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Chapter 4: First Year

The travel from Dublin to Platform 9 3/4 was comic. Mr. And Mrs. Fowl were relieved that the journey didn't require us to use the Floo Network, but it did require us to use Portkeys; then they wish they could have used the Floo Network. It was a new experience but fun for all-except the Fowls. The trip from Dublin to ShropShire Hills left him quiet furious; no one had warned him that they'd be falling from the sky upon arrival. My dad likes to keep surprises, and if he were in Mr. Fowl's place he would have had fun, but someone has to remind him the the Fowl's personality is completely different than ours. Mrs. Fowl also had a scare as she rarely traveled by Portkey when with her family, which was rarely.

" I hope we get to do that again!" Becket said as he picked himself up from the ground and whooped. Myles was just dumbfounded, the only way of knowing he enjoyed it was when Beckett raised his hands and Myles gave him a high-five.

"Well, good news for you." said dad brightly as he pointed to the valley. "There's another Portkey down there" he said as he pointed to the valley. Mr. Fowl's 'pissed off' meter was about to blow, and even more so when my dad said " I told you to wear something easy to move in" and chuckled with his hands up in surrender.

The journey down took us about 10 minutes,all the time my dad filling in the Fowls how the portkey system works.

".., and so the Department of Magical Transportation sets Portkey's across both Ireland and Britain to give students a means of transportation to London, and that's because the Hogwarts express is the main transport to Hogwarts. I mean, you could travel to Hogsmead and then to Hogwarts from there, but the express is more traditional. And more fun. Of course, it's not permanent or we'd see tons of cases of people being teleported and then there would be mayhem. There's a certain time interval that…" From behind, I could hear the grin in his voice. From what I've deduced from the past month, he loves talking about everything magic.

When we made it to the bottom, there was a man reading a newspaper sitting on a small rock wearing a neon green shirt and checkered pants. He looked up to see who had come.

"Ah, Damon!" he said as he stood up "How are you, my good man! And how are things with the Brown family case?"

"All good, everything was put to order" he replied as he pat him on the back. "I'm sure everyone can be at ease now."

"Ah, fantastic! I will inform everyone as soon as I get off duty and back to the ministry. Everyone's been on edge." he then inspected the people behind them. "Is this the family you were talking about the other night? All good things, I assure you!" he said then gave a hearty laugh.

"Yes, let me introduce you. This is Artemis Fowl senior, his wife Angeline Fowl, and their sons Myles and Beckett." dad said as he gestured to the group.

"Hello to all! I hope you're enjoying the wonders of our world!"

"Of course we are. It and all its…eccentricities." he said as he eyed the man who spoke in an official manner but wore a clown's attire.

"I sure hope you do!" he said, oblivious to the direct insult. " I, on the other hand, am not enjoying the muggle world at all. These muggle clothes look really foreign, and I'm sure to get odd looks from my co-workers back at the ministry."

"You don't say…" Myles commented.

"Well, at least I blend in!"

"Works like a charm" Beckett remarked and gave him a thumbs up. It took me all of my willpower to not crack up right there.

"Ah, will you look at the time. That's enough chit-chat, you should be on your way to kings cross by now!" he said as he stepped away from the rock, and on the other side lay a worn-out leather purse. We bid him farewell and took our next Portkey journey, which took us to a basement in some old building. We left the building, and a few blocks down we were met by the grand station of King's Cross.


Getting onto the platform went swiftly. It was the only thing Mr. Fowl was partially prepared for and told about beforehand. On the other side, Platform 9 3/4 was crowded with families rushing to board their children on the train. When my father said train, I expected a train. This was beyond what I expected; it was the freaking Polar Express. It was utterly massive, its gleaming red cars going all along the long platform, the steam and fog clouding the view ahead. Of course, looking at the train reminded me how far I was going, and who I'd leave behind. I already felt homesick and missed the family, but I would get to see them on Christmas. Four months apart wasn't hard to deal with, right?

A little voice inside me screamed "hell no!"

I looked at Myles and Beckett both to my left expecting to see doubt and uncertainty on their faces, but they looked pretty fine with the situation. So while my eyes were threatening to spill out the Nile they just casually hugged their parents and got onto the train. To be fair, they were used to these kinds of situations. From what I know, the Fowls would leave their kids with the Butlers for weeks out on business trips or vacations. Occasionally they'd go along, but it was sad to see parents leave their children for such a long time.

Maybe that's why the Fowls share a not-so-strong relationship with their parents. When I compare what I have with my family to what they have, I don't see a lot of caring in it. I've never seen them engage in regular family activities other than dinner. Maybe I'm misjudging them, and I do believe I am doing so because I can't judge a book by its cover.

I shouldn't have started to think about family, because all the time I spent with them and the fear of being separate started to take over me. I turned around to my dad and ran to him like a two-year-old and bawled my eyes out. He held on to me and tried to comfort me, but all that was going through my head was spending the next months with complete strangers. How was I supposed to get used to living in such a large castle with people I didn't know? How do I know my roommates won't steal my box of candies and truffles? What if I'm not good enough? What if the twins and I end up I separate houses?

Wait-What if the twins and I are separated?!

I pulled away from my dad and I started to panic.

"Dad! What if Myles and Beckett and I end up in separate houses what if I'm not with them what if our classes aren't together and-"

"Aiden, Breathe! It's not a big problem! Even if you're not in the same house you can still be together during breaks and lunches. Plus, you can make new friends with the girls sharing your dorm!" He said, which wasn't very reassuring.

"Dad. I don't want new friends." I realized I sounded as ridiculous as Caillou, but at that time I didn't care.

He gave me another smile, pecked me on the cheek and gave me one last hug. The train whistled and I heard someone call out for all the students to get on board. I pulled away and wiped my eyes with the back of my hands. Time to know what riding a train feels like.

"Nate told me to give you a punch for him" Dad said as he playfully pushed my shoulder. "He's going to miss you."

"I'll miss you both so much. Give mom a hug for me, ok?" I said, and he gave me a painful smile. I hope mom will start to accept us the way she did before she knew we were wizards. I said goodbye, boarded the train, and started searching for the twins.


I found the Fowl twins at what seemed like the very end of the train. They were sitting opposite each other in complete silence taking both widow seats.

"Not fair! We decided to choose who sits on the window seats by rock-paper-scissors!"

"Aiden, you suck at rock-paper-scissors." Myles said blankly and he stared out the window. I pouted and took seat on his right. For the next hour we sat in silence, occasionally breaking it to ask a question or to attempt to start a conversation.

Thankfully, we were saved by a sudden knock on our compartment door. The door opened slowly and quietly, and a head full of curly brown hair came popping in.

"Um, all the other compartments are fu-" he stopped mid-sentence and suddenly he was as red as a tomato. He was the boy from Madam Malkin's. Maybe he got embarrassed by the encounter.

He turned to leave but then there were two other people standing in front of the boy.

"Oh thank the lord, an empty compartment!" one said as they invited themselves in, the other boy forced to sit down. I didn't mind, but I didn't mind if they had asked if they could come in either.

"I'm Lorcan,and this is Lysander. Nice to meet you all!" Lorcan said with a bright smile. Lysander, the spitting image of Lorcan, looked at us and waved.

"Well, what are the odds of having two sets of twins in the same compartment?" he said in a light voice. The Fowls were a bit confused. Usually no one would know they were twins until they were told so, seeing that they didn't look so similar and had different hair colors.

"I'm Myles Fowl, and this is-"

"Kilometers." I deadpanned. No one laughed except Lysander (someone appreciates my humor!). Everyone else looked at me, then continued to listen to Myles introduction.

"-and this is Beckett, and that's a disgrace." he said, motioning to me. " Nice to meet you too."

"I'm Aiden, and this is…" I said looking to my right. What was his name again?

"Lucas." he said in a low voice looking at his hands.

"Okay!" Lorcan said and leaned forward in excitement. "So, we're going to be here for a couple of hours. What should we do?"

Beckett pulled out a deck of cards from his pocket and placed them on the side table.


And that's how we spent most of the next six hours before we changed into our uniforms.


Now I expected to get off the train and walk straight up to the front doors, but nope. That didn't happen at all. Instead, we went for a boat ride. A freaking boat ride. And I wasn't happy. I sat down in the middle with Lucas, one hand clinging to the side of the boat and the other to the chair.

"Your hand is going to get cramped from holding on too tight"

"Shut up, Myles."

"Myles! Myles! Did you see that? I just saw something move!" Beckett said as he leaned over to get a better look at the water-and the boat tilted with him.

"bECKETT!" I wanted it to sound as an urgent call, but it came out as a bloodthirsty scream instead. We got several odd looks from the students in the other boats, so Beckett set his butt back in the boat.

"Ev'rythin' alrigh' over there?" the large and hairy man that guided us to the boats boomed from the very first boat. His name was Hagrid, wasn't it? Beckett just hollered back and gave him a thumbs up, then sat back down and started a conversation with Myles on what could the shape in the river have been, leaving Lucas and I in a very awkward situation.

"So…are you excited?" I asked the boy. I expected to get another dry answer from him, but his eyes actually lit up as he started rambling.

"Very! I heard that the potions master was really nice and that the Herbology professor is a war hero from back in 1998! I think it's great having a nice teacher teaching interesting subjects, but I heard that this McGonagall person is a bit strict…I just can't wait to start attending classes!" he beamed at me, realized he was overreacting, then set back down for a friendly smile. "Sorry about that…"

"It's fine, really. I'm a bit excited too. At least now I don't have to worry about trigonometry."


"Ah, nothing. Let's just hope we make it to land safely." I said, gripped my seat tighter, and prepared myself for the rest of this horrifying journey.


One thing was for sure, I was going to hate moving around Hogwarts. There were so many stairs! You just kept going up and up the never-ending flight of stairs. Just when I thought my heart was going to give out, we entered a room. The short man guiding us turned around-I assumed he did as he was too short to see-and started filling us in on the process of sorting.

I was not told I was going to be sorted in front of the entire school, and I was not happy about it. In addition to that, I had forgotten the scenario in which the Fowl twins and I are separated and the feeling of panic returned. Just when I was going to confront the twins on it, everyone began to move forward and into the Great Hall.

The view alone was enough to make me forget my problems for a microsecond. The table, the walls, the ceiling…everything was so breathtaking that I almost forgot that my last name started with a 'D', so I was going to be part of the first groups to be sorted.

Thankfully, there was a bit of time to delay the sorting. The Headmistress, Professor McGonagall, introduced herself and wished the students, new and old, a pleasant stay at Hogwarts this year.

Yeah, but right now isn't very much pleasant to me. I started sweating everywhere and I secretly hoped I wasn't leaving any marks on my uniform. McGonagall finished her speech and set the sorting hat on a stool. My dad had told me I was going to be sorted by a talking hat being placed on my head, but it looked like a normal hat to me.

And just like that, the hat started to sing. Sweet.

"Holy s-" Beckett started, then realized what he was saying and shut up. Ah, if only his mother could hear the words her eleven-year-old son said away from her. I hadn't told the twins about the sorting hat and other things as well, wanting to keep it a secret and use it to my advantage, just like giving Beckett a scare right now.

"It's like he popped out of a Disney movie." Myles commented, and I snickered at the thought of watching it sing on Disney Vevo off YouTube. Now I made fun of the ragged thing, but the song was actually pretty inspiring and uplifting (plus I wanted its vocal abilities).

The song ended, and the Headmistress began roll calling. I looked over to the twins expecting them to be indifferent and seek their reassurance, but, like me, they looked super worried.

"Well, at least you're not back in Ireland and I'm here all by myself." I shrugged, attempting to lighten up the mood.

"What if Myles and I end up in separate houses?" Becket said while fidgeting with his fingers. Thank you. Nice to know you're not worrying about me at all.

"We won't be. We've been in the same class since we picked our noses, we're basically the same person. We won't end up in different houses." Myles said and nudged Beckett playfully on the shoulder. Becket smiled and took Myles hand.

Aw. Sibling moments were the best-if only Nate actually gave a damn about me.

I looked forward and noticed they were already through with the 'A's and 'B's,and by the looks of it she was at the end of the 'C's. Before I knew it, my name was next on the list.

"Damon, Aiden."

Yay. Note the sarcasm.

I slowly stepped onto the platform and took a seat at the stool looking straight at the crowd in front of me. Nope, not a good idea. I looked down at my feet and prayed that I end up in Hufflepuff just like my father.

The sorting hat was taking its precious time deciding. I didn't know what category I fell into- I wasn't brave, or ambitious and cunning (I just go with the flow of life~), I wasn't very kind or caring (I tried to hide my feeling as much as I can but I'm sorry if I don't like someone I don't have to be nice), and I was definitely not smart (my grades were acceptable, not something to fuss over and call a genius).

While the sorting hat was calmly making a decision, I was having an existential crisis. I felt like I didn't belong anywhere and that if I didn't turn out a Hufflepuff like my dad secretly hoped (I know he did he said he'd give me his tie if I turned out Hufflepuff which is the equivalence of saying "hey I hope you end up in Hufflepuff"), I would be a complete failure.

Why am I realizing this just now?!

"Ravenclaw!" came a sound from somewhere above my head. And at that moment, I silently whispered a word I heard on the telly and was now capable of inserting in a sentence.

I looked over at the twins and they just gave me unsure smiles and a wave. I waved back and gave them a thumbs up mouthing "good luck" to the both of them.

I sat down at the table people were waving to me from and ushering me to join them. They tried to start conversations but I was completely shocked.

I would have been less shocked if I ended up in Slytherin. I was not smart, I was not creative, and I just wasn't a Ravenclaw. With all the noise and commotion around me, I felt like the floating candles near the ceiling. Without realizing it, my eyes were tearing up.

"Fowl, Beckett!"

At that my head snapped up and I look as the blond ascended the stage and took a seat.


This was not going according to plan. Everything was going downhill. Beckett headed towards the Hufflepuff table, sat down, and didn't take his eyes off Myles. There were three scenarios that could take place: 1) Myles sorted into Ravenclaw with me, leaving me happy and Beckett heartbroken. 2) Myles sorted into Hufflepuff, leaving me heartbroken and an overjoyed Beckett. 3) Myles ends up in either Gryffindor or Slytherin and both Beckett and I are left alone. At first I hoped he would end up with me, because I didn't want to suffer any awkward moments with my fellow first-years. But then I looked at Beckett and the look in his eyes broke me. He was desperate and scared and I felt kind of bad for wanting Myles for Myself. It would be better if the Fowl twins didn't separate.


Even from across that hall I could see fat tears rolling down Beckett's cheeks, and like football players all the other Hufflepuffs gathered around him and started comforting him. I turned around to Myles and he too was wiping tears off the back of his robe. I didn't want it to end up like this. This wasn't the plan. We were supposed to be together in the same dorm and stay up making jokes and studying together. And to be honest, I felt like I was more friends with Beckett than I was with Myles. I don't know what it was, but I secretly would have wanted to end up in the same house as Beckett.

I immediately crossed that thought out of my head and went on comforting Myles.

"It's okay, it's like back at home! You had separate bedrooms and that worked fine, right?"

"Y-yeah, but he was only 10 feet away"

Yup, I'm useless. The best I could do was hug him and pat him on the shoulder, saying stuff like "It's okay" and "everything will be fine". The feast appeared in front of us and had I not been preoccupied my jaw would have dropped to the ground. Chicken, meat, souffles, pasta, and so many others mostly of which I had no idea what they were. The dinner passed over the both of us in silence, and soon we were instructed to follow the head of our houses. Myles and I looked over to Beckett as a blue-haired boy leaned over, whispered something in his ear, and ushered him to join the group that was being lead by the head girl. Beckett made eye contact with the both of us and followed the Hufflepuff group.

"Well, I guess we're not among complete strangers." said a familiar blond with his double tagging along behind him.

"Poor Lucas, you should've seen his face when he was sorted with Beckett. Pure terror struck him, the poor boy was shaking.I hope he feels better." Lysander said with a spaced out look. He then turned to Myles and gave him a smile. "Pleasure to be your roommate, by the way."

"Ah, yes. Pleasure." Myles answered. He wasn't in the mood for anything, and knowing him he just wanted to get to bed and think everything over.

"Oh look, they'll leave us behind!" I said changing the subject, practically dragging Myles like a rag doll into the crowd. We walked along the halls, took a few turns here and there and a few flights of stairs, then we arrived at a really long spiral staircase that went all the way to the top of the tower.

No. Just no. The universe was mocking me.

So up and around we went. I was not ready to climb the stairs day in day out. And the worst part was that there was a crowd. If you're alone on the stairs it's fine, but then there's these people who walk like they don't have anything better to do and hold hands with like 7 friends so they stay together and just get out of my way. Any longer and I would've started screaming, but we finally came to a stop. From down where I stood, I could see some large object on the door- and it moved.

And then it talked.

"Part of where you reside, but you cannot dwell inside."

There were a few confused whispers among the first years, but then the head girl spoke up.

"To get into Ravenclaw Tower, one must prove he is worthy of doing so. To get in, you are expected to answer a riddle asked by the eagle. It is also tradition that we let the first years practice their minds and figure out the riddle themselves-"

"But we always spend at least 15 minutes on the stairs! At least let the rest of us through and you can wait out-"

"Quiet, Taylor! Tradition is tradition, and we will follow it." she nodded and stepped aside. "You can now give suggestions and discuss the answer"

"A Mushroom." I said, and everyone looked at me. Yay, more attention.

"Correct" the eagle said, and the door swung open.

"That was fast" Myles said still looking down.

"Nah, don't worry. It's not because I'm smart. We were going to my grandpa's once and the flight was 4 hours so my dad bought Nate and I a few stuff we can spend our time on, like Sudoku and a book of riddles. That was one of the riddles, but let them think I'm smart." I said and laughed lightly. All I got was a tiny smile. I guess it would take time for him-the both of them- to get used to being without one another.

Now, when I saw what as behind the door my jaw dropped and I looked like a four year old seeing Cinderella's Castle for the first time. The Common room (as the head boy had called it) was massive. There were grand windows stretching all over the wall revealing the Hogwarts ground. The view was amazing, and although you couldn't make much of it other than the silhouettes of mountains and the starry night, it was breathtaking. There were lush blue couches across the room, each with a side table stacked with books and feathers and such objects.

The grandest view of all was the bookshelves. I wasn't much of a reader back then, but the wooden structure from floor to ceiling was just too impressive. It smelled of parchment and lemon which kind of reminded me of the lemon and pine scented pledge, but that wasn't a bad thing. I loved the scent. In the corner there was a statue of a woman in long robes bearing a wand and a crown at her head. Below were the words "wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure", which I guessed was the Ravenclaw motto or something of that sort.

The whole common room looked so inviting and comfortable that I forgot my worries of not belonging there and followed the other first years to their dorms.


I had Myles in the same house as me, but in the dorms I was on my own. I knew absolutely nobody, and it was awkward for everybody. All our luggage was already brought up and everyone assigned a bed. Mine was next to the window, the only purely good thing that happened to me that day.

My trunk was at the end of the bed, so I tried as quietly as I could to open the trunk and get out some pajamas. I grabbed the first thing I found and headed to the bathroom to change. When I got out it seemed like I missed a starting conversation because everyone was talking and chatting away like they were old friends. When I came in everyone went quiet and stared at me.

"And what's your name?" a dark skinned girl with shoulder-length hair nudged her head in my direction.

"Aiden Damon." I said and then stopped. I had paused for too long and it would be awkward if I asked for her name. I had successfully killed the first conversation with my roommates.

"I'm Madeline McCarter" she replied and gave me a smile. "Call me Maddie, mate" I smiled back and thanked god the conversation had picked up again.

"I'm Carolina Barès! Nice to meet you!" a very active girl excitedly sat up from her bed. There was an accent in her voice, but I wasn't sure which. Her hair wasn't frizzy, but there was so much of it. The way she jumped up and beamed at me reminded me of a certain My Little Pony character.

"I'm Fiona Brown." a girl with short red hair and a very thick Scottish accent said and extended a hand.

"Samantha Johnson!" Another girl said as she hugged me. She actually hugged me.

"Ah…well, nice to meet you all…!" I said uncertainly. "Don't be shy" Fiona said. "We're all going to be roommates for the next seven years unless one of us suffers a painful and gruesome death. So we might as well get comfortable with each other." I laughed along with the others, but my mind was elsewhere. I may have seemed uninterested, but it was just that I was thinking of the name 'Brown' and where I had heard it before. At last, I pinned the name down to the encounter with the odd looking ministry official in the morning.

"Hey, Fiona?" I asked.

"Hmm?" she replied as she rummaged her rucksack for sleepwear.

"If it's not too personal, I heard my dad talking to a ministry official about something called 'the Brown case'. Do you know about it?"

She looked over at me and smiled, then stood up and threw her sleepwear over her shoulder.

"That would be my cousin, Katlyn. She's five and has a bad temper, so when her parents decided to take her to this crowded muggle building that has a lot of shops it didn't end so well. Little tyke decided she wanted Bertie Bott's beans, and when they only came in four flavors had a fit. She sent the candy flying, the lollipops started hitting passersby on the head and almost set the poor employees hair on fire."

I don't know what I expected, but I didn't expect that. By the end of her story we were all gripping our stomachs from laughter. After that, we started sharing our own funny experiences- magic involved and not involved. Maybe making new friends wasn't so bad after all.


Christmas was just around the corner, and over the months I got to know everyone better. Madeline had an older brother, so when I found out our first few conversations were endless complaints and assassination plans. She was a fashion freak and loved to add little accessories to the uniform, and soon other girls from other houses started asking her for fashion advice and such.

Carolina is from Brazil with two younger sisters, which is probably why she's always happy-go-lucky and is nice to everyone. Because she has a knack for drawing, Madeline and her get along very well. She sketches the figure and Madeline attempts to describe the outfit in mind to her. It was clear that they were going to be the inseparable friends of the group.

Fiona, an only child, was fierce and could shut you up with just a look. Honestly, she liked to direct things and be the one to take decision, but I didn't mind. To do that kind of thing you need determination, self-confidence and a strong character, which she all had. As for what she liked, it was kind of confusing. She was loud and talkative, but when it came to breaks or when she wanted to rest she would ask to have complete silence, lay down, close her eyes and think. Another interesting fact I later found out about her, she played the bass. You'd expect she would play something like the guitar or the drums to suit her character, but that wasn't the case. I let it go because I barely knew her and who was I to just assume she was a completely rowdy person.

Samantha was also an only child, but there was something to her I couldn't put my finger on. She didn't have any hobby that I knew of and was pretty quiet. In her free time she would excuse herself and leave, not telling us where she was going or to who. We didn't have any right to question and complain to her about it, but it was worrying. Other than that, she was a model Ravenclaw student. After classes she would be seen with one of the professors asking them questions then taking quick notes of the answers, and then she'd go off to wherever she went (we're sure it's not the library-we've checked dozens of times).

Although I became good friends with my roommates (and the other first year girls. The first year girls were separated in two dorms (the other had 6) and the boys in three, but we were still on the same level), the twins were still my best friends. They both seemed to have got over the dilemma of being in different houses and we now had lunches and most of our free periods together, almost like old times.

We shared some classes together, so that was a good thing. We'd try to sit closest to each other and take turns teaming up with one another, but I would never team up with Beckett in potions. He sucked at it as much as I sucked at rock-paper-scissors.

The year went by slowly, and we started to get a better concept on what magic was. Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology…it was all so interesting that for the first time I actually wanted to study it all. And the best part was that most of the teachers were the best at what they do, except for professor Binns from the History of Magic classses and Professor Aurora from Astronomy. They were both so indifferent they didn't leave any impression at all.

The year was amazing , the experience ecstatic, and of course it was all thanks to the Fowls. Our evenings out exploring the grounds and being the complete idiots we were, skipping dinner to camp out in empty classrooms, running off past curfew to the kitchen were some of the best memories I had. Thinking back, if I had come all alone I would still feel left out and homesick, but with them here I had a part of home with me. And of course with 6 years left, we didn't let the memories stop there.

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