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Cycling Extreme

Caroline teaches Klaus to ride a bike.

It happened one morning on their anniversary trip – Caroline learned that no matter how long you're with someone, there's always more to find out.

After her mother's death and Elena's Kai-induced coma, she decided to get out of Mystic Falls, alone. She took a road trip from east coast to west coast, then headed to South America and Australia after that.

She met so many different people. Done many different things. She fought in a bar brawl somewhere in New Mexico (ok, she kind of instigated it). For a while she sang in a night club in Argentina. In Australia she posed as a rich trust-fund kid and learned how to surf.

For a year she didn't talk to any of her friends. It may have been a little selfish but she needed to come to terms with everything that had happened. Losing her mom. Losing her humanity. Stefan.

He'd told her he would wait for her but after that year alone, she knew that wasn't what she wanted anymore. Despite the hurt she had been feeling, Caroline managed to mend herself. And she discovered the passion for life she had never felt before, even as a human. And there was only one person who could share such passion with her and he was in New Orleans.

So when she finally felt ready (after another 3 years), she headed there, checked into the hotel and showed up at his door. The way he looked at her…oh, how he looked at her. They hadn't jumped into anything immediately (well, apart from bed), they had their problems to solve but after a couple of months she moved in with him. And now it was their 20th anniversary.


It was simply beautiful here, she thought while sitting on the porch of their Italian villa. Caroline had to admit, there were many places even more breathtaking but there was just something about Tuscany…But now they've been here for a week and even if she loved the sea and the beach, Caroline was feeling a little restless to do some sightseeing. She needed her hybrid boyfriend for a tour guide, though.


He flashed in front of her, paint on his fingers.

"Yes, dear?"

"Please don't call me that, you know it freaks the bejesus out of me."

"Sorry, sweetheart. What's on your mind?"

"So, I thought we could do some sightseeing, take bicycles, ride through the vineyard? Get lunch in town?" She asked, noticing that he flinched slightly at the question.

"Ehm…to be honest, I'm not that hungry, love."

"Of course you're not Klaus, you don't really need to eat. I just thought it would be nice to get out a little, not that I didn't enjoy the entertainment you've provided so far..." She teased and added, hoping to convince him. "We could got a bite of some tourist, I'm running low on blood bags."

"Well…hmm…really can't, sorry…painting to finish…tomorrow…" Klaus mumbled so low that even with super-hearing she had trouble understanding. What the hell was going on?

"Ok, what's going on with you? You look more embarrassed than that one time Kol changed your ringtone to 'Call me maybe' and called you during City Council. And if you think that I'll believe for even one second that you would deny the opportunity to drink from human with me, you've got another thing coming for you."

"Icannotrideabike" He said the words so fast, she had trouble understanding again.

"Pardon me?"

"I can't ride a bloody bike, ok?!"

That was new. "How come?"

He looked at her with his 'bitch please' expression. "I've never needed it, I guess. There weren't exactly any bikes back in my time and now? Can you imagine what our people in New Orleans would say if they so me on a bike? Sorry, love, but I've got reputation to uphold. Plus, how hard can it be?" He finished with a smirk, his usual confidence quickly back.

She might have just let it slide but he just had to be arrogant, didn't he?

It was her turn to smirk, a plan already forming in her mind.

"Ok, grandpa, I get you have that big bad hybrid/alpha male persona going on in public but we're not in NOLA now and I'm your girlfriend and I'm asking you…oh, so nicely."

His interest visibly peaked at her innuendo. "How nicely exactly, love?" He asked, taking a step in her direction.

"Let's just say…I'll make it worth your while." She replied, drawing circles on his chest suggestively. He leaned his head, about to catch her lips with his but she withdrew at the last moment.

"Come on, we have to teach you then!"

They've been at it for some time now and it was not looking good. Caroline was actually amused that for someone so fit and quick and did she mention a hybrid, Klaus just wasn't able to find a balance on a bike. She tried very hard to be supportive and help him but when he fell yet again, she just couldn't hold back.

"You know, maybe I should get you one of those bikes with four wheels to learn? Or like this really cute bike Ross got Phoebe?"

Klaus looked at her in a way that was a very clear loud no to additional wheels and only asked "Who's Ross?"

"Seriously? We are so binge-watching Friends when we get back."

He groaned "I don't think so, I still haven't got over your Bachelorette period."

"Ok, well, let's make a deal. You stop kidding around and master this bike in the next hour and I'll make Kol watch Bachelorette with me instead of you."

"Deal." He said immediately.

"Ok, so let's get over this again. You get on, hands on the front brakes, feet on pedals. Just…think about how you need to focus when you want to speed somewhere. Riding a bike is all about balance and when you flash somewhere you also have to balance yourself to stay straight. It's similar really."

He didn't get it right immediately but it took him less than an hour. Good luck, Kol, he thought with satisfaction.

Actually, when Caroline explained it to him, he saw just how easy it was. How come he's never done it before?

"Ok, so how about that trip now? Do you feel good about this?"

"Yeah, it will be fine, Caroline, it's actually pretty easy when you get a hang of it."

Oh, Caroline knew some other area where Klaus was well-hung. And maybe it was time to have some fun. She smiled mischievously and said. "Well, before you enter Tour de France, how about you ride and I'll sit on the rear rack."

He looked at her, inquiring eyes.

"In the back, I'll seat in the back." She answered, amused he didn't even seem to know bicycle parts.

"How exactly is that supposed to help me, love?"

"Oh, you know, I'll oversee, make sure you peddle enough."

The only response was a suspicious look he threw her.

They had been riding the country road for some time now, Caroline embracing Klaus loosely from the rear seat, vineyard long behind them. Klaus was starting to get very good at this and now, Caroline supposed, came time for a little distraction. Keeping the balance was not a problem for her, she used to be a cheerleader after all. Plus, you know, vampire.

She moved on her seat a little, maneuvering her hand down Klaus' body and she brushed his thigh delicately, as if by accident. He twitched slightly and slowly looked back at her, trying not to ride off the road. She just smiled innocently at him.

After that, she repeated her action a few times and decided to draw out the big guns.

Slowly, she moved her hand towards his crotch, putting just a little pressure there. Klaus growled. "Just what do you think you're doing, Caroline?"

"Oh, nothing, you said it was so easy, I thought you wouldn't mind. I mean, you said so yourself, how hard can it be?" She teased and cupped him through the jeans, using more force this time.

He almost lost control of the bike then, his hands gripping the handlebar tightly.

"You just love playing with fire, love, don't you?"

"You have no idea." She retorted. She adjusted her position, making sure she was relatively stable and reached for the button of his trousers, flicked it open and went on to unzipping him. At that, he drew in a loud breath, struggling for control (and balance) but she knew he was waiting impatiently for what she would do next.

So she took him in her hand, squeezing him a little. As she was working him, she purred "Do you like it, Klaus? My hand around your cock, so out in the open? Anyone who passes us by will see that I want you so much, I just had to start jerking you off on a bike."

After her words, Klaus was done for. He took a quick look around and noticed a few trees along the road just ahead of them. He sped up, trying to control the bike while Caroline was still massaging him. Finally, he stopped, took her hand off him and rushed her behind the tree, bike thrown beside the road.

He kissed her hard, ripped her blouse open, small gasps coming out of her mouth. He was about to unclasp her bra but Caroline had other plans. She pushed him against the tree, got on her knees and lowered his jeans. She looked up at him, sending a naughty smile, then leaned her head and took him all in. She sucked hard, setting a fast pace from the beginning. He clutched her hair and moaned loudly when he felt his tip hitting the back of her throat. She was incredible and he wanted to cum in her mouth but he wanted to punish her more.

He tugged at her hair and forced her up, then pressed her against the tree again, her back to his chest.

"It's not very nice, love, to tease a man like that. So you know what I'm gonna do?" Klaus asked, moving one hand to cup her breast, the other hiking up her skirt.

"Are you wet for me yet? Did it turn you on, to tease me like that, stroking my cock on the public road?" He pushed her panties aside and moved his fingers through her sleek heat. She was dripping.

"You are soaking, sweetheart. So that's what's going to happen. I could tease you endlessly, until you begged for me so loud, the whole village would hear." He dipped two fingers into her and put a thumb against her clit and Caroline whimpered "Please…"

"But I'm feeling particularly merciful today so I'll just fuck you hard against that tree."

At that, Caroline smirked slightly. "Seems like your specialty, really."

Klaus let out a hoarse laugh against her ear. "That it is." He said and she felt him entering her in one swift move. He set a punishing pace, pounding into her roughly, pinching her nipples through her bra.

"Klaus" Caroline cried out, bracing her palms against the tree, she was the one struggling to keep the balance now. Her mewls and his gasps merged together, world around them forgotten. Caroline felt the warmth spread through her belly, sensations of his hard cock slamming into her too much. After a few minutes, Klaus felt her walls contract around him and he let himself go, they cried out together, their breath rugged. After disentangling himself from her, Klaus sat and rested against the tree, pulling Caroline onto his lap.

They were almost dozing off, when Klaus suddenly said "You know, sweetheart, if that's what I get from you teaching me stuff, I must say I've never crocheted either."

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