Okay. I've decided I will do one more chapter after this. To polish it off. I wasn't sure how to end this. I'm always better at beginnings, but I did it. (Hooray!) It feels a bit sad that it's nearly over.

It had started to rain, small at first, and then speeding up, quicker and quicker. Yet still, none of the rain made Sean Prescott's face disappear from their view. He was real.

"I can see you've been busy" His slick black shoes moved calmly towards them, his eyes focused on Nathan. Warren turned to Nathan and Max, a question in his eyes.

Max could see Principal Wells behind him. Mark Jefferson, of course, wasn't there. For a moment she had hoped he would still be alive, that it had been a dream, but it wasn't.

Nathan just watched his father as he came towards him, his bitter words from earlier seemed to have escaped him.

"Nathan. You don't look well." He told him, cupping his son's chin in one hand, forcing him to look into his eyes. Principal Wells stood back, in the distance.

Max glanced across the distance, strands of hair clung to her wet face. The tornado was rising up in the distance. Swirling around, it was hypnotic to watch it.

"I know about Mark. It's okay. We can sort it out. Together." He whispered to him softly, his hand clasping gently down Nathan's neck, to his shoulder. Gentle, but firmly placed.

Nathan swallowed harshly, that flicker of rage reappearing from behind his eyes.

"Come on, I'll take you home." He told him, pushing him firmly by his shoulder.

He shrugged his father's hand away, remaining motionless as his dad tried to lead him away.

His dad looked back at him, his eyebrow slightly raised.

"Did you kill Rachel?" You could barely hear him ask it through the howling of the storm his voice was so quiet. But Sean Prescott had obviously heard him.

He chuckled at him, but it only made the flame behind Nathan's eyes grow brighter.

"Answer the question."

His dad stopped chuckling then, then he sighed "We've been through this Nathan. I know the past few days have been very stressful for you, and you're probably confused right now. We need to get you home. We need to get you some medicine, some rest. You don't know what you're doing when you get like this. Come on. I'll look after you" He went to grab his arm, more forcibly this time, but Nathan pushed him back. Sean Prescott's flew open with indignation, but he tried to hide it quickly.

"Nathan" He said, his voice tinged with agitation. "I know this sort of weather upsets you, but everything is fine. We can wait it out in the bunker if it makes you feel better. I can take you there."

It was Nathan's turn to laugh then, manically. "You still don't believe me? Are you fucking serious?" Nathan sneered, gesturing towards the tornado. "Look around dad!"

Sean Prescott looked at the tornado, and Max noticed he was scared. About as much as Sean Prescott could ever be scared of anything that is.

"Okay. Okay. I believe you. Now come on, Nathan. Let's go" he demanded, his tone losing all of its patience. All of the gentleness to it.

"You didn't answer my question. Did you kill Rachel?"

"Nathan, you know why Rachel died…" he began, irritation cutting through every word.

Warren looked between them, horrified. Max had forgotten that he didn't know any of this.

"I know she died because of me." Nathan began, looking down at the ground, the rain dripping off of his brown locks and onto his shoes. Nathan's dad stepped forward but Nathan stepped back quicker.

"But it wasn't an accident. Was it?" He lifted his head slightly, his eyes glaring out under his eyelids. His fists clenched at his sides.

"Of course it was an accident" His dad began, over emphasising the words 'of course' like it was obvious. "A terrible accident. Just like Mark. It's okay though Nathan, I forgive you"

Nathan started trembling then, "Hah!" he laughed "You? You forgive me?"

Nathan paced back and forth, raindrops falling from his nose. His lips quivering, fit to burst with the things he wanted to say.

"You think I'm so stupid, don't you dad? Mark's death wasn't an accident. I meant to kill him!" He yelled at his father now, his fear had been washed away.

"I looked him right in the eyes as I shot his brains out." He spat, inching towards his dad.

For the first time Sean Prescott looked uneasy.

"He told me dad. He told me EVERYTHING!"

His hand reached under his jacket and a glint of silver emerged from beneath.

"Nathan" his father stuttered "You need to calm down"

"Don't tell me what to do! I am so sick of people trying to control me, of you trying to control me!" he was bellowing now, the gun pointed into his father's stomach. Sean Prescott tried hard not to move as he took short breaths in and out.

"Nathan, don't do this" Principal Wells pleaded.

"This has got nothing to do with you" he shot, before turning back to his father.

"Tell me the truth dad. Tell me that you ordered Mark to kill Rachel. Tell me!" He was screaming into his face.

Max looked on in horror, flashbacks of Chloe in the bathroom whizzing through her mind. Her head felt so heavy, so clouded. She kept seeing that blue butterfly.

"Yes. Okay. I ordered him to do it. It was me. Are you going to shoot me now?" Sean Prescott had managed to suppress whatever fear was in him. Max looked on as his steely, calm voice returned. What was he doing?

"Give me one good reason not to" Nathan barked into his ear.

"Nathan. You're such a good boy. I just wanted to protect you. To look after you. You've always been so fragile" Nathan was right. His words did sound sincere. If Max didn't know any better, she would have believed them.

She watched as the flames in Nathan's eyes started to die down.

Sean Prescott must have seen it to, because he carried on

"You've always been such a good son. You try so hard to please everyone and to help everyone. I'm so proud of you."

Nathan's eyes filled with tears, the gun shook as his shoulders started trembling.

"You're a liar" Nathan whispered harshly

"I'm not lying Nathan" his father continued, looking into Nathan's eyes "I understand that you're angry with me. What I did was unforgivable."

"Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!" Nathan shrieked, pushing his father into the wall.

Thunder clapped down and Max saw the tornado dance across the bay, heading towards them.

"It's okay Nathan" His father whispered, looking into his son's eyes, their faces inches apart.

"I loved her. I loved her so fucking much. She didn't deserve to die!" He half sobbed, half screamed into his face.

"I know. You can shoot me. I deserve it"

Nathan laughed bitterly into his father's chest.

"I love you" His father said softly.

Nathan's forehead rested against his father's chest. the rain lashing down on them both. Unrelenting.

Frustration swept over Nathan like a tidal wave.

"FUCK!" He screamed, throwing the gun to the floor. It span out across the parking lot.

He punched the wall behind his father's face.

Hissing from the pain, he grabbed his scraped knuckles in his other hand.

Sean Prescott took a deep breath and Max watched him uneasily. Had that all been genuine? Or was it just another Oscar worthy performance? She felt a deep emptiness within her. Nathan still loved him. Even after everything.

"We're going to the bunker. When this storm is over. We'll be gone. I'll be gone and I don't want to see you, ever again. Do you understand? Nathan said, his voice weary.

"I understand" His father nodded.

"…and Nathan" he added "I meant what I said. I love you".

Nathan's pained eyes looked back at him sadly before turning away.

Max and Warren silently followed Nathan towards Warren's car. Warren went to open the driver door, to get in, when suddenly Max heard him call out "Max! No! Get down!"

She heard the gun before she felt the bullet.

Her head whipped back to see Sean Prescott with the gun pointed at her. She clutched at her stomach, where something wet and sticky smothered her. All she could see was red as she hit the ground.

"Dad no!" Nathan yelled, holding his palm up towards her.

Max felt time stand still, then that familiar blur as it unravelled on itself. She looked down to see the dark, red pool slowly evaporate in front of her until it was a tiny speck, and then it was gone completely. Like it had never been there to begin with.

Max looked over at Nathan, his palm held up at her. She hadn't caused this. She wasn't the one with the power this time. It was Nathan. Yet she could still see it happening. Why was that? She didn't know why she did what she did next, she just knew that she was supposed to do it. Finally she knew what she was supposed to do. She stepped towards him and pressed her palm up against his. "Ah" A jolt went through her.

She saw Chloe and the butterfly flutter through her head. The smell of bacon and dirt and chlorine. She felt cold metal against her head and Nathan's soft lips on her skin. She could see Warren's soft eyes and Jefferson's black, dead ones staring through her. She heard Victoria calling her a bitch and Chloe's laugh in her ears. She was giddy and petrified and lustful all at once. Was she about to die? She didn't know, nor did she care this time. She didn't crave death. Not anymore. She had never felt so truly alive. She opened her eyes.

A dazzling bright light burst through the sky, the rain slowing and eventually stopping altogether. A warm, radiant glow covered their faces, overflowing with generous sunshine and warmth, sweet and brilliant unfettered golden rays littered the sky, the tornado disappearing from view. The tilted flowers lifted their heads once more to smile at the sky, as sunlit clouds drifted across the clear blue up above. The ocean was once again bathed in a golden hue by the gentle sunlight, the water in it as clear as crystal. All over Arcadia Bay people peered out of their windows to watch as the storm died down to a gentle breeze. They stepped out of their houses and into the streets, overjoyed as they basked in its glory.

Max was terrified of breaking away, but she knew she had to. As she did she held her breath, hoping this was real. She turned to see Nathan smiling at her, his smile beaming as brightly as the sky.

"We did it Max" He breathed at her "We actually fucking did it"

They gazed around in awe at the calm that engulfed them.