Making my way through the plaza I couldn't help but feel very uncomfortable. Every step I took, every move I made... It felt like I was being watched by everyone. But in all honesty they were looking.

They knew what I did, who I am, and what I could easily do to all of their stores. But I did my best to not let it get to me, because that was the old me. I was going to get my life back on track and let all of this blow over.

Ma mentioned I should check out the Exploration team guild if I felt like doing any kind of fighting, but honestly an exploration team sounded kind of exhausting. I was never one for traveling, I figured a nice and simple job like farming or even taking shifts for one of the stores could suit me a little while until I decide what I want to do for long term.

"Hey, kid..."

I stopped in my tracks and whirled around slowly to face a friendly enough looking Bayleef. She smiled at me and said, "Come here, I don't bite."

I gulped and shuffled to her booth which contained various fruits and vegetables.

"Uhh... Hi?" I said nervously.

"Hey, don't let the other guys here get to ya. We all know what you did but you're just a kid... I don't think they should hold something like against you."

I grinned, "Thanks, it means a lot."

She chuckled lightly, "No problem. You look lost, need some help with something?"

I bit my lip, thinking about my answer for a moment, "Umm... Actually I'm just trying to get a job. In the area."

The Bayleef laughed, "Is that so? It just so happens I need someone else to look over the shop with my apprentice Katarina. She's still learning so she could use some help during her shift. So if you're up to it I'd be happy to hand you an application. I just need to know how old you are."

"I'm fifteen," I replied eagerly.

"Ooh that fits then. Here ya go, you can fill that out whenever and it'll be a day or two while I look it over. I'm Bree by the way."

"Damian, and thanks a bunch," I said with a growing smile.

"Anyways, I'll let you get to it. And don't worry about not getting the job is all I can say, no one else has even applied yet. You seem like you're trying to get your life on track and I admire that," she replied.

"Thanks so... Umm... Actually before I go... How much do people know about me exactly? Like, what do they say?"

Bree sighed from what I could tell was discomfort, "Well... Some of the Pokemon here aren't the nicest, nor are they perfect. I wouldn't worry about it. But... The king did have posters of you made a while ago and... Yeah, I see where they're coming from but like I said don't let it bring you down. You're getting on the right path we all got memos telling us to basically forget about what happened but... Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Best thing to do now is show them who you are now and rub it in their faces."

I smiled, "Alright, I'll do that. Thanks again Bree, it means a lot to know someone here doesn't see me as total scum."

"You are nothing of the sort. You're just a child with a bad upbringing. Also," Bree used one of her vines to grab an apple from the wooden bucket filled with what I could tell was ice. She handed to me, "here. A little something for the road."

I took the gesture greatly, "Wow, thanks... Say, why're you being so nice to me? I mean... I'm..." I leaned in closer to whisper, "a thief. Doesn't that bother you?"

She frowned, "You should learn not to label yourself as one thing. You see us Pokemon, we aren't like the food we eat. An apple can't be an orange, but a Pokemon can be if they really try hard enough."

I laughed at the thought of an Electrode becoming an orange then pushed it aside and said, "Yeah I get what you mean.

Bree paised, sighed, and finally said, "Well I have to get back to it. You have a great day, Damian."

I nodded, "Thanks a ton, Miss Bree."

We exchanged glances once more before I made my way through the rest of the plaza, more so to familiarize myself with the area. Occasionally taking bites out of the apple which was surprisingly better than one would expect.

The day was already going great for me and I had just started the job search! But to no surprise it did get worse.

As I walked by I could hear the murmurs of nearby shoppe owners and occasional customers. As I was ready to take another bite of the apple a tall Pokemon that I could see was a Mariwak swatted the apple out of my hand.

"Whoops," he said with a menacing grin.

I sighed and said, "Ya know... I was eating that."

"Sorry, didn't mean it. Maybe watch where your walking next time?" He replied smugly.

I bared my fangs, "Maybe you should be less of an ass hole."

"Ouch and after I apologized. That's not very neighborly of you. And here I was thinking you were trying to change for the better of the town," before I knew it he made a movement and he and I were covered in a cloud of smoke.

I closed my eyes to use my aura vision only to notice he was pinning me down by my left arm, which surprising to say the least.

"If I were you I'd straighten up that attitude of yours kid, otherwise get the hell out of my town. Everyone here knows about what you did. That was a pretty ballsy move stealing from the king, and suddenly he's just on board with letting you free. Look I don't know what you're up too but keep all of us out of it."

"Here's an idea..." I winced as I freed my arm, released a heavy load of aura energy to clear the smoke and knocked the guy off his feet with a quick leg sweep, "Leave me alone. I'm trying to get my stuff together and the rest of the town should see that too. And if you ever try to touch me again I-"

I looked around at the lot of people watching me just yell at this guy who appeared now defenseless, with an almost inaudible growl I stormed out of the plaza, my application being nearly crushed between my paws.