Hi, everyone! This is my new story, a Supernatural/Dark Angel crossover. I got inspired to write a fic about the Winchesters finding Alec and Ben because of the Wellspring Series by Vegakrist. I found her stories so beautiful and well-written that I had to take a crack at it. Now, this story is set at the end of season 5. An alternate universe of sort. Sam was never under Lucifer's control and when Michael and Lucifer fell into the cage it caused the pulse which the government blamed on a terrorist attack. A few months have passed and America is slowly adapting to the changes. Please review.

Chapter 1

The impala rumbled along the road. Countryside rolled past as Sam Winchester leaned his forehead against the impala's window. The sound of Metallica poured through the car as Dean drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. The old smell of burgers and fries clung to the seats from yesterdays meal.

The world had gone to shit a few months ago, all thanks to the Winchesters. They had found and lost a brother in a matter of a month and had not only stuck Lucifer back in his cage, but had also caused a chain reactive pulse that wiped out the newest advancements in electronics. If Sam had listened to his brother instead of Ruby, none of this would have happened. America wouldn't have had a drop in the economy and people wouldn't have lost their jobs, shoved out onto the streets.

Dean had told Sam not to blame himself, but he couldn't stop the guilt that festered in his stomach. It was all his fault, Sam knew it. If only he hadn't allowed his arrogance to get in the way. If he hadn't let his demon side take over. Hadn't craved the blood that gave him unstoppable abilities.

Sam groaned, re-situating himself. His frown grew deeper as the impala once again past another group of people hitchhiking. Another group he had, inadvertently, tossed onto the streets. They never stopped, just kept driving. Going from job to job, hunt to hunt, it was the least the brothers could do after everything they had caused.

In fact, Sam glanced over at his older brother. They hadn't heard from Castiel in a while. The angel had been rather silent on his end, dealing with issues up in Heaven. Issues that hadn't been straightened out yet. Half of the angels were furious about the apocalypse not playing out as planned, the other half were ready for a new regime. A new beginning. Castiel was desperately trying to organize the disaster that had fallen onto Heaven.

Dean grunted, fingers fumbling with the knob of the radio. A news report came on, replacing the rock music. Sam sat up, listening intently.

I hear several cities are back up, Jim, the job market is starting to boom again and merchandise is starting to be imported into smaller towns and suburban areas. I hear in a few years, America will be back on the map. What do you think of that statement, Jim?

I believe it's both positive and possible, Mike. Major cities like Manhattan and Chicago have already started clearing out the rubble and reconnecting their networks. Jobs are being offered by major companies. Los Angeles is another city that is just thriving, thanks to major companies in Hollywood as well as Disneyland have distributed money to neighborhoods and smaller companies. Disney believes that the park will be back in business within a year. In fact, besides the law enforcement databases being completely wiped and technological advances being postponed, America will be back to it's normal self in no time. So, hang in there everybody.

Dean gave a derisive snort, reaching a hand towards the knob again. "Yeah,"he retorted, cynically. "In no time." They were used to hearing the false hope and optimism. In fact, every news station had been broadcasting this fake optimism a couple weeks after the pulse when the government had gotten radios reconnected. "You hear that Sammy, one good thing came out of this shit storm-" Dean's head turned towards his brother, his mouth quirked in a smirk. "Our slates are clean." He patted his brother hard against the shoulder. "We don't have to run from the law anymore. Ha!"

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother's antics. He wasn't in the mood to talk. In fact, he wanted to be left alone and brood. "Right,"Sam drawled out, before leaning back into his seat.

Another news report came on and he tuned in. Apparently, Seattle had been affected the worse. The way the city was built meant it was unstable. The pulse had caused the earth's plates to shift and the city suffered from a massive earthquake. Buildings crumbled, like the Space-needle, and big companies like Boeing and Microsoft suffered greatly. The aftershock had also affected Bellevue which had just started an economic boom. The city was in economic distress. Police and Military had sectioned parts off because of toxic spillage. The poor was separated from the rich and people required permits to get from one area to the next. Many tried to avoid Seattle, heading out towards the countryside or cities in Portland and California. Inflation had become a huge issue and items were a lot more expensive now. Sam and Dean had found themselves camping out in the impala quite often, finding even a crappy motel room far too expensive.

"This is shit,"Dean stated, switching off the radio. He rolled up his window as icy rain assaulted the windsheild. He switched on the wipers, watching the drizzled splatters get wiped away.

"Hey,"Sam exclaimed, sitting up abruptly. "I was listening to that."

Dean rolled his eyes as he pulled onto a busier street. Though it was hardly busy like it used to be. They were part of the few who still had a car and money for gas. Though they tended to siphon gas more often than not now. "Well, now you're not,"Dean retorted. Sam huffed, crossing his arms, and placed his feet on the dashboard. Dean slapped his foot and Sam glared. "It's the same crap as yesterday and the same will be said tomorrow. You're not missin' much 'sides America slippin' down a toilet drain." Sam's frown grew deeper and Dean responded to his silent pout with a, "Quit being a bitch, you little bitch."

"Jerk,"Sam scoffed. His brother's lips curled into an asshole smirk. He watched as the scenery changed into a highway and lights flashed ahead as police directed traffic. "Where are we going?"

"I'm thinkin' Cheyenne,"Dean replied, staring at the traffic build up. "We can find a motel for the night, get some grub, and then head towards Nebraska tomorrow. Bobby has a case."

"What is it?"Sam questioned. Though he assumed it was another salt and burn. Ghosts seemed to be the biggest issue at the moment. Other monsters were in the same boat as the rest of the world, all just tryin' to survive at the moment.

"Salt and burn,"Dean replied. Just like Sam had guessed. Sam smirked. "Said there was a couple of ghosts. Two girls that were murdered by their stepfather. Sick bastard." Dean's lips curled in disgust as his eyes glared at the car ahead of him. "If it wasn't for two young men who were killed, I'd just leave them alone." Sam knew Dean wouldn't be able to leave a case unfinished even if it was out of respect for the two girls. Spirits had a tendency of going crazy in the long run.

"So,"Sam drawled, fidgeting in his seat. His bum was starting to go numb. He needed to get out of this car and quick or his butt may fuse to the leather. "I'm guessing we're driving there tomorrow."

"Yup, Arcadia,"Dean replied. "Bobby called me while you were takin' a piss." Phones were the second thing to comeback. Internet followed, though it was much slower now. The government still dissuaded long distant travel by plane, though that didn't matter to the Winchesters much.

Dean pulled off the freeway, heading towards Cheyenne City.

Sam stood at checkout, watching the old cashier ring up his items. five lighters, three bags of chips, a six pack, and beef jerky. It wasn't much, but it was all the brothers could afford for now. Dean planned to make some money at the local bar tonight. Hustle a few drunks and make enough to get them to Nebraska tomorrow.

Sam sighed, noticing the wrinkles in the old woman's face. Her face was soured by an unpleasant frown and dull eyes. Her gray hair hung loosely around her wrinkled face. She glanced up at Sam, dully, opening her mouth to announce the price, but Dean shouldered forward, placing a pie on the belt. He smiled brightly at the woman, but she barely even reacted as she rung up the last item.

"Thirty-five dollars and eighty six cents,"She coughed. Sam grimaced, noting the mucus that left her mouth as he scrounged around his pocket pulling out the remaining cash and handing it over. The woman took the money, handing him the bag of groceries.

"Thanks,"he stated. She coughed again. Dean smiled before shouldering past his brother and heading towards the door. On his way out, he grabbed a plastic fork for his pie.

Sam followed, bags hanging from his wrist. A cold gust of wind chilled him to the bones, the moment he stepped onto the sidewalk. They weren't far from the motel and decided to walk to the store, just to stretch their legs. Dean, immediately, reached for his pie and opened the top. He slid his fork into the buttery crust before popping a bite into his mouth. He moaned happily, eyes rolling back in glee.

"Mmmm,so good,"he mumbled between bites. Sam smirked, shaking his head.

"I don't know how you can eat that monstrosity,"Sam stated, taking note of the label. "Didn't you even read the label?" Dean glared at his brother, insulted by Sam's insult.

"Yeah,"He quipped. "The package said pie. That was good enough for me."

"You don't even know how long it's been waiting on that shelf,"Sam argued. "Could be weeks."

Dean paused for a moment, considering Sam's point. He shrugged, going back to the gooey deliciousness in a plastic container. "Still pie,"he retorted. Sam's nose crinkled as he watched what he assumed to be cherry, drip off Dean's fork.

"That's just disgusting,"Sam stated. Dean scoffed, offended by his brother's critiques.

"You're not the one eating it,"Dean retorted. He pointed his fork at Sam. "So, you can shut your opinionated mouth, you little-"

There was a shout behind them and the two brothers turned towards the grocery store they had just left. "STOP, THIEF!" The store manager shouted. "POLICE!"

A little boy, about nine or ten, came racing out the doors. Pockets and shirt stuffed with stolen goods. His cheeks were bright red from the chilly breeze and blonde hair cropped short. He dodged the manager, elegantly, avoiding the grabbing hands of several other people. A gleeful smile lit his face as he managed to avoid the adults.

He ran. The little boy ran straight at them, forgetting to look ahead. He plowed full speed into Sam and Dean, knocking the pie out of Dean's hands, who cried out in annoyance as his pie hit the cement.

"What the hell, dude,"Dean exclaimed.

The little boy hit the cement as well, stolen goods exploding from his shirt. He scrambled to his feet, grabbing the chips, water bottles, and gauze that scattered the ground. He was frantic, Sam could see the terror in his posture. He shot up and Sam grabbed him. Grabbed his arms.

"Hey,"the child cried, surprised, pulling at Sam's hold."Let me go, you freak. You gigantic freak!" He pulled his leg back, ready to strike Sam with a powerful kick. His green eyes darted up to Sam's own gray-blue one's. His green eyes. His familiar green eyes behind a dirt smudged face and tattered clothes.

"Oh. My. God,"Sam exclaimed. He was shocked. He couldn't remove his eyes from the little boy's face. A face that he hadn't seen in years, but was clearly etched into his memory. A time when he was tiny and plumped face and relied on his older brother, who was only a few years older, to take care of him."Dean, do you see this?"

"Yeah,"Dean replied, green eyes popping out of his sockets. "I see it, but I don't believe it." They could hear the shouting. The shouting grew closer as the manager told them to hold onto the thief.

The little boy rolled his eyes, in an extremely identical way, as he sighed exasperatedly. "I realize I'm incredibly adorable and good-looking, but I've gotta dash. Places to see and people to meet, I'm not a fan of man-handle which is what you're doing." He was alert, stressed, and Sam could feel inhuman strength from the little boy as he peeled Sam's fingers away from his shoulders.

"Kid, who's your mother?"Dean questioned. Sam knew what Dean was thinking because he was thinking the exact same thing. Trying to put together the familial similarities between the two. He had done the age calculation in his head, trying to remember any specific girl in Wyoming when he was twenty or twenty-one years old, but none rang a bell. It made sense, Dean had met many women at many different bars. It was a very plausible possibility. He just didn't remember any specific girls in Wyoming.

"Who's your mother," the little boy retorted, petulantly. Dean bristled.

"Hey, answer the question kid,"Dean snapped, pointing a finger. The boy batted the hand away with a pout. His head turned slightly to the left and a gasp left parted lips. Sam followed his gaze, noticing two men with nice shoes and suits.

"I've gotta go,"the little boy stated, frantically. "I'm sorry about this. I really am. I'm sure you mean well." He pulled away, but Sam tightened his grip. If this child was truly related to them, they couldn't let him go. They couldn't lose another Winchester, no matter how small. The boy snarled. "I said back off."

"Dude, if you're in trouble, we can help-" Dean started, but before he could finish his sentence. He found himself laying on the cement ground, breath knocked out of him. Sam laid next to him, in a similar position, wondering how he'd been overpowered by a child. The manager ran forward, cussing up a storm. People surrounded the two Winchesters, wondering what happened. But all Sam could see was a little figure disappearing into the crowd. Nothing but a phantom of a face long ago. Those familiar knobby knees and thin frame couldn't be erased from Sam's mind. The next thing he noticed was his missing wallet.

"Shit,"he shouted, standing to his feet. He shoved the staring people out of the way. "My wallet is gone."

Dean followed him, reaching into his own pocket. Nothing. Dean closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. That kid had sneaky, quick fingers. "Sonuvabitch,"Dean growled. There goes the last bit of cash they had and their fake ids. Sam glanced at Dean, Dean returned his stare.

"We need to find that kid, Dean,"Sam said, quickly pulling his brother away from the forming crowd. Dean yanked away from Sam's hold.

"Ya think,"Dean bit out, annoyance behind every word. "I'd like my wallet back. Those were good Ids."Dean stomped away. Sam rolled his eyes at his brother's single-minded goals. Sam just couldn't wrap his mind around the little Dean.

Alec ran. He ran as hard and as fast as he could. His arm encircled around his stomach, keeping the goods in his shirt in one place. Two wallets grasped tightly in his tiny hand. He turned a corner, rushing into an alleyway. He leaned back against the wall, breathing heavily. His eyes darted from side to side, making sure he wasn't being followed before his little feet carried him farther down.

That was close, Alec realized. Too close for his liking. He had seen the Manticore goons, they'd been swarming the place for a while now, scoping out the area for small, runaway children. If he were caught, there was no telling what heinous things would happen to him. Manticore might decide he was useless and chop him up alive. He didn't want to be chopped up alive. He liked himself too much for that. Or worse, he would be sent down for reindoctrination. His little mind torn to shreds and put back together like Frankenstein's creation. He had seen Frankenstein once. One of the guards was watching it on the tiny tv as he made sure the little soldiers slept. Alec had snuck out of his room briefly. Always the curious child and had seen the monster come to life. It was terrifying. He didn't want that to happen to him. The thought sent a fearful shiver down his spine.

Alec knew he needed to get out of Wyoming. He knew it was important to leave right now. But, he couldn't. He couldn't leave, until he knew his brother was up for travel.

He paused briefly, eyes scanning the shadows that lurked in the alleyway. Besides a stray cat, that slept between the garbage cans, nothing was there. He pushed aside the garbage can, revealing a child-sized hole. Alec crawled through it, careful of the webs and nails that stuck out of the side.

"Ben?"Alec whispered. "Ben. It's me, Alec. Don't freak out." He heard rustling and then the hole opened up to an abandon room.

An identical little boy, in a nightgown, laid on a pile of rags. His face just as filthy. His hands clasped his side as old blood stuck to the gown. Ben hadn't been able to change like Alec had, his wound had prevented movement. Alec winced, in sympathy, at his brother's pale features and pained grimace. He had been shot during the escape, if Alec hadn't found him and dragged him into the forest, the soldiers would have put a finishing bullet into Ben's head. Alec couldn't allow that to happen.

"Alec,"Ben gasped. The room was insanitary, definitely not good for the wound that had festered into an infection. He really needed to get that bullet out, they had been running for far too long without time to tend to their injuries.

"It's alright, Ben,"Alec responded back, scooting closer to his twin. He leaned his forehead against his brother's. "I got the goods. You'll be alright." He pulled away from his brother, pulling out the material and laying it out on the dirty, cracked ground. A rat skittered past and Alec stared at it with hunger in his eyes. If he could start a fire, maybe he could get protein into his brother as well. "I got some food and gauze." He held up the potato chip bags and the white wrapping. "I tried to grab pliers, but the manager found me too soon." He jutted out his lip. "I'll have to use your knife." He reached towards the knife, next to Ben.

"You need to sterilize that first,"Ben reminded, trying to sit up. But, he fell back down gasping for breath.

"Well, duh,"Alec responded with a roll of his eyes. "I wasn't genetically engineered yesterday." He reached into his pocket, grabbing the lighter he had snagged off those two buffoons earlier. "And stop wiggling, you'll make it worse." Ben paused in his movement.

"Did you steal?"Ben asked, brows quirking in concern. He watched as Alec rolled his thumb along the flint to get a flame started.

"Yup,"Alec replied, popping the p. His tongue poking out of the side of his mouth as he focused on the flame and heating the knife. "Didn't have much of a choice."

"Stealing is wrong,"Ben responded, brows curved in concern and a frown on his face. Alec rolled his eyes. "She wouldn't like it."

"A 'Thanks brother for risking your life for me, while I lay vulnerable on a pile of rags, blood spilling from my insides while Manticore goons swarm the streets, so that I could receive the necessary medical equipment to remove this nasty bullet from my side' would be a much more appreciative response,"Alec rambled, slightly miffed. Ben's eyes rolled at Alec's dramatics and long winded ramble.

"Thanks for risking your life,"Ben replied. Alec glanced over at his brother an indignant frown curving his lips. He placed one hand on his hip, and pointed the other hand, with the knife, at his brother.

"You better be grateful,"Alec exclaimed. "I nearly died out there. I could ditch your ass right now, if I wanted too."

"But you won't,"Ben responded. "Because we're brothers and brothers stick together." Alec paused, thinking over Ben's response. His head quirked like a curious kitten. Brotherhood was extremely important to Ben. Loyalty, honesty, and all that goody-two-shoe crap. That was the moral code his unit followed. It was why they escaped together.

Alec's unit hadn't been that way. Yeah, maybe he had a couple of friendly colleagues but most of them looked out for themselves. If he hadn't of met Ben when he did, He would have still been at Manticore. It was a mistake actually. He had, accidentally, been separated from his unit and instead of going back, decided to explore. He met Ben in one of the training rooms. When their eyes connected, there was an immediate bond. A brotherly bond. That bond was quickly broken, by one of the guards shaking the living daylights out of him for ditching his unit. He was thrown into solitary the rest of the day.

Twins weren't allowed to be together. Manticore believed that bond would cause weakness. But, that didn't stop him from seeking out Ben and his unit. That didn't stop, the quiet sneaks from his unit room to Ben's. That didn't stop the whispers as Ben told him stories of the outside world. Or at least stories he made up. None of them really knew what the outside world was like. And the promises of brotherhood. And that definitely didn't stop Alec receiving his name. Going from 494 to, secretly, Alec on the third night when he pissed off a chocolate eyed little girl with one of his retorts. She called him a smart-aleck and the rest found the insult suiting. Ben was always trying to smooth over their petty fights, but Alec found it fun to rile her up. And that, definitely, didn't stop the planned escape. Or the bullets fired at children far too small. Bare feet dashing through deep snow. Snow soaked in blood. Machine guns being fired by horrible men who decided they were property.

Alec squeezed his eyes shut at the assaulting memory. He smirked at Ben, moving closer to his brother. "Yeah, you're right,"Alec replied. "I wouldn't." He scooted closer to Ben, ripping open the wounded-side of the gown. "I need someone to talk to or else I'd go mental. Now, come on. I don't have all day." Ben snorted, rolling to his side.

He squeezed his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. Alec dug the knife into the hole, immediately hearing the quiet clang of metal against metal. "This might hurt a bit,"Alec warned.

Sweat dribbled down Ben's face. "Just do it,"he hissed, hand clutching the makeshift bed. Mouth set into a focused frown, Alec dug the knife further into the skin until the bullet sat on top of it at an angle. Alec, slowly, pushed the bullet back up, blood pooling inside the hole. Ben groaned and hissed, body jerking.

"Ben,"Alec murmured. "Don't move. I'm almost done." Ben froze, but the sweat kept falling. Alec grinned triumphantly when the bullet popped out. "Ben, it's out!"

Ben moaned a sigh of relief. "Thank the Blue Lady,"he muttered quietly to himself. Alec ignored the statement in favor of grabbing a water bottle.

"Here, drink,"he ordered his brother. He grabbed the other bottle, washing out the wound. He eyed the injury, for a second, as his brother slowly sipped the water. "It needs stitches,"Alec decided. "But, I didn't have time to grab suture and a needle. I can patch it up though. I'll just make another run, grab antiseptic too." He cut the gauze wrapping with his knife, quickly bandaging the wound. He leaned back, proud of his handwork.

Ben, slowly, propped up onto his elbows. He glanced around the abandoned room. "Not today,"he replied, biting his lip. "I want you to stay here." Alec nodded, crawling onto the makeshift bed. He laid down next to his brother. Ben scooted closer, nuzzling his head against Alec's chest. Alec wrapped his arms around Ben, providing comfort to the distraught boy. His distraught twin. He placed his cheek against the identically sheered head.

"We need to leave soon,"Alec whispered to his brother. Ben bobbed his head, his hair tickling Alec's neck. "I wasn't kidding when I said the city was crawling with Manticore soldiers."

"I know you weren't,"Ben confirmed, yawning. He was exhausted. The pain and the running had tuckered him out. He was just thankful for the survival training he had received at that horrible place.

"We'll leave when you heal,"Alec decided.

"We should leave tomorrow,"Ben argued. "If I can't move, you leave, it's better if one of us escapes." Alec pulled away slightly, frowning at his twin's plan. "What happened to nobody gets left behind and all that brotherhood preaching,"he retorted. He set his jaw in a determined expression. "'M not ditchin' you."

"I didn't think you would,"Ben replied, honestly.

And you're definitely not gonna play the martyr." Alec jabbed his thumb in his own direction. "If anything, I'm the martyr. That seems more natural in the whole scheme of things."Ben smiled against Alec's embrace. Of course his brother would choose to be the guy who died in a blaze of glory, fighting for a cause. Alec always liked the idea of being a rebel, even at Manticore.

"But I'm the oldest,"Ben replied, jokingly. "I think by societal status quo, being the oldest gives me the final decision. So, if I choose-"

"By, like, five minutes,"Alec exclaimed with a dramatic flare. They actually didn't know how far apart they were. They just knew they were twins. And Ben was labeled the oldest based on his number being 493, while Alec's was 494. "That doesn't count at all. To have full sibling control, you have to be at least-" Alec paused for a second. "Three years older than me which you're not."

"Is that a fact,"Ben quipped. He nuzzled closer to his brother, ignoring the hunger pains. Alec grabbed food, he saw it. They would soon be chowing down on chips.

"It's statistically proven,"Alec responded, proudly.

"Really,"Ben inquired, head leaning back. "Can I see the stats to verify?"

Alec opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted by Ben's stomach growling. He glanced down at his twin, pulling away slightly. Ben winced from the jostle. "You're hungry,"Alec noted. He crawled away from the rag bed, grabbing the two bags of chips he nabbed. He handed one over to Ben and kept the other for himself. He also snagged the two wallets he picked off those two guys earlier. The tall one and the one with his eyes.

He crawled back over to Ben, laying down on his side. Ben, immediately, dug into the chips with a ravenous hunger. Transgenic metabolisms were fast, neither boys had eaten in two or three days. Alec picked at the wallets for a moment before joining his brother in their tiny feast.

"Bon appetit,"he muttered. He remembered hearing a woman on the tube say that after she cooked a turkey. He stuffed the chips into his mouth, until they were gone. He ripped open the bag, licking the insides for crumbs. His stomach growled, demanding for more. He rubbed it, feeling the spikes of hunger pain. He hated being hungry. Ben stared at the bag as if more chips would magically appear. They never did.

Maybe Alec would catch that rat. He glanced over at the hole in the wall where the giant rodent had disappeared. He shrugged, grabbing the two wallets.

"What's that?"Ben inquired, resting his head on Alec's shoulder.

"Wallets I snagged off these two dopes today,"Alec responded. Ben gave him a disapproving look, Alec returned it with a kitten-face innocent expression. Ben rolled his eyes, sighing, as curiosity took over.

"What's inside?"

Alec opened the wallets, first searching for money. Nothing. These guys were as poor as they were. They must have spent their last few dollars on groceries. He then pulled out the Id cards. A picture of the freakishly tall guy caught Ben's attention. He grabbed the card from Alec's hand.

"Hey,"Alec protested. "That's mine."

"Actually, it's not,"Ben retorted. "It's this guy's." He drummed a finger against the picture. As he read the name. Samuel Harrison. He was a health inspector.

"Well, I stole it,"Alec argued, reaching for it. "So, that makes it illegally mine." Ben pulled it away and Alec harrumphed.

"This Id looks fake,"Ben noted, ignoring his brother's petulance. "A very convincing design, but fake. Can I see the other card?"

"Now you ask, Mr. Grabby Hands,"Alec snarked, but he handed the card over to Ben. Ben's eyes widened, taking in the familiar green eyes. The eyes that both him and his brother had. He traced a finger along the man's lips. His lips but older. Even the hair, though longer, was definitely his hair but darker. And the freckles. Ben touched his nose. His freckles. Alec's freckles.

"Alec, did you see this,"Ben whispered, glancing over at his annoyed twin.

"Yeah, I met him at face value,"Alec retorted, crossing his arms. He, literally, ran into the guy.

"He sort of looks like us,"Ben continued.

"I noticed,"Alec replied, immediately grabbing for the card. Ben pulled away. "I want it back, Ben. I want to see."

"Quit whining,"Ben snapped, batting Alec away.

"Quit telling me what to do and give me back my stuff,"Alec replied, annoyed. Ben relented, handing it back to Alec, who yanked it away. His twin, immediately, eyed the picture.

"Dean Halen,"he read. He scratched his chin, jutting out his lips. He was a reporter. Didn't look like the reporting type and the I.D. was definitely fake as well. Which made Alec wonder, who these men were. He better follow them tomorrow. Maybe, interrogate the man-handling baboons.

"Well,"Alec drawled, eyeing the picture thoughtfully. "One thing's for sure, I'm obviously better looking." He slid the picture back into the wallet.

Ben looked at him in disbelief. "You look exactly the same,"Ben replied, pointing at the wallet. "It's impossible to look better."

Alec shrugged, curling up into a ball on the rags. He rubbed at his eyes, fighting back a yawn. "Then I pulled off an impossible feat,"Alec answered. "You should be proud."

Ben scoffed, curling up next to his brother. They stared at each other for a moment as Alec's eyes drifted shut. It was late into the night and they were both exhausted from the last two days. But, Ben couldn't stop thinking. He couldn't erase the images from his mind. He was tempted to look at the pictures once more. Maybe, the Blue Lady would give him a clue. He closed his eyes, shooting a prayer to whoever would listen.

"Maybe, he's a previous experiment,"Ben considered. One of Alec's eyes popped open.

"Go to bed, Ben,"he replied to his brother's statement. "'M tired. I've been runnin' errands all day, while you've been sleepin' the day away."

Ben frowned, ignoring his brother's protest. "This is a serious issue, Alec,"Ben continued. Alec groaned, eyes snapping open.

"He's not an experiment,"Alec retorted. "Manticore got rid of the four previous x-series because they were 'nomalies. Go to sleep." Alec wiggled around before shutting his eyes.

"Then he must be our donor,"Ben surmised. It made sense. With the carbon-copy features and age difference. This Dean character was old enough to pass for their father. A flutter of hope filled Ben's stomach and chest. He wanted a family. A real family. Alec was okay. He was his brother and all, but there was more components to a family than just a smart-aleck brother, who couldn't hold his tongue.

"Wow,"Alec quipped. "Aren't you a sharp one." Ben landed a solid punch to Alec's shoulder. The transgenic jumped, startled by the assault. "Hey, what gives,"Alec shouted. "I'm just tryin' to sleep and you keep talkin' my ear off." Alec threw the punch right back, though not as hard.

Ben huffed, crossing his arms. "This is important, Alec,"Ben replied, trying to make his obtuse brother understand. "And you're too busy cracking stupid jokes."

"My jokes are witty at best,"Alec replied, flippantly. But his flippant attitude dropped the moment he noticed Ben's urgent expression. The hope in his twin's eyes was enough to make Alec hurl. And all Alec wanted to do was sleep. Sleep and then, hopefully, leave the next morning.

"Ugh, fine,"he relented, sliding back into his place. He stared at Ben, patting his distraught twin on the shoulder. "I'll investigate tomorrow. Stalk them or something. I can tell they're not from around here, so I bet they're staying at that motel."

Ben smiled, a lot more satisfied. He would, normally, join his brother in the investigation but the gunshot wound had limited his movement.

"Thank you,"Ben whispered, slinging an arm over Alec's side. Alec scooted closer, sharing body heat. It was bloody cold in here.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah,"he replied. "The things I do for you. You should really appreciate me more often, Ben."

"I do,"Ben replied, yawning. "And I will." He curled up closer to Alec, closing his eyes. Normally, he wouldn't need sleep. Just like Alec wouldn't. But after running two days straight and a gunshot wound to boot, Ben was exhausted. Sleep would also help the wound heal. He listened to Alec's even breaths and the drumming of his heart, allowing the sound to lull him to sleep.

Sam laid awake in his bed. He couldn't sleep. His mind wouldn't let him. He kept thinking about that little boy. That little boy with the dirty, familiar face. Dean's face.

Dean had let the issue go for now. Dean compartmentalized, putting the shocked feelings away and focused on the hunting job they'd be heading to tomorrow. But, Sam couldn't. He kept seeing similar freckles and knobby knees and that only made him want to find that child even more. He knew Dean did too, but was putting on a bravado. He had seen the way Dean paused throughout the evening. His mouth twitching into a smile at the thought of one of his one-night stands giving him another reason to keep living and fighting for the cause. He knew Dean cared. He knew his brother worried about where the child was sleeping tonight because Sam worried. He worried about the child being cold and alone. He just wished he had asked for a name. He wished he hadn't allowed his shocked mind to dictate his voice.

They needed to find that kid and he would convince his brother of the urgency if he needed too.

"Go to sleep, Sam,"Dean muttered from the other bed. "You're giving me a headache with all your thinking."

"Dean, we need to find that kid,"Sam replied to his brother's sleeping mumbles.

"In the morning,"Dean stated. Sam could hear the bed shift as his brother tried to get comfortable. A smirk ghosted across Sam's face. He knew his brother. He knew his brother couldn't ignore family.

"Promise,"Sam asked. They needed to find that kid. Tomorrow, might be too late.

"Yeah,"Dean muttered, eyes still shut. "And if you like, early in the morning." Dean turned again. "I'd like my wallet back too." Sam rolled his eyes.

"If we find him, we'll definitely be getting your wallet back,"Sam answered. Dean grunted in return. The hunter scooted further into his blankets. He yawned, running a hand through his longish hair. Tomorrow, they would find the kid. It was a promise that Dean would never break. Sam closed his eyes, falling asleep under the cheap blankets.

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