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Chapter 1

Ichigo's POV

It has been about eight years since I found myself in the endless dessert known as Hueco Mundo. My life thus far has been interesting but nothing very exciting. The worst part of living here is I have always been alone. When I was alive people always said loneliness is the worst form of torture there is. Now I would have to agree with them there it is miserable.

Even though I live in this world with no one I try to keep myself positive and hope that I will eventually run into someone I can call a friend or maybe more (insert Ichigo's dads sex comment here). Still optimism can only go so far and since I became a Vasto Lorde two years ago my life has been even more dull.


I just got done with my hunt scoring four adjuches hollows when I suddenly felt really tired and my body felt like a thousand pounds. After five minutes that feeling changed into the worst pain I have every felt. It could only be described as magma flowing through my veins.

This pain went as quickly as it came and then I passed out. After what I guessed was hours, my body finally let me get up and I felt different for the lack of a better word. The most obvious change was my size I used to be an oversized brut. I'm still tall don't get me wrong but I lost a lot of muscle mass, I couldn't get my head around this I have less muscle but my body feels so much stronger than before.

Then there was the fact I no longer have a huge tail swinging behind me, to be honest I didn't miss it all that much it got in the way more often than not. The only other big change I could find was my mask, it felt very much like a skull even including a temporomandibular (jaw bone, sorry I'm in a lot of health based classes so I might use some medical terms here and there but I will make sure to give a definition when I do), the teeth where sharply pointed then their where the two horns. Near the back of my head on each side a horn protruded out pointing straight forward. All in all I think that my new look is bad-ass. (Basically Ichigo's hollow form when fighting Ulquiorra.)

End Flashback

Ever since then my life has been the most boring experience ever, hollows avoided me like wildfire. In the past two years I have only encountered five hollows and only one being at Vasto Lorde level, but they all wanted to fight so I had to kill them. Currently I'm just wondering the sands since there isn't much else to do than this or sleep. I heard a cero go off in the distance, I guess I should go check it out.

It only took about five minutes to get close enough to notice the hollows that where fighting. One looked a lot like a horse with thick armor over its shoulders and over its back. The thing that would catch people's eye where the color of its hair, it was a bright teal. Not like I can talk, my hair is a bright orange so yeah. The other two fighting seemed weird, it looked like a giant bear and the other was a bird of some kind which again I thought was weird.

There I go again talking about others like they are weird when I have orange hair and look like a devil, I'm just awesome aren't I. Come on Ichigo back to what's important I need to figure out what's going on.

Nels POV

I'm so tired this fight has been going on for a long time and I'm in a lot worse shape than either of them. I was silently hoping someone would come and help but this is Hueco Mundo, hollows don't just show up and help others out of kindness. I couldn't risk thinking of anything else at the moment, so I shook my head clear of thoughts while I looked back at the two hollows across from me. Again thoughts entered my head this time it was about my death, maybe if they are nice they will end it quick for me but that won't happen.

This time I was brought out of my thoughts when the hollow looking like a bear dashed at me, it was going so fast there is no way I could dodge but I didn't need to. Before the hollow's hand reached me another one this one solid white grabbed it's wrist. Having no idea what is going on I didn't know how to react, so I just stood there watching and waiting for this new hollow to say something but it never did. Before anyone else could more his left hand darted towards the hollows chest resulting in a gaping hole and blood pouring out.

Then he was gone, how is that possible its speed is insane I never even sensed him move. The dyeing scream of the bird like hollow, who found a similar fate brought me out of my thoughts of this mystery hollow. Looking up I saw him just staring at me.

Ichigo's POV

Those two hollows where a cake walk for me, hopefully I won't have to kill this teal haired one as well. Then it hit me what is probably going through her head right now, a demon just showed up and destroyed these two hollows and now it's my turn. Damn it's times like this that I wish I could talk, oh yeah never mentioned that before did I. Well don't know why, but I haven't been able to talk since becoming a hollow it doesn't make much sense.

I can think just fine and I can read and write but something keeps me from talking. Now that I'm thinking about it that might be why it's hard for me to find someone to be friends with. I was taken out of my thoughts by a very quiet voice. When I looked it was the voice of the hollow in front of me just as quiet as the first time she said, "Hello."

I was stumped this hollow no, she was talking to me man this is awesome someone that might actually be willing to spend time with me. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks how will this work since I can't talk. Okay I'll just have to write it out in the sand, this is my first shot at a friend and I'm not blowing it. Quickly as I could I crouched down and started writing, I wrote "sorry I can't talk so I'll just write it in the sand ok".

This seemed to work because she said, "Its okay I was just kind of shocked when you showed up that's all, my name is Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck but you can call me Nel". This is great finally someone who isn't avoiding me or running at first sight, maybe we can be friends after all. After I finished day dreaming I remembered that we were having a conversation. So I wrote, "My name is Ichigo Kurosaki, it is really nice to meet you Nel it gets really lonely out here oh and you can call me Ichigo".

We kept talking for a little while until we knew a bit more about each other, I learned she used to have some companions but they died about a year ago. I also learned that she is currently and adjuches, which made me think back to the fight and why she had so much trouble killing them. The best thing off all though is she said she would accompany me even after learning, I can't talk and I'm a Vasto Lorde.

Three Months Later

Me and Nel have become what I would call friends, we got past the whole communication block fairly well which was the best part for me. I had someone to talk to and enjoy their company, I wouldn't trade that for the world. Nel was really nice, funny, caring, and seemed to enjoy my company as much as I did hers, which was exactly what I had wanted all these years.

Life wasn't all that easy though about a week ago three shinigami showed up talking about creating some kind of army. We came to an agreement after a while, if we decided to join him we would meet them at their base called Las Noches. We still had two days to finally decide which was nice, because there was a lot on my mind.

Firstly the man named Aizen, which seemed like the leader said there are other arrancar there. Then there was the fact that he would turn us into arrancar, which I didn't know what to think. It would give me more strength to keep Nel save, but it would also place us in the middle of a war which puts Nel in danger. After discussing it we decided that we would go it would be best for both of us.

Nel and I where currently standing outside the huge gate that lead to what we guessed was Las Noches, we were never really told exactly what it looked like. Once I thought that this might not be the place the front door and gate opened revealing Aizen, Tosen and Gin. They invited us in right away and lead us down hallway after hallway. This place seems like a maze instantly the thought of the walls shifting every night came into my head and I really hope it doesn't do that (hope some people understand that reference).

After the walk through the maze of hallways Aizen, Nel, and myself where the only ones left in a big room. With nothing in it but a pedestal with a metal top. Aizen walked over and put his hand on top, which caused the whole pedestal to glow a light blue then the top opened revealing a purple cube. My curiosity was instantly answered when Aizen said, "This is the hogyoku it is what will turn you into Arrancar". After that Aizen walked over to us and touched it to both of our chests quickly, my reishi was forced out of me I couldn't stop it.

I could feel myself changing again, not the same way I did when turning into a Vasto Lorde though. I could feel my skin getting lighter and my hair was getting shorter. I sensed Nel's reishi burst out like mine and I guess she is going through a similar process.

Once my reishi finally died down a bit I could see a women standing in front of me and the more the reishi cleared the more I could see of her. Then I could see her body clearly and I blushed madly, then turned my head and placed my hand to block and possible side look. I think Nel finally noticed because she had a very similar reaction. That made me wonder and yes I was also naked.

Nel quietly said, "Well I didn't really expect that to happen, but I'm glad that you reacted that way and didn't stare at me it would have made me even more uncomfortable". I'm also somewhat happy she didn't stare at me either. That would have been kind of weird. I wonder if I could talk now, I could try it it's worth a shot. While still looking away very quietly even more so than Nel I said," Yea I'm glad you had a similar reaction, because it would have been very uncomforting being stared at like that."

Nel's POV

Wait what he just said something, I can't believe it that's awesome we can finally talk for real. I was currently daydreaming about being able to finally talk with Ichigo, yeah we had our way of talking with each other. However we could never sit down and just have a nice conversation, but now we could. Out of excitement shouted, "ICHIGO YOU CAN TALK THAT IS AMAZING, finally we can sit down and just talk with each other that makes me really happy".

After I said that I heard him talk again and it made me feel really good he said, "Thanks Nel that means a lot to me, it will be really nice to be able to talk to you for real now." Then Aizen spoke up

"Loly and Menoly will be here in a moment with clothing for each of you". A second later the door opened revealing two short arrancar. They looked like they were in their early teens, the one with black hair walked up to me with a bunch of clothes in her arms. I quietly thanked her and put them on as quickly as I could. All of the clothes where white with black accents, I had a pair of lose fitting paints and a long top. The top went down to about my mid thy and I raped a green sash around my waste.

This made the end of my shirt look almost like a tight skirt. After I had everything on I looked down and put my shoes on which where a pair of black leather sandals. There was a sword next to them witch really got my curiosity going. Its sheath was a green color similar to my sash and had a golden guard, then the handle was the same green as the sheath. I picked it up and placed it in my sash, it really felt like it has always been mine.

After finishing up getting dressed I looked over in Ichigo's direction and found him already dressed as well, his outfit was definitely interesting. He wear similar pants to mine except his where baggier in the legs. Then he had a white undershirt which you could only see a small amount of. Over that he wear a long coat that hugged his body fairly closely. The coat was zipped closed from just below his neck down to his stomach, and in the back the coat reached down to the middle of his calf's. He also wore black sandals like mine.

The most notable feature was the white hood that cover his head and hung over his face, but that wasn't the weird part that was how the hood completely darkened his face. This made his one hollow eye stand out like crazy (I made Ichigo's hollow eyes blood red and not the black and yellow iris I just thought it would be a cool thing for the look).

Before we got dressed I got a good look at his face and is hollow mask basically split in half down the middle of his face leaving the left side complete except the horn. However it still went over the top of his head like a helmet. The other side of his face didn't have any piece of his mask it was his bare skin which is slightly tanned and his right eye was a dark chocolate brown.

I wonder why he is wearing that hood and why does it completely darken his face like that. The eye is also kind of scary if you look at it for long or if you don't know him like I do. Then I noticed his sword, well two swords both identical in color and shape just different lengths. The longer of the two is about three feet the shorter being around two and a half feet. Both of them where solid red Chokuto swords and each blade was pitch black that reflected in the light. He place both of them in his black sash (Think about how Kyoraku has his swords in his sash) which completed his outfit.

Ichigo's POV

Well my appearance has changed yet again, I'm not upset or anything it's just going to be different for a bit but there is definitely a plus. I can finally talk, yeah I have a really quiet and fairly deep voice but I won't complain. I've been waiting to talk with Nel for three months now. Now I just have to wait for whatever else Aizen has planned for today and we can relax, I'm just hoping he isn't planning on me talking with anyone besides Nel. Because that isn't happening.

It isn't really that I'm nervous to talk with others it is mostly that I don't really trust anyone else. I also finally got a good look at Nel, after that whole naked embarrassment that we had once we became arrancars. I have to admit she is gorgeous, her skin is somewhat pale but it suits her well. The biggest thing, no pun intended her breasts are huge. I don't really care what she could have looked like though, she is my best friend and always will be.

Aizen started speaking up and knocked me out of my thoughts he said, " I'm glad both of you are all ready I will have Menoly and Loly show you to the throne room. Once there you will be able to meet the other arrancar that will become espada". After that he left the room leaving Nel, Menoly, Loly, and me.

I looked over at Nel again and smiled which she wouldn't have been able to see because of my hood but she smiled back, that alone was enough to make me happy about our decision. Then Menoly said," We can lead you two to the throne room now, it isn't too far from here". With that we started walking Loly and Menoly leading the way and Nel and I standing next to each other behind them.

I noticed that Nel was looking really nervous and kept wandering closer and closer to me. She was about hands length away so I reached out and lightly grabbed her hand in mine. Than whispered," Nel everything will be fine, I'm always going to be here to keep you save so you don't have to worry about anything". I guess this worked because she squeezed my hand than looked at me and smiled. I did the same and again I think she somehow noticed me smile which I don't understand no one else notices my face so how can she.

We walked hand in hand for a while until we reached a door and Menoly turned around and said," This is the throne room we aren't allowed in there so we won't be accompanying you guys, good luck". Loly just nodded her head and they both left. Nel and I decided it would be best to let our hands because we don't really know what the reaction would be. With that we opened the doors and walked in.

I was not expecting what we saw, there were a total of eleven people the only ones I knew where Aizen, Tosen, and Gin. Aizen was sitting on the throne sitting in the middle of the room and above the table in the center. Tosen and Gin standing on either side of him. Next I noticed the people at the table they all looked really different but where wearing similar outfits to ours.

The ones that sticked out the most to me was a man with a tank for a head and it looked like two different brains where floating in it that is definitely weird. Next was a man with bright blue hair and his mask fragment was really different to, it was on the side of his face resembling the jaw of some kind of animal. Close to him was a women with blonde hair and dark skin, she also had a fairly big bust size but has nothing on Nel. Wait why am I thinking that I shouldn't think about Nel that way, because she probably wouldn't think that way about me and I don't want to be thought of as a pervert or something.

I was broke out of my weird thought silently thanking whoever it was who started talking. An older looking man sitting next to the one with blue hair spoke up saying," So these are the new recroutes, they don't look like shit, I doubt either of them will be higher that sexta espada".

Then Aizen spoke," Well Baraggan we will see where you all rank tomorrow, now back to business. I would like everyone to introduce themselves starting with you Stark." The man at the end of the table stood up. He had shoulder length brown hair, with on long strand hanging over his face. Around his neck was his mask piece it looked like some kind of necklace. His outfit was fairly basic like everyone else's, he however was wearing two white gloves.

He said, "My name is Coyote Stark it is a pleasure to meet the two of you". Next to him was the blonde haired women. Her hair was spiky and wild somewhat like mine, she also had two small braids on either side of her head. He outfit was different, the pants were normal but the shirt wasn't. I barely covered her breasts and went all the way up to her mouth covering it. On both sides where her cheeks are where two golden rings attached to the coat. She got up and said, "My name is Tier Harribel".

Next to her was a was another tall man most likely the tallest with dark black hair. It was very long compared to the others, with it brushed off to both sides of his face. He had a big eye patch that covered his left eye. His outfit was mostly basic the only different thing was the collar, it was huge and if you looked at it right you could see it being a big spoon. He didn't get up but said," My name is Nnoitra Gilga and I'm not going to take shit from either of you weaklings". Yep we will be best friends all right, really though I need to make sure he stays away from Nel.

Then there was the blue haired guy. His outfit was somewhat similar to Harribel's, he wore the same pants. He didn't wear a shirt only a vest that he left unzipped. His hollow hole was on his lower abdomen or upper pelvis. He didn't get up either and said, "My name is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, remember it because if we ever fight I'll kill you". That wasn't as bad as Nnoitra's threat, but still I might want to keep an eye out for him.

The final person on that side of the table was older looking man. He had white hair and a bushy mustache. His mask fragment was very obvious a big crown on his head. He wore a white under shirt with black vertical lines on it, his overcoat was solid white. The collar of it was very bushy and made of black fur. He didn't bother to stand up either but said, "My name is Baraggan Louisenbairn and I don't care who either of you two worms are". Awesome I don't really care who he is either, just as long as he stay away from Nel.

My only hope was that the rest would it least be decent because, I already know that most people on the left side of the table I'm going to have to keep away from Nel. I looked over to the right side and only hoped they would be okay. The one closest to us was the man with the glass dome for a head.

His outfit was very simply, he wore a long robe under a coat. The coat wasn't too big, the collar came up very high though. Inside the dome was two small head shaped balls, each looking slightly different from the other. One had a left eye and two stripes going over the top of it, while the other had two squinted eyes, and one strip going over the top with some spike on it. He actually stood up and gave us a slight bow and said," My name is Aaroniero Arruruerie it is a pleasure to meet the two of you".

My very first thought was either he is basically two people or his voice changes not sure which. The two different brains I'm guessing makes me gravitate towards the first idea. Next to him was a Pinked hair slender man. He wore white glasses with square frames, his outfit wasn't to different but had its personality.

He didn't wear any overcoat opting to only wear a long sleeve shirt. He wear gloves just like Stark, they had some black around the base of each finger though. His pants were the same as almost everyone else's, lastly he had two cloth loops on each side of his hip. They hung down to his mid thy and I don't see any real use for them, he did hold his sword in one of them though. He stood up and said," My name is Szayelporro Granz hopefully you guys have some intelligence in you".

Lastly was a man with very pale skin, it was almost the same shade of white as our outfits. His mask fragment looked somewhat like a helmet, however it only covered the left side of his head. It had a horn on the side that stuck out slightly, down the middle ran a section that extended down to the middle of his eyes. On the bottom of the left side was three segments that attached to it, looking somewhat like a spine. He stood up and said," My name is Ulquiorra Cifer and my hope is neither of you are brutes".

I could tell that he would probably be one of the easier ones to get along with including Stark and Harribel. Then Aizen motioned for us to take a seat and said," Now if you two may introduce yourselves". I sat down next to Ulquiorra because I didn't want Nel sitting by anyone, I didn't think Ulquiorra would do anything but there is definitely people at this table that would.

I guess this ticked of Nnoitra because he shouted," Why the fuck does that bitch get to sit at the head of the table". Before he could say anything else I slammed my fist down onto the table and flared my reishi to about thirty percent. My reishi is a solid black and it came off of me like flames. I only did this for a moment but it had the effect I wanted, everyone but Nel was affected by it. It was only because I did my best to keep my reishi away from her. I noticed that some were affected heavily, they were having trouble breathing and looked like they would start sweating heavily any second.

Aaroniero, Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Szayel, were the ones that looked like this. All the others didn't have the same breathless feeling but I could tell it did affect them. Nel leaned over and whispered in my ear," Thank you for defending me but you kind of cracked the table ". I looked down and she was right there were several cracks running from where I hit the table. I'm just glad it didn't shatter the table that would have been really bad. After that I looked up and everyone was staring at me with wide eyes which I didn't get at all it's just a little reishi and cracks in a stone table.

Then Aizen spoke up and said, "Well that is quite interesting you where able to crack Sekkiseki rock with little difficulty that is impressive". I'm still not sure what is supposed to be so impressive about it, it's just a rock but I didn't say anything. Then Aizen asked," Would you two like to introduce yourselves now".

With that I leaned over to Nels ear and whispered," Could you please introduce me to I don't really feel comfortable talking and make sure to tell them that if anyone wants to touch you they will have to go through me". Nel looked at me and smiled I'm guessing it's because I'm putting the fact that Nel is under my protection against anyone.

Then she stood up and said, "My name is Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck it is nice to meet you", then she gestured towards me and said, "This is Ichigo Kurosaki I'm sure he is somewhat happy to meet you guys it least some of you". Then she said," Oh yeah um he also wanted me to tell all of you that if any of you hurt me you will have to answer to him." I looked around and noticed some surprised, irritated, and happy looks.

Baraggan said," Why does this worm have a bitch talk for him". Again I flared my reishi and stared straight at him.

Before I could do anything else Nel put her hand on my shoulder and said," It's okay Ichigo he didn't do anything that hurt me". I instantly calmed down and looked back at Nel and smiled again then she said," He doesn't talk with anyone else but me because, he couldn't talk when he was a hollow but he might eventually start talking to some of you. oh and Aizen would it be okay for Ichigo to relay what he wants to say to me for me to say it". I looked up at Aizen expecting him to say definitely not or something like that but he simple nodded his head.

Than said," Of course whatever will work for the two of you, and now that this has been settled, I would like to let all of you know during tomorrow's meeting I will be giving all of you your ranks". After a second he said," With that this meeting is over I just ask for Nel and Ichigo to stay for a moment, Loly and Menoly will be here shortly to show you to your palaces". Every one left with that and Nel and I just waited for Loly and Menoly to show.

Then Gin spoke up for the first time," So are you and Nel a couple or what is your relationship". I instantly blushed thinking of being in a relationship with Nel and I looked over and to my surprise she was also blushing heavily. This really surprised me I started thinking maybe she would actually like to be in a relationship to just thinking that made me smile but I was brought out of that quickly.

Aizen spoke up next," Gin do not pester them about whatever their relationship is if they are a couple it doesn't matter to us".

Gin dropped is grin and said," Yes of course I apologize, but to be honest you'd make a great couple the princess and the knight in shining armor kind of."

I never thought I would be happy to hear a door open but it meant that Loly and Menoly where here to take use out of here. Getting up quickly Nel and I walked over to the door and where greeted by Menoly," Hello guys it's nice to see you again". Loly just grunted and didn't say anything.

Nel said," It is really nice to see you guys to'. With that we walked out of the room and followed Menoly and Loly. I was currently thinking about Nel and the possibility that we might become a couple and yet again I was broke out of my thoughts, but it wasn't someone talking. Nel reached over and grabbed my right hand and held onto it, with that I looked over at her and she had a big smile on her face. I smiled back and squeezed her hand to and we just looked at each other's eyes for a minute before Loly spat out," Are you guys like a couple or something jeez you guys look like you could stare at each other for ever".

I was getting ready to say something to Nel but she beat me to it she said," Yes, we are a couple'. Then looked at me and smiled again, Hearing this my heart almost stopped Nel actually wants to do this what do I say, what do I do, I'm really confused right now. I did the only thing I could think a asked Nel," Are you sure you want to be together Nel".

After saying that she squeezed my hand harder and spoke really softly," Of course Ichigo why wouldn't I, you're a great person and you are willing to do so much for me why wouldn't I want to be with you". We walked for a while and an idea popped into my head.

I leaned over to Nels ear and asked her," Would you be willing to stay in one palace so I will be able to always keep you safe".

Nel looked at me smiled and nodded than asked Menoly," Which one of the palaces is the bigger one Menoly".

Menoly stated, "The one we are headed to right now is the bigger of the two why".

Nel replied with," Because Ichigo and I are going to be staying in the same palace, we just wanted to know which one was bigger". I could see a surprised look and both Menoly and Loly's faces but neither said anything

After another ten minutes of walking we finally arrived to a huge building not as big as Las Noches but still big. Menoly and Loly said," We have other stuff we have to do so we will leave you two to look around your palace". With that the two sonidod away and Nel and I walked up to the front door. We opened it and I was really surprised by it the room was so, on the ceiling was a large chandler with several lights on it. The walls where a plain white like everything else in this place, but it doesn't bother me.

On each side of the room is a stair case the leads to the top floor, Nel and I walked up the one on the right side to find two small bedrooms and a bathroom, at the end of the hall was a small closet. After looking at the left side we went across to the right hallway and found a closet on the right and a library on the left. The last door at the end of the hall lead to a big master bedroom. The bed was in the middle of the room up against the wall, it was definitely a king sized bed if not bigger you could easily fit three or four people in it.

On each side of the bed by the wall there were two side stands with a lamp on each. Looking at the right side of the room there was a door that lead to a big walk in closet that had a lot of clothes in it. Surprisingly their where a lot of outfits that looked just like mine and Nels outfits. I wonder if Aizen had this planned out, that would be the most likely reason for it to have outfits like ours in it. How would he have known that we would decide to do this though, oh yeah he meat us when we were together as hollows. He most likely saw the way we interact with each other.

On the left side of the room there was a desk with a big mirror sitting on top. I walked over to it and looked at myself my clothes cover all of my skin except my hand and a small part of my neck. Looking at my face the only think that you can see is my hollow eye, the blood red light that it creates pierces through the darkness of my hood. Will I was concentrated on my face I didn't notice Nel walking over and standing on my right and leaned her head on my shoulder. She reached up and took my hood off and I came face to face with what I look like.

The left side of my mask is still there but my right side where my mask was gone surprised me the most. I had very little fat on my face which made my jaw line really noticeable. Looking at my right eye gave me hope that I'm actually more human than I thought it actually looked normal and was a nice chocolate brown. I smiled at the thought of not being a monster anymore and then I looked at Nel. Her teal hair is really nice and flows really long down to her mid back. Her mask sat on top of her head in the form of a ram skull, most would say that it is really cartoony but I don't care. It shows two sides of her personality the skull showers her strong and sturdiness. The cartoon style shows her fun and child like personality and I love both sides, wait did I just think that I love them, does that mean I love Nel too. I don't know this is definitely new and I'm going to have to think about it for a while until I have finally decided.

Nel's POV

When I walked up to Ichigo looking at himself in the mirror I saw him smile and then I remembered this is the first time that I have seen his face like this. I have to admit to myself that he is handsome. After a couple of minutes I saw his eyes shift onto me in the mirror and it made me wonder what he thinks of me. Does Ichigo think I'm pretty, would he be embarrassed to be seen with me. No Nel don't think like that this is Ichigo we are talking about, if he didn't like me he wouldn't do what he does for me.

But I had to be sure so I contemplated for a while until I asked," Ichigo do you like me, I don't mean like a friend, I want to know if you would want to be with me and if you would want to be seen with me".

It only took him a second to reply but it seemed like ages before he spoke," Of course Nel you are an amazing and beautiful women why wouldn't I want to be seen with you, and I don't get how you could think I would be embarrassed to be seen with you. I'm over joyed to be with you Nel, your perfect and anyone would be grateful to be with you". It took a while for what he said to register with me but when it did I was really happy, I instantly hugged Ichigo as hard as I could and started crying into his shoulder.

After a minute I stopped crying and started saying," Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Ichigo!". We stayed like that for a couple more minutes until I realized that it was getting late and we should probably go to bed. So I stopped the hug and looked at Ichigo and said," It's getting late we should get ready to go to bed". He nodded and we walked into the closet grabbed a change of clothes and then I walked into the bathroom. After five minutes I walked out and saw Ichigo standing by the door.

He said," I'll see you in the morning Nel I'll sleep downstairs on the coach and you can have this room". I was stumped for a second but I got what he was saying he didn't want to make me uncomfortable with just saying he will sleep in here.

So I went up to him and grabbed his arm and started dragging him to the bed while doing this I said," I want you to sleep here Ichigo, we slept close to each other for months as hollows and I'm not going to let our new appearances change that I don't feel safe without you here". With that I got into bed and pulled him in too. Ichigo was laying on his back so I cuddled up next to him resting my head on his chest and said," Night Ichigo".

He replied with, "Night Nel,, hope you sleep well". I quickly dosed off .

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