DOA Legacy:

This Is Halloween

-Part 2-


"What the HELL?!". Jann Lee questions, taking a few steps down the beach and towards the figure slowly stumbling out of the ever growing fog. "Hey?". No answer. "Hey!". Still no answer. "Okay seriously?!". He arched his brow, just watching the silent figure wander closer. The movements unbalanced and sloppy. "HEY!?". Jann shouted as the figure finally came into better view.

What he saw next, was not what he expected.

"Oh shit!... uhhhh… guys?". Jann took a step back, looking over his shoulder at the two ninja who'd already started over towards him.

Eyes wide, both ninja looked from the figure, to Jann, then back to eachother. A look of confusion plastered across all three faces… and a look of… they weren't quite sure what on the mystery figure's.


All three took sudden yet cautious steps back as a low moan escaped the figure and it continued to stumble progressively towards them. What happened next stunned even us…

"Hahahahaha!". Jann laughed loudly, "Oh my god… I can't believe it…".

"That's brilliant!". Hayate grinned, "It looks so real…".

Ryu just smirked, shaking his head at the two. He had to admit, WE really had them going.

"….ugggrrrrhhh..". More voices groaned in the distance as other clumsy figures became visible in the ever present fog.

"Oh I get it! Zombie Crawl!". Jann Lee grinned.

"Really? How would they have known we would come?". Hayate inquired, arching his brow curiously.

"Well, there's only two options then. Either they knew we'd find out and were just waiting for us to show up or… it's just Zack trying to scare the girls.". Jann concluded, certain that the management behind DOA Legacy had the whole situation planned out… or on the off chance that it wasn't us, that Zack had actually planned the whole thing to creep the girls out. However, if it was Zack's doing… well, let's just say that all three guys had the same thought and couldn't help but smile at what would be in store for poor Zack once the girls found out it was his doing.

That is… IF it was his doing.

They were certain that it was OURS. So… was it?

"Alright, enough messing around… let's go find the girls." Hayate started towards the center of the island where the tall buildings could be seen, he figured there was a good a place as any to start looking for the girls.

Ryu, arms crossed and still sceptical, stared at the now larger mob of "zombies" forming. He noted that they were coming out of the fog on both sides now AND the fog was starting to creep in on them. Most of the beach was covered and they could no longer see the water at all.

"Ryu?". Hayate questioned, looking back at his best friend.

"Nothing.". He shook his head, catching up with the other ninja as they walked side by side towards the tall buildings and center of the island. *Probably nothing…* Ryu thought to himself, though he wasn't completely sure he really believed that.

"Jann! Come on! Don't you want to find Lei?". Hayate grinned, calling back over his shoulder.

"Coming!". Jann smirked, turning his attention away from the "zombie" that took a playful swipe at him. Or at least, he assumed it was meant to be playful. He couldn't imagine us actually putting people in harm's way by provoking a fight. How would these zombie actors even be able to stand up to any one of them anyway?

"Whoa! Close one.". Jann laughed as the "zombie" who took a swing at him missed and stumbled to the sand, crawling and moaning incoherently as its arm reached out to try and grab Jann's leg. Taking a step back, he was out of its reach.

"Jann!?". Hayate called again, he and Ryu just barely visible in the distance.

Cocking his head to the side, Jann just smiled. "Really REALLY well done…". He referred to the make-up, special effects and overall acting of the "zombie". Shrugging, he raced off to quickly catch up with the two ninja.

"The girls are gonna freak if these things sneak up on them from this fog…". Jann Lee stated as the three continued along at a steady pace.

"I pity whoever manages to catch Ayane off guard… and on a bad day.". Hayate laughed, already picturing what would be in store for the poor unfortunate soul who would be crazy enough to attempt it.

"Would Zack be reckless enough to attempt such things in costume as well?". Ryu offered out of the blue.

"Ha! Now THAT I wanna see!". Jann laughed, a very hopeful and somewhat devious smile on his face. It was easy to tell where his thoughts were.

It was Ryu and Hayate's sudden frown and hault that pulled Jann back to reality. "What?". He questioned, looking behind them. "No way!". His eyes widened at the sight.

"They are still following us.". Hayate said, tone hinting at his dislike for being followed.

"Their wounds… they look a little too real for my taste.". Ryu commented, hinting at some of the "zombies" who looked more like real corpses than any zombie he'd ever seen in a horror movie.

"Let's just… find the girls…". Hayate frowned, nudging Ryu's shoulder as he started on a quicker pace.

As the buildings came into direct view, the three passed a few forested and vegetation rich areas before finding the paved paths leading to the central court that all connecting paths converged at. Standing in front of a large map they sighed… there was, of course, more than one hotel on Zack Island… many themed hotels, in fact. Not to mention the many shops, attractions and little scattered beach and pool areas situated all around the island.

Somehow, after the trouble of building a raft and getting to Zack's Island… the guy's didn't expect finding the girls to actually be the hardest part. Then again, maybe it was the whole offsetting feeling of the sudden weather change, the unexplained fog that was seeping ever closer inland… and the all too realistic looking zombies.

"…uuuuggggghhhh…". A louder moaning made them all too aware that the horde of figures was suddenly getting closer… or perhaps they were just getting faster with greater intent. Though as to what their intentions were… was anyone's guess.

"Okay seriously? Come on! We're busy! Go away!". Jann shouted.

"I don't think they're going to listen to you…". Hayate quickly added as the figures just seemed more specific on their pace.

"They don't even seem to acknowledge our words.". Ryu stated.

Rolling his eyes, Jann headed over towards the closest zombie and gave him a shove. "Back off! Go bother someone else! I'm not joking around!".

"Jann, come on! Get back over here!". Hayate sighed, "Just leave them alone… they're probably paid to act like this anyhow.".

Turning his head to look over at Hayate, Jann suddenly flinched as the "zombie" grabbed his arm tightly and tried to pull it towards its mouth. "Hey hey hey! Whoa!". Prying his arm free just in time, Jann took a few steps back. "Not cool man! The hell is wrong with you?!". Shaking his head, "You're lucky I don't knock you on your ass.".

"Arrrrrrr….". The voice groaned, lunging to grab at Jann's arm again.

"HEY! What'd I just say?!". Jann shifted to the right, just out of the figures reach. It was then that he got a better look at its face. His eyes widened, "Oooookay… that's it.. let's find the girls and get the hell outta here!". Jogging back over to the guys, Jann frowned when he heard a crunching sound. Like breaking bones…

Ryu and Hayate stood with disturbed looks on their faces and Jann, turning to see the source of the sound, quickly joined them in the disturbing realization that something wasn't right.

"Let's get inside…". Ryu stated, opening the nearby hotel door and holding it open as Hayate and Jann quickly stepped inside.

The doors were thick glass, of course, with metal plating on the sides.


Jann locked the doors just as…




A small group of figures had found their way to the doors just as the guys had gotten inside and they were now pounding against them. And not just with their hands…

With their legs…

With their arms…

With their heads…

With their… severed limbs?

" .FUCK!?". Jann shouted, noticing the source of the crunching sound from moment before. His eyes widened at the sight. One of the figures pounding against the glass stood sideways, his leg bleeding and twisted. "No way! Is that…". He started.

"Bone…". Hayate answered, nodding in agreement to the sight before them. One of the "zombies" had a broken leg, a bone sticking out of the skin at such an angle that… it looked so real.

"It cannot be…". Looking into the distance, Ryu spotted more figures coming towards the hotel. The fog getting closer. The rain beginning to pour heavier. The sky continuing to darken.

Lightning scorched the sky and thunder rolled.

"Maybe it's not a joke...".


-to be continued…


Hey guys! Hope you're all having fun reading my little Halloween thread for Dead or Alive =^-^= I've been waiting to write this for a few months and since Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays I figured the timing was perfect :D

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