Robin - A Prelude to Change.

Authors Note/Warning: Before you go any further, this story will contain heavy adult themes, most especially sex. If you don't like lemons, sex or anything like that I can't recommend this story for you. There may also be a smattering of "porn logic", nothing too silly, just to keep the plot moving along.

Some chapters will be light and sweet, others will be somewhat less so, but the as a whole this story will not be especially dark. There won't be any character death, gore, excessive kink or anything nasty. However, the goal of this story is about an exploration/twist on Robin's character and he will be acting as such.

What's important about this is that Robin is not a blunt force character. Don't expect rape or blackmail. Do expect manipulation and social engineering.

Lucina wasn't his first, but she was the one he loved with all his soul. She was the woman he died for, the woman he returned for and the one he thought he'd spend his life with.

It was a love borne from humble beginnings, one both had thought impossible and ultimately, one that gave him the strength to face everything that came next.

It had all seemed so simple. The simplest thing in the world.

He loved a beautiful girl and was loved by her in return. What could possibly have been easier?

How had it all changed so quickly?

Two Years Ago

Humming nervously to himself, for want of attempting any distraction he could get, Robin stared at the ring held in his fingers once more.


This was happening. He really was going to do this.

He'd arrived early, far too early. It was a simple plan, a hope that the wait would settle his nerves, but even after waiting almost an hour in the tent of the woman he loved; still he could hardly hear himself think over the hammering of his heart in his chest.

Had he ever been this nervous before? He couldn't tell, it was difficult to even think right now… all his thoughts came back to the fact he was here, that he was only minutes away from finally proposing.

Had it really been almost two months since their mutual confession? The expression was a cliché upon a cliché and yet, it barely seemed a day ago since he'd come stumbling into her tent, clutching tightly to a bouquet of flowers and wearing his heart on his sleeve. Everything since then had been almost a blur, even with the dredges of their Valmese campaign dragging on, that day stood out more clearly than any battlefield.

"Lucina..." He whispered her name to the silent tent, struggling to suppress the burst of desire that thought evoked. Her name was rarely far from his thoughts these days. The obligations of their shared duties served only to heighten his feelings, their times together were rarely more than fleeting moments and the few touches they'd shared were little more than tentative tastes… but still, he yearned for her, for everything. The more he thought of her, the more his heart ached for her.

'It's time, it's more than time.'

He had no doubt he loved her, he refused to entertain that idea any longer, not after the months spent trying not to fall for her. He cared for her in ways he'd never felt for anyone else. He'd told her the same that day in her tent and he'd made it as clear as possible since. Nor did he doubt that she returned his feelings, she'd been as adamant about that as anything.

Waiting any longer would be nothing more than cowardice, and for whatever else he was, Robin would not be craven.

Curling his fingers around the ring and sliding it back into his pocket, Robin set his determination. As happy as he was, he knew they couldn't stay with the current situation, even despite their feelings they still danced nervously around each other. Their time together spent far too wary of missteps or misunderstandings.

Partly it was necessity; she'd sworn him to secrecy about their relationship, lest the rest of their camp know he was involved with his best friend's daughter. Partly it was their own inexperience, with little time and the burden of secrecy they had traded little more than loving words, small touches and quick kisses.

He couldn't stand it and he couldn't bear the thought that his inaction would lead her to ever doubt him. It was time for decisive action; he needed to show her exactly what he felt for her; that he would always be at her side.

"R-Robin?" as if on cue, a soft question dragged him from his thoughts, Lucina stepping lightly into the tent, shrugging Falchion to the ground with a curious look as she moved into his offered embrace, "What are you doing here? Were you waiting for me?"

Not trusting his voice for a moment, Robin simply nodded, pulling her against him and letting his lips drag over her neck, savouring her quiet gasp as she shuddered in delighted surprise.

"No, not waiting, not really," he answered finally, forcing his voice level as he stepped backwards, "I-That is, Lucina, I-"

His words fell away to nothing. Everything he'd planned, everything he'd intended to say slipped from his mind and instead he found himself simply staring blankly, watching as the woman he adored slipped from his embrace, worry filling her face, "Robin, love? What's wrong?"

"I love you."

His voice finally returned, his conviction returning with it as a broad smile fell across his lips. His plans were ashes, staring at her in a daze, he couldn't even remember what they had been right now. Instead, he spoke from his heart, without a single doubt clouding his mind.

"Lucina. Marry me."

"Robin… I, Gods, Robin." Lucina choked out, repeating his name as she stared at the ring he'd presented, holding it tightly in both hands. She clung onto it as if her life depended on it, as if she held a piece of some ephemeral dream and that single wrong movement would send it slipping through her fingers, lost forever.

Seconds passed slowly and with them so did her tightly held composure.

Her body shuddered, first a single twitch and then it trembled, until she found herself pulled tightly against him, unable to resist as light sobs were wrenched unbidden from her mouth.

"Don't cry, please," he begged, his hands gently stroking her face, "I- Whatever your answer, it's fine. I swear, I'll accept it. Just, please, don't cry."

"I-I-Hhg," she sniffed, nuzzling her face against his warm touch, "I-I'm so happy, just, I ne-never thought..."

"You never thought I'd propose?" he chuckled, his fingers threading through her hair, "I did say I wanted to spend my life with you."

Despite herself, she laughed with him, wrapping her arms around him even as she trembled with the aftershock, "No, no…I, just never thought, I never truly considered that I would-"

"Robin..." she sighed his name, her explanation suddenly seeming unimportant, "I love you too. I can't even, I don't know how to express how much."

Looking back later, she had no idea how long they stayed standing like that, just quietly holding each other. Maybe it was minutes, perhaps it was hours, all she knew was that by the time her thoughts cleared and the surprise passed, it still wasn't long enough.

"I love you," She repeated finally, disentangling painfully from his arms even as her heart screamed for his touch, "I never thought it was possible I even could, that I could… but, I do. I do love you, more than anything."

He remained silent, but she could see it in his face. The answer they both knew she would give.

Her composure cracked, the words came only with great effort. But still, she held strong, "B-But, I, I cannot… I told you, my mission I h-have to rank it above anything."

Normally talk of duty or conviction came easily to her. She was so used to sacrifice and pain, she'd lost and given up so much she'd long thought herself numb to anything beyond her goals, but now, squeezing her eyes shut and barely able to speak the words, already she could feel her resolve cracking, tears threatening to push out. It took all she had to force them back, "When it's over, I'll-I'll have to return to my time and even if I cannot, I don't belong here. I can't stand by your side."

Watching the pain on his face was almost as terrible as feeling it in her heart. Reaching out without thought she pressed her hands against his cheeks.

"I love you Robin. But I cann-I cannot make such a commitment knowing that."

"I understand."

His answer came easily, far too easily. Baffled, Lucina watched as a small smile slowly formed on his face. Hesitant and nervous, it was still unmistakable, the a ghost of the smile she'd seen on him so many times, the smile he wore in the face of victory.

"I understand that's your answer now," he continued, gently taking her left hand from his face and pulling off her fingerless glove, "But, that doesn't need to be your answer forever."

"I-I don't…" she paused, any attempt to speak halted when he took back the ring she'd been clutching.

"I love you. I want to be with you, forever. If you can't marry me now, that's fine. I'll wait; I'll wait as long as it takes."

"So take this," lifting her finger, he hovered the small band over it, awaiting only her assent to confirm the act, "Take this as proof of my feelings an-and, and whenever you're ready, if you ever change your mind, I'll marry you that same day."

Her mouth opened but no words came out.

Numb with shock it took Lucina almost a full minute to process his words, unable to believe them or what he was offering.

First he'd given her his love, a dedication she thought she could never deserve. Then he'd accepted her fear of a public relationship, holding back his own feelings for her sake and now, now he offered her everything, everything she'd never thought she could have.

Unable to speak and almost biting a hole through her lip, she nodded. She watched for a single moment, as his ring slid slowly down her finger, before all further will collapsed and she threw herself at him.

Pressing her lips as hard as she could against his, sobbing, shaking and laughing she kissed him hard and desperately, pushing her body against his with all her strength. Deep, long and with nothing restrained, it was their first true kiss- the end of all further doubt or hesitation between them.

Even if she couldn't admit it yet, it was that moment that Lucina knew she would be with this man as long as she lived.

It was more than another month before Lucina first came to him.

The war with Valm was finally over.

After almost an entire year of terrifying battles, hopeless situations, and fighting for their very survival; the last battle had begun with little ceremony or circumstance, a siege lifted and a brutal assault set a few hours after dawn.

Walhart had been slain, his citadel captured and the Shepherds had scarcely ceased their celebrations since.

With night beginning to set and the jubilations showing no signs of stopping, their tactician had quietly taken his leave, nodding a silent goodbye to Chrom before making his way back alone to what had been designated as his quarters.

'This…' he grinned, shutting the door to the lavish officer's suite behind him as he stripped off his cloak and threw his shirt to the ground, 'Now, this is what I've been looking forward to.'

Already full of food and with far too much needing to be done tomorrow to risk drinking more, there was only one thing on the forefront of the man's mind.

"A-Auuhhh!" he groaned, throwing himself down and sinking into the soft bed. "It's been far too long…"

Victory had left him pumped full of adrenaline and relief, there was no way he could sleep even if he had wanted to, but after more than a year of sleeping on hard camping bedrolls, this was like heaven on earth…

…Which explained why he was still lying there -wide awake and bathing in the blissful afterglow of victory- an hour later the entrance to the room quietly creaked open and the woman he loved slipped in.

"L-Lucina?" He gasped, sitting upright and staring in surprise as she carefully shut the door behind her.

"I was hoping you were still awake," she answered an uncharacteristic nervous lilt clear in her voice, "I didn't expect to take so long to… tidy up."

'Tidy up?' He blinked, almost unable to believe what he was seeing...

Clearly Lucina had spent some time preparing for this visit. Blushing lightly and with her skin radiating a soft sheen in the magical lamplight's glow; even from across the other side of the room he could smell a gentle scent of cherry-wood soap. Falchion was nowhere in sight and no hard edges lined her eyes, she looked a world apart from the battle-hardened woman he knew so well.

Perhaps most surprising of all was that her usual attire was nowhere to be seen, with her hair loose around her shoulders and a light cream coloured robe replacing her tunic, free from her bindings he could even make out the modest swell of her chest. Apparently, she took after her mother a little more than he'd expected.

For the first time since he'd met her, Lucina looked completely unguarded. The way she smiled at him wasn't the look of a time-traveller always jumping at shadows, but the gentle gaze of a woman in love.

Any of that alone would have surprised him, but what truly took his breath away was the sight of her hands as she clenched them in front of her stomach…

…She wasn't wearing any gloves. His ring shone proudly on her left hand.

Robin gulped heavily, his heart raced at the sight, "I-You look, you look amazing," he breathed, forcing his thoughts gradually back under control, "But, what're you doing here so late? Do you need something?"

"Is it truly so strange for a woman to visit her fiancé?" She asked in return, pushing off from the door and taking a shaky step towards where he was staring from the bed. "Surely it's stranger for the hero of Valm to retire so soon? Locked away in his room while all his companions celebrate?"

Smiling lightly at her teasing, she paused for a moment a step away from him before moving forward, climbing up onto the mattress beside him.

Recognising her clear nervousness, Robin forced back his own. Trying to be calm for her, he shuffled forwards, wrapping an arm gently around her waist pulling her closer to him.

"I've more than had my fill already, there's plenty to be done tomorrow and I want to be in a state to do it. I'll get drunk with the rest when everything's in order."

"You've done enough already Robin," she scolded with a wry smile, "It's to you we owe this day, this victory and our safety."

"Me?" He scoffed, "Funny, I seem to remember it being you and Chrom that took that monster down. And due to the others we even managed to pierce his sanctum. Our victory was from everyone's efforts."

"That may be true. But our lives are due to yours, to your strategies and your diligence. This war would never have ended so soon, nor so well, without your efforts Robin, don't forget that," shaking her head she grinned cheekily up at him, "I know I'm not the only one to think so, Lady Say'ri certainly seems very impressed with you… or did you not notice the way she was looking at you all day?"

Lucina of all people was teasing him? Robin blinked, too stunned to even laugh, 'Well, she's certainly changed.' And to think, he didn't think he'd seen her down a single cup all day. Still, it was nice, a secret side of her, he didn't think he'd ever seen her act so unrestrained before, not even around him.

"What's this? Are you jealous?" he teased back, pulling her closer and taking her hand in his, his fingers turning the ring she bore around her finger, "You already know my feelings."

"I do…" she sighed, shuffling against him and leaning her head against his shoulder, her words were warm and full of promise, "And they mean everything to me."

Robin swallowed again, his body reacting to her closeness even as his heart hammered loudly in his chest. Lucina had clearly prepared for this conversation and she was wearing his ring openly, had she finally come to accept his pro-

"Robin…" She continued, cutting off his thoughts before he could even ask, "We-we have a daughter."

"We do." He grinned, that thought never failed to bring out a surge of joy within him.

Morgan. His greatest pride and the Shepherd's most recent addition, they'd found her in a half ruined Valmese temple barely two weeks ago and she'd all but turned their lives upside down ever since. Even with her curious amnesia the Falchion she wore at her side and the brand in her right eye left no doubt to the girl's heritage.

"I can scarcely believe it," Lucina added, "So much about us I cannot believe. That I could be-that I am a mother. There's so much I need to learn."

"I know it was a shock, it was for me too." He assured her, his hands gently rubbing her back as she leant deeper against him, "But, there's nothing to worry about. You're a wonderful mother already and you've seen how much Morgan adores you."

"I thought at first that I would complete my mission from the shadows," she admitted quietly, "That any interference with the past should be avoided.

"And then, even after I joined I tried to deny what I was feeling for you, I thought such emotions could only cause trouble. My mission was all I could care about. I never thought we could be like this, that we could be together."

"And now...?"

"And now, I thought… Gods, I told myself so many times I cannot stay. I know it, I know it deeply, I don't belong here, even if I- even though I love you. My place is back in my time and yours will be at my father's side. B-But…"

"But we have a daughter." He finished quietly as words fell to nothing.

"We do." She agreed, letting a heavy silence fall between them as she gathered her courage, "Robin… I, I am not a prophet. I don't know the future, I don't know how Morgan came to be here or even what circumstances lead to her existence. But, but, after meeting her, I think-I think that no matter what, a future like that, with you… It must have been a happy one."


"I told myself I would wait till this war was over," She shuddered and he followed her eyes as they darted down to the ring, "I still, I cannot…"

He nodded, even with everything that had changed, she couldn't so easily accept a life in this time, not with so much unresolved. Her mission wasn't yet complete.

"R-Robin, we have peace now. I know not for how long, but…but so long as it lasts, I-I would like to try-" she swallowed heavily, her body shivering against his as her nervousness was clearly displayed, "To try being your wife."

Staring in disbelief as she leaned upwards into him, Robin's body acted before his mind was able to even process what she was saying. Jolting in shock, he cupped her face with his hands, meeting her halfway and gently covering her lips with his own.

The last of any restraint remained for barely a moment, quickly overpowered by a spark of long withheld desire. Pressing his tongue against her lips Lucina's mouth yielded a soft gasp and she leaned backwards, falling onto the bed and tugging him down with her.

"Are yo-Are you sure about this?" He breathed hotly, even as his arms slithered around her waist, dragging her further up the covers until she was spread fully below him.

"I-I'm not, not -ah, not sure what to do." She replied instead, gasping in breathless pants as he broke their kiss once more, his mouth moving along her jaw and down her neck.

"B-ahn, but, I, I want this. I want you." Lucina forced out, passion rising by the moment as his hands ran down her side, her hips grinding instinctively back against him as she felt his cock pressed hard into her thigh.

Nodding he sat up, reaching for her ties and pulling her robe apart under him. Leaning back Robin sucked in a deep breath as he drank in the sight, it was more beautiful than he'd ever expected. Lying below him, Lucina averted her eyes, smiling nervously as his fingers carefully peeled off the thin cloth tied around her chest and exposed her breasts to the warm night air. Larger than he'd expected, her bust filled his hands as he reached down, drawing a quick gasp when his fingers sank into her soft flesh.

"R-Robin!" she moaned unsteadily as he pulled back, dragging his thumbs over the hard nub of her nipples. Pausing for a moment he savoured the sensation of her perky breasts within his hands before pressing down once more, slowly and firmly. "Th-That's, ahh, I feel, I feel…"

Smirking at her response, he pressed in a little deeper, watching as her back arched at his touch, massaging and kneading with increasing urgency as he she squirmed, throwing her head to the side and gasping out shallow pants.

"Ahh." He moaned, holding back his own desperate need as leaned down, dragging his tongue around her skin before pulling her nipple roughly into his mouth and squeezing firmly on its twin.

"R-R-Robin!" Lucina repeated, her voice growing high pitched and desperate as he sucked harder on her breasts, "Wh-What're you? I-I, ahhnn! I feel so-so strange."

Even despite his desire, he could barely believe he was seeing Lucina like this, so vulnerable and nervous, it was a sight no other man had seen... or would see. "You're pretty sensitive, aren't you?" He teased.

"O-Only because it's you…" She answered, smiling warmly even as she squirmed against his touch.

"Yeah." He nodded, releasing her breasts, sliding further down her body as he trailed light kisses across her taut stomach. "I- I feel the same." It was growing almost impossible to ignore the way his cock was straining painfully against his pants. Mixed with love, desire, and months of suppressed lust, Robin doubted he'd even been this turned on before.

With the way it was pressing hard against her, his own need wasn't lost on Lucina, "It's fine," she whispered, shuddering and raising her hips to let him pull her panties down, "You don't need to wa-ohahhn."

Her words were cut off with another shudder as the soaked fabric was pulled stickily from her body, his hot breath brushing directly against her bare pussy, "D-Don't need to wait," she finished a moment later, her own hands reaching down and tugging at the waistband of his pants. "I want this, I want to feel you."

"R-Right." Robin nodded, reassured somewhat by the arousal glistening off her slit. He didn't have all that much experience himself, but she at least appeared to be ready.

Fumbling with his belt as he shuffled back a bit, he made quick work of tugging his pants off, finally freeing his member from its restraint with an eager grin.

"O-Oh." Lucina mouthed in surprise, leaning forward and tentatively running her hand along his length, "I-I…" she muttered, her cheeks flushing even deeper as it twitched under her gentle ministrations. It wasn't like anything she'd seen before, different even from how she'd imagined, "I didn't know it would… would be so…" She swallowed nervously.


"I-Is it really going to fit?" She whispered, attempting to wrap her fingers around it and gauge the thickness.

"Don't worry." He reassured her, taking her hand reassuringly in his as he laid her back on the covers, lining himself up against her entrance. "I-I'll go slowly, I'll be gentle. Just, just tell me if it hurts, okay?"

"O-Ah, oahh," she gasped, struggling to answer as she felt the cockhead pressing against the lips of her pussy, feeling herself slowly spread open as Robin held himself again her entrance, "Ah, hah…ahhn." Panting heavily, the unfamiliar pleasure driving out any lingering nervousness.

Seeing the Princess so vulnerable and so turned on was almost more than he could take.

Leaning down and kissing hard along her neck once more, he pressed his cock in further, silencing his own groans into her shoulder as he slid forward, gently opening her entrance enough to take him.

"Ah! Ah! AH! I-I, R-Robin!" She shrieked, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, clinging to him with all her might.

"O-Okay… Okay, Lucina," he groaned, pausing as he felt her pussy's resistance finally giving way. "You're okay, you're doing great."

He could feel her entrance slick against his cock, the way her hips were instinctively rocking against his- threatening to suck him fully inside her. It took every ounce of Robin's willpower, of his love and respect for her, to restrain himself one last time.

This was it. They were finally at the pivotal moment, an action he could never take back.

"Lucina." He repeated her name, seeking approval one final time from the loving expression in her eyes he stroked her face gently, smiling down with as much reassurance as he could.

Grinning back at him, she nodded one last time and he moved forwards, pulling her head towards his and capturing her lips once more. He kissed her softly for a moment, opening her mouth with his tongue.

Feeling her gasping into her mouth he gave her a moment to adjust, letting her kiss him back, her fingers threading through his hair as her entrance ground against the head of his cock.

Then, he pushed forwards.

"AhNHGGGGH!" Thrashing wildly, Lucina broke from their kiss with a guttural moan, her body convulsing with a thousand new feelings as she felt his length slowly force her walls apart.

He didn't stop.

Arching off the bed, Lucina's mouth dropped open with a silent scream, overcome by a thousand feelings she could do little but gasp as he pushed inside at a steady pace, piercing her hymen and sinking inch after incredible inch further inside her.

'Tight!' he gasped, gritting his teeth to fight against the overwhelming urge to drive into her, 'Gods, she's so tight.' Even tighter than Lissa had been. Warm and slick, her walls coiled securely around him, squeezing comfortably around him and attempting to pull him deeper.

'I-Haa, this…' His thoughts fragmented as he struggled for coherence, almost losing control as he stifled a moan, feeling the pressure of the woman he loved holding him tightly in place as he buried himself fully inside her, filling up her deepest reaches.

Finally pushing completely inside, he paused, gently cradling her head, silencing her gasps with his lip once again. "Ah-hah," he panted, between kisses, "Are you okay?"

"I-I…" biting her lip as another shudder ran through her body, feeling him moving inside her, Lucina struggled for words, "I-I've never, f-I've never felt anything like this. It, it's amazing."

As wonderful as that was to hear, Robin restrained himself once more. That wasn't the answer he'd expected, "You're not hurt?" He asked carefully, even from his position on-top of her, he could see a small trickle of blood slipping out from where they were connected.

"No… no." She assured him, regaining a little composure as she slowly grew accustomed to the sensation of him stationary inside her, "It doesn't hurt at all."

"Lucina…" he sighed, "My love, you don't need to- haahn, you don't need to act tough. This isn't a battlefield."

"It's true," She laughed despite the situation, her eyes shining warmly as she reached up stroked his face for reassurance, "If I think about it, I can…perhaps it stings a little? But-ahnn, but this level of pain? I don't feel it at all."

Robin blinked in surprise, he hadn't expected that.

But then, why hadn't he?

He'd seen first-hand just how tough the woman he loved was. Never mind her royal heritage, Lucina had spent the better part of her life on the front lines, for years she'd lived for nothing more than fighting monstrous creatures and he'd watched in horror as she'd taken incredible injuries in the process. With a life like hers, was it really so surprising that she would be accustomed to ignoring all but the most terrible pain?

"All I can feel is you," she assured him, screwing her eyes up in a silent gasp as she moved her hips against his, feeling his cock scraping against her inner walls, "Y-You're reaching so deep inside me…H-haaa! It's like, it's like you're touching my whole body!"

"Yeah," he agreed, losing himself to the pleasure again as he withdrew slightly before pushing in gently once more, slowly rocking back and forth inside her, "You feel amazing, it's so-ah, so hot inside you."

"I-Ah, I'm g-glad!" She forced out, her voice raising an octave as Robin built up a slow rhythm withdrawing an inch further and sliding back inside a fraction faster.

Her pussy remained almost painfully tight around him, pulling at his cock in ways he'd spent months dreaming of, but with each small thrust he could feel the constricting pleasure loosening slightly. Lucina's gasps came faster and louder as her juices coated his cock more and more each time he slid back inside her, letting him deepen his movements until he was pulling almost all the way out, then grinding slowly back inside, hilting himself at the very back of her tunnel.

Moaning and panting, Lucina quickly lost what little control she'd maintained, her fingers clenching into his shoulders each time his cock pushed against the back of her pussy, her legs shaking each time the head rubbed back across her most sensitive parts.

"G-Gods!" she groaned, "Robin! R-Robin! I-It's I, I'm, so-something's happening!"

"Y-You're fine." He groaned back, burying his head in her shoulder as his movements picked up pace, "Don't fight it… You're fine, don't fight it. Naga, Lucina, it- it feels so good."

"I-Ahhh! OOOH!" Clinging desperately to him, Lucina's screams grew louder and louder as the intensity of their movements rose.

'Sh-She really is sensitive.' Robin grinned in amazement, watching as her face flushed even deeper, 'To be like this, on her first time…'

She always had been more affectionate in private, but even so, this was Lucina! One of the most reserved people he knew, the shy and awkward woman he loved...

…And now, she was clinging to him with all her might- her mouth agape and eyes wide, practically screaming each time he drove into her. It was incredible! He'd never even imagined he'd get to see Lucina like this. She was going to cum! He was making her feel this good!

"Gods!" He repeated, groaning aloud and almost losing control at that thought, his own release coming faster with each pressing moment.

Wrapping her legs tight around him and grinding her hips against his, Lucina's movements were certainly clumsy, but there was no denying the incredible sensations they caused! "Mngh!" He winced, pulling on all his willpower to hold on, it was as if some primal core of her sought to wring every last drop of cum from his body.

"I'm getting close." He grunted, slowing his movements and thrusting as deep and hard a possible, making sure to hit the same spot over and over.

The response was instantaneous, his fiancé's grip on him becoming almost painful.

"I-I'm! I'm goi-G-Gods! ROBIN!" Lucina screamed, her legs locked tight around his, as a feeling like nothing she'd ever felt before crashed into her, "KHYAAAA!"

Arching her back and lifting herself almost entirely off the bed, she came hard, her entire body convulsing and her legs locking him inside as far as she could pull him.

Even if Robin hadn't been on the verge of orgasm, feeling her walls clenching around him even harder, the sensation of her suddenly pulling him all the way inside would have sent him over the edge regardless.

"I-GHaaaah!" He gasped, all control lost as his vision went white, his cock spasming and shooting thick blasts of cum directly against her deepest walls, again and again it shuddered inside hr as he came harder than ever before.

Already overcome by the feeling of his entire length inside her-hitting her core again and again- feeling Robin's release, the pressure of his thick cum against her inner walls, drove Lucina even further over the edge, amplifying her already powerful orgasm beyond what she'd ever believed possible.

Words died as she threw her head back in a silent scream, releasing her grip on him and slumping bonelessly to the bed. Her eyes were dazed, only weak pants escaping each time she felt his cock twitch, shooting another load inside her.

"A-Hah, ghahahh…" Robin moaned weakly, gasping lightly as the tension all flowed out of his body at once. "Gods, that-that was incredible." He breathed, relaxing gently atop her.

"Y-Yeah." She answered shakily, still looking dazed as he wrapped himself softly around her, his arms cradling her head. "I-I feel…Feel… Mmmm..." Apparently giving up talking, Lucina simply favoured him a loving smile, turning and laying herself against his arms.

"I love you." She murmured a few minutes later, her arms slowly regaining the strength to wrap around him.

Wrapped up in her warmth and feeling his adrenaline gently fading, Robin could only beam back. He didn't know if he'd ever been this happy, all he knew was this was what he wanted, this was the woman he wanted to be with, for the rest of his life.

"I love you too."

That perfect night in Valm began what Robin believed, what he wished, would be the rest of his life.

There was no outward difference in their relationship; still it was kept secret from the rest of the Shepherds. But, no longer was there any hesitation or doubt between them. As often as possible they sought the other out, blissful nights making love or small moments spent in the other's arms, it was a closeness beyond anything he'd ever felt.

Even when the drums of war began to beat once more and the ill tidings of Grima's return began to sound, Robin was surer than he'd ever been before. Lucina's love gave him the confidence to face down anything, he knew now beyond doubt what he wanted and was reminded of her own desires as often and as passionately as she could manage.

They both became busier, between marching and fighting time for a hidden relationship became thin, but still nothing changed. They made time for the other as often as possible and that was all they needed.

Even when his resolve was tested, as he faced what it meant to be a man and a lover, nothing changed. He faced his shortcomings and vowed to never again let them reach him.

Even when she came to him, that harrowing evening, shaking with desperate fear and indecision, asking for his life at the end of her terrified sword, nothing changed. His life was hers, but she would never take it, they would face this future together.

Even when the truth of his relationship with Grima and what that meant for his role in the final battle was revealed, even during their final night together when she sobbed wordlessly into his arms and he prepared to sacrifice himself… Nothing changed.

He would return. He knew it as well as he'd ever known anything. For her, for Morgan and for himself.

And then he died. And everything changed.

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