Gary Mitchell vs Charlie X

By Dr. John Smith

Charlie Evans appeared on a strange planet, he eyed the surroundings, lowering his gaze, "This plane will be my kingdom. I will be ruler of it! And no Captain Kirk can stop me!" His anger triggered his abilities. Nearby rocks shook, and boulders fell, a boulder fell onto a pile of old, dusty rocks, and caused them to rumble, and shake. All that was left was a pile of pebbles. Charlie calmed down, looking at what he caused, "I must keep my emotions in check." He ran off to find a building to call his castle.

Close by, out from beneath the broken pile of rocks, was a man in a gold Starfleet uniform. His hair was black with light grey sideburns, and glowing, silver eyes. Gary Mitchell stood up from the wreckage, eyeing the planet, and chuckled, "My rule will be once more." He disappeared.

Charlie stumbled upon an old Starfleet mining facility, he grinned and raised his arms to the building, "My kingdom!" He ran over to the building and forced the doors open. Charlie eyed the inside of the facility and smiled, "This'll do nicely. My very own castle!" He looked to the ground, geeing an old style phaser, "Kirk was here." Charlie glared at the phaser, causing it to malfunction into a small flurry of fire. He looked to what seemed to be a holding cell, seeing the bed inside was thrown about, "Kirk was definitely here, I know it!"

"That you are correct." A strange voice said, Charlie turned around to see Gary.

"Who are you!? Why are you here!?" Charlie yelled to Gary. Gary gave a Starfleet salute.

"My name is Gary Mitchell, former second officer to the USS Enterprise 1701. Who might you be?" Gary asked formally. Charlie was hesitant, Gary could see his weakness, "Are you mute, son?" Gary joked.

Charlie got defensive, "Don't patronize me!" He yelled, "I am Charlie Evans, and I will be take. Seriously!" Charlie yelled as the room began to shake. A pillar broke away, and smacked into Gary, dropping him to the ground. Gary stood up, grabbing Charlie by the shirt collar.

"You made a massive mistake, son." Gary threatened, tossing Charlie into a wall, "You say you want to be taken seriously, but you are hesitant and seem to be very emotional." He flicked his wrist, lifting Charlie into the air, "What do you say to that?" Gary asked.

Charlie wriggled and writhed, "Let me go! I am Charlie-" Before Charlie could finish, Gary cut him off.

"I am Charlie Evans, yes yes. I've heard it before." Gary said. Charlie narrowed his brows, tossing the broken pillar into Gary once more, freeing Charlie. Charlie X glared at the fallen Gary Mitchell, lifting him into the air, "How do you like this, Huh!?" Charlie taunted, throwing Gary into a rock formation outside. Charlie teleported to Gary, picking him up, and bashing him into a rock, "How does this feel!? How!?" Charlie yelled.

Gary awoke, stopping Charlie mid smash, and looked at him, "You stupid boy." Gary stated.

Charlie tried to move, "What's going on? Why can't I move!?" Charlie yelled.

Gary chuckled, "I have stopped you. I have no need to fight you, but you insist on having me participate." Gary picked up a large rock, "Well, I don't wanna be rude." Gary went to smash Charlie X in the head with the rock, when Gary Mitchell found himself frozen. Charlie glared,

"What? Don't have the heart?" Charlie joked. Gary glared, as a roaring laughter was heard.

"What was that?" Gary asked, and as if on cue, a man in a 17th century French general uniform appeared before the two.

General Trelane chuckled, "My, I saw your game and decided I wanted in!" Trelane said, drawing a sword, "Forgive my rudeness. My name is General Trelane, Retire." Trelane then drew his sword, "Now, unguard!" Trelane yelled.

I wanted this to happen so badly. Enjoy!