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Chapter 1 Weird Things Start To Happen:

Feng Lan/ Prince Point of view

I looked at professor Gui as he entered the class with his books in his hand. He seemed reset and well ready to start a new day with teaching. I myself had not gotten as much sleep as I had been staying up half the night trying to finish the stupid homework he had given us. Which by the way was 11 pages.. I hope I get a good grade on this after all my work on it, I though. Because of this I had not gotten as much time to play Second Life as I´d like, which was pretty annoying. Damn that Gui! I bet if he knew I was Prince he wouldn't have given me this much homework! I´m still glad he doesn't know though.

After listening to Guis blabbering about literature for a while, I noticed that Guis hair looked strange. Kind of starting to resemble Second Life. What was this? I closed my eyes and rubbed them for a bit, making sure I hadn't been mistaken. But sure enough it seemed like he had started to get his hair in real life just like the hair he has in Second Life. He didn't seem to notice it though, as he was too busy teaching the class. He just went on and on about some old poems. Not that it wasn't that interesting, just that I´ve heard it all before. I was also more interested in his hair at that moment. How it had been like real life a few minutes ago, and now like Second Life. I wasn´t the only one noticing this, the whole class was looking at him, not daring to say a word about it to him.

After class was over with Gui I went to the hallway with my friends Yun and Jing. We talked about some new changes in Second Life, and how they apparently had changed a glitch. Which no one knew what was, we talked about how strange it was. Even though they do not know who I am in Second Life, we still talk about it in real life.

After a while of talking Jing had started staring strangely at me as well, just like she had at Gui earlier in class.

"Umm Xiao Lan?" She said

"Yeah?" I said wondering what it was.

"Your eyes are literally blood red, and your hair have turned blond, almost white."

"What? You sure you´re not mistaken?" I said, wondering what she was on about.

"No she is not. I can see it too, Xiao Lan." Yun said, now staring at me as well.

"W-what? What can that be?" I said nervously, touching my hair to make sure it was still long. Which it was luckily for me. If it wasn't I was sure they were going to recognise me as Prince.

"Well as you probably saw in the class with Gui, it seems like some people are turning into their Second Life characters, or at least getting some of their features in real life. Maybe this was the glitch they were trying to fix?" Jing said, as she turned her head sideways looking at me in wonder.

"P-probably that yeah! But you know! I just remembered I have to do something now! I´ll see you both later."

"But our classes aren´t even done yet for the day…" I heard Yun say as I was on my way.

I left in a hurry, as I rushed through the exit I could see Jing and Yun looking back at me with a confused look on their face.

I then ran towards the bus in panic. Please don´t let me transform and at least not here in public! I begged to whoever was up there, almost praying for nothing more to happen. I wanted this to be over NOW, or at least something. Who knows if this will get worse from now on or fix it self. My thoughts were just going wild in my head. To think that I had gotten Prince´s eyes and hair colour in real life now, ugh.

I decided Id go to Lolidragons house, hoping she´d provide some answers. But before I went there I got home and picked up a grey jumper with a hoodie before I got on the bus. As I arrived at Lolidragons house I knocked on the door. To my luck Lolidragon was there opening the door. I hadn't told her I was coming after all. She stood there staring at me with a puzzled look for a while, but then said:

"Hi Prince?.. Right? What are you doing here? I don´t remember you having white hair and red eyes in reality as well."

"Yeah, I am Prince. It seems I´ve gotten white hair now and blood red eyes in reality. Gui seemed to have gotten longer hair in class as well, earlier today. Do you think this might have something to do with Second Life? I usually have black hair and brown eyes.." I said with nervous look still standing in the door opening, hoping she would know why.

"Hmm, I didn't actually know about this. But by the looks of it, it seems like you´ve gotten a lot like Prince in real life!" She giggles while holding her hand over her mouth.

"Has anything like this happened before, Lolidragon? It didn't seem to effect everyone, and do you know how to fix this?" I say trying to be more serious than her. It was serious after all!

"No it hasn´t, not anything that we´ve gotten complaints about anyway."

"Can you try to help me at least? In case it gets worse? Or it doesn't go back to normal?" I felt kind of sick at the moment, but I ignored it.

"Yes of course, Prince!" She said.

She showed me into her room and started talking to me about how it happened. I just told her that it had randomly happened earlier today in class, right after Gui.

"Well as I said, I´ve not heard anything about this yet.."

Her father then walked in interrupting us, screaming: "LOLIDRAGON! It seems there is a glitch in the Second Life system, do you know anything about this?"

"No father I do not have anything to do with this, I was just talking to.."

"Who is this?" He interrupted her again.

"Well this is Prince, as u might be able to tell by the hair colour and eyes. Prince is a girl in real life so. We have just been discussing the situation." She said kind of annoyed at her father for interrupting her.

"I see! I need you to come here to talk though, privately. Prince you can wait here in the meantime."

Third point of view

A little while after Lolidragon and her father had talked, Lolidragon burst out saying: "So what you´re trying to explain to me is that this will only get worse from now on?! Why do some people turn into their characters in real life? What glitch is this, dad?"

"Well to be honest with you, we´re not sure yet. It has just happened to a few players during the last few weeks. Most people merge completely into their Second Life character, while others turn into a mix of both. We are still working on it. We´re trying to solve out what this all means, and the reasons as of to why. Meanwhile you should try to figure out something temporarily for Prince, as I can imagine she/he is a bit out of it now. By the way the Feng Lan as you know now, might be a bit different. Players we have seen tend to have a different type of personality in game, compared to reality. Please make sure she is alright."

It was a lot for Lolidragon to take in, but she promised herself she´d do the best she could for Prince.

"Okay dad, I´ll do as you say and tell Prince the news."

Feng Lan/ Prince point of view

After Lolidragon and her father left I felt even sicker than I had earlier, like I had to puke, which I did. I hurried to the bathroom and then as soon as I was done went back to Lolidragons room. The problem was that I didn't start to feel better after letting it go out. No, in fact it felt as if I had been punched really hard in the stomach several times, none stop. After that all I could do was roll into a ball, just sitting there shaking. I didn't know what else there was to do in that situation. It´d be awkward going out to them, plus I felt so much pain I couldn't even think of moving.

Lolidragon point of view

I walked into my room waiting to tell Prince the news that we didn't know for certain what would happen. I then saw it, Prince with a bent back sitting rolled into a ball on the floor seeming very sick. What could this be, I thought. Maybe something serious had happened…

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