Chapter 2

The doorbell finally chimes around four thirty, causing Giles to jump up from his resting position on his couch. He opens the door to a very confused Buffy, holding a pink tote bag at her side. He lets her in and quickly closes the door behind her, before leaning against it with his arms crossed.

"What's going on, Watcher-mine?" Buffy inquires with a yawn, bringing her free hand up to cover it, "I. Was. Asleep."

"I…She…" Giles attempts to explain himself, his eyes wandering to the stairs, which led to the stranger in his bed.

"The fairy?" Buffy adds, hoping to draw him out of his stutter.

"Yes," he replies quickly, his eyes meeting hers, "She's not."

"A fairy?"

"Exactly," He replies, his arms falling to his sides. Buffy stares at him for a long second, no doubt in Giles' mind that she believes him to be insane. He quickly attempts to correct himself, "Sh… She is big…and hhhuman."

Buffy crosses her arms, mimicking his earlier stance, "Have you been drinking or something?"

"No," He hastily replies, her words sobering up his train of thought, "There has to be some kind of sorcery or…the fairy is not…"

"I'm not what?" a bell-like English accented voice calls from the stairs, causing both of the other occupants to sharply turn their gaze towards the intruder. Quickly Giles cheeks become inflamed, when he see's that the once fairy now sported his button-up shirt he had been wearing earlier, with the hem reaching the middle of her thighs. The woman smiles at them, her white teeth shining bright.

"See," is all Giles says before turning back to his slayer.

"Yup," Buffy replies, before walking up to the ex-fairy and sticking her hand out, "Hi, I'm Buffy."

The woman repeats Buffy's action, "Nice to meet you Buffy- I'm Adali, but you can call me Addi."

"Well, Addi," Buffy pulls her bag off her shoulder and hands it to the woman, "I brought some spare clothes. You're welcome to them. Then, you should probably explain what happened, before Giles reaches Denial Land."

Adali nods her head before retreating back upstairs. As she does so, Giles and Buffy make their way to the couch. Giles sits down with a huff, then brings his hands to his face, while resting his elbows on his knees.

"Hey, chill," Buffy places a hands on his shoulder, "Stop being so freaksome, Giles."

He picks his head up but doesn't look at her. Slowly he settles into a more comfortable position, leaning into the corner of the couch, his arms crossing once more, "I'm allowed to be 'feaksome,' Buffy."

At that they hear the prancing of feet coming down the stairs. They both turn to see Adali, with the glowing smile on her face, wearing a pair of Buffy's yoga pants and (still) Giles' shirt. He can feel his cheeks reddening again. Why, oh why, did he not smash the fairy when he had the chance?

"The shirt didn't fit," Adali explains, as she sits down on the floor across from them, folding her legs up underneath her.

"No biggie," Buffy replies, her attention solely focused on the young woman, who's eyes still resembled the fairy violet. Giles eyes rake over the girl, matching all of the other fairy signs to her. Her nose still resembled the pixie shape, being small and slightly pointed. Her face still clear from any blemish, but still a slight sparkle glowed from her skin. And up and down the visible part of her arms is a slight green tent that waved around her skin in swirls- which he assumes was dye from the vines. Giles's eyes finally meet back to hers, and frown when he sees the amusement dance in the purple orbs.

"Thank you both for saving me," Adali begins, "I would have surely died if it weren't for you."

"You're welcome," Buffy replies as Giles lets out another huff.

"So, explaining," Adali continues, holding her fingers out, as they dance with her words, "There was this man. Bald and rather tall… well every one is tall when you're small. He stuck needles in us. Trying to change us. It worked a few times on the others, but they would quickly die. And last night, I was able to escape… That was all rather vague, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Buffy looks at Adali with her eyes wide, "What do you mean, by "change us."

"To be honest," Adali smiles again, "I'm not even sure. He wrote everything in these journals. I'm assuming making us fae, but those have been extinct for quite some time."

Giles nods his head before finally speaking up, "Well, he seems to have succeeded on your part."

"I doubt it," Adali replies sharply, "This has happened a dozen or so times, but I always shrink. It's better than dying though."

"I wouldn't agree with that, "Giles replies, and quickly adding on before his words are questioned, "But why a fae? Those are just as troublesome as fairies, but twice the size. Only a mad man would want to bring those back."

"I agree," Adali replies looking down at her hands, "Faes are monsters. Being a fairy, I only have enough room for one emotion at a time, but as a fae…They know what they are doing. I would take being pint sized over that any day."

"You're seriously justifying fairies over faes?" Giles examines, his frown becoming more present.

"Of course," Adali looks up at him, her smile replaced with a matching frown, "Not all of us are 'bloody mini demons.'"

Giles is taken back by Adali shoving his own pervious words back at him, but replies with a simple, "Agree to disagree."

"Um, no," Adali looks at him, a smirk slowly appearing as she raises her eyebrows, "Not all fairies are thieves. Just the stupid ones who get kicked out of their clan and need human items to sell. I am no thief. Nor am I a demon."

"Well, then," Buffy quickly interjects before an all out brawl began, "Clearly we must find this guy who is harming these fairies and stop him."

"If we must," Giles replies, turning towards his slayer.

"Of course it's a must," Buffy says finally standing up, "We are the Slayer and Watcher, we fight bad guys, and this is definitely a bad guy."

At that Buffy begins to walk away, heading towards the door, she turns around to the pair, before she leaves, "This is settled Giles, we are going to help Adali. Now I'm going to go back to bed. You guys discuss whatever you need to about whatever, but no fighting. Am I clear?"

"Crystal," Giles replies.

"Oh, I have a friend named Crystal," Adali pipes up, just as the front door opens and closes. Giles sharply turns back to her. The glowing smile is back and he would want nothing more than to make it disappear.

"You shouldn't scowl so much, you know," she says, "You'll get lines on your face."

"I don't care," Giles replies as he gets up. He makes his way over to the linen closet and pulls out a blanket and pillow.

"You should," Adali calls out to him, "It will mess up your handsome face. Then again maybe it would make you look more distinguished. That's also rather attractive."

Giles ignores her comment and lies the pillow down at the end of the sofa.

"What are you doing?" Adali asks, standing up.

"Making my bed," he replies, "It's rather late, you should go back upstairs and return to bed as well."

"No, upstairs is your bed," Adali replies, grasping as much of his right forearm as she can in her tiny hands, "Come on."

Giles stares at her in disbelief, "No, tonight and for the foreseeable future it is yours. Now go up and let me go back to sleep."

Adali drops her hands and sighs out, before making her way back to the stairs. She turns off the living room light, before placing her foot a step up. Giles lies down, pulling the blanket over himself. Slowly he closes his eyes.

"I'm not tired," he hears Adali call out, from the bottom of the stairs.

"I don't care," he growls out, forcefully turning to his side.

"It's about five thirty now, I'll make breakfast," her hears her say as her foot steps become closer once more.

"If you so dare as take a step in that kitchen, I will not be responsible for my actions," Giles replies, squeezing his eyes harder, willing himself to enter dream world once more.

"Ooh," he hears the bell-like voice reply as weight is suddenly placed at the end of the couch by his feet, "What kind of actions?"

"Like murder."

"That's not very nice," Hell, even her laugh sounds like a bell…bloody annoying, "Is your name really Giles? That's a rather odd name."

"It's Rupert," he replies, giving up against the fight he wasn't going to win, and sits up, "Giles is my last name."

"Ru," Adali smiles, "I like that much better."