful. He knew what he had to do. He suddenly sprang up from his seat left the bar through another door seconds after bardock.

Vegeta Meat Factory

"I think my newborn son would be a perfect mate for your daughter once they're both grown up don't you think Carza?" a female saiyan with medium length spiky hair asked another female Saiyan who greatly resembled Videl and Vidalia.

"Oh Gine, is romance all you think about?" Carza replied chucking.

"What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic." Gine replied as she chopped a giant piece of meat in half.

As Carza went to speak she heard her full name being shouted.

"Carzalia! Carzalia!" The lone warrior began shouting as he entered the bar.

"I'm over here Totoap!(pronounced toto-ap)" Carza said waving her hand in the air signaling the lone warrior to her location "What's wrong?"

"Carza, We need to go now." Totoap said grabbing Carza by the hand.

"O...Okay." a confused and worried Carza replied.

"What's going on?" Gine inquired.

"I'm sorry Gine. There's no time to explain...I'm sorry...I really am." Totoap replied.

"I guess I'll see you later Gine. Give little Kakarot a kiss for me." Carza said as she turned to leave with Totoap

Totoap began to rush out the factory with Carza in hand but stopped and turned around and looked at Gine. "One last thing...You're brave man." Totoap then quickly exited the factory with Carza.

A look of came over Gine's face as she whispered the name "...Bardock"

Totoap and Carza's residence.

A young Vidalia was sitting in a chair in the living room reading a story book when her parents rushed into the room.

"Vidalia!" Totoap ran over to his daughter and picked her up from the chair.

"Hey papa!" Vidalia cheerfully greeted her father.

"Will you please tell me what's going on already Totoap." A worried Carza asked.

"...It's happening the day we feared. It's happening...Frieza's preparing to destroy the planet." Totoap solemnly replied.

"Are...Are you sure?" Carza asked.

"Yes." Totoap replied. "I was in the bar having a drink when Bardock came barging in he rambled on about he Frieza was on his way to destroy us. Everyone laughed at him but I knew he was telling the truth. The absolute certainty in his voice gave me very little doubt. He said he was going to try stop him but he's going to fail. Bardock may be brave, but he's just not strong enough."

"What are we going to do?" Carza replied.

"...The pods." Totoap replied.

Carza nodded. "Right."

"What's going on mama? Papa?" a worried Vidalia asked. "Are we gonna blow up?"

"No dear. Everything's going to be fine." Carza assured her daughter.

Totoap and Carza grabbed their daughters hands and headed outside to the back of the house. Totoap walked over to the ground and flipped up a secret panel in the ground revealing a keypad. He typed a few numbers in and the ground in front of him began to open and three Saiyan pods began to rise up. Totoap opened the first pod and placed Vidalia inside but as he did he heard Carza scream.

"Oh my god!" Carza shouted as she pointed up toward the sky.

A massive ball of energy was approaching the planet.

"Damn it! Well there's still time for her!" Totoap said he quickly began to type coordinates into Vidalia's pod. "Vidalia...We're going to be sending you some place safe okay. But I'm afraid we can't come with you."

"...But why papa?" Vidalia asked as she began to cry.

"It's okay Vidalia." Carza said as she gave her daughter one last hug. "We may not be with you but we'll always be watching over you."

Totoap looked up and saw the energy ball getting closer and closer "When the pod closes press this button okay"

"O...Okay" a teary eyed Vidalia replied.

"We love you." Totoap and Carza said in unison as the pod began to close.

Vidalia did as she was instructed and pressed the button and the pod immediately began to take off. Flying away as the energy ball began to impact the planet.

I hope you have a good life on Earth my daughter. Those were both Totoap and Carza's last thoughts as their life forces were extinguished by Frieza's mighty blast.

Age 774

"When I arrived here on earth I was found by a kind couple in a small village who raised me as their own daughter. They were the only ones who knew of my true origin until I met your father. He was 18. I was 23. He was a poor guy down on his luck and I was a rookie cop. I caught him trying to steal a loaf of bread. He told me he was going to become the greatest martial artist in all the world one day and that he needed the bread to help build up his strength. I had never met a man with that much determination in his eyes and I instantly fell for him. I told him the truth about me a year after we started dating and he honestly took it pretty well. I mean he fainted and hit his head on a coffee table but after that he was fine. I'm sorry for having your father keep this a secret from you for so long... I wanted to tell you all of this on your 6th birthday, but a few months ago we went on a vacation to my home village to attend my adoptive parents funerals. They had recently passed away together peacefully in their sleep. We had always warned you never to go outside when there was a full moon and that looking at it was dangerous but you being you got curious...and so one night when I was cooking supper you snuck out. You see when a Saiyan who has their tail looks at a full moon they become a giant rampaging beast known as Oozaru. I was able to get everyone in the village to safety but your rampage destroyed the entire village. After that we made the decision to remove your tail and let you live your life as a normal human. "

"...I did all that." A distraught Videl said.

"I know that's hard to take in" Vidalia continued as she started to cough. "But I don't want you punish yourself for it. It's not would I would want. It's kind of funny though. I wanted to tell you on your 6th birthday but now I won't even make to that, or your 7th or 8th or 18th...Okay that's not really funny but more insanely depressing but I try to find the humor in everything. Videl..." Vidalia started clutching at her chest. "There's some more things I wanted to tell but I feel like I'm running out of time...Videl, I don't know if there are any other Saiyans left. Sometimes I feel like there are...but you may very well be the last of us. The last of the Saiyan race. You carry the legacy and will of our people.,,,Not the whole death and destruction thing but more the whole pride and strength thing. Anyway you...are my Videl Satan...Daughter of Vidalia and Mr. Mark "Hercule" Satan, granddaughter of Totoap and Carzalia. You are my pride, my joy, and my hope. I love you. Farwell" Vidallia began clutch her chest tight as she stopped the recording.

"I love you too mom..." Tears began to stream down Videl's face as the recording stopped.

Gohan grabbed Videl and held her tight. Gohan didn't say a word. He just held her as she she cried letting her get everything she had bottled up inside her out.

Videl cried for 5 minutes straight before she finally stopped. "Thank you Gohan. Thank you for being here for me."

"It's no problem." Gohan replied still holding onto his girlfriend. "So how do you feel now?"

Videl took a few seconds to gather her thoughts. "I feel...happy. I feel like I finally have since of closure and sense of who I really am...But there's still something I need to ask my dad about."

Videl and Gohan got up and went to find Mr. Satan.

Mr. Satan was sitting in a chair in the main living room staring at a picture of Vidalia as Gohan and Videl approached him. Mr. Satan stood up and looked at his daughter "...Hey sweetpea."

"Dad..." Videl stared of saying "I get why you lied to be about mom all these years but why didn't you tell me the truth about Cell. Why did you lie to me like everyone else."

"So...You found that out to huh?" Mr. Satan sighed. "...The way you looked at me when you found out I defeated Cell..."It's the first time I felt like I was your hero and I didn't want to lose that..." Mr. Satan dropped to his knees "Now you know I'm nothing but a coward. I..."

"That's not true Mr. Satan." Gohan interrupted "You may be an entirely honest man but you're not a coward. You actually did help in the defeat of Cell more than you think."

"...How?" Mr. Satan asked "Who exactly are you?"

Gohan turned super saiyan and Hercule's eyes grew wider than jabba the hut at an all you can eat buffet.

"I am the one who defeated cell." Gohan replied. "Mr. Satan, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been able to beat him. You risked your life to toss android 16's head to me and if you hadn't done that cell wouldn't have stepped on it and it wouldn't have given me the push I needed to defeat cell. A true coward wouldn't have done that. Mr. Satan, you did play a part in saving the world. You are a hero."

"...I am?" Mr. Satan replied still down on himself.

"Yes you are. And you actually did me a favor by taking all of the credit. My family and I didn't want the fame and the fortune. We enjoy living a simple life. You let us keep that by putting the weight of fame upon yourself. Mr. Satan. You are a good man. So get up and hug your daughter. She needs her father right now."

Mr. Satan stood up and nodded at Gohan. "Thanks kid." Mr. Satan went to pull Videl in for a hug but she pulled him in first.

"...I love Dad." Videl whispered into her fathers ear. "You're still my hero."

"I love you too sweatpea." Mr. Satan replied as he hugged his daughter.

Gohan watched and smiled as the father and daughter finally reconciled.

Orange Star High School.

One week later.

School had just ended and Videl, Gohan, Erasa, and Sharpner were having their usual end of the day conversation.

"Ah man I still can't believe Brains got Videl." A dejected Sharpner stated.

"Hey you got me. Are you saying I'm not good enough." Erasa pouted

"No no no. I didn't mean it like that." Sharpner replied. "Your plenty good enough babe. Perfect in fact."

"Good" Erasa smiled "I was afraid I was going to have Videl break your arm again."

"I'd do it to." Videl teased making a ball throwing motion at Sharpner.

Sharpner shuttered as he rubbed the spot where his arm was once broken.

Gohan Videl and Erasa all had a good laugh at Sharpner's expense.

"Hey Gohan." said Videl "There's something I wanted to talk to you about."

"Yeah what is it?" Gohan replied.

"The 25th World's Martial Arts Tournament is coming up soon and I was wondering if you'd want to enter it with me?"

"I'm not sure about that Videl. You know I don't like to show off in front of people." Gohan replied rubbing the back of his head.

"I really don't think Brains is martial arts material Videl." said Sharpner.

"I'll have you know Gohan's father was Son Goku. The former tournament champion before my dad. And his Father taught him everything he knows."

"Wow really I didn't know that." said a surprised Erasa.

"Yeah you continue to surprise me Brains." an equally surprised Sharpner stated.

"So what do you say Gohan. The former champions son vs the current champions daughter in a fight for the ages."

"Well if you put it that way." Gohan replied with a smile on his face.

...To be continued in Majin Unleashed.


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