994 A.D

"Godric!" A black-haired witch called out. A wizard with unruly chestnut curls marched over to her. "What now, Rowena?" He asked, running his hand threw his locks. She gave him a glare before turning the book she was reading towards him.

Her pale finger pointed in the middle of a paragraph that was entirely written in Greek. "What does it say?" He questioned. She gave him a whack on the shoulder. "I taught you the Language Spell only a month ago! Honestly, Gryffindor, do you pay attention?"

"No, he's more brawns than brains, Sweetheart." A smooth voice said. "Salazar, play nice." A soft voice chided.

"Brilliant, you're all here! I was just showing this oaf," Rowena sent Godric a look, "This new spell I found."

The raven-headed witch turned the book towards the other Founders. The three stared at it in confusion before Salazar tapped his wand against the parchment.

"Lingua Mutatio!"

The words began to shift from Greek to English, and soon all the Founders wore the same expression of surprise.

"Rowena… you're not suggesting we do this?" Helga asked, clearly shocked. "Yes, I am! It's the perfect defense for the school!" Rowena exclaimed.

"How would it even work?" Godric questioned, running his fingers threw his hair once more.

"We simply cast the spell, and if ever the School is in grave danger that cannot be controlled, our memories… our consciousness would be sent to our direct descendants. They could use our knowledge, and their own to defeat whatever evil they came across!" Rowena explained, a broad smile on her face.

"And what happens if we have more than one alive descendant?" Helga asked skeptically. "It says right here: The mind will go to the most capable of Heirs." Rowena read aloud.

"Then… gods, for this to work we all must have children!" Helga shrieked, just realizing what it meant. "Yes… but Helga, we would ensure the safety of Hogwarts for all time." Rowena said trying to convince her friend.

"Yes, you're right there. Though I cannot imagine Salazar as a loving father. Maybe we should not." Helga sighed.

"No. Rowena is right, this will protect our students. We will do this." Godric said in an authoritative voice.

So the Founders bound the spell, ensuring the safety of the students for the years to come. Though the spell would not be activated until a sour-faced woman dressed in all pink entered the school.

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