Title: Revenge

Summary: Sousuke Aizen's plans were put to a permanent stop by Kurosaki Ichigo, but contrary to the belief of many, Aizen is far from dead, as he returns to his former world as his first life, Uzumaki Naruto and embarks on his road to vengeance, to make the people who wronged him rightfully suffer and to rule an entire world.

Rating: M

Warning: The Rating gave you some idea about some things that are in this fiction, in addition, this fics features an Anti-Hero called Naruto/Aizen, whose skills are at the levels of Gods- no shock there. Severe Character stupidity and bashing is also present in this fic.

Note: Well, I'd like to say that someone got it right. You're going to see it later, Tia or Yoruichi rooters

Note 2: Yes, Aizen does know everything that happened in the brewing war, like how he knew everything in the Bleachiverse and as he normally does, let things happen with his supervision, nothing escapes his eyes after all. He's the God of all Things, Aizen-kami-sama

Note 3: Hinata will have a purpose in this story, well at least to Kumo, with A, Bee, Darui, C and the rest of the Kumo boys' dicks inside her 100 mile wide pussy. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FUCK YOU HINATA! NaruMen forever (Naruto/Ramen not Naruto/Menma you sick fucks.)

Note 4: Chapter 700 Should have featured Shino/Bugs, Choji/Every Food (And had to leave Konoha because he is roughly the same size as Konoha), Naruto/Ramen (With an endless supply of it hidden in the Tower), Kiba/Rabies, Sasuke/Orochimaru, Sakura/Walls (Well, it's her forehead that has a crush on the wall), Hinata/Ants (Because Ants are weak and Hinata is weak too. It's a perfect match! It's luck that Boruto and Himawari are strong despite having a part of Hinata's blood in them, I guess that Uzumaki genes are just strong.)

Note 5: I am creating a created, fictional past between the woman and Aizen, so please don't try to trashtalk the hell out of me when you see the created shit.

Chapter 4:

"As of 7 PM of October 10, Iwagakure no Sato and Sunagakure no Sato declared war on Konohagakure no Sato, thus starting the Fourth Shinobi War, all ninjas on duty will be assigned to several divisions for this war, hopefully, the roots of the tree will remain standing. Konoha will need all of your help to continue it's existence, and in connection, your existences as well, now, make her proud and win the war against those that dare oppose us!" Danzou then looked at the ninjas before him, who all chorused, "HAI! HOKAGE-SAMA!" in unison. The warhawk could only smile, while they're outnumbered, they have their secret weapons, and whether or not the Akatsuki accepts, they would win, but with the Akatsuki, however, it would be easier.

Danzou then went back to his office and called on his trusted agent, Fu.

"Fu! Go get Nara Shikaku now! I don't care if he's still grieving for his son's end but we need his help more than ever." Danzou ordered, and without question, Fu exited the Office.

You Suna and Iwa ants... I will prove to you that defying Konoha means your death. IN the end, we are the ones on top, and Konoha will utterly decimate both of your villages and take over them to show the two neutral villages that we are the Kings of this World. Danzou though as he leaned on his chair.

"Pein-sama, there is a letter from Konoha, a blank masked man sent it to us." Zetsu informed his leader, who gestured to have the letter.

While Pein looked calm, inside he was raging, those bastards that killed Yahiko... they dare request something! But before doing anything rash, Pein sighed and went to read the letter

Dear Akatsuki Leader,

As you know, or if you still had not known, we are finally on war with Iwa and Suna, a few skirmishes there and there, a few trades of killing, and soon, it would be a non ending bloodshed. I am giving this letter to ask for your help the war, as you can see, you can benefit from it as well, for there are the Four Tails and Five Tail, also the Kazekage, who has the One Tail. We can mutually benefit from this should you agree. Should this deal be sealed, we will both just make our jobs easier, yours, on catching jinchuuriki, and ours, on defeating the two villages. You could also roam freely in all three villages without always having to kill some pests.

It is for the best if you accept our offer.

Yours Truly,

Shimura Danzou
Rokudaime Hokage

Pein then had a thinking look on his face, as if contemplating to agree to Danzou's proposition.

I can definitely throw away my grudge for a while for this. Using your mind over your heart is normally what makes a good decision, and with Konoha's help, we won't work as hard on getting the jinchuuriki... also, with their help, we can go on those villages undetected and could set up quite a few things for our future plans. Killing ants for jinchuurikis... that does sound fair Pein thought.

"Nagato..." A deep voice spoken, and Pein looked to his right to see the spiral masked man, 'Madara'.

"What is it now, Madara?"

"A word of advice, accept the offer. Your personal grudges can wait for later, because in the end, it is us that benefits more and not Shimura, despite how much he thinks that's the case." 'Madara' told the orange haired Rinnegan wielder.

"That is exactly what I was initially thinking, Madara." Pein answered the man, who nodded.

"Good." Madara spoke before leaving with his Kamui.

"Konan!" Pein called his right hand woman, who instantly came before him.

"Yes, Pein-sama?" The blue haired woman asked.

"Call in for Kisame and Itachi, I have a mission for them." Pein told the woman, who nodded before heading to the rooms of both Akatsuki members.

At Naruto's throne room, the former 5th Division Captain smirked as he heard what Gaara had told him.

"It's finally on, isn't it?" the blond grinned.

"It's on, and Konoha's end is finally starting." Gaara told his friend.

"Yes, it is finally starting, whatever they try to pull off, we counter it." Naruto said.

"How can you just anticipate everything, Naruto?"

"Whenever I start something, I know what would happen from the beginning. Gaara, tell Ohnoki to give the jinchuurikis ANBU back ups, they're on the frontlines and it would do us bad if they get caught by Konoha." ordered the blond, and saw Gaara nod before walking out

Danzou's trying something to pull the jinchuurikis out of Iwa and to his hands. I don't exactly know what his plan is, wheter doing it himself or him hiring help like the Akatsuki, but with this, I can weaken what Danzou's trying to pull off. Even if I lose a jinchuuriki, I am not losing the war, I am making sure of it. Thought the blond.

"Wait, before you leave, give this to the jinchuurikis and the rest of the ninjas." said the blond as he entered a room in his hideout and he returned with six boxes and one very small box, before dropping it carefully on the ground.

"Gaara, the small box here are for you and the other jinchuurikis. The Six big boxes are for the rest, you know what the content of these boxes are, right?"

"So you've done your project..." Gaara stated, as Naruto sealed the six boxes in a sealing scroll, before sealing the seventh in a smaller sealing scroll and giving it to Gaara.

"Yes, it would be needed if we are to accomplish and finish our goals for Stage 2, because Konoha isn't the only ones we're going to worry about." Naruto said.

"What do you mean? Kiri and Kumo are neutral now, and Kumo still hates Konoha, also Kiri is still weak from the civil war... wait... you can't possibly mean that, Naruto." The usual emotionless eyes of the Kazekage then widened when he thought of that possibility.

"Yes, I exactly meant that. I would expect Danzou to pull something like that off successfully, he won't be himself if he won't at least try to do it."

"Aren't we doing anything against them?"

"Not now Gaara, I will need to watch their actions to get some amusement from Danzou's desperate attempts. Now, I believe you still have to plan to perform Operation A." Naruto said as the Kazekage left his throneroom.

Desperate attempts means nothing when I am your opponent Naruto thought to himself as he made his way to his lab.

A dark skinned woman returned to a cave before smiling, a smile that could make you shiver in fear. She then headed and opened one of the many doors of the cave, and was welcomed by a busty blonde haired woman, who was just finished putting the last of DNA's on a tube.

"Hello, Ichi-chan!" Greeted the former Hokage of Konoha, Senju Tsunade.

"Hi, Tsunade-chan! I have returned from my search and I have finally found out who was the guy that made the Kazekage and Tsuchikage have a backbone again." She stated, her eyes looking as cold, if not colder than ice.

"Yoruichi, what is with your look?" Tsunade looked at her new friend, who still has the cold look.

"The leader of the Kages is none other than the man that I am trying to find, Sosuke Aizen." Yoruichi stated, causing Tsunade to gasp for a bit. It seems they are not safe in Wind Country anymore, if this Aizen is anything like Yoruichi told her, then Aizen is going to play them like dolls.

"I know that we aren't safe, Tsunade, but I am going to go to Aizen as I have finally found his location." Yoruichi said, before leaving again.

Tsunade only sighed, it seems Yoruichi still wants to get a piece of the man that betrayed her.


"Tsunade, when I was transported in this world, I sensed a feint signature of Aizen, a scent that disappeared around the day you forfeited your title as Hokage. But I don't think he just disappeared just like that, and I am going to see him again, and when I see him again... I am wishing to beat the hell out of him. I don't care if I am out of his league, because I know that too, but I wanted to hit him with some heavy blows!" Yoruichi said as she gritted her teeth in anger. (Yes, she unknowingly deduced that Naruto is Aizen, and the Aizen signature that she sensed was Uzumaki Naruto.)

"You never told me about him, Yoruichi, do you mind telling me? That is if you're comfortable." Tsunade, being quite the expert in human emotions could see that something about this Aizen man pierced some part of the dark skinned woman's heart.

"Very well..." Yoruichi looked down before she sighed and looked at Tsunade again.

"Sosuke Aizen came into Soul Society, when he died at 13, the Captain of Division 1 himself had to collect his soul because of it's sheer power. He and I quickly became friends but he was very shy and took long to open up but when he did, however he told me that he died because of a betrayal and that he used to be a very very jolly child, and even jolly is an understatement, he said. He also told me that I reminded him of a blonde girl who was also quite strong and headstrong, well, I was quite a stubborn kid, and that blonde girl was the only girl that interested him when he came to think of his first life, to me, that was a sign that he somehow likes me, and I was actually quite happy that day, because I was smittened by him at the time." Yoruichi said but paused as a bitter look made it's way on her beautiful face.

"Hm, his past life reminded me of Naruto, and when he was near to be executed, I saw him getting kissed by a blonde, headstrong girl named Temari, who became his crush after the chuunin exams because according to him, she is cooler than Sakura. What a coincidence!" Tsunade laughed, and Yoruichi also gave a small laugh, before proceeding to speak.

"Soon, our relationship blossomed into a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, and he became the Lieutenant of Division 5, becoming known as the strongest lieutenant, with only Yamamoto being stronger than him. I was very happy with him, and was about to get married with him, but he... he changed."

"I saw Aizen creating something called the Hogyoko, that follows the users deepest desires, for Aizen, it allows him to create hollows to have Shinigami powers and vice versa, and secretly saw him creating some monsters with it, even turning Shinji into a vizard. He, despite being very very nice outside, is actually very mean. His evil inside is suffocating, and then he did something that caused a friend of mine to hide in the Human World, and soon I followed, and a hundred years after that, Aizen showed his true colours, revealing to have manipulated all of us, even me, his first girlfriend, his first love, but that might not even be the case, then he nearly ruled and conquered Soul Society if not for Kurosaki Ichigo."

"That's a sad love life, Yoruichi. To see the precious love of your life just use you... that's very sad."

"Yes, and when I see him again, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind." (That isn't the full story, Yoruichi only gave Tsunade what she needs to know. There are more things to that.)

End Flashback

"I just hope you're going to be safe Yoruichi...after all, you did some help that made me not go crazy when Naruto died."

"Raikage-sama! Our spy from Konoha wishes to have an Audience with you." Mabui told the Raikage, who simply motioned for her to send the spy in.

A normal looking middle aged man with black hair and a Kumo Jounin vest bowed to the Raikage before speaking, "Raikage-sama, Konoha, Iwa and Suna are finally in an official war."

"They're finally at war, now? I thought they were already in a war, but thanks for the information anyway, despite not really having any importance." said the Raikage, A as he flexed his biceps.

"Raikage-sama, you must remember that with this, more Hyuuga's are sent out of the village and would be the best chance to gain a Byakugan for Kumo as most were on the frontline squads." the spy told the dark skinned Kage, who dropped his barbel to the ground, causing a hole to appear on the ground and then smirked.

"Well, your information really do have use after all, you're dismissed Kuroshi. Go to Mabui to receive an S-Rank pay, tell her I officially ordered it." A spoke as the spy bowed and showed him his thanks and walking out the room.

Soon... Kumo will get what it wants and it will finally happen without any delay A thought before retrieving his barbel and using it again.

"ANBU!" A called his guards from the shadows, who immediately appeared upon the call of their leader.

"Yes, Raikage-sama?" The ANBU asked in unison.

"Tell the commander to lead the Stealth Division to Fire Country to get a Main Branch Hyuuga, this mission is of utmost importance. Should they fail, tell them to erase all links that makes Kumo the suspect. That's all, now go!" A ordered the 4 Man ANBU Squad, who left.

"Ohnoki-sama, did all of your ANBU consume Aizen-sama's project?" Gaara asked his fellow Kage.

"Yes, and I must say that it's quite impressive. He had made the war winnable in months. So, is O-A going to be performed tonight?" Ohnoki asked the younger male.

"Of course, The first set is made for stealth, so we can all go undetected to Konoha and scout everything, and then... we unleash a partial invasion. We cannot end Konoha this quickly, but we can weaken them quickly." Gaara said as they look at the view of Konoha a few kilometers ahead.

"Tell Aizen-sama, that Roshi and Han would like to give their thanks to Aizen for his invention." Ohnoki said.

"That invention of his had to be the most dangerous of them all. I also took it since I'm a jinchuuriki, and I must say that I feel like I can defeat Sarutobi Hiruzen on his best day."

Ohnoki then laughed, "Oh how I wish that I am a jinchuuriki now, but I would kill me than help me!" The two kages then shared a laugh, though Gaara had a more calmer laugh that Ohnoki's wild one.

"I wonder... when will Factor Y act? The person probably knows where I am, so when would she try to seek me and fight me?" Naruto chuckled as he embraced the comfortable feeling of his chair. Never in his life as Naruto had he thought that he'd love chairs.