Punishment or a Gift

-this is my first HP fanfic ever… I recently *very recently* became a huge fan and I'm doing what I can with HP… excuse me please if it doesn't quite seem right in some spots b/c I'm still playing and trying to figure out the characters… r/r only if you wish. J

Chapter 1

            The end of another year at Hogwarts always brings a celebration. Harry fell upon the Gryffindor house common room couch. He glanced up at his best friends, Hermione and Ron and everyone else in the house. He raised his glass of wine, which was illegally attained through Hagrid. "A toast to the end of our fourth year and good lucks to us for next year!"

            Everyone raised their glasses and took a sip. Neville snuck over to the stereo system and pulled out a case full of muggle music. "How about we liven it up a bit?"

            Hermione grinned and hollered over the chatter that erupted. "Go for it. Let's have real party!"

            Neville placed some compact discs in the stereo and raised the volume. Soon, the entire commons room was filled with chatter, laughter, and dancing.

            Meanwhile, a young blonde Slytherin was passing by and heard the commotion. "I wonder if that's a party," he spoke aloud to himself, grinning the entire time. Somehow, he had discovered the password to the Gryffindor house and entered. The music was enough to cover any noise he made while entering and so he had made it into the party undetected. Casually, he found himself a corner and pulled out a vodka bottle and took a swig, eyeing the luscious Gryffindors in action.

            Hermione spun around on her toes, dropped to the floor, and shook her arse as she danced making it incredibly difficult for Harry to keep up. Ron did amazingly, causing Harry to giggle because of his slight drunkenness.

            Harry stepped back from the two teenagers. "I'm gonna take a break." He grinned as he walked oddly away from them until his gaze paused on the Slytherin in the corner. Grumbling, he made his way up to him. "What are you doing here, Malfoy?"

            Draco smiled brightly. "I heard the commotion of a party and I never miss out on a party, my friend." He raised his near empty vodka bottle for Harry to see.

            "I thought getting drunk with Gryffindors would never be your kind of thing." He hiccuped and smirked.

            Bowing his head briefly, Draco pulled out another full bottle and threw the empty one in the nearby wastebasket. "You'd be surprised at what I enjoy doing." He opened the bottle and glanced at Harry's near empty wine glass. "That's no way to get drunk, Potter. I've got plenty more of this, if you allow me to join your company tonight."

            Harry thought quickly and smiled. "Why not, Malfoy." He turned and headed towards the other end of the room with Draco behind him to where a few boys were playing with a cauldron and a cabinet of potion ingredients. "Wanna make something?"

            Draco grinned. "Of course. This could be fun." He searched the cabinet and gathered a handful of items and dropped them into the bubbling water. He looked over at Harry who was gathering his own ingredients.

            After about a half an hour, the bubbling mixture was giving off a funny odor. Harry's nose wrinkled in disgust. "I dare you to drink some." He grinned at Draco, as if he was challenging him. He was correct when he knew Draco would not back down. He watched as the Slytherin found a glass and filled it with the putrid liquid, held his nose and guzzled it down.

            Draco stuck out his tongue to signal the liquid was indeed disgusting. He pulled out his vodka bottle and took a long swig. "Do you want to get properly wasted tonight, Potter?" He raised the vodka bottle for emphasis.

            Harry contemplated as hard as he could but his mind was getting fuzzy. "Yea, why not. We should get away from the heart of the party before they find out we have a secret stash. You know?" He nearly tripped as he led Draco away from the cauldron.

            Draco followed close behind, winking at the mudblood girl as he passed. Her slightly evil glare didn't last long and she resumed dancing very close to Ron.

            Harry opened the bedroom door he shared with Ron and couple other guys. He allowed Draco to step in and he closed the door quietly, locking it manually. Watching Draco take a seat in the chair beside the window, Harry swallowed hard. Perhaps, something he was doing was wrong, but the vodka bottle caught his eye.

            The Slytherin watched his old enemy down almost a third of the bottle. "Whoa, slow it down, Potter." He leant his head back against the chair. "Even though I do have more." He winked.

            Harry brought the bottle down from his lips. Smiling, he took a seat on his bed. "How much do you have?"

            Sighing, Draco crossed his left leg over his right and eyed Harry up and down. "As much as you want, baby." He heard Harry giggle lightly.

            An hour must have passed and the party was still going strong downstairs. No one knew the two boys were alone in Harry's bedroom, except for Hermione if she was still conscious.

            "Hey, Harry?" Draco turned his head and locked eyes with the boy laying on the bed.

            "Yea, what is it, Draco?" Harry's short sentences were even slightly slurred now.

            Draco swallowed nervously. "Have you ever thought about sex?"

            Nodding, Harry sat up on the bed. "All the time. You?"

            "Same here." Draco straightened himself up in the chair, unclasping his robe. He glanced up at Harry with glazed grey eyes. "Could we...like....you know..experiment?"

            Harry blinked rapidly until it registered in his wasted mind what Draco was asking. He looked down at Draco in the chair, tense and waiting for a response. His head was nodding before he spoke and before he knew what he was doing. He swallowed hard as Draco undressed before him and climbed upon the bed. He chuckled nervously. "My turn to undress now, huh."

            Draco nodded and helped Harry lose the clothing. His mouth watered as he beheld the body before him. For a fifteen year old boy, Harry was rather endowed in everything. As soon as they were undressed, they sat beside one another and stared into one another's eyes. "Who should be on top?"

            Quickly thinking, Harry remembered an old muggle game. "I know. It's called 'Rock Paper Scissors'. You either make a rock, a sheet of paper, or a pair of scissors with your hand on the count of three."

            The Slytherin nodded. "I see. Well, let's do it." He waited until Harry nodded and he counted off. "One. Two. Three." He threw down a pair of scissors and Harry did a rock. "So?" he questioned.

            Harry unfolded his fist. "I'm on top." He didn't have to tell Draco to do anything; he did it immediately by laying down on the bed, the sheets cool under the warm skin of his back. He placed his feet flat down on the bed and spread his legs, his member at full attention.

            Draco reached out a hand for Harry to grasp. "Now, just lay atop me between my legs." Harry did so, his penis rubbing against Draco's to bring forth a strong intake of air. "Wow."

            The Gryffindor leaned down towards Draco's face. "I should kiss you first, right?"

            "If it feels right, do it." Draco's lips were soon covered by Harry's smooth lips. Deepening the kiss, Draco pushed his tongue into Harry's, sighing as their tongue's entangled and battled, each of their penises enlarging more.

            Harry pulled back slowly and licked the remains of the kiss from his lips. "I'm ready." His voice was shaky causing Draco to cradle Harry's head as Harry reached between them and inserted a finger into Draco.

            "Oh, fuck, Harry." He gasped and moaned as Harry probed more and inserted another finger, stretching him properly before they experimented further. He massaged and raked Harry's head with his fingernails as Harry removed his fingers and placed his pulsing member to the entrance of Draco's anus.

            He met Draco's hazy grey gaze with his own emerald gaze as he pushed inward and drew a guttural moan from each of them. He wasn't still for long due to Draco's writhing beneath him. He pulled out and pushed in again making each of them moan again. So this was sex and it was absolutely amazing. The sheer movement of his penis within Draco sent chills up and down his spine and he sensed for a moment, that he could feel the chills traveling though Draco's spine as they moaned and groaned and gripped each other tightly. Harry began to feel a tightening in his stomach and he leant down and buried his face in the crook of Draco's neck. "You're so good...and I'm gonna..." His voice faded into a moan as he came, filling his lover with his seed. He soon felt the sticky substance of Draco on his stomach.

            Draco panted for minutes after they had come. As he closed his eyes, he felt Harry pulling himself from him and laying down beside him. It wasn't long before they drifted off to sleep.

            Harry awoke first, his head throbbing and the warmth from a body beside him making him rather hot under the blankets. Turning his head carefully, he quickly recognized the boy beside him and what they had done. Without stirring the sleeping Slytherin, he dressed and gathered his already packed bags leaving Draco to awake alone.