Chapter 1

Vale a wonderful city where human and faunus kind work trying to make a living. Faunus are hated by humans because they have animal ears, tails or other characteristics, because of this the faunus are suffering. Today our story follows a girl named Blake Belladonna who under her bow is hiding her heratiage. Blake is a cat faunus that wants to help humans and faunus exsist in a peaceful harmony. However since the brach in Vale people have been even more cruel to the faunus population because of the White Fang. The White Fang, a group of faunus who were peaceful but turned violent, because the caused the breach people have been blaming all faunus. It sickened Blake that innocent people were being blamed because of the White Fang even if the had nothing to do with it.

Blake came to Vale to get some more books and to see if she could help anyone. Her teamates convinced her to try and relax since the Vytal festival was in two weeks. She was surrently walking down the street holdin an umbrella since it was going to rain. She had just finished getting her book and was about to head back to Beacon when she heard something that stopped her in her tracks. It sounded like a baby crying and it was close by. She ran hoping to find the source of the noise and make sure it wasn't what she thought. When she got close to the source she saw it was coming from a dumpster in an ally.

She lifted the top of the dumpster and looked in to see what she feared. A baby with a small patch of brown hair and green eyes was in the dumpster and when the child noticed the light it turned and looked at her. They baby then began to giggle has it reached for her with a big smile on its face. Blake reached in and grabbed the baby and pulled it out of the dumpster hoping that it was not hurt. "Who just leaves a baby in a dumpster" she thought before seeing a note attached to the baby's diaper. When she read the note she just wanted to find the baby's parents and beat some sence into them. Before she could do anything she felt a rain drop hit her head. She looked up and saw that it was about to storm and she needed to make it to Beacon but what was she going to do with the baby. She decided that she would bring it back to Beacon and decided from there. With that she ran as fast as she can to the airship so she could ask her team for their thoughts.

*42 minutes later*

Blake made it back to Beacon and now was currently trying to make it back to her dorm without being spotted. She saw her dorm and made a dash for it hoping that the baby would not wake up from its nap. When she slammed the door after getting in, when she looked in the room she saw her teamates staring at her their jaws dropped when they saw Blake holding a baby. "Blake why do you have a baby?" asked Ruby confused. "Long story short I found the baby in a dumpster and it was about to rain so I brought the baby with me" Blake explained glad that Ruby was not panicing. "ARE YOU INSANE" yelled Weiss who was mad that Blake would do something so careless. "Clam down ice queen Blake never said she was keeping the child and even if she does keep the kid it's her choice" said Yang. "Do you honestly think that Ozpin would allow this besides why would she keep it? She could just take it to an orphanage" said Weiss. Before anyone could do say anything the baby began to cry. "Why is the baby crying?" asked Ruby worrying that someone would hear it. All of a sudden Blake began to rock the baby hoping to calm it down and it worked. Once they baby stopped crying it just looked at Blake and giggled. Weiss, Ruby and Yang all awwed at this and smile wanting to play with the baby. The baby still looking at Blake smiled and said "mama". When the baby said that one word Blake froze with the rest of her team. Blake decided right then and there that she would become the baby's mother. "Hey I just realized what gender is it?" asked Ruby. "I will go see" Blake said and went into the bathroom for a second.

"Ok the baby is a boy and now what are we going to name him?" Blake asked. "Oh no if we name itwe will get attached to it and it will be hard to find him a good home" said Weiss. "Come on Weiss just look at the face can you honestly say you don't want to keep him" said Yang bringing Weiss close to the baby. Weiss just looked at the baby as he giggled at her and Weiss just couldn't stand it. "Find if Ozpin says we can keep him we will but what about a name?" Weiss asked. All of a sudden thunder struck causing Ruby to look outside. "Wow their is a bad storm outside" she said while the baby began to giggle. "Hold on a second" Yang said as the baby stopped laughing. "Storm" she said while the baby giggled again. "I think we should call him Storm" said Yang with a smile. Blake looked a the baby in her arms and nodded in agreement. "Ok tomorrow we will ask Ozpin if it's ok to keep Storm and if he says yes we will go to Vale and get baby supplies" said Ruby. Everyone agreed and decided to go to bed and be prepared for whatever tomorrow would hold.