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Birthday blues

Tsuna woke up with a sigh, today was the day, it was hibaris birthday. Every year tsuna struggled to find the perfect gift for the older male, and every year kyoya didn't really enjoy his birthday. Tsuna still didn't have a gift for his guardian and was beginning to wonder weather getting one was even worth it, after all kyoya hated his company..."thats it! Kyoya doesn't like my company, so ill just avoid him!"

Every year it was the same, tsuna got up early, came to school, gave kyoya a gift and then get bitten to death or sent out with a glare. Tsuna found it odd that the routine was not happening today, but he didn't really mind, it meant he could sleep in this Saturday.

It was around noon when tsuna actually got out of bed. He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to get a snack. Tsuna made himself some miso soup and rice before returning in to his room to play games.

It was around 7 when tsuna put down his controller and crawled down stairs. He did the dishes, before preparing to make dinner. As he was pulling out the rice a racket was heard from upstairs, tsuna froze. Another crash, was someone in the house? Clutching his wooden spoon he slowly walked towards the stairs and peeked up...nothing, tsuna took a deep breath and walked up the stairs.

There was a creek from his room, so taking a deep breath tsuna walked towards the door and pushed it open. There, on his bed sat hibari kyoya himself "h-h-hibari s-s-san!" Tsuna panicked turning away from the older male and trying to run. kyoya though grasped tsuna's collar and pulled him back. "Herbivore" he muttered darkly "where were you" tsuna turned and looked into those cold steel eyes. Could he have missed something important? "Why, did i miss a detention?" Tsuna panicked fearing the worst.

Kyoya growled and threw tsuna to the floor. Tsuna turned over to look at him and frowned, somehow it looked like kyoya was about to cry... "I-im sorry" tsuna whispered "did you think i forgot your...birthday?" Tsuna asked softly kyoya looked at tsuna with wide eyes "so you knew, you knew and purposefully avoided me? You hate me that much?" He growled, tsuna instantly sat up and reached out to grab his hans "no,no, no, I didn't come because i know how much you don't like to see me and..." Kyoua grabbed tsuna and yanked him up so that they where facing one another "i don't..." Kyoya began before freezing at his own pathetic state.

"Kyoya...why are you here exactly" tsuna asked softly. Kyoya let out a long sigh and let go from tsuna before falling, like a child backwards onto the bed " where were you, and dont tell me the fact that you thought i hated you was the reason...every year your the only one to remember my birthday, you never get me what i want but..." Tsuna was now the one to sigh, wondering weather kyoya may be drunk or something to be spilling everything like that "well then kyoya what do you want" he asked simply "i want you to keep coming on my birthday with your crappy gifts." Kyoya mumbled making tsuna smile.

Perfect christmass

"Hi tsuna" yamamoto smiled walking into the house with all the other guardians (even hibari was there) "hello everyone" tsuna greeted his friends with a cheerful smile. Once everyone was in the house the chaos began, started, surprisingly by none other than tsuna's mom, nana "oh my such handsome friends you should all join me and tsuna tomorrow at the hospital as we pretend to be santa's helpers." Tsuna panicked and tried to communicate with his mother, but she simply ignored him, or didn't notice, of corse gokudera and yammamoto where first to agree then with little persuasion from reborn kyoya and mukuro where in, sadly rohei was busy and simply couldn't come.

It was eleven exactly when all the boys met again in front of the hospital. Tsuna sighed he couldn't believe that his mother hade made them wear red, matching santa outfits (without the beard) although due to the fact that the guardians wore them differently they seemed like different outfits such as kyoya who wore his red coat like his gakuran, over a black long sleeved shirt, yamamoto had his fully open over a white shirt, gokudera had his buttoned, but not all the way so his necklaces and some ab where showing, and mukro well he had his right.

Tsuna had a simple red santa suit (which he swore had more fluff than all the other jackets combined) and unlike the rest of them he didn't have brown gloves. " i know i look ridiculous... Please don't stare" tsuna shrunk away from those odd blushing stares. Noting that no one was looking away he hurried up the steps to the first floor hospital rooms. Once they where all up nana began her commands "ok...kyoya will take room three...there are two kids in that room, mukuro will take room four, there are three kids in there, gokudera will take room fourteen which has four kids and yamamoto will take room forty that has three kids. I will take room seventy-four if you need me.

Oh and tsuna you take your regular rooms." Then she left to the elevator along with gokudera and yamamoto "what is your usual little vongola " mukuo asked tsuna turned to him with a small smile " rooms seven eight and nine...two of them have three kids, and the last one has one...shall we meet again at around...two?" They nodded in agreement and left to their rooms.

After lots of struggle mukuro and kyoya where in the hallway with a few happy children in their area...but tsuna wasn't there, they waited a few more minuts before deciding to search. He wasn't inRooms seven or eight "must be in room nine birdie" mukuro spat, kyoya glared "obviously, can you really be that blind" they then began to bicker...well that was until they saw room nine. Room nine was made up of two rooms one was where a child sat with his bed up against the large glass separating the two rooms, the other was where tsuna sat a picture book in hand and a smile on his face.

The child was obviously very sick, and needed to be quarantined, but when they looked at the child they went utterly still, they had never seen anyone happier "tsuna can really make an impact huh" mukuro whispered and kyoya in turn made a sound of agreement. The two boys entered the room and smiled at tsuna "you will come again tomorrow like you promised?" The boys hoarse voice asked, tsuna smiled at him" of corse, but now its time for your medicine and then some rest." The boy nodded and got back under his covers. Tsuna stood and walked to the door the guardians near by "see you tomorrow" tsuna smiled at the boy and then left.

Once they reached a spare empty room tsuna smiled at the other boys "so how was it?" He asked happily, they simply nodded, both of them where way to deep in thought thinking about how great of a mother tsuna would be. Mukuro though was first to break from this spell "tsunayoshi...bear my children" mukuro purred wrapping his arms around tsuna's waist from behind "no bear mine!" Kyoya cried pulling out his tonfas ready to bite mukuro to death.


"Welcome home" tsuna smiled from the sofa, he placed down his papers before standing to properly greet kyoya. They had been dating for almost ten years now. Kyoya pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss while he wrapped his arms around his lovers waist. "Is kaye asleep?" Kyoya asked his cutely flushed lover, whom in turn only nodded. Suddenly a loud cry came from one of the upper rooms "MAMAAAAAAA" and tsuna sighed "or he was" but then being the loving mother he was he smiled and hurried up the stairs calling so that his child knew he was coming "I'm coming kaye" kyoya chuckled and followed tsuna up the steps.

Tsuna hurried into the room their child was in and hurried over to the crib. In the crib (clinging onto the bars to remain standing) a small black haired child stood. Tsuna reached in and the child instantly grabbed his arms, tsuna gently lifted the child out and rested him against his shoulder. Slowly tsuna stared swaying, rocking the child lovingly.

Kyoya entered and leaned against the door frame watching his lover and child for a few moments. Noticing that his child had stopped crying he began to hum a little lullaby. Kyoya smiled and walked over to his lover to wrap his arms around his waist. Tsuna looked at him in surprise then smiled, slowly closing his eyes and resting his forehead against kyoyas. The skylark closed his eyes as well before slowly leading tsuna in a slow swaying dance.

Once kaye was asleep they placed him back in his crib. Tsuna rested his arms on the edge of the crib allowing the child to grip onto his finger as he slept "he looks just like you" he whispered to kyoya. The skylark placed an arm around his shoulder and sighed "I'm starting to wonder what he got from you." This made tsuna giggle lightly "his clinginess towards his mother?" He asked softly, making kyoya smile a little. " well...goodnight kaye" tsuna whispered pulling his finger away from his child gently., kyoya smiled and whispered a simple "goodnight." Before the two parents left the room to have dinner and then sleep.