So, it has been a long time since I posted anything. I am really sorry, but I have been very busy lately, and I will continue to be very busy for the next few weeks. I have family from out of state staying with me, so it is difficult to find time to write as much as I would like. Therefore, The Dragon is going on hold. However, as you can see, that does not mean I am done writing for the next few weeks. I had an idea that would require almost NO creativity on my part, but it should still be entertaining to you. This story is going to need a bit of an explanation, so that's what this chapter is about.

Welcome to my new story: The Knight. I spent multiple hours rewriting a timeline of ASOIAF into an AU based around space exploration. Basically, Wheon (Westeros) is a planet that the Germens (First Men) discovered thousands of years ago. Then the Americans (Andals) came. I will post a link to the timeline I created on my page eventually, but I think you get how this is going. The Japanese (Valyrians) created a new form of nuclear weapons and used it to take over Earth (Essos). That caused the Russians (Rhoynar) to hop on some space ships and travel to Wheon as well. Eventually the Japanese destroyed themselves using their nukes, and the rest you can probably guess.

Now for some geography lessons: for the most part, the shape and locations of Wheon are the same as Westeros. Some changes are the Iron Islands, the Three Sisters, Dragonstone, the other islands, and the Wall. The Iron Islands are the moons of Wheon. The Three Sisters are a group of three large asteroids that circle Wheon. Dragonstone is Earth's Moon. I spent a lot of time debating over that specific part, but I figured it would work in the end. Other islands, such as Long Night, Isle of Tarth, the Shields, and all the rest are other, smaller asteroids that are farther from Wheon. The Wall is something totally different. It is a space port near Wheon called the Guardian.

So thousands of years ago, when it was just the Germans, Cluozz (children of the forest), and the Gluep (giants), an alien race invaded Wheon known as the Olen (Others). They came from the planet Fedreo (Beyond-the-Wall). Eventually they were cast back, and the Guardian was built to protect Wheon from the Olen, should they invade again. Later on, when the Americans came, some of the Germans (wildlings) and all of the Cluozz and Gluep evacuated to Fedreo and live there, hidden away from the Olen.

The government and class system remains close to the same as Westeros. When the Germans came over, they used the title of king, like they did in the past. When the Americans came, they adopted that use. The Russians called themselves Princes. None of this is hard to believe. However, I had a hard time with the military class system. I figured most knights would be captains, some would be commanders, and the leader would be the general. The foot soldiers and archers would be just regular soldiers. But that left no room for hedge knights. They wouldn't be captains, and they wouldn't be common soldiers. So then I decided they would be called knights. It's weird, but not entirely unrealistic.

Anyways, that is all I have to explain. If you have any more questions, just comment and I'll answer. The official first chapter should be up soon. Enjoy!