Chapter 13: Hopeless Dreams Disclaimer: Sorry, if it took me this long but I was sooooo busy, anyway, thanx to Charleigh!

Full poem from Chapter 12:

I know I made you sad and mad Thinking of those things I've must have been bad But I really am sorry coz truly I don't want to see you worry.

To you I didn't lend an ear and I know it must have brought you tears. I really do love you and without you I don't know what to do.

You're the person I can't resist to let go, so my love for you I shall show. Know that I truly regret the times when I've made you fret. I'm not a good poem writer but I hope this will make you feel lighter, So please give me another chance and be my partner in the dance.


Hermione stared at the poem blankly, and then she thought "Draco can write?" she thought then she stared at it then she drew her conclusions that it might not be Draco who wrote the poem. She smirked at the poem as she thought "He's pathetic! After what he has done this is the only apology he can give me?"

She then thought of another option "What if I give him a poem?" she asked herself, and then she got a piece of paper and wrote in furiously. Her poem included bad words at first but then it didn't turn out that nasty.

She took one last glance at her poem then yawned. "It must be late, I must get some shuteye" and she did


She got up early morning and she didn't know why but she was certain she was filled with energy. She walked down the stairs looking dreamlessly at the passing couples walking hand in hand talking in anticipation.

She then saw a group of male students all in green robes clutching their brooms in one hand followed by a mob of furious ladies shrieking loudly. "I didn't know there's a Quidditch practice today.." she said to herself

"Oh, it's more than a practice, It's a game against the Gryffindor" said one Ravenclaw student to Hermione

Hermione's eyes rounded. She was not informed about any match and she couldn't recall Harry mentioning anything about it. The shrieks of the girls grew louder and she recognized 1 of them as Paige Sherlate, the snotty slut who ruined almost everything in her life. Then she stared at the Slytherin Quidditch players and she saw Draco stroking his hair with one of his muscular arms which made a lot of girls sigh hopefully.

"Dream on girls, he won't go for you he's too good for you"

Hermione noticed that Draco touched nothing on his plate and was looking over at the Gryffindor table, clearly looking for someone.

"He's looking for me." Hermione said to herself as she smirked "Serves him right for what he did!"

Then a group of male Quidditch players passed right beside her wearing all in red. Harry was leading the way and he came to a halt as he saw Hermione.

"Hey Hermione, how you doin'?" he asked

"Okay, Good luck anyway on your game and beat those Slytherins to oblivion for me, Harry" Hermione said

"Sure I will" Harry said then he entered the Great Hall.

Hermione watched them enter the Great Hall then she decided to go back to her room, After all she had enough of Malfoy and she wants to keep him out of her sight.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Draco kept looking over the Gryffindor table, waiting for an auburn haired girl to arrive, but instead he saw his enemy pass by laughing jovially with his team. Draco gritted his teeth at the sight of Harry. "You won't be laughing once I'm done with you, Potter!" he thought

He heard a whistle which meant the game is about to begin, then he and his team proceeded to the Quidditch pitch.

"Good luck, Draco"

"I know you'll win, Draco"

"You're so cute, Draco"

"May I have your autograph, Draco?"

"Now where did that come from?" he thought. The thought of finally having the same mounting admiration and attention that Potter have made him smirk, perhaps this year would prove that he is far off better than that scar head faggot.

The attention...he wouldn't live without it, he just waved a hand at his raging fans and they all sighed and followed him to the Quidditch pitch not taking their eyes off Draco.

The game was about to begin and in just a few seconds now Madam Hooch would blow her whistle and start the game.

Then there was the sound of the whistle and they were off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hermione heard the shrieks and applauses of the crowds below and she realized that Gryffindor won, so she decided to go down and congratulate Harry for his great performance and Draco won't stop her.

After his great capture of the snitch, there were hoots and shrieks from the female audience. Draco smirked which made the girls sigh..again. He won, He won against Potter and it only proved how better he is than him. Then he saw Harry zoom past him.

He smirked at him and Harry gave him a cold glare then zoomed down. "He's jealous because I won.."he thought. He zoomed down to meet Harry.

"Hello Potter, Great match wasn't it?" he asked

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Ron asked

"Nothing from filth like you, Weasley. So Potter where's the mudblood?"

Ron balled his fist and he lunged toward Malfoy but Harry held him in place.

"Temper Weasley, so Potter where's the mudblood?"

"Why would you bother to know?"

"Because it came to my senses that your missing a brainy company who thinks she knows everything"

"Well that's not a good reason; we better go Harry, Malfoy's fan club is approaching" Ron suggested

Draco smirked then said "Jealous Weasley?"

"And why would I be?"

"Because you never had this kind of attention and seeing me with a mounting amount of it makes you feel shunted, unwanted and most of all....defeated"

Ron couldn't take it anymore he was so angry that he decided to punch Malfoy's lights out and Harry wont stop him but at that precise moment Hermione arrived in an unusual outfit.

They all gaped at her, she was wearing a black silky miniskirt and a sleeveless turtleneck and silvery sandals.

"Hey Harry, Hey Ron!" she said brightly

"Why are you dressed in that?" Draco asked

"Never you mind and I expect that you have this sour attitude towards me is that because Harry just won-"

"I am always sour to you mudblood, Don't get your hopes up too high and if you're talking about this losers here, well let me tell you Slytherin won" he said "because of me."

Hermione gaped at him then muttered "Dumb luck."

"What did you say?!" he demanded

"Nothing, we better go before your fan club will start a rally on us for keeping you."

Draco smirked then said "Want an autograph, Mudblood?"

"No" Hermione said flatly

"Well, you better get it now while I'm still talking to you cause surely you'll be on your knees later...begging me for it" Draco said

"Sure.I'll beg you for it!" Hermione said sarcastically

"Let's go Hermione." Ron said putting his hand on her bare arm.

Draco felt a stab of jealousy towards Ron the he thought "I don't love Granger, I love MYSELF!"

Draco watched the crowd disperse and approach him but he ignored them and proceeded to the changing room. He took everything off except his shirt and jeans.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Why are you dressed in that, Hermione?" Harry asked

"Just felt like it and to be honest...I don't even know why I'm dressed like this"

"Well that's something" Ron said

"Well, I've got lots to catch up guys, see you around" she said as she picked her quill, ink bottle and book and proceeded to the lake below the castle her favorite studying area.

She went under the shade of the tree and studied there and she saw Draco right across the lake, stroking his hair with a lot of girls shrieking and sighing behind him.

"I'm glad I'm not one of those hopeless gits!" Hermione said to herself but she was clearly amazed how she blocked Malfoy off her memory that easily even if she had a lot of shared memories with him and even if she once fell for him.

"Well it's all over now.." She thought but as she said it a wave of emotion befell her emotion that she once felt before which is.Love, an admiration for the guy across the lake stroking his hair. Hermione was surprised at this sudden change of emotion but she said clearly "I'm not going to let this over me." then she pored over her book once again.

Draco was thinking deeply of the absence of emotion he had right at the moment. He once had Hermione and he had let her slip but it's all over now, she does not love me anymore. Someone shrieked from behind him, Draco got annoyed.

"Will you get your own lives!" he shouted at the crowd and they dispersed but they weren't angry at him.

"Attention is a necessity but it can be annoying at times!" he said to himself

As he walked around the lake she noticed a girl who was wearing a sleeveless turtleneck and a silky black miniskirt poring over her book, he recognized her right away, it was Granger but he couldn't help but notice that she was looking extremely pretty.

She looked up at him and their eyes met for a moment but Hermione looked away.

Draco thought about having her attention like all the girls do. It was his challenge to get her attention cause only she seem to be the only person not noticing Draco.

Draco walked up right in front of her blocking the light and then stroked his hair.

Hermione stirred but didn't bother to look up at him and then she continued reading. Draco was patient he knew that wouldn't work so he tried another option.

Draco took off his shirt revealing a pale muscular and broad chest, several girls screamed and shrieked at this sight but Hermione took no notice, so Draco sat beside her.

He saw her hand resting just a few inches from his hand, he rested his hand on top of hers and her eyes rounded but she swayed it hastily and grabbed her quill and dipped it into the ink bottle. Draco got desperate, when Hermione placed her quill down Draco grabbed it and brandished it on her face but she still took no notice.

"Fine, this is the last straw if she isn't gonna notice she is not Human!" Draco thought as he scribbled "DRACO" on her milky white bare leg

Then he brushed the feather part of the quill on Hermione's legs.

Hermione noticed what Draco was doing and she also noticed her short skirt which alarmed her "Go further down and you're dead!" she muttered

And sure enough Draco let the entire quill slip through her skirt. Hermione's eyes rounded but she was quite sure Draco's hand didn't enter but it made no difference it was still a big deal.

So she shouted "MALFOY YOU FREAK----!"

But he pinned her down the grass and kissed her to oblivion his hands on her hands, she felt the warmth from his bare sweaty chest dawn on her and that made the moment so intoxicating yet romantic but!, she shut her mouth at first not wanting this slimy Slytherin to kiss her again but the moment was so tempting and that the guy on top of her was the guy she loved before and she couldn't deny that she still had feelings for him despite the fact he shattered her heart. Her head began to swirl, she felt his sweat dropping on her shoulder. Hermione's forehead was filled with tiny little sweat drops from all the thinking. Finally, she gave in.and she closed her eyes. The moment was to intense.too sweet.too romantic... So she kissed him back knowing that she wanted nothing more in the world than to be with him, held by his muscular arms, the only thing that mattered was them. And she would die if the moment wouldn't last longer.

Finally when he pulled apart from her face, A few girls across the lake looked jealously at them then started to leave as for the others they were watching the two in deep anticipation.

"Not so loud."

Hermione was watching Draco, still shirtless his muscular chest now damp with sweat.

Hermione smiled then said "Why the sudden move?"

Draco smirked but answered with a long passionate kiss.

"Why did I even bother to dream about that, I know it would never happen" Hermione said to herself as she woke up to a start.

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