I want to thank you all sooooooooooo much! This seriously was my first HP fic ever and first mpreg! I am happy at how this story turned out and am very glad you people enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. I owe so much to you all *tear* 

            I have already begun production on the sequel, not yet titled but the ideas are flowing and it is going to be another mpreg! It takes place four years after graduation, Evan will be five and guess who he takes after most? Guess who the father will be this time and who will take over the evil wizard business after the death of voldie? Hmmmm…… can't wait to start posting it and here's the final chapter of Punishment or a Gift, in which Evan certainly was a gift!                        

Chapter 25 aka Epilogue

            Two months had flown by like the simple flapping of an owl's wings. Spring had sprung beautifully over and around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Flings had started and people were smiling, especially two sixth year boys who shared a room together with the room of their two month old son next door. Harry dazed out the window of his room and watched the sun set on the horizon. His trance was broken as a rapping began at the window by an impatient eagle owl with a letter attached to its leg. Swiftly, the window was fully opened and the bird had flown away without waiting for a reply. Soon, the string that held it closed was on the floor and Harry was scanning the words on the parchment.

            Dear Draco and Harry,


                                    I miss you two terribly and I hope my grandson is doing well. I have purchased the most adorable robes you will ever see in your life and are planning on bringing them by personally later this month. I have a secret to tell the teachers but could not keep it from my dear son and son-in-law any longer. Severus and I are engaged! The wedding plans are in discussion and the date is set for August 20th. It may seem sudden for you two but if you knew our history, you would clearly understand.

                                    I also want to make you, Draco, aware that your father is in Azkaban for obvious reasons and I was given a special award from the ministry for helping them catch him and in the aid of bringing down the Death Eaters. The award for you, Harry, dear, and Albus for killing Voldemort will be sent later this month. Congratulations! I cannot say it enough of how proud I am of you, Draco and the baby for coming into this world. He is absolutely beautiful. It is time for me to end this letter and I will be visiting Hogwarts at a later date.


                                                                                                                        Narcissa & Severus

            Harry folded the letter and set it down upon the desk adjacent the window. Uncle Snape. How amusing. His smiled widened further when his love entered the room, robes billowing gently with perfect slicked blonde hair atop his gorgeous head. But, at the absence of Evan, his grin faded. "Where's Evan?"

            "With Hagrid. I felt he could take care of a two-month-old baby, don't you?" He smirked as he neared the still open window and discarded of his robe, shrugging it off his slender shoulders easily.

            The Gryffindor smirked back as he suddenly felt the weight of Draco on his lap and wrapped his arms around him, locking them over Draco's lower back. "Of course. He is the care of magical creatures' professor after all?" He leaned forward and placed a small kiss on Draco's lips.

            "Indeed." He returned the kiss greedily, engaging their tongues in a hot battle inside their mouths that heated all the surrounding air. As they broke for air, Draco began a small trail of kisses and nibbles over Harry's neck. "I wanted to thank you properly for all you've done for me."

            Harry raised his left eyebrow and held Draco closer and began to feel a hard object press against his own rising flesh. "And how do you plan on doing that?"

            Draco nipped his way up to Harry's ear and whispered huskily, "By doing to you what got me pregnant."

            With a sigh, his head fell back against the chair and his eyes slipped closed as Draco ran his perfect hands under the Gryffindor's short sleeve t-shirt and over the tight muscles of his stomach. His neck was ravaged at the same time as manicured nails dug into his flesh needily and his member strained against the zipper of his jeans. Suddenly, the sweet attack on his body ceased and he opened his glazed emerald eyes to see Draco undressing fully, revealing his once again toned stomach with a small scar from where the baby had been born.

            The Slytherin at last pulled off his navy satin boxers and sat on the bed, beckoning for Harry to come and sure enough was immediately greeted with a fast-stripping Potter. "Calm down, baby. Don't get overly flustered." He sat up on his knees as a naked and sweating Harry sat on the bed. "That's my job," he purred as he gently pushed Harry down onto the black silk sheets. He positioned his lanky body over his lovers and once again fought for dominance inside their mouths.

            Harry quickly remembered the initial sensations of being skin to skin with Draco eleven months ago at the graduation party. It was a heavenly feeling to have his warm flesh flush against Draco's, his heart thundering in his chest as he pounded into the other boy. But this time, it was his turn to feel the mix of pleasure and pain, to feel everything Draco could give him. "Draco, I'm ready," he murmured against Draco's throat.

            Draco, without his wand, lubricated Harry's entrance with his own spit and leaking precum, first using one finger, then a second to prepare his love. "Am I hurting you?" he asked and pursed his lips as he pulled them out and pushed them again.

            "A little," he gasped and moaned as the fingers sent wild chills through his spine. "One more and I should be ready."

            "If you wish, Harry." Draco then added a third and winced at the painful sigh that was emitted from Harry's lips. In seconds, the pain was leaving and he had Harry writhing on the sheets, his hands gripping his own hair and throwing his glasses off the bed. The each heard the crack and shatter of the glasses but they didn't care as Draco withdrew his fingers and positioned the head of his penis to Harry's opening, Harry immediately wrapping this legs around his waist.

            Harry gasped at the penetration and untangled his hands from his raven hair to wrap them around Draco's body as the whole of Draco fully entered his virgin hole, an inch at a time. "Oh god," he groaned and arced against his love's body, sweat trickling off his scarred forehead and pooling on his chest.

            "Is it good, love?" Draco whispered into Harry's ear as he pulled out gently and slowly sheathed it once again, causing Harry to simply whimper and moan against his the junction of his neck and shoulder. "Good. It's so good for me, love."

            The slow movements of Draco inside him felt like they lasted an eternity before his body couldn't handle them anymore and writhed with ecstacy under the Slytherin's administrations. "Harder, Draco, please," he begged, squeezing his eyes shut as he saw the stars creeping up on him.

            Draco only nodded as nails scratched up and down his back as he moved faster inside Harry, bringing them to orgasm and too soon the passionate love making was over as Harry came over their stomachs and Draco came buried deep inside Harry. They lay panting for ages before either attempted to speak or move. "Oh god, Potter," he sighed against Harry's chest, "That was the best shag of my life."

            "Same here, Malfoy." Harry squirmed lightly, feeling Draco still inside him, limp, but still there.

            As Draco gathered his strength, pulled out and sat up, he was suddenly bombed with sudden news he wasn't expecting.

            "You mother owled." Harry leaned up, resting on his elbows, "her and Snape are engaged." He smirked lightly as Draco's eyes fluttered and closed as he collapsed on the bed and fainted.