The whole gang followed Kingsley to the labs for blood work. As they were walking they only noticed one other person apart from Kingsley that was working in the labs.

As they followed Kingsley to the labs the group only saw one other person apart from Kingsley.

"Forgive me Kingsley for it being end of the world like outside shouldn't there be more people muggles and wizards alike in here working on a cure?" Harry spoke up as everyone including T- dog either grunted or nodded in agreement to what Harry said.

"AGAIN as I said before It's been a dark time, and I also thought I said to save questioning to after I give you all some blood tests!" Kingsley exclaimed as he was getting annoyed with the constant questioning.

Harry quickly returned Kingsley's glare as they continued toward the lab.

On the way to the lab Harry was in awe of the size of this building. "This size could rival Hogwarts." Harry said to the group.

"What the hell is Hogwarts?" A puzzled Merle questioned.

"It's just where I went to school." Harry simply shrugged.

"So it's an all wizards school." Rick tried to small talk.

"Yeah, and wizards are the only one's that can see the school too." Harry added.

"Damn you wizards are sure something else." Merle chuckled.

"So are you muggle!" Harry joked along.

After a while of bullshitting between the group Kingsley finally lead them into the labs.

"I don't like blood work!" Otis started to squeak as he was visibly getting distressed now.

"If you don't get your blood taken, I will treat you like the dead outside, I will either let you outside with them, or I will kill you on the spot right here!" Kingsley threatened a paling Otis.

"Fine I will do it, but I hope you know mister I will not enjoy this." Otis consented.

"Alright we'll take Otis first since he's the only one that seems to have a problem, so we'll get him out of the right now." Kingsley ordered with a exaggerated sigh.

Rick, Daryl, Merle, and Shayne step forward to hold Otis still while he got his blood work done. Otis realizing he couldn't really move anymore, resorted to muffled snorts and pathetic wails.

"Alright now that the big one is over the rest should be no problem." Kingsley said as he extracted the needle from the mid section of Otis's arm.

"Make sure he does not move a muscle, even the slightest movement will tear a vein!" Kingsley ordered in his authoritative, commanding voice.

Otis was squirming around while the four men were trying to hold Otis still. Finally Rick had to call over the giant Hagrid.

With Hagrid helping Otis still squirmed a little but he was stationary enough to get his blood drawn.

As soon as Kingsley released Otis, Otis ran away and appeared he was trying to hide.

Hagrid scoffed at this scene. "I hope poor bloke doesn't act like this when we are in a tight situation out side of these here walls!" Hagrid thundered.

"Otis is a good man and valuable asset, I know him." Otis snapped back in defense of Otis.

"If you say so." Hagrid said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

The rest of the group got through their blood work relatively easy, even the little girl Sophia got by as she held her father Ed's hand when she got her blood taken. Sophia returned the favor by holding her father's hand when he got his blood taken.

After the blood was taken Kingsley motioned to the group to follow him he lead them to a large conference style room with a large table and many chairs and had them sit down so he could talk about everything with them.

"Blimey Kingsley I never knew you knew how do draw blood!" Hagrid said heartily.

"I didn't until this outbreak Hagrid." Kingsley began as recognized everyone's confused face.

"When this outbreak occurred it was Fudge's Idea to start this collaboration with wizards and muggles alike. With magic we were able to construct this giant building here that was dedicated to finding a cure and housing refugees. When it first began the muggles were inside the building here doing the blood work, the research, while aurors like me were on the outside either protecting this place or finding survivors." Kingsley said as he readied for questioning.

"Kingsley let me start by asking the obvious question that everyone has in what happened to all the aurors and muggles of this place."

"Well.." Kingsley began as it appeared that the battle tough hard knox auror appeared to be holding in emotion.

"Take it easy sir, I know this must be hard on you as it is on all of us." Rick said as he tried to comfort the man.

"I'm fine!" Kingsley hissed as he tried to dismiss the group's faces of concern and understanding.

"Back to your question Harry, Fudge and the rest of the ministry in fact had no idea what he was getting his aurors into by sending us into the the front lines to battle these infected, he didn't account for the sheer number of them, their relentlessness, and the fact that the only thing they care about is to eat and eat." Kingsley said as he closed his eyes and turned away as silence carried on for a few minutes.

"So they got overwhelmed." Shane said to break the silence.

"Well I'm the only one here." Kingsley began before elaborating.

"Everyday in the beginning more and more aurors were taken by the dead, Tonks, Dawlish, both the Longbottom's..." Kingsley said as he began naming more and more aurors that succumbed to the dead.

"What about the people inside how did they all die." Lori spoke out.

"Well the guy you see over there, That's Ansil he is the last surviving Muggle here. Most of the muggle's here decided a bullet would be their last meal and killed themselves, and the others that didn't do that ran off as they liked there chances on the road more than in here." Kingsley said solemly.

"So when I said these were dark times, these are damn dark times." Kingsley uttered as the group all had looks of sadness, even T-dog. Once again the all familiar deafening sound of silence broke out again until Rick broke it this time.

"So this uh.. muggle fellow Ansil what is he doing or what does he do now that he is the last surviving muggle here?" Rick questioned

"Right now Ansil is looking over the blood samples to see if you guys are infected or not, when he is done doing that he will probably go back to doing what he does every day and that is studying this virus and looking for possible cures and vaccines." Kingsley answered.

"What was his experience before all of this in this type of research." Lori asked.

"He worked I believe at a disease prevention clinic where all he did all day was trying to prevent diseases like this from coming out to the public." Kingsley answered passively.

"Looks like the sum bitch messed up on this one." Daryl scoffed, earning a glare from Kingsley and everyone else but his brother Merle who chuckled at this comment.

This time Kingsley asked a question that was directed toward Hagrid and Harry.

"Do you two know anything about the status of Dumbledore?" Kingsley asked and sounded a little optimistic for once.

At the mention of Dumbledore tears formed in Hagrid's beetle black eyes and he began to wail.

"He's dead Kingsley had to put him down me self the other day!" Hagrid continued to cry as Kingsley himself appeared to be visibly shaken as well by the tragic news.

"There there Hagrid." Kingsley said as he tried to comfort Hagrid to no avail.

Eventually Hagrid settled down as the whole group (minus T-dog) comforted Hagrid. after that the all too familiar silence was back until the Muggle scientist Ansil entered the room and whispered something in Kingsley's ear.

"Uh huh very well." Kingsley said as Ansil took a nervous look at the group and quickly scurried away.

"Not much for socializing he is, but he says all your blood looks in good condition, which means I can show you to your rooms and then you can get some food." Kingsley said in a positive tone this time.

"Awesome." said the most if not all the group at once.

"I thought you guys might like that, and what all you guys probably went through you probably deserve it." Kingsley said with a faint of a smile.

"Do you want to hear our stories." Rick said.

"Tomorrow after you eat and get some rest." Kingsley said as escorted everyone out and show them to their rooms.