(Writers note: This fic picks up from the middle of the events in season two, episode nine, branching off from there. Always wanted to write a "heat" themed story, so this is my first try. Be kind. ^_^;)

"Bloody hell. It's totally useless now." The blond reaper said, watching the smoke arise from his disabled lawnmower death scythe. "Forgive me... I don't believe we've met before." Sebastian said in almost too low a tone, as he landed swiftly behind the reaper, placing a firm hand round his neck. Taken off guard, the reaper flipped out of the demons grasp swinging his smoking mower wildly, he landed a safe distance away on the shared London roof top.

"The names Ronald Knox! The next die hard reaper~" the blond said with vigor. "Oh dear. I can quite tell you've been hanging about that unfortunate Grell fellow, what a shame." The death god sent a firm kick to his mower sending Sebastian's clogging silverware effectively flying out, the engine restarted "Yeah... Sounds bloody ridiculous, I know."

"Unlike him however, you aren't nearly as exasperating." the raven said, looking the reaper over. "...Oh. Don't think I've ever been complemented by an adversary before." the blond uttered rubbing the back of his head with one hand. As if on cue the superior reaper landed between the two, sheering death scythe in hand. "I should have known a demon would be around in the middle of this trouble." William said, staring coldly at the demon "Never allow your guard down, around a demon." he spat the last word as if it were in bad tastes. "Yes sir!" Ronald answered straightening up immediately.

"Especially one in his... Condition."

"Condition?" the blond asked quizzically, he was new to the force after all and wasn't familiar with all the ropes, just yet.

"Yes... I can smell the demons heat from here." the superior said, correcting his glasses.

Before the elder reaper could elaborate further Sebastian had lunged forward, knives at the ready "Enough chit-chat." he said, tone tracing that of annoyance. Dodging the attack, the reapers joined fighting against the demon in unison, however powerful Sebastian may be, a pair of reapers against one demon is a slightly unfair battle. Deciding it was time to get back to his master, the raven threw four silver knives at William, while narrowly ducking Ronald's open legged aerial attack, mower crashing harshly into the roof below. The two had past within inches of each other, the moment seeming to move in slow motion, raven instantly catching drift of the others scent. Sebastian's eyes flashed their true magenta, pupils flickering to slits momentarily... He'd found his mate.

Landing gracefully, the demon was almost intoxicated by the reapers scent, narrowly avoiding a swipe from the elder reaper, he chanced another glance at Ronald, before disappearing between the buildings ending the fight. As collected and dapper an appearance Sebastian strived to maintain as a Phantomhive butler, demons had little control over the heat that over took them every hundred or so years. Likewise with the choosing of their mate, although normally it was often another demon, granted humans could not withstand the powerful love making demons needed to release during this time. Of course devils often romanced their way into stealing the souls of both men and women, the sort of hard sex needed during the heat would be too much for a fragile human. Thus the main reason mates were selected instinctually, through scents of those strong enough to withstand.

A flash of red over took Sebastian's vision as he navigated through the narrow London alleys, relocating the box he'd left his lord in. Finding it again he lifted the lip carefully "...My lord?" "Took you long enough!" Ciel grumbled climbing out. "My apologies." "Never mind... We need to head to the yard, I thought of something. I'm going to find out the proximity of the killings by hour, that may give us a timeline to estimate the next attac-" the boy looked up to his butler "Are you even listening!" he bellowed angrily, realizing the demon was staring at a rooftop off to the left. "Y-Yes my lord, terribly sorry. To the Yard, then?" he asked releasing a shaky breath. "Yes... Are you alright?" the boy asked cautiously. "You needn't worry, I shall be fine."

Without much more thought on the matter, they boarded the carriage inbound to Scotland Yard. The sun had begun setting, painting the city in a serene orange-yellow hue, a contrary mockery to the trouble harboring place London had become recently, they arrived. Ciel had ordered Sebastian to stay with the carriage, he never did like bringing his butler inside there, given the yard already looked down on the queens guard dog, they looked at any adult accompaniment as a form of babysitter, which annoyed the young lord to no end. "As you wish my lord." the raven said bowing, he would remain with the carriage for however long it took.

Not twenty minutes had passed before a distant scream could be heard just near enough for a demon to detect. Light shot up in the darkening sky as a cinematic record uncoiled upward, from somewhere over several roof tops. It would only take a few minutes... Glancing through the window at his perplexed little lord, Ciel was obviously arguing with the chief about some matter or another, he was occupied for the time being. The demon smirked, leaping from the carriage in the direction of the light. With little effort the demon arrived at the roof top above where the light was emanating, a middle aged woman had apparently jumped, or fallen from a nearby balcony. "Damn accident cases, Will would send me in for the over time. As if today was not busy enough. Damn it..." the reaper mumbled his complaints, collecting the cinematic record.

Sebastian jumped down, silently landing behind the preoccupied reaper. "Heavens... Are you alone?" he said, black hair covering his face, he smiled darkly. Blocking the blonds startled attack, the raven punched his chest, sending the reaper into a nearby wall. Before the reaper had time to recover, Sebastian effectively had him pinned, hand firmly planted on the wall behind, the other squeezing tightly around the death gods neck. "How unfortunate for you."