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Chapter 1; Death and Truths!

A blonde haired boy could be seen barely standing in front of his team, the client and the back up they had requested. This boy had deep blue eyes that were shining with determination right now. His tan skin was a little red, as he was covered in cuts and bruises. He had so much of his own blood on him, that the whisker marks on his face, weren't even visible. His torn orange and blue jacket was barely hanging on to him. He black shirt was pretty much history as it was mainly gone. His orange pants were missing a entire leg, and his shoes were behind him. This boy is Uzumaki Naruto, jinchuriki of the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune, and the absolute most hated person in his home village, at least by most of the village that is. Behind him trying to get his vision right was a black haired, paled skin boy with red eyes. He was dressed in a high collar blue shirt with a fan on the back. He had on white shorts and blue sandals. This boy is Uchiha Sasuke, Konoha's golden boy, and the boy almost every female was after. Standing next to him with a worried look on her face was a pink haired, green eyed, pale skinned girl.(I think) She was dressed in a red dress with black shorts, and black sandals. This girl is Haruno Sakura, a useless fan-girl. A little behind her was a man trying to get air back into his lungs. This man had gravity defying silver hair, one black eye and one red eye, a mask on his face, and fair skin. He was dressed in a green vest and a black shirt, with black pants, and black sandals. This man is Hatake Kakashi, famed elite jonin. Next to him with a look of fear was man with grey hair, black rimmed glasses, black eyes, a little beard and the smell of alcohol on him. This man is Tazuna the client. Standing on the other side of him was a woman with long purple hair framing her face, pale skin and dark brown eyes. She was dressed in a black shirt, with dark grey armor over it. She had on matching black pants, and black sandals. In her hand was a sword, that had blood already on it. This is Uzuki Yugao, a anbu and one of the four ice queens of the village.

Standing in front of them the tiny tyrant known as Gato, with an literal army of hired mercenaries and petty thugs. In front of this group staring at Naruto's group with disinterest was a tall man with tan skin. He was very muscular and looked to be in his early 20's. He had long dark brown hair and the edges of his mouth were stitched together. His eyes were weird as he had green irises, no pupils and red sclerae On his forehead was the traditional Taki headband, with the scratched out symbol. On his fingers were the brown nail polish a dark green ring with the kanji for north on his left middle finger. His entire body was covered with various stitches and looked sewn together. He had on a black vest and black pants. Behind him though a black cloak with red clouds could be seen. Standing behind him with an insane smirk on his face was a man with medium-length grey hair, that was slicked back and distinctive purple eyes. He was wearing his cloak as it was open revealing his upper body and his slashed out Yugakure headband and the strange amulet. He had on dark green nail polish and an orange ring on his left index finger which had the kanji for 3 on it. He had a triple-bladed scythe on his back and was smiling at them. These two were Hidan and Kakuzu and they were members of the still low-key criminal organization Akatsuki. Gato had paid them to finish what Zabuza couldn't. Kakuzu spotting Naruto blinked and said "Hidan it seems as we'll be collecting the Kyuubi Jinchuriki early."

Hidan snorting asked "Can I sacrifice the rest of them Jashin?"

Kakuzu shrugging said "Do what you please."

Hidan smirked at this. Naruto blinked and Hidan was swinging his scythe at Yugao. Naruto knowing that she wouldn't be able to move in time, switched places with her and let Hidan slice his arm off. Naruto screamed as his blood spilled onto the bridge. Hidan smiling and ignoring Kakuzu drew the Jashin circle on the ground and licked the blood off of the scythe. Everyone gained wide eyes when Hidan's skin turned black and white bone-like marks appeared. He smirking said "It seems as the Kyuubi brat has a death wish. Oh well he'll just be a sacrifice to Jashin then."

He then quickly stabbed himself in the side, making Naruto scream out in pain. He laughing at this said "Oh yes. Jashin will enjoy this offering." He then stabbed himself in the arm, making Naruto cry out in pain. Yugao seeing this turned and tried to help Naruto, but Kakuzu stopped her with one of his mask. Kakashi getting his air back was about to go help Naruto, when said boy said "Kakashi-sensei go help Yugao-san."

Kakashi wanted to argue, but sighed knowing better. He jumped to help Yugao with Kakuzu. She spotting him asked "Why aren't you helping Naruto-san."

Kakashi attacking the mask said "Because he told me to help you." Yugao hearing this wanted to ask Kakashi why he listened but was forced to dodge an attack from one of the mask.

Hidan taking great pleasure in stabbing himself and inflicting pain to Naruto suddenly scowled. The reason why, well he could feel that his link was breaking. He looking at the reason why, narrowed his eyes spotting the light in Naruto's eyes grow dim, but for some reason Naruto had a smirk on his face. Hidan wondering why suddenly gained wide eyes when Sasuke with a demon wind shuriken sliced off his head. This caused the curse to end, so Naruto fell to the ground. Naruto still with a smirk on his face said "Sasuke-teme go help Yugao-san and Kakashi-sensei. I'm already dead anyway."

Sasuke wanted to say something but spotting the look in Naruto's eyes he did as he was asked. Sakura and Tazuna moving over to Naruto had worried looks on their faces. Naruto spotting Hidan's head screaming it's lungs out as his body stumbled around looking for it said "That guy isn't dead. Fuck me."

The rest of the light in his eyes then dimmed. Sakura seeing this, put his head in her lap and shut his eyes. She closing her eyes said "I'm so sorry Naruto-kun."

She then kissed him in the middle of his forehead. Tazuna looking at Naruto couldn't help but be reminded of Kaiza, the man he was glad to call son who died protecting what he believed in.

Naruto feeling something warm against him opened his eyes and blinked finding himself in someone's arms being gently rocked. He looking up to see who was rocking him blushed finding a gorgeous face belonging to a giant woman. The woman as if sensing his eyes looked down at him and smiled. This woman had long flowing rainbow colored hair, that framed her face perfectly. Her eyes were a deep purple, and seemed to hold nothing but love. Her smile was like a million clouds in the shape of teeth. Naruto staring asked "Excuse me but who are you and where am I?"

The woman smiling said "I am Rebekah Sheppard, but you may know me as Shinigami or Death. Where are you, well you're in my palace at the edge of reality."

Naruto hearing this gained wide eyes and quickly said "I apologize Death-sama. I will-,!"

She cut him off by placing a stick of pocky in his mouth She smiling at his face, as she had given him an extra sticky one said "Hush child as you have done nothing wrong. Allow me to explain just why you are here." She looking up at the ceiling said "You were born 13 years ago on a night where my foolish twin sister was taking a day off. Her not being there caused the darkness of the world to screw you over. You see you were born to Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, and as you know the night you were born the Kyuubi attacked the village. What you don't know is that both of your parents survived that night but fled the village with the help of your godfather Jiraiya and Sarutobi. How is it that Minato survived the reaper death seal, well it wasn't me that he summoned, but a corporal form of the darkness. Anyway the plan was for Sarutobi to raise you and make you into the perfect little loyal konoha shinobi. I'm sad to say it worked. You are the perfect and loyal konoha shinobi. Once my sister got back in from her day off, she realized what happened and was furious with her assistant who was supposed to be watching for anything. She instantly contacted me and informed me of what happened. I was understandable pissed, and only got more upset once I witnessed Sarutobi letting the mobs beat you up. On that day I came up with a plan to fix what was happening to you." She looking down at the scowling Naruto said "My plan was to finally claim an heir and bless a mortal with my powers."

Naruto hearing this felt his eyes widen. She chuckling said "I needed another person to make if official so I contacted an old friend of mine name Gogeta and informed him of what was happening. He being very upset gave me his DNA to help you with. Now let me tell you that Gogeta is a god, born from the permanent fusion of two saiyan warriors named Vegeta and Goku." She smiling at his face said "As you have been sitting here I have been making you my child adding a little of his DNA as possible, because trust me you do not want to be a saiyan. You have about 75% of my DNA already bonded to you with 10% being his." She smiling at his confused look said "He will only be your DNA giver, I will be your parent along with someone who has stated a interest in being your other parent." Naruto blinked when in came a woman with long curly grey hair, that seemed to shine with a supernatural light. Her skin was fair, and blemish free. Her eyes were black orbs, her pupils shining red rubies. The strange thing was the six golden things on her side that extended all around her back. She was dressed in a red and dark grey kimono, that what looked like wings going up the back. Around her mouth were thick golden pincers. Rebekah smiling said "Naruto I introduce to you the person who will be your other parent, and Goddess in her own right Harley White, otherwise known as Giratina the rebellious princess of the distorted dimension." Harley looking him over smiled at him, and Naruto blinked spotting how many teeth the woman had. Rebekah smiling said "She has also given me a little of her DNA, and that is the last 15% of your DNA." Naruto finally finishing the stick of pocky asked "Does anyone in konoha truly care for me?"

Rebekah smiling gently at him said "Yes, Iruka-san, Ayame-san, Teuchi-san, Konohamaru-san, Udon-san, Moegi-san, Anko-san, Yugao-san and Kakashi-san."

Naruto hearing this blinked as that was literally 9 people who cared for him in that god awful village. He sighing said "I'll stay for them then, everyone else can kiss my tan ass."

Harley hearing this giggled and Naruto found it haunting yet melodic. Rebekah hearing this said "Now let's discuss the perks you gain from the new DNA flowing in you and becoming the child of myself and Harley."

Naruto holding up his hand asked "Can I have another stick of pocky first?"

Rebekah smiling put another less sticky stick of pocky in his mouth. She smiling at his content face said "Now as you have been told I am death incarnate. You are still human and about to be alive again, thus you could become the mortal version of death incarnate. I have control over death, darkness, shadows, and fear. My theory is that you'll gain an affinity to all of these, and quite possibly gain an aura of death that commands respect to all around you. Gogeta really only controlled the apes and monkeys along with the energy known as Ki. You will probably gain these, it's a 25% chance. Harley is what is known as a pokemon, created by what I guess you could call your grandmother Arceus. She is a dual type with the main type being Ghost. The secondary type is Dragon. She is what is known as a legendary and has control over an entire dimension where things are distorted. She also has two forms when she's a pokemon. She has her origin form, which is more snake like and altered form which is more dragon like. My guess is that you'll gain both the Ghostly qualities and the Draconic qualities. To be frank you might even become a dragon yourself so. You will also gain her legendary qualities like for instance something known as pressure which when in the pokemon world makes more attack power be used, but in your world it will most likely be like a stronger version of killing intent."

Naruto blinked hearing this asked "What about the distortion thing."

He blinked when Harley said "You will most likely gain it also, and could possibly even create your own distorted dimension."

Naruto hearing this nodded. Rebekah said "Now it's time to wake up Naru-chan and activate your powers. Save Yugao and Kakashi." Naruto nodding felt himself vanish from her comforting presence.

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