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1. should i play the piano or sensei?

"You still haven't learned the song have you herbivore" kyoya sighed placing his hand to his head in exhaustion. "Sorry hibari-san i will work harder" tsuna faked innocence. Kyoya noticing the lie in his words smirks "you fail so often i swear you want me to punish you" he growled in tsunas ear as he pushed him against the black piano. Tsuna felt his heart race "noooo don't punish me!" He giggled wrapping his arms around his senpai's neck...

" it will be a long time before you know this song wont it" kyoya said after a long passionate session of love making "...yep" tsuna mumbled snuggling closer to his lover.


2. Puppy love

"I respect you far too much don't i" kyoya grumbled to reborn whom in turn smirked "i mean i know you have many strange bullets, but a puppy love bullet?" Kyoya continued trying to take another step forward even though he had a brunet clinging to his waist. "Yes this bullet causes him to love you as a puppy would...enjoy" reborn stated before disappearing through the window. As soon as he was gone the clingy brunet was at kyoyas face trying to slobber him all over! "This will be difficult"

(Later that evening) kyoya had discovered that trying to leave such a clingy little puppy anywhere was futile, because tsuna would always come and find him. So with much reluctance he took tsuna with on his patrols. "Herbivores, for crowding i will...tsuna...let go" kyoya sighed because for the tenth time that hour he had to repeat those two words. tsuna, though, had become more stubborn and shook his head "you'll try to leave me again!" He wined and clung tighter kyoya took a long deep breath " i wont leave you" he tried "yes you will" tsuna cried "no i...fine do what you want" kyoya grumbled, he knew that this conversation would go back and forth forever so he simply sprinted forward dragging tsuna through the air and into battle.

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What not to do before a shoot

"Now lets have kyoya and tsuna together" the photographer called. Only silence followed, the photographer sighed "could the models tsunayoshi and kyoya please come for their photo" everyone turned towards the seats that the two boys should be sitting in, but they where empty. The photographer growled "how are these kids worth millions if they cant even..." Suddenly the door slammed open and in ran the small brunet, behind him a very annoyed skylark was being dragged. "Tsuna these herbivores don't mater lets go back and continue" he grumbled " Kyoya! You know we cant do that" Tsuna beamed back, he looked slightly flushed and his clothes where a little ruffled. While kyoya just about ready to kill the photographer.

The secretary quickly grabbed the two and dragged them in front of the camera. Kyoya grumbled, deciding he didn't want to be here and starting to walk away. Tsuna stood and allowed himself a cheerful smile, as soon as he noticed kyoya walking away he grabbed his arm and pressed their backs together "smile"


Sweet or sweeter

It was kyoyas birthday and the only one invited was his little brunet lover tsuna. "I brought cake" tsuna cheered holding the small white and pink box up to kyoya's face. kyoya smiled softly and let his little lover in "Happy birthday hibari-san!" Tsuna flung hos arms around the skylark as soon as the door was closed. Kyoya was surprised but quickly calmed down and wrapped his arms around the brunets waist "hello stunayoshi" he sighed placing his nose into tsuna's hair.

After a few minutes they let go and set up the table in kyoya's room for cake. "I remember kyoya saying that he liked blackberry cake so..." Tsuna blushed touching his two pointer fingers together making kyoya incapable of hiding his smile. "Ah, um...dig in?" Tsuna asked, kyoya nodded and took a bite, allowing himself to enjoy the taste "i-is it g-good?" Tsuna asked softly. Kyoya looked at tsuna before taking a forkful of cake and holding it up to tsuna expecting him to take the fork...tsuna blushed and misunderstood. He leaned forward, shut his eyes and took a bite surprising kyoya. Tsuna smiled "wow that is pretty good" he opened his mouth "ahn~ more kyoya" he giggled completely forgetting the situation he was in and opening his mouth wide. Kyoya sweat dropped not quite sure how to handle the situation, so he simply does what he is asked to do. Kyoya wasn't one to take orders, but today...he could let it slide.

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a childs attention spann

"While we try to fix the ten year bazooka and return tsuna to his natural time you are to take care of tsuna" reborn stated handing the small infant to kyoya. Kyoya sighed, this would be easy.

Well thats what he thought, he never would have anticipated that he would loose the child in the ten minutes of receiving him. He sighed and checked the next classroom, he had to admit, he was worried, that child couldn't tell the difference between a shady pervert and a nice mother. Kyoya looked out the window in hopes of spotting the small child...and stop him he does, sitting with none other than the shady pervert that kyoya had been fearing, mukuro.

He pulled open the window and jumped straight out a dark ominous aura growing around him "ah hibari welcome, i was just about to enjoy my sweet little dessert" he smirked slyly looking over to the smallest of them all. Tsuna understood nothing and simply smiled. "I will bite you to death" kyoya growled and attacked the pineapple.

During the battle no one realized the small brunet who had gotten bored and decided to leave. "That will teach you to cross into my territory" hibari growled glaring ta the figure below him "now tsuna...tsuna?" He spun all around in search for his little child, but panicked seeing no one there! He let out a growl of frustration and ran around the school.

It had been a few hours and kyoya still hadn't found the small child, so with pure frustration he returned to his office to find...the little tsuna had curled up on the skylarks chair with his gakuran wrapped around him, and on the desk was a small picture. The picture had hibari and tsuna on newly weds "shit"

stubborn cats

Dino had two pets, one was an adorable little bunny named tsuna who was always willing to comfort or love his master, and one was a cat named kyoya, he hated dino, constantly raided the fridge, shredded his toys and always fought with the other cats and dogs. Altogether everything was going ok...until kyoya gained a very, very, very annoying obsession with the rabbit. Kyoya would never leave the rabbit alone and even less allow dino to touch the rabbit, it even cam to the point that he would break not only his own but tsuna's cage so that they could snuggle up together.

It was a hot summer Wednesday when dino snapped, the fridge was empty, the sofa was shredded, and Tsuna was being possessively kept from him. He grasped kyoya's collar and threw him into his cage (which had a hole so small that not even a paw could fit through, that way he would not escape) "i have had enough of you, destroying my furniture, eating my food, keeping my little tsuna from me!" He threw the cage into the car and slammed the door shut. He sat himself into the car and drove off to the pet shop. Sadly he never noticed the small rabbit sitting by the window with his ears drooping and tears rolling.

It had been a week since he brought kyoya back to the pet store, and tsuna was behaving...odd. He wouldn't move unless dino moved him, and he wouldn't eat enough to fully sustain his weight (not that he had much). Dino knew that tsuna was simply missing kyoya and decided the rabbit would get over it soon.

That night a racket was heard from downstairs, one that dino didn't seem to notice. But in the morning, the fridge was empty, the sofa was shredded, tsuna was gone and a phone call from the pet store said that kyoya was missing.

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