Carlos ran and ran till he arrived in front of Mal's and Evie's dorm, he clutched the lamp with both his hands. Jay vanished, and Carlos was freaking out because he couldn't find any sign of him anywhere.

Usually he would knock on the door, but right now it was an emergency so he barged into their room. "Mal! Evie!" Carlos exclaimed as he panted, tired from running. He could hardly see his friends, the room was really dim.

"Carlos?" Mal frowned, "What are you doing here?" Class doesn't start until another hour so why is he awake? She rose from the bed, while Evie covered herself with the sheets. She didn't want anyone to look at her hideous burning face, at least not until it's healed.

Carlos sprinted up to her. "Somepeopleweregoingtolockusinourroombutwecaughtthemintime," he rushed out gibberish, not making any sense. Taking deep breath Carlos slowed down, "But they were going to hurt you guys, so Jay and I were going to come here, but then we started fighting. Then he just randomly disappeared! I have no idea where he is!" He finally finished, still not entirely making sense, even for Mal but she did understand that Jay was missing.

"What?! Where is he?" Mal raised her voice, which made Carlos trembled. "I don't know, he was with me one second then poof he was gone," he explained, scratching his head. Completely forgetting that Mal and Jay are close friends, something that Carlos secretly envied. Jay considered her as a true friend instead of him. Just because we came here together and are roommates doesn't mean I care for you, echoed through Carlos' mind. Jay words honestly hurt him. Just like you being here is not my fault.

Mal rubbed her temples to think. "Something strange is going on here. I need to figure it out. First, Evie, then Jay-"

"Something happened to Evie?! Is she okay?" Carlos exclaimed as he looked around the room. "Evie? Are you hurt?" Considering that the room was dark made it harder for him to see Evie anywhere.

"She's..." Mal didn't know how to explain it, she could be right or wrong about what she assumes Evie is. " I don't- Its complicated." Was all she could say? Carlos furrowed his brows, disappointed with the answer. "Evie?" He called out to her softly.

"I'm fine, Carlos. Just not feeling too well." Evie muffled under the sheets. "Don't-" Hissing was heard, "-worry." Carlos opened his mouth ready to protest, but was interrupted by Mal, who shook his head.

"Okay," Carlos sighed in defeat. He felt crestfallen; no one was telling him anything. Evie and Mal were keeping secrets from him, and lastly, Jay didn't care about him. He felt left out in the group and it stung Carlos. "I'll leave you two alone, I'm going to see if I could find Jay..." No matter how hard he tried to keep his voice steady, it quavered.

Carlos left the room, dragging his feet in the process. Once he left, Evie spoke up, "He's sad. We should've told him the truth." She came out of her sheets, revealing her now healed skin.

"Not yet. I'm not fully sure that you're a vampire. I need to check my spell book to see if there's something that can make you normal." Mal twirled her head, and gasped as she saw her, "Evie! Your skin! It's healed."

Smiling brightly and somewhat in relief, Evie grabbed the hand mirror again, only to groan. "Ugh.. I keep forgetting that I can't see my reflection." She frowned and tossed the mirror unto the floor.

Mal recalled something, when they were in the limo Evie saw herself in her magic mirror. "Evie, try your magic mirror. Maybe you'll see yourself there." Following her instructions, Evie grabbed her magic mirror and let out a cry. "It works! I can see myself!" She laughed as she eyed her reflection, and did poses for fun. She really did miss seeing herself.

"I'm guessing your magic mirror is the only mirror where you can see yourself," Mal stated as she folded her arms. "I still don't understand how, but take care of your mirror, E." Evie vehemently nodded, still staring at the mirror. Mal mentally sighed, Evie was herself again. She hoped Jay was alright as well...

Meanwhile Carlos was walking down the hallway, he didn't know where he was going. He didn't feel like going to his dorm or even class, which was a first. Raising the lamp that he still kept holding the entire time, he saw his own refection as he stared at the lamp, noticing the sad expression he wore. "Where are you, Jay?" Carlos wondered.

He decided just to sit down on the ground, there was no one around in the hallway anyway. Slumping against the wall he began to talk to himself, something that Carlos usually does when he's sad or just lonely. "I feel so left out. Mal and Evie are keeping secrets from me, and Jay practically hates me... Why am I here if no one even cares about me?" Carlos questioned to no one in particular.

Glancing at the golden lamp, "Maybe, I should just go back home." Suddenly the lamp trembled, which surprised Carlos. "What the?" He tapped the lamp but nothing happened. Weird. "Jay was right. I am going insane." Jay... Where is he? Carlos misses him. He recalled what he told Jay just before he vanished, 'I wish you weren't here anymore.' Carlos didn't mean it. Was it his fault that Jay is missing?

Out of nowhere laughter was heard, he snapped his head up, yet he saw no one. He's hearing noises again... Great. Carlos decided to head back to his dorm, class should start soon and he needs to get ready. Maybe Jay will go to class. As he turned into another hallway, he was grabbed my strangers; dropping the lamp in the process.

"Get him!" One guy shouted as they grasped Carlos.

"Hey! Stop it! Let go of me!" Carlos screamed in fear, squirming and thrashing around. He did not like to be touched, especially by strangers. "SOMEONE HEL-" They covered his mouth to prevent him from screaming.

"Shut up, villain!" Carlos recognized them! They're the same people that were going to lock him and Jay in the room earlier. Just who in the hell were they?!

Carlos bit the stranger's hand, which was a horrible mistake. "OW! That's it!" The stranger lay a direct punch onto his abdomen. Carlos whimpered and winced in agony. Aurdaon was supposed to be a safe place, and yet, he was getting beat up by students on this campus. Carlos limped, losing his energy but was still being held firmly by the guys.

The lamp started to shake, and move up and down. The three strangers got spook, while Carlos let out a painful moan. He started to hear shouting, but this time it was by someone familiar. It was Jay. Slowly looking up he noticed that Jay wasn't anywhere near them... So why does he hear him? "Carlos! Fight back!" Carlos heard Jay shout.

He can't fight back, he was weak and outnumbered. He was beginning to think he was seriously going insane now. Hearing voices from afar or out of nowhere was not sane, and not to mention the annoying screeching sounds that hurts his ears. Carlos hated it... he felt like his mother, being paranoid and insane.

"I wish Jay was here," Carlos mumbled, tiredly. Even if Jay was with him, he wouldn't care for him. Probably just laugh that he's getting pummeled, or hell, maybe joins in on hurting him.

The lamp released smoked that engulfed the hallway. The strangers let go of Carlos, who stumbled down the floor. "This is getting too weird! Let's get out of here!" Two of them bolted away, just as the other guy was about to make his escape he was caught by none other than Jay, who unknown to others emerged from the lamp.

"Who are you?!" Jay hissed, "Explain or you'll end up worse than this guy you messed with!" Carlos' eyes widened upon hearing Jay's voice. Where did he come from? "J-Jay?" Carlos called out, weakly.

This only made Jay tightened his hold on the attacker. "TALK!" The stranger, Doug, nodded nervously. "I didn't want to be part of this, I swear! Chad forced me into this. I never laid a hand on him, honest!" Doug quivered, shaking uncontrollably. Jay was extremely scary under this circumstances, no, scratch that, just overall scary.

Jay never spared anyone, he wasn't the type to give mercy, but right now Carlos needed him. "If anyone tries this stunt again and I'll make sure all of your faces are burn off." He threatened maliciously, then let go of Doug, who scurried away in terror.

Carlos rubbed his abdomen, he received a strong punch by the leader, who was probably Chad. A hand reached out to Carlos, confused he glanced up and saw that Jay was offering to help him get up. Which was a first time? Did he care after all?

Many questions popped in Carlos' mind: where had Jay been, was Jay okay, and if Jay was still mad at him? But, it was best not to ask at the moment. Instead, he gladly took Jay's hand and rose up with his help. "Thanks."

Jay paused. "I'm sorry for earlier. I didn't mean it. I do care for you, Carlos." He declared. Carlos didn't responded, more like he didn't know what to say. He honestly didn't expect to hear that from Jay, not in a million years.

"I know." Carlos softly sighed, but regardless smiled. "And I care for you too."