I posted this story on tumblr and decided I wanted to post it here as well! Hope you enjoy it. I credit to the person that gave me this idea to be inspired! Thanks!



Heading to Auradon may have been the best thing that has happened to the villain kids. They can have a fresh start and leave a normal live without their parents telling them to be this and to do that.

As they got on the limo and began to make their way of out the Isle, a magical golden bridge formed as they headed out. But, they began to feel different, something was happening to them and they didn't know it, yet.

"Suddenly, I'm very thirsty," Evie said, her mouth feeling dry and tingly. "Here. Drink a bottle of water," Mal passed her one, "You're probably too excited." Evie did as she was told but the water tasted awful, almost like dirt. "Eww. This is so gross." She pushed the bottle back to Mal.

Jay snatched the bottle out of Mal's hands and took a gulp. "Taste the same but better than our water," he stated as he tossed the bottle back to Mal.

Carlos rubbed his ear as he looked around, "Guys, do you hear that? That noise? It's starting to get on my nerves." He kept hearing a static noise that sounded like it was coming from the driver's side.

Everyone stared at Carlos in confusion, "There's no noise, Carlos." They reassured him but Carlos didn't believe them. "I'm tell you I hear something and its coming from behind you!" He rubbed his ear with his palm, hoping the noise would stop.

Mal turned around but the widow was blocking her from seeing the driver. "The window is blocking any noise. You shouldn't be able to hear it, otherwise we could too." She huffed, getting annoyed at Carlos' antics, thinking that he was goofing around with them. "Just ignore it."

Carlos winced but nodded. Jay chuckled, "I think both of you guys are just nervous." He told both Evie and Carlos. "I feel great, I actually feel like I'm floating." Mal rolled her eyes then shifted couple of times in her seat.

"I can't get comfortable!" She exclaimed, her eyes glowing green. "My back is killing me." She felt intense pain from her back, like something was moving and trying to get out.

"We need to calm down. This new atmosphere is just getting to us." Evie took a deep breath and smiled, accidently revealing sharp fangs that came out of nowhere.

"AHH!" Both Jay and Carlos screamed, "What the!?" They backed away from her, Carlos holding onto Jay. "E-Evie? Your teeth!" Carlos exclaimed as he pointed to her mouth.

Evie gasped, "What's wrong with my teeth?" She grabbed her mirror and when she looked at her reflection, she screamed, "AHH! What is this?!"

"Maybe its a curse?" Mal added, "My mom told me curses can change appearances." She slowly touched the sharp fang, pricking her finger in the process. "Ow. They're really sharp."

Carlos suddenly smelled the drop of blood as well as Evie, who looked directly at Mal. "That smells delicious." Evie stared at her finger, watching the blood slip out of her finger.

Jay noticed that Evie's eyes began to glow red. "Now your eyes are red!"

Carlos suddenly heard thumping sounds, it was coming from Evie. Her heart rate was going extremely fast, faster than any human should. It was merely impossible for the heart rate to go that high.

Mal was beginning to get concern, she grabbed her spell book. Trying to find an answer, or something she could use to stop Evie's strange behavior. "Okay, I found som-" Mal halted when Evie suddenly attacked her, causing the spell book to fly where the guys are. "Evie?!" She shouted, "Guys, help me!"

Mal tried to push her away, but it seemed fruitless. Evie somehow have gotten stronger, which was the first since Mal was the most evilest of all. Carlos rushed to grab Evie.

"Evie? What's wrong with you?" Carlos tried to push her away from Mal, and his efforts were better. He managed to get Evie away from Mal.

Jay didn't help since he was mesmerized by the spell book that was nearby him. It was as if it was calling out to him. "Jay! A little help here would be nice!" Carlos yelled as he wrapped his arms around Evie. Carlos suddenly felt stronger.

Snapping back to reality, Jay dashed to help Carlos. Evie thrashed and pushed both boys away with excessive strength, sending them to the other side of the limo.

Groaning, Jay looked up and saw the spell book next to him, then saw Evie grabbing Mal again. He snatched the spell book and said a random spell, "Instead of being a creep, go fall asleep."

Evie suddenly collapsed on Mal, who was beyond relieved and surprised that Jay did a spell. "What just happened?" Mal shouted, "You just did a spell Jay!"

"You're welcome," Jay answered instead, annoyed that he wasn't thanked for saving Mal. Carlos sat up as he groaned, "This is getting weird." Then noticed a shiny lamp next to Jay. "Look? There's a lamp next to you?"

Jay smirked and grabbed it, which was a big mistake as he suddenly was sucked inside of it. "Jay!" Carlos watched his friend disappear inside the lamp.

Mal pushed Evie away from her since she was completely knocked out. "Something is going on here," she pointed out, "and it's not a curse." Mal growled as her back was hurting more and more.

Carlos grabbed the lamp gently, "Jay?" He called out, only to receive no response. Rubbing the lamp with his palm, the lamp began to shake around. Then Jay came out with smoke following behind him, he stumbled onto the limo's floor; finding it very difficult to stand for some reason.

"I thought I would never get out," Jay sighed in relief, even through he was still confuse by everything that just occurred to him. He was happy to be out of the lamp. Carlos smiled as he tried to help Jay up.

The limo halted as they arrived to there destination, and the door was opened by the driver. Gasping was heard at the background as the they witness a mess in the car and everyone sitting in various positions at the limo.