I don't own anything related to the justice league and these drabbles will just be wild things I randomly think up or ideas people suggest. They will be related with and reference each other, but any form of concrete story line will be borderline nonexistent and characters will be flying out of character like it's a job.

Edited: 09/14/2016

Having a group of superheroes with eclectic and conflicting personalities spending large amounts of time in a single place often led to issues, especially considering the members came from very different backgrounds and in some cases different planets. The founding members elected a small group of people to keep track of the league's personal and social issues. Every few days this council releases announcements to tell league members of the problems they created in an attempt to keep things under control.

General Message- We will be opening a suggestion box where you can anonymously write any complaints or suggestions you have and they will be addressed. If you commit any acts that aren't suitable for the environment of the Watchtower they will be addressed. Hopefully this will help everyone think carefully about their actions.

Batman- Stop disappearing when you get tired of talking to someone, everyone is aware that you 'are the night' and can fade into the shadows, but it's still rude. Superman's attempts to build a friendship may be getting on your nerves, but you could at least take the time to shoot him down to his face and not just leave. It keeps his hopes up that eventually you'll say yes and every time you leave him alone everyone else has to deal with his bad mood.

Superman- Your attempts to start a 'bromance' with Batman have been failing dramatically and people are starting to worry he'll take his annoyance out on them, which we can confirm is very likely. Please keep your boy scout charm to yourself, he clearly isn't interested and your pouting afterwards isn't appreciated. Forcing the other league members to awkwardly comfort you is uncomfortable for everyone especially when you complain that Batman could do a better job patting your back.

Martian Manhunter- The league is happy you're interested in learning more about the species of your fellow members, but everyone requests you are careful about the questions you ask. Questions about the reproductive system are not appreciated, nor are the attempts to secretly follow members as they enter the shower. Watching their memories to learn more is also considered a breach of privacy.

Wonder Woman- Like Martian Manhunter your interest in the world of your fellow league members is appreciated, but once again some of your inquiries are less than appreciated. Be careful when you ask the definition about certain slang, it's one of the reasons Batman likes to disappear. Asking what a 'Thot' is and talking about how 'Ratchet' the league members are, isn't particularly endearing.

Green Lantern: Stop passing out fake rings because you want it to be a fashion trends, Flash got really excited when he thought he was getting a green lantern ring, needless to say he was very disappointed. Also don't paint them just because Batman requested it come in black.

Aquaman- Everyday is not 'bring your fish to work' day, stop dragging a fish tank with a dolphin in it to league meetings. Nobody enjoys it and even without understanding the language of sea creatures everyone can tell the dolphin isn't a fan either. Plus aren't Dolphin's mammals anyway?

Flash- You can't just make a 'cool table' in the cafeteria and impose the requirement that they must meet a speed minimum, be hot, or be Batman to sit at the table. Nobody is jealous because they don't care, but it's still annoying especially when you go around telling people about it and then pointing out they aren't allowed to sit with you. We're not sure if this has to do with you watching Mean Girls with Nightwing, but just sit with everyone else.