Drawing his blades Ichigo's Reiatsu flared immensely easily taking away the force Aizen's was causing. Offering one last glance back Ichigo began walking towards Aizen, ready to finally end this. Watching Ulquiorra asked, "How, when did he?"

Putting a hand on his shoulder Kisuke said, "I tried to destroy the Hogyoku once I created it, the result was a small fragment of it breaking off. I kept this tiny shard away from the rest of the Hogyoku to hopefully limit it's power, but you can tell that didn't work."

Watching as Ichigo was only ten feet from Aizen they both disappeared. Trying to sense them Ulquiorra said, "I can't even sense them anymore." Looking up to Kisuke he asked, "Where did they go?"

Shaking his head Kisuke said, 'I'm not certain, but they are still somewhere in Hueco Mundo I just can't tell where."

With an incredible force the entire dome before them began the shack, cracks began to form at the base and spread quickly towards the top. Looking on large pieces split from the main structure and fell to the ground.

Nearby Yamamoto watched and thought, 'The final fight seems to have already began.'

Turning back towards Kyojin he sent a wave of fire forwards and used it as cover to disappear. As Kyojin use his own fire to block Yamamoto's blaze he didn't notice Yamamoto appearing behind him. Bringing his sword up he sliced through Kyojin's back and he fell forwards as a result. Walking up to his body Yamamoto didn't hesitate to kill him, letting his Shikai fade he made his way to the dome.

As a giant piece of the dome broke off and fell to the sands below the result caused the entire begin to begin collapsing. As the tons of stone crashed into the sand it caused a giant cloud to form. Everyone in the area was forced to cover themselves as this torrent of sand crashed into them.

The only battle still going on was forced to a complete stop as they fought to see. When the last of the dome fell the Reiatsu of Aizen and Ichigo could be felt once again. As the force behind them grew two objects landed on the sands in front of the group as two pillars of sand shot into the sky.

As all the sand settled everyone stared towards the source of the two giant Reiatsu forces. As they expected it was Ichigo and Aizen blades locked at eachother's throats. Kisuke watched as Aizen's appearance was still changing. Form the small amount of time it took for them to destroy the dome a white substance has completely covered his body. Due to this white color the purple glow of the Hogyoku and his purple eyes seemed to shine even brighter.

Aizen wasn't the only one that had changed though. Ichigo had already activated his Hollow Eye and the flames erupted from both eyes. In a quick motion the two pulled away from each other and each took a defensive stance.

Without even moving the pressure behind their Reiatsu increased once again making it feel like the air itself was hundreds of pounds around them. Yet due to their Reishi connection Nel was the only one that didn't feel the force.

Making his way to the group Yamamoto called out, "Kisuke, what exactly did you do to heal him?"

Looking over at the old man Kisuke let out a sigh. "I let Ichigo absorb a small fragment of the Hogyoku, with the hope it would heal whatever was messing with his Reiatsu. Luckily it worked like I had hoped it would, now it's up to him."

Leaning on his cane Yamamoto watched the two closely and noticed a small crack forming in the white bone like substance that covered Aizen's head. As a small piece broke off a purple light shined out through the crack. Touching the small crack Aizen said, "I should have guessed you would get at least one strike in. That doesn't matter though, I'm close to a completely different level than even you Ichigo."

Once again the two rushed at each other and as their blades connected the force sent a shock wave around them. Bringing back his second sword Ichigo poured a cero into it and as the black and purple energy began to gush from the blade he brought it forwards in an upward swing. Yelling, "Cerro Arco!" As the attack exploded.

Just as Ichigo planned it made direct contact. Jumping back he watched as the giant explosion encased Aizen. Landing next to Kisuke, Ichigo said, "He's going to come out of that even stronger."

Looking back over the group Ichigo said, "Everyone just stay back this battle is going to get out of hand soon."

Before Ichigo could walk back into the fight Nel grabbed onto him and laid her chin on his shoulder. Quietly she said, "I love you."

Closing his eyes Ichigo said, "I love you to Nel, more than anything in the world. That's why I have to do this."

Making his way towards the dying explosion Ichigo held onto his swords tighter as he watched Aizen walk from the blast. As he became clear a large part of the bone that covered him was gone. To Ichigo's surprise Aizen was in front of him instantly and reached out and touched his chest. Looking down at him Aizen said, "It appears that I have gained power greater than your's." Before Ichigo had a chance to jump back Aizen pushed him back with incredible force.

Throwing Ichigo back hundreds of feet he flew past everyone at an incredible speed. Watching this Ulquiorra instinctively summoned his spear and threw it towards Aizen who simply held his hand out. As the spear came close Aizen grabbed it and it shattered in his hand. Ulquiorra was completely shocked by this and just stared at Aizen who kept walking towards them.

Appearing in front of Aizen, Yamamoto sent a wave of fire at him. From inside the giant fireball Aizen asked, "This is all the Captain Commander has to offer?"

With a sudden blast of purple Reiatsu the fire was extinguished and Aizen appeared behind Yamamoto. Stabbing him through the spine Aizen cracked a smile and with a quick motion tore his blade up through Yamamoto's shoulder. Leaning on his sword Yamamoto looked back to see Aizen turning from him and continuing towards the others.

As Yamamoto tried to bring up his sword Aizen said, "You won't be able to fight me Yamamoto, but if you want to die so badly I'll gladly oblige."

In another flash Aizen appeared next to Yamamoto and brought his sword down to kill him. To his surprise his blade was blocked by Kisuke's. Disappearing Aizen appeared away from Kisuke and watched as he helped Yamamoto back to the others. "You truly think he will survive Kisuke?"

Ignoring the question Kisuke laid Yamamoto on the ground and turned back to Aizen. As the two were about to rush towards each other an explosion of Reiatsu came from behind the group. A giant pillar shot into the sky and didn't dissipate for several seconds. Once it did Ichigo was in front of Aizen in an instant, stabbing his swords into the ground between the two of them and shouted, "Cero Ataud!"

Reiatsu from his blades began to flow into the ground and a black circle formed around the two. In a quick flash the circle that was formed around them created a pillar that encased the two of them. Looking on everyone watched as the pillar began to darken to the point of becoming pitch black. For a few seconds nothing happened and you could no longer feel either of their Reiatsu.

Inside the pillar the ground began to crumble apart and in a flash purple Reiatsu erupted from the ground. On the outside the pillar slightly expanded from the pressure building up. As it kept expanding cracks started to form as Reiatsu began to escape. All of a sudden the pillar shattered and all the remaining Reiatsu blasted out in all directions.

Looking on in the center of the destruction Ichigo was kneeling and breathing heavily, while Aizen was nowhere to be seen. Nel, Kisuke and Ulquiorra all ran up to him and Nel pulled him into her arms. As his breathing became easier Kisuke asked, "What exactly was that?"

Shaking his head Ichigo said, "The final form of a cero I created. I made it as a last resort and in some cases possibly sacrificial. I pour everything I have into two cero's and let them go unstable inside the pillar I formed. It's honestly designed in a way that could kill both parties inside."

Hearing this tears began to form in Nel's eyes and she asked, "Why would you use something like that?"

"I know Nel I'm sorry, but even if it costs me my life Aizen needs to be taken out. I'd much rather sacrifice myself than let him harm anyone else."

Looking over the area Kisuke said, "I guess it actually worked."

Standing up Ichigo said, "I hope it did, that was the last trick I had."

Ulquiorra asked, "What do you mean that was your last trick, what about your release?"

"My release isn't something I want to use in front of anyone I don't plan on killing. I've learned what power it holds and what it does to me, it isn't something I'd want any of you to witness."

As the spoke the area in front of them began to glisten like glass and then shattered to reveal a copy of the area. As it did Aizen stepped forwards and said, "That was very surprising Ichigo, I had no knowledge of that attack."

Ichigo just looked on, the last trump card he could pull didn't work at all. Kneeling down Ichigo said, "I'm sorry everyone, but I guess I have to do this." Bringing his swords up he stabbed them into the ground and yelled, "Annihilate Alarcon!"

The initial burst of energy sent everyone but Aizen flying back hundreds of feet. As Nel finally stopped she looked on to see Ichigo encased in a violent sphere of black Reiatsu. As it grew in size hints of purple began to appear and lash out, when this purple Reiatsu hit something it instantly caught fire.

As everyone finally was able to see what was happening Ichigo's Reiatsu spiked higher than it ever has before. On the opposite side of the giant sphere Aizen was forced to move away as well. Looking on he said, "This is the power I've been wanting to test my strength against. A transcendent being that resembles death itself."

The skies were beginning to darken as dense clouds formed above them. The incredibly loud bangs of thunder ripped through the air as lightning began striking down across the battlefield. In a quick flash lightning struck the sphere and created a small explosion.

Holding Nel back Kisuke and Ulquiorra both watched on with a mix of wonder and fear. The unknown will always create people to come up with their own ideas yet the unknown can also create fear. Without knowing the true nature of something it's impossible not to feel fear towards it. Right now the immense power Ichigo was releasing was doing just that. Creating both wonder and fear in everyone's mind.

Once the sphere was ten feet wide it began to calm down and the Reiatsu stopped lashing out. To everyone's surprise the Reiatsu began to pour into the ground and disappear into the sands. This kept happening until just a small layer of Reiatsu remained around Ichigo, just enough to block what was happening inside of it.

You could actually see the Reiatsu spread out under the ground below everyone. As it spread out it changed the sands color to a dark black. The ground in a mile radius changed to this dark black color as his Reiatsu stopped spreading. Everyone was forced out of this giant circle with an incredible gust of wind, watching Aizen questioned, 'What exactly is happening inside of that torrent of Reiatsu?'

His question was about to be answered. From the edge of this black circle magma began to flow out onto it and towards Ichigo. As it started to cover the giant circle the thunderstorm above began to become more violent, larger lightning strikes connected to the ground more frequently and the thunder grew louder. As the largest lightning strike connected not to far away from the group rain began to fall.

Holding his hand out Kisuke said, "How is Ichigo's release doing all of this?"

Shaking his head Ulquiorra said, "I'm not really sure, I just know it's getting very out of hand. If it doesn't calm down soon we'll need to move even further away."

Ichigo's Reiatsu jumped once again and sent everyone to their knees. With one last explosive gust blowing out from the Reiatsu that encased Ichigo everything stopped. The clouds were all pushed away and as a result the thunderstorm was stopped along with the magma that has now hardened and created a thick slab that encased everything around Ichigo.

As if none of it ever happened the area became calm once again except for the small amount of Reiatsu that was circling around Ichigo. Watching the small torrent begin to calm Aizen started to walk towards the giant slab of dried magma with his sword at his side.

On the other side of everything the group was finally able to stand up and recollect themselves after being pushed around by the winds and force. As they watched Aizen step onto the black circle Ichigo began to move. The Reiatsu that encased him was now so little it was only about an inch thick. As Ichigo stood up the Reiatsu stopped and revealed the change Ichigo went through.

Covering his entire body was a suit of black samurai style armor with hints of purple at the joints. From the top of his helmet a purple thistle hung down to his shoulders. Holding out his hand a black Naginata formed in it. At both ends of the long five foot handle two black blades stuck out creating a deadly double sided weapon. The only color on the weapon was the purple cloth wrapped around the middle of the handle. Stabbing one end into the ground Ichigo looked straight at Aizen and all Aizen could see was emptiness in the black orbs of his eyes.

From behind him everyone watched as Ichigo started to slowly walk towards Aizen. Starring him down Aizen used flash step to appear in front of Ichigo to deliver a surprise strike, only to have Ichigo easily block with his weapon. The force behind Aizen's strict however easily cracked the ground around them, yet didn't seem to cause any stress to Ichigo.

Grabbing his weapon with both hands Ichigo quickly spun it forcing Aizen back. As he continued to spin it purple Reiatsu began to form from the base of the blades. It quickly covered both of the blades and in a sweeping motion he sent a wave of it towards Aizen. As it reached him Aizen used his hand to redirected it.

Looking back towards Ichigo he said, "While it seems your physical strength has improved your Reiatsu is not as strong as mine."

Walking towards Ichigo the force of his Reiatsu began to weigh down more on everyone watching. Ichigo watched Aizen carefully and brought his weapon behind him and began to charge more Reiatsu into it.

In an instant Aizen teleported in front of Ichigo once again and to his surprise reached out and touched his chest. "I can so easily reach out and touch you, yet you could never do the same."

Ichigo quickly grabbed a hold of Aizen's wrist, 'When did you?' Before Aizen could finish his thought Ichigo slammed one of his blades into the ground causing a giant explosion to engulf the two.

From the giant inferno Ichigo jumped out and landed just a few feet in front of the group. After a few seconds Aizen still hadn't appeared from the blaze and Ichigo was beginning to walk towards it. A strong gust of wind from inside the fireball quickly dissipated it and revealed Aizen standing there. He was holding onto a large gash on his chest which was slowly closing up.

Looking up from the wound Aizen said, "I was very surprised by that last attack Ichigo. I never expected you would pull something like that. Now then it's about time we finish this."

Pointing towards the sky Aizen's Reiatsu began to form around him, "I will destroy you with kidou."

"The crest of turmoil swells. The vessel of madness grows insolent. They boul, they deny, they become numb, they blink and they impede slumber." As Aizen's Reiatsu began to increase it caused his hair to float above him freely and increased the force on everyone in the area. Continuing, "The princess of iron crawls. The mud doll ceaselessly destroys itself. Unite! Revolt! Be filled with earth and know your own impotence!"

"Hadou #90: Kurohitsugi!"

In a giant square around Ichigo black Reiatsu began to solidify and form a giant pillar. As it reached high into the sky it reached a hundred feet in the sky before finally completing itself. As the last of it closed around Ichigo, Aizen looked on very satisfied with himself.

Looking it over there were several different sized crosses protruding from the top of the giant pillar. While the rest of it was just darkness, no color or unique shape to it. As Aizen watched a giant piece was blown away and caused cracks to run across the entire surface. As the thin layer or Reiatsu shattered Ichigo slowly walked forwards at a leisurely pace.

For the first time since transforming Ichigo spoke, but in a much deeper and raspy voice, "You think me so weak Aizen? I'm the only one that can end this fight in one attack!"

Spinning his weapon in one hand Ichigo began to form a cero in his left and let Reiatsu pour into his weapon. Dashing towards Aizen, Ichigo held onto his blades with bout hands and the cero began to pour into the blade increasing the amount of Reiatsu pouring from them. As the Reiatsu increased the size of the blades three times Ichigo used a quick burst of sonido and appeared next to Aizen. In on quick downwards motion the Reiatsu enhanced blade easily cut through Aizen's chest and as the blade stopped the Reiatsu exploded off of it.

Jumping back Ichigo rotated his hold on the handle so the second blade that still had Reiatsu was ready to attack. Watching as his first attack began to dissipate Ichigo slammed his blade into the ground and the Cero rocketed towards Aizen cutting through the ground as it went.

Looking up all Aizen saw was the giant arc of the Cero crashing into him. As it cut into him it exploded outwards engulfing him once again.

Pushing a blade into the ground Ichigo left her weapon as he walked towards Aizen. As the remains of his attack began to fade away Ichigo saw Aizen lying in the center of it. Two giant and distinct gashes running over his chest while the majority of his body was burnt. Standing over him Ichigo looked down and stomped onto his chest. As Aizen coughed up blood Ichigo held up his hands to his helmet and slowly took it off to reveal a skull resembles a human's but having teeth like a hollows.

Two black lines ran down from the top over the eye sockets and down to the chin while two shorter ones ran to the top of his eye sockets. Kneeling down Ichigo laid his helmet next to them and said, "You were right when you said I'm the incarnation of death itself. It's time for me to show you to the other side Aizen."

Placing his hand over Aizen's face he began to form one last cero in it. As it grew to size Ichigo slammed it down and the explosion engulfed the two of them.

Everyone watched as Ichigo's cero engulfed them and all they could do is wait until it dissipated to see if it was enough. Standing up Nel started to walk towards the explosion and was quickly joined by Ulquiorra and Kisuke while everyone else tended to the wounded.

Looking over his double sided Naginata Nel grabbed onto the handle as it began to break apart and crumble away. As the last of it turned back into Reiatsu and disappeared Nel asked, "This means he reverted back to normal right?"

Kisuke shrugged his shoulders and said, "It seems like it I'm just not entirely sure."

Walking up to the remains of the explosion Ulquiorra let his releases drop and watched as it finally calmed down. On the ground Ichigo was lying down passed out and Aizen was nowhere to be seen. Kneeling down next to him Ulquiorra brought him up and with Kisuke's help picked him up.

While his clothes were very tattered and burnt he looked okay. Holding onto his hand Nel ran her hand down his check before giving him a soft kiss. As Ulquiorra and Kisuke carried him back to the group Nel followed behind holding his two swords that reverted back to normal.

Seeing him Vincio said, "It's nice to know this is finally over. Now it's just a matter of getting everything back to normal."

Nodding Ulquiorra said, "Yeah that's about all there is left." Looking towards Kaen and Izumi they were both kneeling down and looking at the ground. Ulquiorra called out, "What are you two going to do?"

Slowly looking up at him Karen said, "We couldn't move, his Reiatsu was so fierce, dominating it's unlike anything I've ever felt before even from Aizen. I'm not going to fight anymore my body wouldn't let me anyway."

Kisuke just laughed and said, "I guess it's like I thought. Ichigo's Reiatsu is so immense and unrelenting when in his release hollows instinctively cower to such a stronger being. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a similar effect on any hollow in Hueco Mundo maybe even the ones in the World of the Living."

Halibel asked, "Then why didn't his Reiatsu have a similar affect on us? We are hollows after all."

Kisuke answered, "It's because of you time with Ichigo. You actually know him while they don't. When you know the source of something, in this case the strength of Ichigo's Reiatsu you won't fear it. You see Ichigo's Reiatsu as a shield not as a threat it's all due to your perspective of knowing who he really is."

Nodding Ulquiorra said, "That makes sense. We all know that Ichigo would never hurt any of us so no matter how strong his Reiatsu is it won't affect us the same way as it does others."

"Precisely, now then enough of that. We need to tend to the wounded and let Ichigo rest."

Opening a garganta Ulquiorra, Kisuke, Ichigo and Nel all went through heading to Soul Society. Vincio helped Yamamoto to his feet and they made their way through the garganta while Harribel looked over the fraccion that were still passed out.

Outside the fourth division barracks the garganta opened and everyone quickly walked out. Opening the door Unohana motioned for Kisuke and Ulquiorra to carry Ichigo in. Behind them Nel was still following holding onto Ichigo's hand. Making their way down the hallway Unohana called out for Isane to tend to Yamamoto.

From down the hall Isane came running and when she saw the mass of people she quickly helped Vincio take Yamamoto to a room. Before the door closed Unohana said, "I'll be there shortly to help just stabilize him for now."

Turning her attention back to Ichigo she opened the door to his room and they laid him down on the bed. Nel sitting on his right while grasping his hand watched as Unohana began to heal him. As the green glow began to cover her hand she placed it onto Ichigo's chest. Seconds ticked by like hours for everyone in the room. Ulquiorra took a seat in the corner chair and leaned on his hands. Slowly taking everything in he closed his eyes and covered his face with his hands.

On the other side of the room Kisuke was leaning against the windowsill watching Ichigo's chest slowly raise and lower and thought, 'This is the last hurdle Ichigo, the last thing you need to overcome for now. The last thing keeping you from Nel, the last thing from letting you be a father. Please just make it through this quickly.'

Letting the kido fade away Unohana offered a smile to Nel and said, "His health is fine any wounds he had are healed and his Reiatsu levels are normal from what I can tell. It just seems he exhausted himself to much and just needs to rest for now."

Wiping away a tear from her eye a big smile crept onto Nel's face as she pulled Ichigo's head into her lap. Laying a hand on his check she said, "Thank you Unohana, thank you for everything."

"It's my pleasure Nel, I'll be back to check on you all after helping Yamamoto." Walking towards the door she offered one last look back and smiled when she saw the happiness on Nel's face.

In the other room Yamamoto was lying down with several bandages that Isane wrapped around him to stop the bleeding. Even from just a few minutes of lying there the bed was already blood stained and it was beginning to pour onto the floor creating a puddle underneath it. Walking up to the bed Unohana said, "Would you please leave us Isane, Vincio."

Lying the rest of the bandages on a metal tray by the bed Isane offered a small bow before leaving. While Vincio took one last look at Yamamoto and quickly left as well.

Looking down at Yamamoto, Unohana asked, "Do you want me to help?"

Looking to his right Yamamoto said, "It no longer matters if I live or die." Looking up at Unohana he said, "You couldn't do much for me anyway. You know who is next in line to take my place, make sure it happens."

Nodding Unohana said, "I understand Yamamoto. If that is your wish than I'll leave you." As she turned to walk out Yamamoto looked back towards the right wall and let his eyes close.

Closing the door behind her Unohana told Isane, "Please prepare for the burials of Captains Ukitake, Hitsugaya and the Captain Commander."

It took a while for everyone to finally be brought back to the Soul Society from Hueco Mundo and the World of the Living. The last final people being Kaen and Izumi from Hueco Mundo who were taken to holding cells. It has yet to be decided what to do with them and Mizuno, while they were fighting against them after Ichigo's fight none of them were showing any kind of hostility.

Ukitake and Toshiro's bodies were both recovered and along with Yamamoto's were taken to be prepared for burial. This being added to the long list of things that need to be discussed of how to deal with. Nothing can be decided until everyone is finally rested and given time to think everything over.

During this time Ichigo has been asleep and many people have come and gone. Vincio was the first, after helping Yamamoto to his room he went next door. Along with Ulquiorra, Kisuke and Nel he hasn't left the room for the past few hours.

A few hours after Ichigo was brought to the fourth Halibel along with the five fraccion finally made their way to Soul Society. Halibel went straight to Ichigo's room and Unohana took the fraccion to look them over.

Currently Nel, Ulquiorra, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Halibel, Vincio, Shunsui, Byakuya, Aaroniero and Szayel were all in Ichigo's room waiting for him to wake up. While everyone was happy the fight was finally over there was still much that needed to be finalized and no one knew this more than Shunsui. After Yamamoto's death was confirmed Shunsui was given the position of Captain Commander. With it came more responsibility than he has had in his years of being a Captain.

Nel was still sitting at the head of the bed with Ichigo's head in her lap and not paying anyone else any attention. Most everyone else in the room was also silent and deep in thought until Ichigo's head turned and a soft groan escaped his lips. Turning over he wrapped an arm around Nel and mumbled, "Just a bit longer Nel."

Nel just laughed and softly shock Ichigo's shoulder, "It's time to get up Ichigo."

Slowly opening his eyes Ichigo blinked a few times before looking up and locking eyes with Nel. A small smile crept onto his lips and he said, "It's nice to finally be back to normal."

Leaning up Ichigo looked over the room and saw everyone watching him. Looking to Shunsui he asked, "So it's finally over isn't it?"

Shaking his head Shunsui said, "While the battle is over there are still several things that need to be addressed. Tomorrow we're going to be meeting at the first division and discussing the future. Byakuya, Unohana along with myself will be representing Soul Society and I need you along with two of your choice to represent Hueco Mundo."

Ichigo asked, "Whats with the sudden urgency?"

"We need to get back to normal as soon as possible and this is the best way to ensure it happens smoothly. We decided it would be easiest if only the three heads of each group meet. I'll be by tomorrow to get you and hopefully by then you've decided who you wish to accompany you."

With that said Shunsui walked out and was followed by Byakuya. Leaning back against the headboard Ichigo shook his head and said, "I guess this means we'll be going back to Hueco Mundo soon."

"Yes we should be able to soon." Standing up Ulquiorra said, "It does seem like they wish to work with us like we had originally wanted. Them offering to make decisions with us proves that."

"Yeah that is true. Now then I already know who I want to come along with me. Ulquiorra, Kisuke would you two please join me tomorrow at that meeting."

Ulquiorra nodded before sitting back down. Looking towards Kisuke, Ichigo waited for his answer. "I don't really understand why you'd want me to join you."

"Because I respect your input and I want them to hear it."

Putting a hand on Kisuke's shoulder Yoruichi whispered, "I think there are a few reasons why Ichigo wants you to be there. I know he respects your opinion, but I think it's also for support. After everything that's happened Ichigo needs as much of that as he can."

Offering a nod Kisuke said, "I'll be there Ichigo. Now get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow."

As he walked out Yoruichi sat on the bed next to Ichigo and said, "He really does want to support you every way he can, it's just still different for him. He isn't used to being someone that people actually lean on and look to for advice. You're both similar in that aspect, neither of you are sure if the advice you give is truly good enough."

Walking to the door she said, "The meeting tomorrow will determine the future of both Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. It'll determine how we'll work with each other from here on out."

Offering one last wave she walked out and closed the door behind her. As the room went silent Ichigo laid his head back against the wall and asked, "How did the fight in the World of the Living you Szayel?"

Shrugging his shoulder he said, "It was interesting. After Tosen died Mizuno got into the battle and used Grimmjow's release."

Completely shocked Ichigo asked, "What? How the hell could she use his release?"

Waving it off Szayel continued, "She didn't use it long because a few minutes afterwards your Reiatsu smothered everything and Mizumi just cowered from it. The hollows that were in the area started acting weird to. The stronger ones tried to run away, trying to find somewhere they could get away from the presence of your Reiatsu. Most of them died though, I've never seen anything like it before."

Looking to Ichigo Ulquiorra said, "Kisuke's idea was right, your Reiatsu was so dominating that it forced hollows to just succumb to it. They either ran from it or just submitted in primorial fear."

"Was that all that happened Szayel?"

"Mostly, after your Reiatsu finally died down Komamura and Sui Feng both showed up, but by then everything was over. They took Mizumi back to Soul Society while we headed back after gathering Tosen's body. I guess she's in a holding cell somewhere, that's one of your topics of discussion tomorrow."

"I understand, thanks Szayel."

Offering a nod he said, "It's no problem Ichigo. Now I'm gonna go and get some rest it's been a long day. I have a few things that I need to start working on as well."

While he was leaving Aaroniero stood up and walked to the door as well. Turning around he said, "I'm glad your alright Ichigo."

As he left Ichigo just closed his eyes and laid back. Pulling Nel close to him he laid his chin on top of her head and said, "I love you Nel. I'm sorry if I made you worry and I'm sorry that we haven't been able to do the things you've wanted. After tomorrow's meeting is over we'll go back to Las Noches and finally be able to start over."

As the sun began to rise over the first division Shunsui was already walking out the main doors. With the fighting was finally over there was still much that needed to be done to bring everything back to normal and it needed to be done soon. The first and most important thing to happen was the meeting between the leaders of the two groups. Shunsui has been thinking about it all morning and while his hopes are high there are several things he isn't sure about.

Using a few bursts of flash step he made it to the fourth division and when he entered was greeted by Unohana. "I'm sure you remember what room Shunsui."

With a small smile he said, "Yeah I do Unohana. Thank you."

As he made his way down the hall he stopped once he made it to Ichigo's room and gave the door a soft knock. After a moment he heard someone say, "Come in." Opening the door he found a crowd of people gathered around the room. Sitting on the side of the bed was Nel who offered a smile to Shunsui. Looking to the left Ulquiorra was sitting in the corner chair, with Szayel and Aaroniero leaning against the wall. To his left by the door was Byakuya overlooking the room and he offered a small nod to Shunsui.

Nodding back Shunsui looked to the other side to find both Kisuke and Yoruichi standing by the winder seal. Lastly standing beside the bed was Vincio who was the only one that didn't acknowledge Shunsui

Looking around once more Shunsui asked, "Where is Ichigo?"

To his surprise Ichigo put a hand on his shoulder and said, "I'm right here Shunsui."

Turning around he saw Ichigo looking back to normal and thought, 'I'm glad he's doing okay after everything.'

"Well you look good Ichigo."

Resting his hands on his blades handles Ichigo said, "Yeah I feel okay, now then you're here to get us for the meeting right?"

Nodding Shunsui said, "Yeah but I wanted to say something first."

Walking in Ichigo took a seat next to Nel and she leaned against him. "So what is it?"

"I just want to thank you all. Your help was vital to winning this fight and without you I don't know if we would have won. So thank you and know if you ever need an ally you can expect us to be there."

Looking up to Kisuke Ichigo smiled. Standing up Ichigo reached his hand out and Shunsui accepted the handshake, "The same can be said for us. If you ever need help we'll be there."

"Very well, now then let's head to the first division." Turning around he stopped next to Byakuya and said, "Be there in about five minutes and we can get this over with."

As he left Byakuya shook his head, "Ichigo I'll see you there." With that he followed Shunsui out of the barracks.

Back in the room Nel got up and stood next to Ichigo. Grabbing his hand she said, "Let's go." And with that she started dragging Ichigo out of the room, after a few seconds he finally got his footing and starting walking alongside her.

Kisuke just watched and laughed seeing them. Looking to Ulquiorra he said, "We should probably join them."

Kisuke and Ulquiorra quickly caught up to the pair and they all made their way to the first division. Walking up to the main doors Shunsui, Byakuya and Unohana were standing there waiting. Unohana smiled and offered a small bow. Shunsui waved and Byakuya just offered a silent nod.

When the four made it Shunsui asked, "You couldn't let him out of your sight Nel?"

As a small blush kept onto her face she said, "He isn't allowed to leave my side for a while."

Shunsui just laughed and invited everyone in. "Everyone take a seat." Motioning to the table the left side had three seats while the right had four.

Seeing this Nel just glared at Shunsui and said, "You expected I'd come didn't you."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, I must have miscounted when placing them."

Making their way to the table Ichigo and Ulquiorra sat in the center two chairs with Nel next to Ichigo and Kisuke next to Ulquiorra. On the other side Shunsui sat in between Unohana and Byakuya.

Pushing up his hat Shunsui said, "Now then it's time the serious discussion began."

Ichigo asked, "So what are we talking about first?"

Leaning forward Byakuya said, "The first thing we need to make a decision on is what to do with the three remaining members of Aizen's army."

"I feel we should give them a chance and see what they do?" Unohana looked to the others waiting for their reply.

Nodding Ichigo said, "I feel we should give them some kind of chance. If anything they can come back to Hueco Mundo and we'll keep tabs on them."

"You all think that is a good idea," Shunsui asked, "What if they end up wanting revenge and attack someone?"

"I doubt after everything they'd be dumb enough to try anything."

"I guess you're right about that Ichigo. Very well if you're all willing then they will go back to Hueco Mundo with you guys. Now then that brings me to communication."

"I'm sure that would be something both Szayel and Mayuri could handle don't you think Ichigo."

Agreeing he said, "I think that would be the best Ulquiorra."

Shaking his head Shunsui said, "This is going a lot easier than I had expected. Well for now there's really only one more thing I want to discuss. I'm wondering what you're going to be doing Kisuke?"

Sitting up for the first time Kisuke said, "I've been talking it over with Yoruichi and we've decided it would be best to go to Hueco Mundo, as long as it's okay with you Ichigo."

"Of course that's fine, I'd like that."

Looking towards Ichigo. Byakuya asked, "I'm wondering if you'd be willing to start working together more often on things?"

Before he could ask Byakuya said, "I think it would be beneficial to both parties if we began to work on missions together. It would increase our ability to work with one another in the case we ever need to do it again."

Ichigo just smiled and said, "Of course we'd be interested in doing something like that. Once we've formed some kind of communication we can discuss this in more detail. For now if you have anything in mind just give us a visit in Hueco Mundo and we'll work it out."

"That works for me Ichigo, thank you. That's the only question I have so is there anything you wish to ask us?"

Looking between everyone Ichigo stopped at Ulquiorra who stared back at him. Offering a nod Ulquiorra asked, "I'm wondering what are your thoughts on us recruiting more Arrancar?"

With the question silence fell upon the room and everyone just looked to Shunsui for his answer. It took a while but eventually he said, "I don't see a problem with it. We're recruiting more and more Shinigami every day so I don't see why you can't do the same."

"Very well, that's the only question I have." Looking to Ichigo Ulquiorra said, "Is that all we have to discuss today?"

Ichigo nodded and said, "I think so."

Putting a hand on Ichigo's shoulder Nel whispered in his ear, "Why don't we invite them all to see the baby?"

As a smile crept onto Ichigo's lips he gave Nel a kiss. Looking back to Shunsui he said, "My and Nel want to invite you guys to see the baby when it's born."

Pushing his hat up once again Shunsui said, "I think that is an invitation all of us will accept. Now then I think that's all we need to talk about for now. If you want you can stay here another night."

"I appreciate the offer Shunsui." Reaching down Ichigo grabbed a hold of Nels hand and said, "I think it's time for us to go home though."

"I understand. Thanks for this Ichigo and we'll talk again soon."

"Yeah we will."

It took a few days to finally get Las Noches back to normal but now it's a home once again. Karen, Izumi and Mizuno were all taken and given a second chance and to most everyone's surprise they've been okay with it. None of them seem to have any bad feelings about the fight and don't want to have another. You can thank Ichigo's Release for that.

Ggio finally talked with Ulquiorra and it seems they're close to being together. If you saw them you'd say their a couple but they'd never agree to it.

Kisuke, Yoruichi and Tessai all moved into a palace as well, the closest one to Ichigo and Nel by his request.

In all Las Noches was becoming what Ichigo and Nel had always wanted a home. Living with their family and being able to finally enjoy their life with each other. And after their baby was born their family was finally complete.

Making his way down the hallway towards the meeting room Ichigo looked like himself once again. All the stress from the fight and Aizen was finally gone and his life was his once again. Opening the door to the meeting room Ichigo found it completely full of Espada and Shinigami.

The table that was once sitting in the center of the room was replaced with a much larger one. Down the left hand side the Shinigami sat. From the head of the table down it was Shunsui, Byakuya, Unohana,Gin, Kenpachi, Mayuri, Komamura and lastly Sui Feng.

On the other side the first seat was empty and from there it was Ulquiorra, Vincio, Halibel, Szayel, Aaroniero, Kaien, Izumi and lastly Mizumi. Looking over the table Ichigo smiled and as he was about to walk in a hand touched his shoulder.

Turning around Ichigo smiled once he saw Nel standing their. In her arms was their small baby girl. Short teal hair softly rested against her pale skin and Ichigo bent down and gave her a soft kiss on the check. Ichigo smiled even bigger when she opened her eyes and looked up at him with the soft chocolate brown eyes full of happiness. As she reached out to him Ichigo took her from Nel and the two of them made their way into the meeting room.

Well It's crazy to say but this story is finally over. I can't believe how weird that is saying, after spending so much time and putting in so much effort it's crazy. This never would have probably happened if it wasn't for you guys. Your support, interest and advice really made me want to continue writing and made me happy to do it.

The ending of this story is a bit different than what I originally wanted, but I still like it and hope you guys do to. Let me know what you think and the rewrite will happen sometime fairly soon. I won't promise a date, but sometime this year I want to start it. Anyways thanks to everyone that has been reading this and I can't possibly say it enough.

I never thought this many people would ever be interested in something I made and it means so much. If any of you are reading this and haven't tried writing your own story I really recommend it, because it is just something incredible. If any of you do start writing a story send me a message with the name of it and I'll be sure to read it. Anyone can come up with an amazing idea and write an amazing story and I truly believe that.