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Bella has been a walking torture person to Victoria and Maria. Bella sits in a bar day after day where vampires have their way with her. But Bella has begun a vampire. Not just any vampire the Goddess of War…

Chapter .1.

Bella's POV

It has been 50 years since I saw the Cullen's and now I am a vampire. Long story with that one. I though being a vampire I would be happy. But instead I am a prisoner held in the South by Victoria and her mother Maria. I blame the Cullen's for what has happened to me. All but one Jasper. He always made me feel worthy. I have had a lot to think about and somehow I know Jasper was set up that night to attack me. If only I could find him.

"He's our mate", my inside voice says

I shake my head. I am letting her get more in control. I lay back on my bed and talk to my babies. Ys babies. Edward had raped me in that forest all those years ago. So now I had Indigo Renee Swan, Cassandra Marie Swan, Evelynn Helen Swan, Selena Angela Swan, Crispin Charles Swan, Christian Jasper Swan and Geoffrey Jacob Swan. They are the reason I agreed to behave for Victoria and Maria. They are being held at an unknown location. If I try anything like running away they are dead. They are my babies. I may have changed now. But I love them.

Angela and Ben were with me in this hellhole. They had been with me when Victoria struck. Now they are prisoners just like me.

My whole body was covered in crest shaped scars. From being a vampires personal biting toy. Some vampires get pleasure in biting over vampires and that is what they do too me. The guards on duty carry werewolf teeth knives. They can penetrate vampire skin. I had a long scar running down my right eye to my neck from one of those knives. I have a strong power but they have the leverage. If they didn't have my children I wouldn't hang around. But the kids are the world to me. So I carry on and hope for a miracle.

I am in my bedroom on top of a vampire only club that I share with Angela and Ben. I had a werewolf bone made chain on my ankle. I couldn't break it, it needed a key. It made sure I stayed in the club. Angela and Ben had one too.

I was about to drink my glass of human blood. I didn't drink animal even if they gave me the chose. Human blood made us vampires stronger. When the manager storms in.

"Get out there! Please some people", he snarls

"Yes sir", I say getting up

"Yes sir", Angela and Ben say

"Friends are here. Talk to them. They know Jasper", my inside voice says

If I had a heart it would skip a beat. Could they help us? I walked around the club with drinks letting vampires bite my already marred skin. Angela and Ben too it too. The females where all over Ben I felt sorry for Angela. She was currently being bitten by an older vampire.

"They are there. Peter and Charlotte", my inner voice says

I cautiously look to see two blondes talking and looking around. Like they were waiting for something. My power told me they are safe. But can they help?

Peter's POV

I get this weird feeling like something is going to happen tonight. The feeling took Charlotte and I too a vampire club. It was weird being in a club made for vampires. I had heard of it. Never wanted to go. I see a brunette vampire going around pleasuring vampires with another brown haired girl and a black haired boy. These vampires were biting them. Disgusting. Somethings these guys did. But I had a hunch about that one of the girls.

"Peter what are we going to do about Jasper? He searched for years for his mate", Charlotte says as we look around the club and talk

"I know. But something tells me. We will find out tonight. Dance my love?" I ask Charlotte smirking

"Off course. Lets show these fools who is a better dancer", Charlotte says

I start to take her on to the dance floor. When someone pulls us into a dark corner.

"Are you Peter and Charlotte?" the girl from early asks

I get a look at her now. Dark red eyes as if she hadn't hunted in a while. Scars everywhere giving me a run for my money.

"How do you know us?" Charlotte asks

"No time. Jasper", the girl says

Our eyes widen. Could this be Bella Swan?

"Bella Swan?" I ask

"Shh. I am meant to be pleasuring you. Yes I am. I need help. My friends and I need help", Bella says

"I can say that why are you in this place?" I ask

Bella wriggles her foot. I see an ankle monitor made out of bone with a chain. Not just any bone werewolf bone.

"Your trapped here?" I hiss

"We are. Ben, Angela and I", Bella says as the two others that had been pleasuring vampires come over

"Who are they Bells?" Angela asks

"Old friends", Bella says

"So you are all trapped here?" I ask angrily

"Keep it down before they hear us. Oh no. Bite me quickly. The manager is coming", Bella says thrusting her scared wrist at me.

"I can…", I say

"Do it. If you want me to live", Bella hisses

I take Bella's wrist and bite deep. She sighs. I can tell Bella is keeping an eye on the vampire manager. Who was now near us. Ben trusts his wrist at Charlotte and silently tells her to bite it. Angela was running her hands down me as I bit hard into Bella's vampire skin.

"Are you having a good time with our pets?" he asks

"Yes we are. Are they for everyone?" I ask

"Of course. My mistress wants them to know their place in this world. Have they been pleasing you both?" the manager asks

Bella's, Angela's and Ben's eyes where fearful behind the manager.

"Yes they have. Do you have anymore?" I ask

"Unfortunately not. They are the toy's for the time being. Now you three it is time for you to sing for our guests and give them some special pleasure", the Manager says

Bella's eyes darken, "Drake we don't do that! We will sing and let vampires bite us but we will not have sex with them"

Drake grabs her and bites down hard on her neck. Suddenly he is pushed away.

"Angela, Ben and I better go and sing. We I mean me are going to may for that one. Remember we need help and I will show you why. What for my thoughts to end before you leave", Bella says leaving with Angela and Ben

"That is Jasper's Bella?" Charlotte asks

"Yes. I can sense it", I say

"Jasper is going to kick up a stink", Charlotte says

"I know", I say watching the stage as Bella takes the mike

Found myself today

Oh I found myself and ran away

But something pulled me back

The voice of reason I forgot I had

Suddenly memories flash before my eyes of a human Bella with Edward. Edward breaking up and raping her. Her father's death. The babies birth. Her imprisonment. Everything flashes before my eyes and I know she is trapped. Without her children free she will never leave.

All I know is you're not here to say

What you always used to say

But it's written in the sky tonight

"Save them Peter. They are my life", Bella thinks to me, "Don't worry about Angela, Ben or I. Just save my children!"

Then all the flashes stop.

So I won't give up, no I won't break down

Sooner than it seems life turns around

And I will be strong even if it all goes wrong

When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe

Someone's watching over me

"Did you see what I saw?" I whisper to Charlotte

"Yes. We should tear these vampires apart", Charlotte says

"Don't you will be torn in seconds! They are an army!" Bella thinks to me, "Or you will be slaves. Stay out of it and save the children. Go now! Quickly"

"We will come back for all of you", I think to her

"I wish I could believe that. But I can't do anything unless my children are safe. They will kill them if I try something. Please leave now!" Bella thinks

That's when her thoughts disappear.

Seen that ray of light

And it's shining on my destiny

Shining all the time and I won't be afraid

To follow everywhere it's taking me

All I know is yesterday is gone

And right now I belong

To this moment to my dreams

So I won't give up, no I won't break down

Sooner than it seems life turns around

And I will be strong even if it all goes wrong

When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe

Someone's watching over me

It doesn't matter what people say

And it doesn't matter how long it takes

Believe in yourself and you'll fly high

And it only matters how true you are

Be true to yourself and follow your heart

So I won't give up, no I won't break down

Sooner than it seems life turns around

And I will be strong even if it all goes wrong

When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe

That I won't give up, no I won't break down

Sooner than it seems life turns around

And I will be strong even when it all goes wrong

When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe

That someone's watching over, someone's watching over

Someone's watching over me

Oh-oh, oh-oh

Someone's watching over me

"Charlotte let's go. We need to call the major", I say to Charlotte in her ear

"Differently. But how can we just leave them here?" Charlotte asks

"We haven't a chose. We need the Major and a plan", I say

I take Charlotte's hand and lead her out.

"Be careful", Bella's thought comes to me again

I nod slightly and we leave the club and go for our car. I pull out my phone and dial Jasper's number.

"Peter", Jasper says

"We found her"

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