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Vengeful Rust.

By J.S. Latu

The cog looked around at his fellows with curiosity.

"All so willing to die for our monarchs. And why not? After all, we can be reconstructed with ease."

"But of course, we're not reconstructed. We're replaced. Since we're all copies of each other, why waste resources repairing what could be more easily replaced."

The cog had no logical reason to resent this…and yet, for some reason, he did.

"Squad Norn, intercept the intruders and terminate."

The curious cog rose with the rest of his unit and headed for the disturbance. He accessed the base scanners.

-ALERT: Six intruders are heading for the throne room. Power signatures confirmed. Zeo Rangers 1-5, Gold Ranger identified. Currently passing through corridor zen.-

The cog groaned as he realized his unit was at the corridor. He could just make out the approaching heroes. He had just enough time to growl before the Zeo V Power Sword rammed through his chest, tearing apart all his essential inner workings. He fell to the floor, his last view of the world, a white boot smashing his optics.


A searing red wave of pain filled his sensors as he fluttered back online. Somehow, his system was still linked to the base systems.

-ALERT: The monarchs have been destroyed. All forces evacuate the area. All forces evacuate.-

The red wave of pain transferred itself to his 'guts.' He may or may not have like the Machine Monarchs, but they were HIS monarchs. How dare some…costumed buffoons destroy them! And him! It wasn't right. He could feel it in his last diode as it sparked.

"Wait…that last spark wasn't failure….that was…" The cog snarled as his repair systems channeled his anger into energy. His systems were still online, but he'd have to reboot for the repair process to finish in time before complete system failure. He could lose his programming, but what else was left?

His eyes dimmed as he shut down. A minute passed. Though the hole in his chest remained, all his vital systems or equivalent backups were online. A reboot was initiated.


"ROM Rev98.SE

"Directives: Loaded"

"Unit Identification?…"

The designation in his upper memory banks played.

"I am Gix of Fhen."

He shook his head. That description was no longer adequate. He concentrated again on the new feeling, the one that had allowed him to regenerate. His robotic brain scanned for an appropriate word. If his faceplate would've allowed for it, he would've smiled.

"I am Venjix."



Author's Note:

A little vignette based on the Machine Empire being around to avenge King Mondo in Forever Red. Somehow the Machine Empire survived Zordon's Golden Wave, but the Zeo Rangers finished them off.