Kate answered the door. She was expecting Molly. She got Arthur. He looked worried. She let him inside. He paced the kitchen. Kate gave him a look. She asked if anyone was dead. He shook his head. Kate sat down, "Then what do you have to tell me?"

"How could you two be so open with your relationship? Mom and Dad called me last night because they went to a dinner party at the Crosswire mansion. Everyone was asking them about you and what you were doing holding hands with a woman. Everyone knows, and I'm worried that Molly might lose her job!" Arthur exclaimed.

Kate nodded, "Oh. Well, we tried spending more time away from the city. How did people find out?" Arthur groaned, "You're missing the point. It doesn't matter where you are in this entire region. People here travel, and people here will end up seeing you no matter where you end up. Molly's job was so important to her. If anyone, even one person, thinks you two dated while you were in college, the Board won't stand for it. They'll have her fired from Lakewood University."

The doorbell rang again. Kate answered it. Molly was there. She had a wicked grin on her face. She peeked behind Kate. Her grin faded when she saw Arthur. Molly stepped inside, "So, the whole big, bad world knows I'm dating a woman now, hmm? We already had a plan about me getting fired. Turns out they had no idea I was a lesbian," Molly laughed, "I guess they thought my Xena: Warrior Princess poster was relating to feminism or something," she cackled. Molly collapsed on the couch.

Arthur was stunned, "You…You planned for this? And you just don't even care that they snatched your job away? I thought you loved being a teacher," Arthur said. Molly nodded, "I love teaching, and I love literature. But I love women and men and whoever I want to love. Right now, I love your sister, and I told her to be ready. I thought they would be more interested in who I was dating, but I think they realize Kate and I only got together recently. I wasn't in any trouble for that. But I was shunned for being who I am, and if that's how the university wants to treat me, I have nothing more to offer them. I chose myself a new major to pursue at a college out west. I just hope Kate doesn't mind the sudden upheaval. Class starts in a week, so we gotta move."

"I'll pack," Kate smiled. Arthur was confused, "Wait, you're just going to-"

"It's what we worked out, Arthur," Molly interrupted. She continued, "Kate agreed to go with me if something happened here. No one here wants to support us, so we'll go where everyone loves us. It'll be magical, and I can get a new, better job that won't judge me for being born bisexual," Molly said. She smiled, "Wow, that was a lot of b's."

Arthur sighed. He sat on the couch, "I just…I expected one of you or both of you to be upset about this. I forgot how practical you are, Molly. I…I know this might get me into trouble too, but I want to help you guys move. What do you need?" Arthur asked.

Molly gave him a look, "Gloria would allow that?" Arthur shrugged. Molly nodded, "So you're blindly jumping into our problems to solve some sort of inner guilt problem. I see the full picture, but that doesn't make it any clearer. Go home to your future wife, hold her, and tell her you love her. You keep your life grounded while we make an upheaval. And Kate? We're going to talk to your parents before you go. Now is that time I told you about."

Kate went pale, "You want me to come out then head across the country? What if they have a good reaction? I might not want to leave." Arthur shook his head, "No, hearing that this is the truth is going to start a war. Molly, this isn't the time. Let her do it some other time, Christmas or something."

"And ruin a perfectly good holiday dinner? We'll see," Molly smiled. Molly turned to Kate, "It's up to you, love. Do you want to tell them before we leave or let the subject come up later?" Molly asked. Kate scoffed, "Are you kidding me? Let's go. We'll…we'll just show up together for Christmas. So what if we ruin it? They should've been more open minded from the start."

"That's my girl!" Molly cheered. She turned to Arthur, "Help your sister get her things into my van, then go home. That's the one thing you can do for us, then we'll be on our way. Oh, I'll have Kate grab postcards everywhere we go so you'll still be in the loop," Molly winked.

The three of them packed. Arthur went home afterwards. Kate went to her leasing office. She'd have to finish out payments there. Kate didn't care. She got in the van. She called her boss. As the van hit the highway, Kate quit abruptly. Her boss was angry. He needed a 2-weeks' notice, not 24-hours. Kate couldn't help him. Elwood City faded behind them. They didn't look back.