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Billy looked so young now.

He had always been younger than anyone else in the team, but the last time Wally had seen him he was fifteen, going on sixteen and growing like a weed. Wally liked to help him with his science homework.

This Billy was just a kid. Not even eight years old, barely up to Wally's ribs. He was also stick thin, in a worn down hoodie and sneakers with holes in them. Wally ignored the wide eyed wonder Billy was staring at him with in favor of opening one of the cupboards on his forearms. He produced a protein bar and gave it to the kid.

Billy didn't look the gift horse in the mouth. He stuffed the gift horse into his mouth. Wally shook his head to try and stop thinking about Billy eating an actual horse.

"You're Billy Batson right?" he had to pretend not to know already. Billy nodded, mouth full. Wally tried not to think of when the last time Billy could say that was. "You're not just Billy though, right?"

Already wide eyes grew bigger. He stopped chewing. Very slowly, he nodded.

Wally smiled at him comfortingly. "It's alright. You're not in any trouble. I'm actually here because I need your help."

Billy swallowed hard, choking a little.


"Sorry," Wally said quickly. "I know I'm about to ask a lot of you, but the world is in danger. And you can help us save it."

Billy's mouth fell open. "How?"

"Wonder Woman's been replaced by an evil doppelganger. Everyone except for me was, and now a bunch of us have come together to beat them back to where they came from. I need you to help us fight her."

"...You want me to fight Wonder Woman?!"

Wally grimaced. "Well, yeah."

"Alone?!" his voice got high.

"No!" Wally said quickly. "No, no, I'm not going to send you to fight her alone. "

Billy relaxed a little. "Who else is goin to be there?"

"Well, me. And someone who's gone toe to toe with Wonder Woman more than once." Assuming she agreed to help them.

"Then, I'm in!"

Wally made a note to buy him a burger when they were done.

You can't know that they'll show up here, Mick complained. Lisa leaned against his back, bored out of her mind. Across from her Wally sat in his black and grey stealth suite, leaning on the stone wall of the prison. The other cells had been packed with shady dressed heroes and undisguised villains. Waiting.

Sure I can. They killed the Lex Luthor in their dimension, they're going to go after him here too. Just give it a few more minutes.

Yes, give them a few more minutes to end my life. Wally could hear Lex rolling his eyes in the next cell over. He muffled a snicker. Now wasn't the time.

Would you rather we fucked off and left you to defend yourself? Lisa demanded.

Snarky Snart! Wally crowed over the telepathic link. J'onn was several miles away, on the shore with Gamma Team. Wally was grateful that his range could extend to half the planet if he really pushed it. A few folks off the coast was barely a strain.

Cheetah groaned audibly in a cell across the hall. "Fuck prison," she snapped at the ceiling. Wally withheld telling her to watch her language in front of a child. Billy didn't want them all to know how young he was, in case everyone decided to treat him like a kid. Wally had never understood more. He had been in the game since he was twelve, Dick since he was nine, and Billy had become Captain Marvel younger than any of them.

Wally had every confidence in his ability to keep the other Wonder Woman distracted while Cheetah and Swamp Thing, who was hiding in the water around the island prison, actually took her out. As young as he was, Billy really was a marvel, and Wally knew from experience that kids were stronger than people gave them credit for.

Someone, several someone's, were approaching fast. He could feel it in the Speed Force. Wally took a deep breath and let the stress melt out of his shoulder. This was it.

Time to get the party started.

The light in the prison transport was scant, but it was enough for Wally to see. Across from him, bumping along the roads of the new reality, his foes sat subdued. Restraints of their Batman's own design kept them from fighting, the man himself was back on the other earth, trying to help clean up the mess. Wally didn't know who was more surprised when, in the middle of the fight, he appeared and started helping the Justice League instead of the Justice Lords.

Wally glanced at the window, watching the street lights flicker by. When he looked back he found Shayera staring at him with sad green eyes. Wally pressed his lips into a line.

"I'd tell you to take a picture, but I don't think they'd let you keep it," he snipped at her. A smile flashed across her mouth, small. Thin. Wally ignored the way his stomach felt at the sight.

"I missed you," she told him. The confession hung around them in the truck, filling the air, pushing on his chest.

"We all did," Clark added, turning to him.

Wally snorted. "You've got a funny way of showing it."

Pain flashed across Clark's face, mirrored on Diana and John. They looked like Wally had slapped them.

"We changed the world after you died!" Shayera leaned across at him, straining at her restraints. Anger and pain clouded her face.

"I saw," he said dryly.

"You don't understand," John hisses at him. "You don't know what your loss did to us. You've never lost anyone as-"

"I've lost everyone," Wally snarled. That shut the Lantern up. He drew back, startled. "Everyone, my family, my friends, my girlfriend-" he choked. The stress from the past few days crushed down on his shoulders, threatening to suffocate him. He swallowed and pulled back, lifted his cowl to rub angrily at his eyes. Shit, this wasn't how it was supposed to go.

"We tried to make sure that that wouldn't happen to anyone ever again," Clark said, his voice soft for the first time since Wally had stumbled into their dimension. "We did for you."

Wally felt sick. He stared at him, incredulous and horrified. He wanted to tell the driver to pull over so he could throw up, or run away. Anything.

"That- that's bullshit," he felt raw and trapped in his skin. Was this- god, was this what had happened in his first reality? Was this what had become of Dick and Artemis and the others? Please, no.


"You did it for yourself," he stopped John swiftly, "All of this- if you knew me, if you had any respect for my beliefs or my legacy you would have never ripped these people's freedom from them. Instead you twisted my death into something selfish and cruel and-"

The transport finally stopped and Wally stood, looking down at them with dark, betrayed eyes.

"I will never forgive you," he told them softly. He ignored their stricken, pained faces and walked out, into the sun. Chains of knowledge weighed heavy, shackling him.

Perhaps the most surreal thing that Wally had ever experienced was a group that consisted of The Golden Glider, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Mirror Master, Cheetah, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Swamp Thing, the Martian Manhunter, and a secondary Batman sitting around the round table in the corner of the Denny's at three in the morning.

To their credit, the waitress took one look at the group and shut down the area around them, filing whatever new patrons arrived into the other room. Everyone had seen what went down on the new. Their own heroes, and an inexplicable number of villains, fought off the cruel invaders that had tried to strip them of their freedoms.

It had been a hard fight. Wally was pretty sure he'd busted four ribs and at lead one bone in his left forearm, nevermind the scrapes and bruises everyone else had. Most of them were either in very torn apart suites or had 'commandeered' some new clothes from the Walmart down the street, in Mick and Lisa's case.

Wally looked over the menu, glad for the cheapness of Denny's. He didn't get his paycheck until next friday, and he was going to buy Billy all he could eat.

Wally leaned over to asked the boy, who was still in the form of a man, what he wanted to eat when Bruce spoke up from the edge of the booth seats.

"I'll buy," he said. Wally's mouth hung open before he punched the air.

"Yes!" he cheered. "You're the best!" Billy crowed his own delight. The boy kept switching from being starstruck and quiet to being friendly and exuberant. Len rolled his eyes with a good deal of fondness for his arch nemesis.

If Wally was being treated by anyone else he would hesitated to order the massive stacks of pancakes and bacon and ham. Bruce Wayne could afford to feed a speedster. Billy was in much the same boat, knowing better than to let food go to waste.

"Man, who knew there would be copies of us in another dimension," Sam leaned back, a mug of coffee in one hand. During his ambush of the other Green Lantern he'd had his nose broken. It was a testament to his ability to improvise that he'd blinded the anti-John with mustard, of all things, and kicked him through a mirror, into a yellow painted vault. That John had been the first of their captures, followed by Shayera, J'onn, and Clark. Diana had taken time, and a turncoat Other Bruce to take down. Said Bruce was safely back in his dimension, locked up like the rest of them even if he had helped them.

"String Theory," Wally said simply. There was just one problem with that. A problem he didn't think anyone but him had noticed.

The air had been the same. It wasn't another dimension at all.

They had travelled to the future.

Wally stood in Fawcett City, looking out over the rooftops. One of them had Billy's uncle in them. But, he didn't know which one. Billy didn't know which one. Wally couldn't remember how long Billy lived on the streets before his uncle finally found him. Was it weeks? Months? Years?

The thought brought a foul taste to his mouth.

"So, is this it then?" Billy asked. He was a little kid again, so young. "The whole team up thing is over?"

"Yep," Wally confirmed. He tapped his heels on the edge of the building they were sitting on top of. A terrible, stupid idea had been rolling around inside of Wally's head for days now.

"Oh," Billy was pretty clearly disappointed. He looked down, at the streets below them. A happy couple walked arm in arm with a baby in a stroller before them. It made Wally ache for his parents. He could imagine that Billy felt much the same way.

Wally propped his chin on his fist, watching the couple disappear behind a corner. Across the street a group of a boys marvelled up at the sky, stumbling into each other as they talked about the stars and the satellites above.

A cold wind blew, sending a shiver through the little boy at his side and making up Wally's mind.

"Hey, Billy."

"Yeah?" The little boy looked up at him with wide blue eyes. He was so small.

"Do you have a safe place to sleep tonight?" He asked, shifting to face him more directly.

"I- what?" Billy was surprised. He looked at Wally, then away, "I'll be fine."

"You sure?" Wally pressed. "I've got a couch you can crash on. I kind of owe you."

He tried to make it sound a little less like charity, in case the little boy had a sense of pride yet. He didn't need to worry about it. Billy had a degree of shyness and hero worship that the idea of a warm place to sleep didn't stand a chance against.

"You wouldn't mind?" he looked up at Wally with such hope it was heartbreaking.

Wally smiled warmly down at him.

"I wouldn't have offered if I didn't."

He would let Billy stay as long as he wanted, one night or a hundred. In the morning, he would start his hunt for Jason Todd.