DOA Legacy:

Chapter 1-The beginning of it all...

This legacy takes place after the second Dead or Alive Tournament. Everyone has met and made new friends or enemies, and Hayate has remembered his true past. Everyone has returned to their own countries and lives, yet they all remember there time together and somewhere deep inside...Wish that their time back then had never ended.

Kasumi and Hayate went back to Japan. The siblings were afraid to lose contact with each other, so they moved in together. Ayane chose not to move in with her half-sister, Kasumi, and her half-brother, Hayate. She chose to live alone. Ayane still has contact with her family, but spends more time with her half-brother than her half-sister. Ayane and Kasumi are currently going to college, and Hayate is a very successful Karate instructor. Ryu Hayabusa also went back to Japan, but has not seen Kasumi or his best friend Hayate since the tournament. Ryu Hayabusa is currently the owner of a successful shop in Japan, but is otherwise rarely ever seen. Knowledge of the whereabouts of the four Ninja's is still unknown to their clans. They all hope that it stays that way.

Lei-Fang and Jann Lee went back to China. Jann Lee continued his job as a body guard and gained a great fortune, but nothing could replace his time at the tournament. Lei-Fang hasn't seen Jann Lee since the time they had lunch at the airport on the way back to China. She is currently attending a college in China.

Tina Armstrong went back to the USA. Though she was a very famous and well-known female wrestler, something was missing in her life. She won several women's championships, and still currently holds her top title as an undefeatable women's champ. Her father, Bass, could not have been prouder of his only daughter. Tina, however, soon grew tired of having no worthy adversaries. She has recently started a new career as a model, yet she still occassionally fights in the ring.

Helena returned to France, and continued her career as an opera singer. She held many shows in her mother's honor, and is still a very talented opera singer today. Though Helena had not managed to find the assassin who killed her mother, she has not stopped searching. She has merely continued with her live.

Zack returned to the USA after the tournament and tried to track down Tina, but he couldn't find her at the airport. One day Zack ran into Tina at the mall, Bass was also there. It came to be that Zack had been following Tina for some time. Bass beat up Zack and Tina filed a complaint. Two days later, with Bass's influence on the government, Tina had a restraining order filed against Zack. The order was valid for that state in the USA, but as much as Bass tried, they could not get it valid for the rest of the country, or world. Zack is recently spending his time snowboarding and trying to find a loop hole in the restraining order. He has not seen Tina since the tournament.

These nine competitors have not seen each other since the tournament, yet they all wonder what happened to their new found friends. The tournaments show the strength and fighting techniques of the competitors, but they lack to actually show the real personalities behind it all. This is what DOA Legacy is about, we are going to take these nine people away and set them loose on the vast world. They will travel to different places, experience many cultures, see the wonders of the world, and visit the still unknown reaches of the once forgotten parts of the world. We are going to anonymously send letters to these people, little will they know that these letters are but the beginning of an experience like no other...An experience that'll last a lifetime...

This is...The beginning of it all...