Harry was all by himself at the Dursleys. His aunt, uncle , and cousin went to the movies to see some hit zombie movie that there was a huge fuss over for some reason last night and never came back. Harry had free reign of there house now. He flipped on the TV and it said emergency broadcast.

"Muggle's are weird only they would get excited over a stupid movie that's going to be forgotten next week." Harry thought amusedly to himself.

"Awesome I don't have to deal with any of those arseholes!" Harry celebrated out loud for once as he had free reign of the Dursley's house once he found a way to pick the lock of the bedroom he was in as the Dursley's locked in his room to prevent the freak from doing anything stupid.

Harry looked around the room he found a piece of yarn and several paper clips. Harry formed three lock picks. Harry broke the first two lock picks but the third one was a charm. Harry was relived when he heard the click on the door, meaning that the door came unlocked.

"I'm feeling a bit peckish wander what they have in the fridge?" Harry wandered to himself

As Harry went to the fridge he found Dudley's birthday cake on the counter, even though it wasn't Dudley's birthday or nowhere even close to being his birthday, Dudley demanded that they celebrate his birthday every month. The Dursley's were all for that idea, anything for their Didykins.

"So stupid!" Harry snorted as he cut a piece of Dudley's cake and ate it. Harry was surprised as it wasn't that bad.

After that Harry went to the living room to watch some cartoons on TV.

Harry was quickly underwhelmed by the TV as all the channels had emergency broadcasts.

"Boring AF, someone probably has measles or some disease or there is some weather that might raise a little concern Harry exclaimed throwing the remote through the TV.

"I don't know why Vernon and the rest of this clan is always watching TV and rubbing it in my face!" Harry hissed to himself.

Harry then went to take a shower midway through the shower the power went out and Harry was taking a cold shower.

Harry got out of the shower and went to get one of the energy lights that Vernon kept around the house.

Harry found one and went upstairs to his room to get dressed.

After getting dressed Harry went down stairs grabbed the phone and called the power company (One of the few things Vernon taught him was how to use the phone) Harry then realized that the phone lines were also down.

An angry Harry went outside, took Dudley's sick ass trick bike and rode around the neighborhood but he found to his amazement that there was no traffic, there were no people walking the streets like there always was, and there were no kids playing in the park and having a good time.

"Hello anyone there!" Harry yelled.

A moment later several helicopters flew over Harry heading towards London, there were several helicopters that had the UK flag on it and said military.

Harry then heard sobs coming from a nearby house. "The worlds over!" said a tearful voice."

Harry then heard a gunshot ring inside that same house.

"What the world is over, what!" Harry thought to himself.

Just then right after the gunshot Harry was surrounded by several people, but these people were acting weird. They were growling and looked mutilated. Harry swore he saw bite marks on these people One of these "people" grabbed Harry and actually tried to bite him, until he was shot off him.

Harry was then snatched by a " normal looking person. "Let go of me!" Harry yelled , until he was punched in the face and he blacked out