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Chapter 7 - Old Friends

The next morning Yuki could be seen leaving Honke with a rather calm, dreamy expression on that beautiful visage of his, both hands stuffed snuggly into the pockets of his uniform pants as the handle of his school bag hung around his left wrist.

Akito stood by the doorway as he watched the younger boy leave and Hatori, just behind him, had placed a hand upon his shoulder. The dragon had noticed a shift in the Gods actions -- Akito was much calmer and less prone to outbursts of anger. But, then again… only a day had passed since Akito had had the pleasure of having the wonderful Yuki Sohma admit to loving him. Hatori would have to see if the immediate reaction of this confession would keep its hold on the clan head.

Maybe this was what Akito needed; to love and be loved. Perhaps this was a ray of hope shining down from heaven upon the family -- a sign things were going to change. Was it possible this entire time that the actions of Akito were brought about by hatred and jealousy for not being able to have what it was that he wanted? Because he thought he was hated by everyone and he was due to drop dead at any given moment was it possible that he also felt there was not need to take great measures to believe in things he knew were probably false?

"Come, Akito-san, it is time for your bath."



"Isn't there a meteor shower tonight?"


"Sohma-kun! Sohma-kun!" the young Tohru called as she neared the boy from behind. Yuki turned to look at her, pausing in his steps as he waited for her to meet his side. "Good morning, Sohma-kun."

"Ah, Honda-san, you're rather cheerful today," Yuki noted.

"Uo-chan is allowing me to live with her. Grandfather says I should be where I want to be and Uo-chan has always been there for me…"

"Ah, I see. Congratulations on your new home, Honda-san. We had better hurry up before we're late to school." Tohru nodded and soon the two of them had started off for school, chatting amongst themselves about random, seemingly meaningless things… though the both of them had felt they'd shared more than just simple conversations in the past… But they simply either shrugged them off or ignored them.


"Well, you stupid cat, you seen to have… Toh…ru…?" Kyo watched as Yuki, followed by the calm Tohru, entered Shigure's house. Yuki came here for obvious reasons -- just to visit. But why bring her along…? It was true that both Tohru and Yuki had had their memories of each other (and Tohru of the rest of the Sohma family) erased, but that didn't mean Kyo could just act like nothing had happened. It didn't mean he was able to push his feelings for the girl off to the sidelines and start anew.

"Honda-san needs help with her homework, so I brought her here with me so we could study. Akito doesn't like guests."

"Ah, Yuki… and a gorgeous schoolgirl!" Shigure commented upon entering the room, "might she mind introducing herself?"

"Ah! 'm so sorry, how rude of me," Tohru muttered as she waved a hand in the air. "Honda, Tohru. It's quite a pleasure to meet you… Mr. Sohma-kun's cousin."

Yuki raised a brow, Kyo merely coughed into his fist and left the room, and Shigure slipped on over to Tohru and poked the tip of her nose. "Shigure," he said, "my name is Shigure."

"Mr. Shigure."

"Just Shigure."


Great, this was the kind of thing Shigure had needed. After convincing Akito that having Tohru and Yuki's memories of each other erased was the only answer to the problem, Shigure had known that the two teens would somehow manage to meet up with each other and rekindle the friendship they once had while Tohru once again became familiar with the family. Granted, the rest of the Sohma's had to pretend they had never met her (and would have to continue doing so after meeting her once more), but it was all part of this pan of his.

Non of the other women who had involved themselves in the family were capable of breaking the Sohma curse. However, Tohru was different. Her own mother had played a role in the family before and Kyo had been the one to rid the woman of her life. Tohru had what it was that was needed to break the curse and he was well on his way of having that happen until Tohru and Yuki found themselves entangled in a relationship. It was Shigure's duty to fix that problem. He couldn't have anything or anyone interfere with his plan.

But now that Yuki had (surprisingly) gotten involved with Akito, not only did that make things much easier for him, but it also ensured that the possibility of Yuki getting in yet another relationship with Tohru was slim to none.

But he knew Kyo had his eyes set on her…

Silly Kyo, when will he learn?


"I'm home," Yuki called as he entered the main house and dropped his school bag. "Akito, Hatori…" He nearly walked right into Akito as he turned a nearby corner. Violet eyes shot wide open as the older man placed both hands on his shoulders and urged him to take a seat in his room. Yuki gave a slight nod to his head and slipped off in the direction of Akito's room before taking a seat in the corner. He then placed both hands in his lap and leaned his back against the wall behind him as he awaited the inevitable arrival of the clan head.

"Ah, Yuki." Akito offered a small smile as he entered the room and took a seat beside the boy, positioning himself so as to rest his head on Yuki's shoulder and grasp his hands, slender digits interlacing as he did so. "There's a meteor shower tonight. You wouldn't mind staying up late with Hatori and I to watch, will you?" He asked and was soon pleased with the boys positive answer.

Later that night the three of them could be seen sprawled out on large blankets Hatori had set up in the yard earlier that day. Yuki had decided to lay beside Akito and rest his head upon the older man's shoulder as Hatori laid beside him, all eyes fixated on the darkened sky as meteors shot through the atmosphere. They would all fall asleep there that night, Yuki and Akito snug in each other arms as the dragon unconsciously snuggled up to the young mouse.


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