a-n: this is for darkangelsnapelover's collab series 'majoring in love.' warning: yes it will be molly x kate eventually. if you don't like it, don't read. i'll warn you now i ended quick at chapter 8. i don't want to continue it yet. i might go back later. i'll post gradually. something tells me people will still complain despite this a-n and i want maximum entertainment. so flame away. please. i need the lolz.


Kate looked to the bulletin board. She was a freshman looking for a cause. Karate club was too sweaty, sewing club too old fashioned, anime club too otaku. Kate needed to pick. She wanted to be more involved. College wasn't high school. She didn't want to stand out, just blend in. But she needed a group to blend into.

"I hear the book club is a lot more edgy than one would expect, but I've been running it for years," a girl smirked. Kate turned. The girl flipped her hair. Her face was still covered. She wore a dress but the hair screamed grunge. Kate couldn't help but smile back. The girl extended her hand, "Professor MacDonald, but you can call me Miss Molly. You're Kate Read, right?" she asked. Kate nodded. Molly stepped back, "Well, my work here is done. Your brother can tell you whether I'm right or wrong. I'd really consider that book club. This semester we're focusing on amazing works by LGBTQ writers. Stop by the English Forum room in the library on Friday's if you're interested."

Molly faded into the crowd. Kate turned back to the bulletin board. Nothing fit now. She had to hear more about this book club, namely the LGBTQ part.

Kate had been closeted since middle school. She figured it out in gym class. One of the girls had gotten her tits pretty early. D-cups and growing. Kate was transfixed. The girl didn't have a good enough bra. Kate loved the circles they made as they bounced in and out. She knew then what she was. More importantly, she knew not to talk. Elwood City was against the gays. Some homo killed someone before Kate's time and fucked it up for everyone. Every letter in LGBTQ was Enemy No. 1 for Elwood City. Being L put her in that boat. She had to keep quiet.

Lakewood University seemed like a safe haven. She'd already seen some queers holding hands. One tall black guy had a rainbow mohawk. The place seemed chill. Meeting Molly only confirmed that. Kate had heard of her. Arthur talked about her when he was last home. He came in early June. Kate had already been accepted to LU. Arthur told her in private. He told her to look for Molly. He felt they'd click. Arthur seemed to pick up on Kate's secret. She was tempted to call him and ask him. That would give herself away though. She wasn't ready for that.

Being in college was freeing. She could talk to anyone. They didn't know her from school. Most were from out of town. LU was an escape for them too. They weren't as judgmental. The outside world's issues didn't fly here. Kate felt unbound.

Friday came quickly. She'd met some friends in class. One from her freshman English class joined her. They took seats around a circle. Molly stood in the middle. A box of books was beside her. She eyed the crowd. She smirked at some of the chicks. Kate wondered if she was seeking them out. College was a place for romance. LU seemed chill. They probably wouldn't mind a student-teacher relationship. It couldn't be obvious, no fuck sessions during class. But Kate wasn't sure. She tried not to think about it. She had to focus on the meeting.

"Welcome returning members and new friends," Molly smiled. She grabbed her box, "I have some things to take care of this afternoon, so we're going to make this quick. This is the title we'll be working on for the next two weeks. I expect you to have the first part read before next week's meeting. To connect, join our group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter," Molly said. The group murmured. The meeting was over once you had a book. Kate and her friend got theirs. The friend wanted to leave. Kate wanted to mingle. They parted ways.

Molly sat in the empty seat. She sighed heavily. Her phone was out. She was handling business but paid attention anyway, "So you came. I'm glad I didn't scare you off or anything, but you didn't exactly catch me on Casual Friday," Molly grinned. Kate eyed her outfit. She loved the grunge look. It was totally 90's but still worked for her.

"I thought this sounded like the best club out there. Most of them were just-"

"Bland?" Molly guessed. Kate nodded. Molly agreed, "Well, I've noticed that too. I'm trying to separate Lakewood University from Elwood City as best as I can. I just take one small step at a time, and this is it. Look at this group of people around us. We even have a few transgendered student, but because of the community around us, they must remain anonymous to avoid persecution. One thing to remember: Outside of LU's campus, you're just another person. You're expected to fit the mold society has made for law-abiding citizens. That means closeting your identity, hiding your loves from those who are supposed to love you no matter what.

"When I realized I was bisexual, I didn't hide myself. I told my mother and she accepted me. I told my brother, but he was torn. James grew up here, and I know he was influenced by them. I don't blame him, but I know he'll come around when he can. I expect the rest of the community to be the same way, but it'll take time. We just need to bump that clock a little," Molly winked. Molly turned to Kate, "Don't be afraid to be yourself, but know your place. I'll fill you in, but I have a meeting. I like the coffee shop downtown. You'll know it when you see it," she said.

Molly left the room. Kate wanted to follow her. She wanted to talk to her for hours. Molly was much older. She was a professor. But she made the freshman Kate feel special.

Kate went back to her dorm. She kept to herself. She was trying to think. It took her a while to sort through her thoughts but her decision was soon made. Kate dreamed of Molly all night. She woke up the next morning with her heart pounding and a smile on her face. Kate smiled. She had a crush on a teacher. She just wished she could tell the world.