Military Justice (15x08)

Nick: I might have something that can help. Taverts' testimony at a military hearing
Barba: Stop! No, stop talking.
Rollins: Okay, you all right, counselor?
Barba:You almost tripped over the garrity rule. Everything in this file is dirty. An officer can't invoke at a military hearing, so the courts consider this testimony to be compelled, to be coerced.
Olivia: So these statements cannot be used in a criminal prosecution.
Barba: If I even so much as look at this file, I have to recuse myself from the case. Mistrial. Game over. Where did you get this file?
Rollins: It's it was my idea. His ex works at the Pentagon. I thought if he nosed around about Taverts...
Nick: Maria said the flood gates opened up on this guy.
Barba: Yeah, I bet they did. They're setting you up. Someone's trying to poison the well.
Nick: You know, hypothetically, if I had read it, could I talk to another defendant about his relationship with...
Barba: Would you stop talking? You read this file? You can't talk to anyone about any of this, and you're off the case. Me entiendes?

"You know..." Amanda spoke in a low voice, "What happened to Amelia, the way she was treated because she was a you think that's really only because she was in the military?"

We were at our local bar, waiting for Barba and Nick. We were celebrating our winning the case. I stared down at the beer in my hands. Amanda had made some hints before that something had happened to her, when she'd worked in the Atlanta PD. But she had never gone into full detail about it.

"There are rapists everywhere Amanda, you know that."

"I don't mean the rape. I mean...the fact that she always had to prove herself, just because she was a woman...was it like that for you too?"

"Yeah." I shrugged my shoulders, "Well, not when I started working with my old partner. He was so respectful of women, he has three daughters. But before that, yeah definitively and right now as a Sargent I feel the pressure too. What about you?"

Rollins smiled and avoided my gaze, "The Atlanta boys...let's just say they didn't exactly make the job easy for me."

"And now?"

She grinned, "It helps to have a female Sargent."

"Why did you leave in the first place?"

"I just finished talking to Amelia, she's thinking about going to law school." Barba slid into the booth beside me and then looked up at us, "Am I interrupting something?"

"No." Amanda smiled, taking a sip of her drink, "Not at all, Counselar."

She didn't want to talk about it, that was ok.

"Law School?"

Barba nodded, "It surprised me too. She said she wants to use the justice system for doing what is right."

"That's pretty admirable."

"Hey." Nick sat down beside Amanda and avoided Barbas eyes.

"Did you drop Zara off?"

He nodded and then said: "I'm going to get something to drink, does anyone still want something?"

"No." Amanda stood up as well, "But I'll go with you."

When they left I turned to the ADA sitting beside me, "You have to apologise to him."

"For what?"

"You belittled him, when you took him off the case. With everything that's going on with his wife and the divorce...he's not in a good place right now."

He raised his eyebrows and then shook his head, "You planned this, didn't you? Did you tell Rollins to go away with him now too?"

"I knew that you wouldn't have come, if I'd told you before."

"You're unbelievable Olivia. I'm not going to apologise, Nick is a grown man. If this really was a problem for him, then he can tell me himself." He moved to stand up, but I gripped his arm.

"Please, Barba. This is a problem, he's just not good at talking about things that bother him. If this isn't resolved then you two would just get into an argument and I don't want that."

He pulled his arm free and raised his hands questioningly, "How could you possibly know that?"

"I know Nick."

"I'm not going to apologise, if I didn't do anything wrong."

"Please." I leaned forward, "Just do it for me, ok? Please."

He took a deep breath, obviously unhappy about my plea, but then he slid into the booth beside me again, just in time for Amanda and Nicks return.

"To Amelia." I said and the four of us held up our glasses and bottles.

"Listen Amaro, I'm sorry, if I stepped on your toes about the testimony."

Nick shrugged his shoulders, "It's all good, Conselor. No hard feelings, you were just doing your job."

Barba looked at me as if to say I-told-You-so! And I answered with an I-don't-care!-smile.

"So, does anyone feel like dancing?" Amanda asked, "To really celebrate this outcome?"

"I don't dance." Barba said swiftly and I grinned:

"In Public?"

"At all."


There was no way I was going to make a fool out of myself by dancing in front of members of my squad and our ADA, "Well I would, but I don't want to leave Barba here all by himself."

He knew all too well how much he would regret it, if he didn't support me on this and nodded beside me,

"Thanks Detective."

She looked up at Nick raising her eyebrows with a smile.

"I...I have this condition that doesn't allow me to dance ever. It gives me heart-failure and I might collapse."

Amanda laughed and I was glad to see her so surprisingly cheerful, as she pulled Nick to his feet and to the dancefloor.

"So, how long until they're together?" Barba nodded towards the two.

"I don't know. We at SVU have standarads, we don't date colleages or lawyers." I nudged him gently.

"Would you let the Efron-thing go?!" He snapped, but still had an amusing look in his eyes, "Besides we never dated, she only hit on me."

"It's still weird."

He tore his gaze away from Nick and Amanda to look at me, "Do you want to hear something weirder? Last I heard Buchanan has a thing for you!"

"Barba, that's disgusting!" I laughed and he laughed too, "Thank you."

The ADA didn't have to ask what for, "You're welcome."

For apologising to Nick, even though he hadn't done anything wrong, for being in my corner, for making me laugh.

Thank you for all your reviews! Does anyone else think Barba was a bit too harsh with Nick or that they should have talked about it afterwards? I also think its super hot, when Barba speaks Spanish, but maybe that's just me :D