Preface (Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, TV show, movie or books. I just play with the characters.)

Walking, Ha! more like tripping! to the place, mine and Edward's special meadow, may have been the worst thing for me to ever do.

Not because when he left I was sad and all that jazz.

I actually wasn't even sad about him leaving.

He always just dazzled my into being his girlfriend because he couldn't read my mind, and when he was done with me, I was tossed out like a piece of garbage.

So it was more like a drug withdrawal. I'm just glad he left.

I couldn't do a single thing on my own without "Bella, don't do that ! You'll hurt yourself!" or "No, Bella. You cannot go see Jacob, it's too dangerous!

I really wanted stab him with a fork.

I didn't even wanna go see Jake, I just wanted away from Him and his family.

They were always hovering around me like I would stab myself accidentally any minute.

If I could stab someone,it would be you Eddie.

I love that I can finally be free.

I can drive my truck to school, have alone time, and I even went to a bar last week, just because I could.

But here I am, standing here in the meadow, looking at how dead it looked.

It used to be beautiful.

Well guess what ?

Love Dies.

And what we had wasn't even love.

And in this exact moment, I knew what lied ahead for me.

I was going to become a hunter of supernatural beings, and one day, I will find Edward, and I will destroy him for keeping me on a leash.

Good Luck getting out of this one, buddy.

Well, there is the Preface ! Any suggestions,compliments, or ideas are welcomed !