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Chapter 1 : An Unexpected Visitor

Thunder rumbled overhead and Cisco Ramon glowered at the ceiling as he looked up from his work. In his hand, he held a pen which he was tapping repeatedly on his table. A hand shot out, stilling his own. Pulling away, Cisco glowered at the man sitting next to him. He looked like Eobard Thawne. At least, like Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash. The others seemed to think he was Harrison Wells, but Cisco was less willing to believe. After Eobard had vanished and Barry had closed the singularity the man sitting next to Cisco had been found buried in rubble left from the singularity. Despite how he'd been found, Cisco couldn't bring himself to think of the other as Harrison Wells. Even after subjecting the man to a series of tests and living the merged timeline in his dreams, Cisco didn't trust the other man.

"Mr. Ramon, I realize you do not trust me at all, but would you please stop beating the desk to death with your pen," Dr. Harrison Wells requested, pulling his hand away and trying not to let the other man's reaction hurt him. Det. Joe West had tried to explain everything they'd lived through and Harrison found reminding himself that someone masquerading as him had murdered Cisco helped some.

"Sorry Dr. Wells," Cisco replied, trying not to glare. They'd slipped into the formal titles when the truth had come out. That wasn't true, Cisco had always called his boss Dr. Wells. Dr. Wells had started calling Cisco "Mr. Ramon," when the truth had come out. Oddly enough, Joe had started calling the older man Harrison.

"Look, Mr. Ramon, I'm only down here because you asked me to look over some calculations. I will return to my office as soon as we're through here," Harrison reminded Cisco.

"I hope it can wait," a female voice said. Looking up, both men were surprised to see Felicity Smoak standing in the doorway.

"Ms. Smoak, what brings you to STAR labs?" Harrison asked, looking up. He almost smiled.

"I asked Barry to meet me here," Felicity said, holding her phone up. "Don't want to have to repeat myself." There was a blast of wind and Barry Allen stood before them.

"Hey, Felicity. What's up? You said it was important," Barry said, looking at the two scientists.

"It is, but I'll wait for Detective West and Caitlin," Felicity said somberly. "I texted them both about an hour ago asking them to meet us here in a few minutes."

"Hey, you rang?" Joe asked, coming into the room followed by Caitlin.

"Well, Ms. Smoak, we appear to all be here, so I believe you can tell your story now," Harrison said, steering his chair away from Cisco. Frowning at the tension she could feel between the two men, Felicity shrugged it off and decided to jump into her story.

"I need you to come to Starling City," Felicity declared. There were a number of grunts of confusion, only Harrison seemed to simply respond with the arch of an eyebrow. "What I mean is, I need your help. Have you heard what happened at Palmer Technologies?"

"Uhm, no," Barry said, looking to the others in the group. They'd all been very busy dealing with the aftermath of the singularity and it's closure. Then of course, they'd discovered Dr. Wells in the rubble left after the singularity and they were still trying to figure out how much to trust him.

"There was an explosion, shortly before the singularity opened up here, I believe," Harrison said. All eyes turned to him. "I spent several days in a hospital bed. There wasn't much to do other than watch the news," he informed them upon seeing their looks. "Did they ever find out what caused the explosion?"

"No," Felicity replied. She was happy someone knew what had happened because it saved her from trying to get herself through it. "And it gets worse."

"I believe Mr. Palmer was listed as missing," Harrison said, seeing tears in the corner of Felicity's eyes. "So, am I correct in assuming you want us to come to Starling City to see if we can figure out what happened?" Felicity nodded and the tears started to fall.

"Ray had apparently put the company in my name, so I have the company jet waiting at the airport. We can leave as soon as you're ready. I have a couple of hotel rooms reserved too," Felicity said.

"Well, Ms. Smoak, I can't speak for everyone else, but I would be more than happy to help you out," Harrison said. "I can meet you all at the airport in about an hour."

"Thank you," Felicity said. With one final nod, Harrison turned his wheelchair and left the room.

"I can be ready in a matter of minutes," Barry said. "You know I'm here for you."

"Count me in too," Joe added. "But, I'm going to need about an hour to be packed and to the airport."

"Felicity, you know we are all willing to help out," Caitlin said. "So, we'll meet you at the airport in an hour." The group nodded and headed out, Cisco and Felicity staying behind.

"Everything okay?" Felicity asked Cisco. He had an odd look on his face. "Look, I know you and Ray had gotten close, so if this is too painful for you…"

"No, that's not it," Cisco said, standing. He glanced in the direction everyone else had gone before shaking his head in frustration. "It's just… what do you remember about Dr. Wells?"

"Uhm, that he's always been here for you guys?" Felicity arched an eyebrow in confusion. "Cisco, what's going on?"

"Check it, one of Eddie's descendants came back in time, killed Barry's mom and then killed Dr. Wells and took his place," Cisco started. "Only when Barry went back to save his mom… things didn't go as planned and this descendant of Eddie's was going to kill everyone, so Eddie killed himself."

"Thus changing the timeline. Is that what caused the black hole in the sky?" Felicity asked. They were walking slowly towards the elevator.

"Right. So anyhow, this Dr. Wells/Thawne guy vanishes before our eyes cause he's erased from existence. Barry closes the singularity and all seems right as rain. Until, Barry finds a badly injured Dr. Wells in the rubble left by the destruction caused by the singularity."

"So, now you don't know if you can trust Dr. Wells," Felicity summed up. "Wait, why don't I remember any of this?"

"Well, Barry and Dr. Wells think that we were shielded because we were in STAR labs when the singularity opened. According to Joe, Dr. Wells thinks two separate timelines merged creating the one we're in now."

"Makes sense to me," Felicity said.

"Yeah. But, we tried testing him and all his tests came back normal."

"Okay, look. I think I understand. I may not completely understand it all, but it sounds to me like maybe you should just keep an eye on this guy. Honestly though Cisco, he was the first to volunteer and I can't imagine what it's like to travel in a wheelchair. As it is, I need to notify the building manager. We'll have to make special arrangements to get Dr. Wells up to the damaged floors."

"That's what you think. What if he doesn't need the wheelchair?"

"Cisco, trust me. I visited with Barry while he was in the coma enough to have watched Dr. Wells struggle with getting used to that wheelchair and the paralysis. He crashed into so much stuff the first few weeks he was driving that chair... He needs the wheelchair." Patting Cisco on the back, Felicity smiled at him before quickly changing the subject. At the moment, the hacker didn't care who helped her if it meant finding out what had happened to Ray.