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Nothing but Eternity

Pairings: OC/Aro/Caius/Marcus and canon-pairings.


It was at that time of night where people liked to party, drink and have fun. Some people walked home, while others hailed down taxi's to save them the grief of driving home and risk being pulled over by law officers. And it was on this particular night that one Adam Robertson was walking home, intoxicated and swaying slightly on his feet.

He groaned and slurred words of gibberish as he made his way down the dark streets of London. Not many people were out tonight, considering that it was a weekday. However, Adam was a businessman on leave for stress and had been partying in London, England for a week. He spent money whenever he could, seeming to have no care about anything other than having a good time. Hence the reason he is walking back to the hotel he stayed at, not even taking notice of his surroundings.

Darkness closed in on the streets, the only source of light being the street lamps, and even then they were dull. The air was cold and moist, showing Adam's hot breath when exhaling.

"Oh sweet heaven, do look down on me,

And listen to my dying prayer."

Adam stopped, hearing a melodious voice coming from down the street. It rang like a chiming bell in a church, signaling the start of service. He blinked rapidly to clear his blurred vision and listened closely.

"God help me, I'm so lost and alone,

Help me find peace and be near.

You've been so silent, so far away,

Will this be my last day here?"

Adam was entrance with the harmonious tone. His feet lead him further down the empty street, not seeming to notice the cold wind biting at him through his coat. Eyes dazed and head titled the side, he continued to listen and follow the beautiful song.

"Dear Angels, soldiers from above,

Can you lend me your aide and

Bring my soul to Heavens love."

Adam stopped when the singing did, seeming to wake up from the daze way he had been walking without realising. Noticing that he was far from his hotel in a dark alley somewhere, he began to pull out his phone and ring for a taxi.

"Excuse me, sir?" A soft musical voice from behind him. He snapped his head around to the voice and gaped in awe.

A goddess of beauty and elegance stood before him. She glowed angelically in the moonlight, showing her pale and smooth complexion. Her silky rich carmine hair flowed down her back and shoulders, the curled tips stopped at her elegant curved hips. It was easy to see that this was the most beautiful woman Adam had ever seen. She wore a form fitting black singlet with a knee length dark grey leather jacket, with tight skinny jeans and black combat boots. She walked slowly with grace and looked as if she glided with each step.

As she moved closer to Adam, he noticed something very significant and it caused him to fill with a sense of fear, caution and dread.

Her bright crimson eyes.

She smiled cheerfully, showing her perfect teeth behind full red lips.

"Are you lost, perhaps?" Her accent was faint, but he could hear the British tongue and smooth tone.

"I, uh... N-no, I was merely taking a walk." He stammered, the heat rising to his cheeks like a teenager in front of a crush. She merely smiled patiently, nodding in understanding.

"Yes, I find that taking a walk at night refreshes one. Especially with the lovely stars to gaze upon," she replied dreamily, looking at said stars glimmering.

"Are you from around here?" He asked, trying to talk more confidently and maybe hoping to get something from this talk with a beautiful woman.

"Oh no, I am merely out looking for dinner." She smiled amusedly, before stepping closer to the man until she was right in front of him, merely inches away. She leaned forward and tilted her head to speak softly in his ear. "And I think I have found it." Her breath was cold and her voice was low, as she opened her mouth to display her sharp canine like teeth. With speed unknown to man, the woman moved the man and herself from the streets of London and into the darkness of an alley. It was there that she threw Adam across from her and against the far brick wall, causing him to break a few bones. He opened his mouth to scream at the excruciating pain he was currently feeling. But he never got the chance.

She had drained him in mere minutes before she let the body fall at her feet. It would be days later that Adam would be found by a homeless lady searching through dumpsters on the opposite side of London from where he was killed. Authorities would have no leads or suspects to where the killer was. All that they knew was that he was bitten by some kind of animal that drained him of his blood and had died with a terrified expression on his face.

"You sure know how to keep yourself discreet, old friend." At the sound of the familiar male voice, the woman turned towards them with a beautiful beaming smile and glimmering red eyes.

"Salutem, my old friend. It sure has been many years." She walked forward to embrace the man and she took in his appearance.

Light gold blonde hair, handsome features, pale skin and bright gold eyes, she would recognise this man anywhere and at any time. Carlisle Cullen, a vampire she had met when he was a newborn and had wanted to end his existence. She guided him into this new life and told him that humans were not the only source of sustenance. Animals also carried what vampires needed and had then on taught him how to maintain his ways. She too, at a time had thought that being what she was, was a sin and stain to the world. But soon after, she came to see that her beast was a creature of survival and as such, forced her to feed.

As she took him in after not seeing him for many decades, he too took in her features as well.


From what he gathered, she had been a vampire for a very long time. It was rumored to be that she was just as old as the Volturi. When asked, she merely smiled sadly and held an ancient look in her eyes. He never pushed the subject, and was only grateful that she had found him as a newborn. She told that she too had felt the same when she had been turned, but was told that becoming something different didn't mean you weren't someone else. It was your choice if you choose to be different from the person you were. He could remember her words that day she found him.

"It is not about being a monster, but choosing to remain one. Your humanity may have been taken from you, but the choice remains for you to decide on whether you wanting to be a blood thirsty animal, or have the human sense to know when to stop, have control and become a true man."

Her words had inspired him and from then on he had pleaded for her to help him live differently from other newborns, and for the next two decades she taught himself control and finding peace within himself. Eventually he told her that he found a few others like them called the Volturi, the royalty of their race and wanted to stay with them and learn more.

She had said that she would not join him, not wanting to be part of the political side of their world.

And so they had parted ways.

He had tried to convince her to stay, but she was adamant about not wanting to go to the Volturi. She despised them, though understood they protected vampires and upheld the necessary laws to make sure we remain hidden from the humans.

And now, he had found her again. Though he wished it had been under better circumstances.

"What has happened, amici mei? You look weary." He had to smile fondly at her concern for him. In a sense, she was like his mother; always looking out for him and listening to his concerns and troubles.

"A lot has happened since we've last seen each other, Amara. My son, Edward, has found his mate." And so he told her the entire story of how Edward and Bella met, the struggles they endured and the dangers they faced. And he told her the reason as to why he sought out her help.

"Oh Carlisle," she sighed, exasperated and slightly annoyed. "I might just come with you to knock some sense into this boy of yours. His actions and that of his mate's, have given to cause to start a fight with the Volturi."

"Will you witness, for my family?" He was not ashamed at pleading for her support. It was clear that he needed and was desperate for help from his friends. His family had become his life, and he would do anything to make sure he kept them safe. And with Amara, it was a sure way of protecting his family from the wrath of the Volturi.

She was an Ancient after all.

"No." She replied firmly, and with that one word, his world was close to falling apart. "I will not help them, Carlisle. But I will help you. If it comes down to a fight, I will ensure that you and your mate survive. But only you two, no one else, understand?"

"Yes." He knew she was risking more than her life with her acceptance. She had remained hidden for thousands of years, and with her coming into the light to reveal herself, it would cause a major uproar among others of their kind.

"I will meet you there, querido. There is something I have to do first." She smiled gently at his visible relief that caused a slight ease to his tense shoulders. "Do not fear, Carlisle. I will be there soon." She rested her hand on his arm gently, giving it a brief squeeze before she disappeared with speed even Carlisle couldn't see where she headed off to.

She stopped running when she reached her destination and soon was alone. She sighed heavily, her mind relaying the evening events and what it all meant. She would have no choice but reveal herself, therefore exploiting the possibility of there being others like herself.

She was the last of her kind, of course, but that didn't mean that others would assume otherwise. The Volturi would take a great amount of joy and determination in forcing her to join them. She was sure that Aro would love to her at his side, ready for war at any moment.

But she would refuse all of it.

She may be an Ancient, and one of the most powerful of them. But that didn't mean that she would choose a side and watch the rest of the world fall to ruin and suffering.

'No… I will see to it that they all burn if they choose to fight.' She growled inwardly, her red eyes flashing brightly at the prospect of a good fight. But for now, she would help her friend and witness for him.

Yes, she would make sure that Carlisle Cullen and his family lived through this confrontation. And if it comes down to it, she would kill every single member of the Volturi to make a point.


Salutem – Greetings in Latin

Amici mei – my friend in Latin

Querido – dear one in Spanish

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